Little Things – The Real Position

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After an erotic encounter with Nikki’s little sister, David was torn between two women and decided to lay low for a while to decipher his direction. The next morning he drove Nikki home at her request and waited outside for Nikki to confirm Sonya was home and safe. On the drive back to his house David began thinking. He not only enjoyed Nikki’s sexual prowess he liked her company and the way she made little things seem special, but he couldn’t wipe the vision of Sonya’s outrageous beauty and erotic ways from his mind. He drove home nearly in slow motion wondering if both girls would consider a threesome. Concluding he didn’t know either woman well enough to ask but if the opportunity presented itself he wouldn’t refuse. After a couple of days passed, David felt a strong urge to hear Nikki’s voice again then Wednesday evening he picked up the phone and dialed Nikki’s number hoping his direction was sound.

“Hello?” asked a soft female voice after several rings. David knew it was Sonya and he hesitated before speaking.

“Um … hi Sonya, is Nikki home?” David asked with a cautious voice.

“Just a sec,” David heard in the tiny speaker. Then he heard a sound indicating the phone had been dropped on the floor as he heard Sonya yell out, “Nikki … sounds like David.”

David heard muffled conversation then suddenly he heard the sound of a handset being fiddled with. All he envisioned was the two sisters had discussed their evening with him and he felt he was about to given the scolding of his life. Suddenly his fears vanished when he heard the sweetness of Nikki’s voice. “Hi David, God, I thought you’d never call me again, what’s up?” David sensed a slight disappointment in Nikki’s voice and held the handset tight to his ear.

David had to be honest with his feelings knowing he was attracted to Nikki in more than a sexual way but he felt sure they would never have such an erotic sexual encounter again. He thought about asking how Nikki was then without thinking he blurted out, “I miss you Nikki.”

There was a short pause then Nikki said softly, “I miss you too.”

David felt something was wrong again with Sonya and he felt he had to find out what was going on, he asked softly, “What’s going on, Nikki? … Sounds like you and Sonya are having a fight.”

“Sonya’s moving out … she’s going to Ellen’s place … I guess I’ll have to move out too, I can’t afford this place on my own,” said Nikki with a soft voice.

“No shit … that was fast,” said David as he looked at the wall clock.

“Yeah, well … she broke up with Michael … there’s another one for her to hang on the friggin wall,” said Nikki in a soft voice.

David thought for a moment then decided to say something he thought he’d never offer, “If you want, you can stay here until you figure out what you want to do.”

“David, we’ll never leave each other alone … are you serious?” asked Nikki as she clasped the top of her head.

Nikki knew she couldn’t afford her apartment on her salary alone and was thrilled with David’s offer but Nikki’s decision was based more on continuing her life with David than on finances and David was convinced the move meant endless sex with Nikki and he considered he most likely would see Sonya again and when it did happen he’d be ready to confront the gorgeous woman with a much more aware approach.

A week later, Nikki moved in with David and what little furniture Nikki had they haphazardly placed in the second bedroom as if the pieces of Nikki’s life were in temporary storage but Nikki took the time to organize her one hundred seventy five, specimen plants. In a few hours David’s home became a botanical garden filled with greenery he knew nothing about.

A few weekends later, David was doing house chores while Nikki was at her plant care appointments. Sonya appeared at David’s front door with a gorgeous redhead at her side. The girl’s name was Ellen and she was Sonya’s new roommate. David thought he had seen Ellen somewhere before then suddenly his mind flashed back to his drives home and occasionally seeing a beautiful redhead walking on the sidewalk near the downtown area. His mind never recovered from the vision of the elegant woman after he beeped his horn at her one day then she turned to look directly at him. He honestly thought at that moment he’d never see the beauty again but he took a moment to smile at her and was surprised when she returned with a smile and a wave of her hand. David couldn’t believe the gorgeous redhead was standing in front of him on his front porch and he was convinced it was the same girl.

He thought Ellen model quality beautiful and could easily see Sonya and Ellen in a relationship thinking Sonya had reached her limit with men. However the purpose of girls’ visit was not sexual but blatantly business oriented. They wanted to buy some coke from David. After the transaction, Sonya thanked David with a tender hug then the girls left. The beauty and fragrances of the two women affected David aliağa escort so much he went to his bedroom, took his shorts off, grabbed a tube of KY Jelly, coated his erect penis, then masturbated, but couldn’t ejaculate. In frustration he showered while pondering what it was he really needed for his sexual satisfaction. His conclusion confused him because he had never considered the little things one woman could offer.

Two months later, David found himself in the company of three beautiful women and after a night of celebrating Nikki’s birthday with loud music, dancing, rum, bottles of champagne and several lines of coke, David found himself mesmerized by Ellen, dancing with Sonya then later in bed with Nikki, but this time, without another woman.

The next morning, David woke with a slight hangover facing Nikki’s beautiful naked buttocks but his mind was still focused on gorgeous Ellen. He gently kissed the cool bubbles of flesh before covering Nikki with a blanket then eased out of bed leaving the sleeping beauty passed out with her feet at the headboard. He grabbed his summer bathrobe off the chair, stepped into the bathroom, urinated, and after gulping down a couple of Tylenol, slipped on the robe and followed his nose toward the strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee not realizing he had set up the coffeemaker before carrying Nikki to bed at 3 am.

When David turned the corner to enter the kitchen he was surprised to see Sonya sitting alone at the picnic table on the edge of the bench near the wall and no Ellen to be found. Sonya was sitting with one leg stretched out with her foot on the floor and her other leg bent at the knee with her heal on the edge of the bench. She had one arm on the table and her other arm draped over her outstretched thigh. David was always amazed how women could twist their bodies into pretzels then claim it was comfortable, but he accepted the strange practice mostly because it provided rather pleasant views at times.

Sonya was wearing the faded orange colored teddy she had worn the night before and the white shirt she wore over the teddy tied in front, jeans and sandal heels were all neatly stacked on the tabletop within her reach. Her long blonde hair was slightly ruffled and out of place giving her a ravaged appearance in the morning sunlight. She was sipping coffee out of a French onion soup mug while browsing through an older Hustler magazine. David was curious why Sonya didn’t reach for her clothes to cover her body when he entered the space because she appeared naked in the skimpy piece of cloth, and being wrapped in a robe barely covering his hips made David feel naked in front of the beautiful woman.

David thought it odd the two sisters were vastly different physically and there was an obvious dissimilarity in their personalities but David noticed their sibling bond instantly. The sisters seemed to have fooled the gene pool but they assured David they had the same biological parents.

Although they both sported waist length hair, Nikki’s hair was straight and auburn and Sonya’s hair was wavy and blonde. Nikki had big light brown eyes and Sonya had big light blue eyes. Nikki had olive colored skin and Sonya had slightly tanned skin. Nikki was not quite five foot tall and weighed less then 100 pounds and Sonya was about five inches taller than Nikki and weighed about 120 pounds. Nikki had chest bumps with large brown nipples and dark areolas and Sonya had superbly formed breasts with small pink nipples and barely visible areolas. Although the girls had similar face shapes, they really didn’t look like sisters. The only similar feature about the girls was their heart shaped tight buttocks. Unbeknownst to David, he was about to discover something deeper about the Bo Derek look alike sitting before him

“Well, hello … where’s your better half?” David asked as he stepped around the table, “what brings you to this part of the house this early in the morning?”

Sonya didn’t look up but she returned the greeting in a soft voice without answering his question instead she asked if David knew where her car keys were. David was unaware Nikki hid Sonya’s car keys so she wouldn’t drive home impaired.

“Maybe you misplace them last night?” asked David as he scanned Sonya’s gorgeous chest.

Sonya didn’t look up and simply responded, “Nikki hid them on me again.”

“They could be anywhere around here … my guess is she probably put them in her purse,” offered David as he felt his penis twitch in response to the vision before him.

“Doesn’t matter … I’ll get them when she gets up,” Sonya said as she flipped another page of the magazine then added, “My God where do they find these scags?”

David giggled a little then said in a near whisper, “couple of lines, they’ll do anything,” then he repeated his earlier question, “Where’s Ellen?”

“Still sleeping … she’s a late sleeper,” offered Sonya as she flipped another page in the magazine.

David aliağa escort bayan couldn’t help glancing down at Sonya’s curvy chest as he noticed her nipples had become erect and teased the shear cloth of her teddy. David thought the pretty woman before him probably knew how much power she had stuffed in her clothes and he felt slightly jealous assuming now she shares her gorgeous body with another beautiful woman. David recalled the night Sonya stroked his penis with her finger in his colon, then he envisioned Sonya bouncing on his stiff penis while he sucked her nipples. But David knew if he tried anything further with Sonya he’d quickly be in the middle of a catfight and he’d be the only looser.

After pouring a cup of coffee, David plopped on the edge of the bench opposite Sonya and stretched his legs out. He glanced at the old newspaper and noticed Sonya was reading an article in the magazine seemingly unaware of David’s presence. After gazing at her beautiful breasts again and shapely leg below them for a few moments, David grabbed the newspaper and slid it towards him as Sonya simply flipped to the next page while she sipped her coffee. David picked up the paper and held it up, shielding his view of Sonya’s face. As he scanned the print he noticed something he hadn’t considered. David had a full view of Sonya from the neck down in the mirror on the back of the kitchen counter to his right and David knew Sonya had the opposite reflection of him to her left.

David used his hiding place to freely scan Sonya’s body for the first time. He started at the bare foot of her outstretched leg and slowly scanned up her body. He noticed Sonya had small ankles and shapely calves. Sonya’s thigh appeared large because of the way she was sitting on the bench but her entire leg was exposed to her hip because of the high hemline of the teddy. The front flap material was unsnapped hiding her vaginal lips and he could see her light colored pubic hair under the shear material. David raised his eyes to her chest and stared at her gorgeous breasts before he looked down her body again. He noticed Sonya was slowly tracing her inner thigh with her perfectly manicured pink colored fingernails. The vision of Sonya’s sensual movement began affecting David and his penis began to expand.

David bent the paper to make it stiff while holding it with one hand then he slowly snuck his hand down to his crotch to make his growing penis more comfortable. While pretending to scratch himself he watched the image in the mirror and noticed Sonya had moved her hand to her crotch. David didn’t think much of Sonya’s move but as he raised his hand to hold the paper shield he noticed Sonya slowly rubbing her pubic area. A few seconds later, Sonya flipped the front flap of her teddy up and a second later she had her hand under the flap. Moments later the beautiful blonde before him was masturbating and David became mesmerized by the reflection in the mirror of the awesome power the woman had as she tickled her clitoris.

David’s body heated and he started getting horny. He sensed Nikki was still sleeping and even if she did catch the two mutually masturbating they both could quickly retract their hands. He decided to join Sonya’s sensuous party and lowered his hand once again. This time, he slid the material of his bathrobe to one side revealing his penis. He slowly began to play with the rim at the head and soon he had a throbbing shaft to party with. He looked at Sonya’s hand in the mirror and noticed she had moved her legs slightly open. The more David watched Sonya, the longer his stroke became, and in moments he had a full erection throbbing for Sonya’s examination not realizing Sonya actually was being stimulated by the vision of the pink erection in the mirror.

David glanced over the paper and noticed Sonya blinking her eyes as if she was falling asleep. Seconds later, Sonya’s thighs begin to quiver slightly then her hips began to rock ever so slightly back and forth. When David loosened his hand around his erection, Sonya blinked a few times, tilted her head down then softly exhaled as she released a faint moan. David became so aroused at the sight of Sonya getting herself off his erection began oozing semen all over his penis and hand. As David scanned down at his dilemma he realized a sultry siren had just seduced him without touching him.

David dropped the newspaper on the table and looked directly at the beautiful woman’s face. Sonya was staring at David with a glaze in her gorgeous blue eyes and David could tell she was enjoying the afterglow from her recent orgasm. The corners of Sonya’s mouth lifted a little as she slowly unraveled herself then stood. He studied her gorgeous exposed buttocks as she stepped to the kitchen counter and peeled several sheets of paper towels off the roll. When she turned to walk back to the table, David was tempted to scan her voluptuous chest but he looked at her pretty face instead. When Sonya was standing in front escort aliağa of David she offered him half of the paper towels like a mother commanding her son to clean up the mess he had made. As David wiped his penis and hand clean of semen, Sonya lifted the front flap of her teddy and dabbed her crotch. David couldn’t believe such a beautiful woman could be so openly risqu? in front of him.

Then Sonya offered to take the wad of paper towels from David by holding the palm of her hand out. He placed the sticky paper in her open palm and she twirled around then stepped toward the trashcan, flipped the lid open and dropped the evidence of their little party into the can. David once again took the opportunity to enjoy the view of Sonya’s beautiful posterior wiggle as she stepped to the kitchen sink and washed her hands. David could not have known Sonya interpreted his little stunt as an invitation to journey into a world she was more than ready to explore with her older sister’s lover.

The next Saturday, Nikki left for work after their ritual kiss and David turned to get busy with house chores. There was so much dirty laundry David figured he’d be busy the entire day washing, drying, hanging and folding sheets and hanging clothes. After gathering the clothes, towels and sheets then separating them into piles of dark, white and light colors, he slipped on his gym shorts, brushed his hair and quickly got busy loading the washing machine with the first load of water, detergent and softener then returned to the bathroom to brush his teeth. When David returned to his laundry duty he heard the doorbell ring.

David went to the door and peeked through the security sight. When he saw Sonya standing in the entryway he became flush with excitement. It would be the first time Sonya and David would be alone, and if all went well, David thought it could be loads of fun. David undid the chain latch then opened the door and gazed at the sexy blonde standing in front of him holding an over stuffed white pillowcase at her side.

Sonya was wearing gray jogging shorts so tight they fashioned her vaginal lips perfectly, and obviously she wasn’t wearing panties. Her ripped collar white t-shirt exposed one shoulder and he couldn’t help but notice she was absent of a bra. David couldn’t help staring at Sonya’s tiny nipples standing erect as they strained the material of the t-shirt. Sonya noticed David’s hypnotic state and she wasn’t sure what to do, so she shifted her weight and broke the silence.

“Hi, is Nikki home?” asked Sonya in her soft child like voice interrupting David’s visual stimulation.

“She left for work an hour ago, what’s up?” said David as he felt his penis swell at the sight of the beautiful woman before him.

“The stupid machine at the Laundromat ruined some of my stuff the last time and, well, I wondered if I could use yours to do my laundry,” said Sonya as she held the stuffed pillowcase out for David’s examination.

“Funny you should ask, I’m doing laundry now, come on in, we’ll do it together.” said David as he stepped backwards just enough to ensure Sonya had to brush him when she stepped through the doorway. David waited patiently as Sonya switched the swollen pillowcase from one hand to the other then she looked into David’s eyes with an inviting gaze.

When Sonya stepped through the doorway one of her breasts gently rubbed David’s arm and his mind immediately began thinking Sonya was there for something other than doing laundry. Instead of holding his passion for her he decided he wouldn’t stop her if she stripped her shorts and t-shirt off and seduced him in the middle of the living room.

As David closed the door he glanced down at Sonya’s fabulous round buttocks. Her jogging shorts accented the two round forms perfectly and his penis responded accordingly. David closed the door; chain latched it, locked it then threw the deadbolt as his penis grew to a full erection. He looked down and noticed a wet spot on the front of his gym shorts right at the tip of his erect penis and he giggled inside realizing Sonya always affected him instantly.

When David turned toward Sonya, she was at the picnic table dropping the white pillowcase on the tabletop and pulling her long blonde hair to one side then she looked at David and smiled. As David walked toward the blonde beauty he noticed her scanning his body from top to bottom. David caught her smile when she noticed the bulge and wet spot on his gym shorts and her eyes grew slightly larger as her right eyebrow lifted slightly.

When David was an arms length from Sonya he stopped and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. Sonya smiled and started to move forward then she stopped and looked at the bag on the table, then at the front door. Sonya seemed confused so David asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Looks fine to me,” said Sonya with a light crack in her voice, “When is she coming home?”

“Around 6 o’clock today, she’s got tons of customer’s houseplants to care for and her clients are scattered from one end of town to the other,” said David as his nostrils filled with the scent of Sonya’s shampoo and perfume.

Sonya cleared her throat and looked into David’s eyes as if she was searching for something, then she asked, “About … well, never mind, it doesn’t matter.”

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