Locker Room Fun

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The locker room … one fantasy I’d had but we’d never gotten to..

So when the “Whatcha doin?” text came through, I smiled but had no idea what he had in mind for that afternoon.

“I’m all yours,” I texted back.

You see, Adam and I have to pick our times wisely – we can only meet when our lives and work schedule can be worked around to get us together safely and discreetly, but it never fails to be a mind-blowing experience – he turns me inside out.

But I knew today would be special – that he had actually remembered that it was a special date – the second year mark of our first mind blowing experience in the back of my SUV.

Two years of amazing sex with him – books could be written – the fact my pussy just drips thinking about it…but today would be even more special… “meet me at the fieldhouse,” the next text read – opening the door to one of my most desired fantasies.

As a former high school standout, Adam has remained involved with the football programs of his alma mater – and what I would have given to have rolled with him back then, but I’m excited to see what he has in mind for our first trip down his memory lane.

Early afternoons are sacred for us – so when the time came through via text we both know we have a short escape of time before we have to return to our real lives… so I left home immediately.

It’s pretty much the norm for his truck to be sitting outside the back of bostancı escort bayan the fieldhouse during season as he continues his association with the sport – so I park nearby and slide in the side door where he is already there sorting through the left over uniform jerseys with his back to the door. I step in through the door, and slide off my heels and step up behind him and slide my tongue along his ear, “Hey baby…”

“Hmmm hey there,” he answers and rolls his head to one side, allowing me access down his neck. Rubbing my hands along his shoulders and sucking his skin between my teeth, he reaches behind himself to slide his large rough hands along my legs, pulling me around. Sitting on what was once his high school bench, Adam pulled me down across his lap, my dress sliding up as his hands slide up my thighs and I lick my lips and bend down to meet his.

He slides his hands around me, running his fingers inside the lacy panty I had chosen for the shorter dress I had hoped would fall off by 3 p.m. and he ran his thumbs across my pelvis, pulling me into him. It was pretty evident I hadn’t been the only person thinking about this afternoon as his hard cock was already straining against his athletic shorts.

Gathering up my dress as he runs his hands up my sides, he pulls it over my head, his face leaning into my breasts pushed up in his favorite lacy bra he picked out for me. Running his tongue up ümraniye escort between, licking my skin and making the chill bumps grow – I throw my head back and gasp as he pulls me tighter and bites.

My pussy aches for his touch – and I whisper in his ear, “Please…”

He rolls me to the side, laying my back down on the bench where he sat so many years ago – as he works to lick my stomach down as he pulls my panties off, feeling the cold air hit my bare pussy right before his hot mouth does. Laying spread with my feet on each side of the bench, the juice from my pussy runs down and wets the painted wood. Adam runs his fingers up inside my thighs, pushing towards my slit and he looks up at me and adds, “My turn.”

As he steps off the side, he pulls down his elastic waistband, with his large cock popping out the top telling me that he had missed me. He steps back towards my head, and straddles my face leaning down to grab my breasts, releasing the front clip to let them fall free. Dangling over my face, he lowers his balls to my face as I extend my tongue, tickling his bag, nibbling and sucking him in while he occupies himself with teasing my nipples, squeezing my tits, running his hands all over my body laid open for him. Reaching up to grab his hips, I raise myself to suck on him, he steps back slightly to let his cock head near my mouth. Circling it with my tongue, he slides it forward, sinking it into my mouth as escort kartal he runs his hands down my stomach, grabbing onto me and starting to stroke in my mouth.

Knowing our time was short – and although there were so many other areas in the field house I wanted Adam to take me in – and things I wanted to do to him, and more importantly I wanted him to do to me, I knew I had to see him cum for me – I wanted him to watch me cum at the same time. His cock was swelling and I knew he had the same idea, I slid my hands down to reach for my pussy – spreading my lips and targeting my clit. Deeper and deeper with each stroke, I felt him start to tense – feeling his hands sliding down to grab my sides, clinch my boobs, telling me how hot it was to watch me rub myself and hear him grunt, “Here goes…”… I feel the first spurts of his cum smacking the back of my throat as pulled out of my mouth and erupted all over my naked body laying across his football bench – throwing me off the cliff as I cum so hard writhing underneath him, my moans echoing off the concrete block walls…

Just then we hear it – the first truck pulling up at the field house for that evening’s practice, Adam stands up and rights himself – leans down and kisses me and whispers, “Hurry.”

He heads out the main entrance to talk to his fellow coach as I snap my bra back and slide my dress back over my head, grab my panties and slip those in his jacket pocket still laying nearby – smiling, I ease back out the side door after picking my heels up as I step into the side parking lot.

As I pull away my phone buzzes with the text of, “Don’t forget we have practice on Thursday too.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here,” I type back.

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