Lola Meets Double Trouble Pt. 02

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As Tom and Rob lay on the bed Lola got up and walked into the bath room. The warm night had made her sweat during her recent sex session so she wanted to have a quick shower. Now, her room didn’t have the usual shower cubicle but it was more like a wet room so there was no door and no sides. she turned on the shower and stood under its cleansing stream. As she stood there the water cascaded down her body, over her boobs and some of it trickled between her legs. It felt good to wash herself.

Lola was facing the wall, soaping herself when she felt a pair of hands on her boobs. The hands caressed her boobs and gently pulled at her nipples, making them erect. The unseen persons hands then concentrated on rubbing her nipples between their thumb and forefinger. Lola leaned her head back, eyes closed she was enjoying the attention. Was it Tom or was it Rob, to be honest she didn’t care. Whoever it was clearly was enjoying things as Lola could feel the length of a hard cock pushed against her butt crack.

The hands then moved from her nipples, cupping her ample C cup boobs and gently squeezing them. Lola let out a small squeal as one of the squeezes was a bit too eager. It the made her slightly chew on her bottom lip as the hands squeezed and caressed her breasts. The hands then moved down her wet, soapy body, running their fingers across her stomach. This sent a tingle down her spine as the hands moved further down. This time they found their way in between her legs. Lola shaved her pussy on a daily basis so the hands were able to slide over her mound and down to her waiting pussy lips. Gently the fingers teased her pussy lips apart and Lola opened her legs wider to allow them access.

Lola still had no idea who was touching her but she didn’t care, she bursa escort was the object of their desire and that was all that mattered. The fingers slid into her waiting pussy which still had streams of water running down over it. Two fingers slid in and out of her pussy as she arched her back allow the fingers more access to her pussy. Usually, Lola would only ever use her trusty vibe on her pussy but clearly the owner of these fingers knew what they were doing. While the fingers were being pushed in and out of her, the other hand was rubbing her rapidly swelling clit. Suddenly her clit was being gently pulled between the hands thumb and forefinger.

The fingers still pushed in and out of her pussy with her pussy lips tingling with all of the attention they were getting. Lola grabbed her boobs and squeezed them as the fingers built up a rhythmic quality, sliding in and out. The owner of the fingers could hear Lola as she gasped and moaned, mind you she had moved her head as her first gasp had resulted in a mouth full of water!

Lola wanted to see who it was, but she was so engrossed in the moment and in keeping her face out of the flowing water that was streaming down her body. The room was filling with steam as this encounter continued.

The fingers continued sliding in and out, pushing deep inside her, her swollen pussy lips clasping round them, eager for them not to stop. Lola could feel her clit tingling and knew that an orgasm was coming, rising from deep inside her. in what seemed liked seconds her body shuddered as she climaxed as the fingers thrust themselves into her. She put her left hand down and grabbed the wrist of the arm that had been teasing her, she knew that the climax had come and she wanted more, oh so much more……..

Lola bursa escort bayan turned round and saw Rob stood behind her. His mousey brown hair was wet from the shower and his body was covered in some of her soap suds. Looking down Lola could see Robs thick, erect cock pointing at her. Unlike a lot of men who had pale cock, Rob’s was quite dark. It intrigued her and unlike some of the men she had been with, Rob still had his foreskin. She put one of her hands on it and started to run it up and down as she looked into his green eyes. He was transfixed as she stroked his cock. She knew what she wanted it was just going to be a case of whether Rob was prepared to do what she wanted.

Ignoring what she wanted for a moment she continued to stroke his cock, his thick veiny length glided between her fingers and she could see how tight his ball sack was. She turned and shut the shower off before turning back to Rob. Kneeling down she was now looking directly at his throbbing cock. Her tongue darted round the tip and she flicked it round, teasing him. He probably wanted her to take his length in her mouth, oh, she would, just not yet. Lola kept her tongue flicking round the tip of Rob’s cock. He moaned as she teased him.

Then, to his surprise she took the whole of his length in her mouth. Pulling her head in and out as she took his length, covering his cock in her saliva. It glinted in the light of the shower room. Back and forth getting her mouth as close to the base of his cock as she could. Rob went to hold Lolas head but she pulled his hands off. She was in control of this, not him and she would work on his cock in her own way. She was in control and she knew just how to make him empty his balls into her mouth and maybe over her face.

His cock tasted so escort bursa good and she wanted to enjoy the moment while she was in charge. Her head moved back and forth building up a rhythm that he had no role in. Pushing her head towards the base of his cock she looked up at him. Her deep blue eyes looking up at him as he looked down. She then moved her head back and took the cock out, then she took to running her tongue up and down either side of it. Teasing it, flicking the tip again. Then she was back to taking Rob’s length in her mouth. he got her mouth near to the base of his shaft again and then feeling naughty she flicked her tongue out and flicked his balls while her mouth was so close in.

Lola felt that it was time now to up the anti and she took her right hand and started to wank Rob’s cock while she sucked the end of it. He continued to moan and when she looked up at him his eyes were shut. He was clearly lost in the moment. She gently pulled down on his ball sack and then went back to wanking him off again. Hand working, tongue working in an almost complete act of unity.

She stopped using her mouth and then with her right hand started to wank his cock really fast, causing his ball sack to tighten as Rob felt that he wanted to explode all over Lolas face. Knowing that he would more than likely cum at any moment Lola stopped and then started to kiss and lick his cock.

It was clear to Lola that Rob wanted to empty his balls and she wanted to swallow whatever he had. She went back to taking his length in her mouth and using her right hand to wank his cock while she allowed her mouth to work on it. Suddenly, she felt Rob twitch and in an instant her mouth was filled with his cum, which tasted quite sweet. There was so much of it she couldn’t swallow it all and allowed some of it to drop onto her chin and then onto her breasts. Using both of her hands she then started to rub the hot, sticky cum into her skin. Lola began to think that she’d need another shower….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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