Love , Prostitution Ch. 16

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While having a high tea in the hotel restaurant, a bellboy delivers a large envelope to Emily. She opens it to find a copy of the Khata certificate. A post-it note is attached to say the document provides proof that the property has an entry in the local municipal records. It is an important document but it requires no action other than retention. Also in the envelope is a copy of the Encumbrance certificate. Another post-it note is attached to this document to say it states that the property is free from all encumbrances or loans. It is a key document for procuring a loan against property from banks. It has all the details about transactions relating to the property. Another important document that requires no action since it is a cash purchase, but should be retained. An occupancy certificate or completion certificate given by the municipal corporation after the construction of a building to establish that it was constructed according to a sanctioned plan and that it is ready to be occupied. This is held by the municipal corporation.

Looking up she says it’s all fairly boring details about buying the Punjabi Bagh property. Nilesh reports that he and Sudesh have discussed a suitable bodyguard/chauffeur for Amy and agreed on someone they both know and like. They think he might fit in well with the family but hesitate over being sure. Emily says of course his travel costs will be reimbursed but ask if they think he needs an advance of funds to be able to travel. Nilesh says, with his sister’s permission, he will contact him and arrange for him to visit here for interview. Emily looks to Amy and she smiles: “Yes please, this is so exciting for me!” Nilesh says that it will be done. Sansa asks if they are all bidding to become Delhi’s largest family and everyone smiles.

During their drive to work, they listen to the news broadcast. There is a report of a plane crashing shortly after take-off for London Gatwick from Jersey airport, not far from the city of St. Helier. The report says there were no survivors but that the flight recorders have been retrieved. Emily shivers at the thought of dying like that and hopes the crew and passengers didn’t suffer long. The report finishes and the radio is turned off. Conversation starts after a short quiet period when Amy brightens the atmosphere saying she can’t wait to get into her working uniform, Emily and Sansa share the humour with her, but Nilesh and Sudesh don’t get the joke.

Today is different for some reason, the first sign being that the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are waiting to greet the ladies as they arrive. Walking down to the car, the Chairman greets Nilesh, then the 3 officers of the club each help their respective lady from the car and accompany her into the Mansion. For the Secretary and the Treasurer, this is the first time they have seen them clothed and they adore the lovely vision walking with them. Nilesh and Sudesh know they were planning to open an escort agency in Delhi but beyond that, they have little idea of the nature of their work at the mansion. The officers lead their ladies to an elegant lounge and they sit as couples on 2 seater couches.

The girls have no idea what is happening as their first and last port of call had always been the changing room; ‘clothes ouside, naked inside’! The Chairman starts: “Dearest ladies, we wish to put a proposal to you but let us put you completely at your ease, if you reject the proposal, or need time to discuss it among yourselves, or wish to ask questions, that is perfectly understandable from our point of view. Our proposal is that you become our exclusive Mistresses. You have shown us your flexible and adaptable attitudes in accepting our individual foibles, if I may put it that way, and we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse. We are all extremely wealthy and can afford to pamper our chosen lady. If you are willing, we shall have a little game in which you state a number, in terms of multiples of the salary you currently earn. None of us are married, so we shall also hold you as our exclusive lady. There, I think that might be enough to start a discussion”. He laughs and they all laugh with him.

The ladies look at each other dumbfounded, they didn’t see this coming and already think they are very well paid, as a result there is an embarrassing silence until Emily says: “Gentlemen, please excuse our silence but you have caught us completely by surprise. I for one would be delighted to be The Chairman’s mistress but have little idea of what it might involve. In addition, to talk of increasing our salary in multiples of what we currently receive is very difficult, for me at least, to comprehend”. Sansa and Amy express much the same things in their own way.

The Chairman nods to the Treasurer who takes up the narrative: “The first thing we can clarify is that you will no longer be employed by the club, but by each of us. Would that be acceptable for you?” The ladies all reply that it would. He continues: “The next thing is that as our Mistress illegal bahis you will be with us 24/7 and every day. This might evolve into marriage one day, but we are not ready for it yet and we do not wish to impose on you. This is why we want to provide you with such a salary that will ensure you live full and comfortable lives if the partnership should ever fail … you could see it as a pre-nuptial agreement if you wish. Would that be acceptable for you?” The ladies nod and he continues: “Finally on my contribution, the multiple we wish to propose for you is 10 times the amount of your current salary raised from 4 days to 7, i.e. 365 times $10,000 a day = $3,650,000 per annum. This means your new salary will be $36,500,000 p.a. I believe that I have now finished Chairman and hope our ladies will find it in themselves to accept our offer”.

The ladies can’t believe what they are hearing. Amy realises this arrangement could extend her working life and provide for a comfortable retirement. The Chairman tries to help by highlighting the tenuous nature of employment, people do lose their jobs and almost never when they are in a position to cope. Just for example purposes, what if one of you were unable to continue the arrangement, after just a year you could have $36M, a lot of money to restart a life and as time goes on your savings will increase providing you with an even better start, or retirement if that is what you desire. He says this is only to make evident a duty of care for them … They didn’t become so wealthy by giving away their money. The ladies consider his advice. Looks, smiles and nods, as usual confirm their agreement. This time Sansa speaks on their behalf: “Thank you for the additional perspective. We are persuaded by your good sense on behalf of our future welfare and your good conscience, and accept with our thanks”.

The Chairman nods to the Secretary who takes up the narrative: “Now let us consider a starting point of how the arrangement might work. As de facto wives, we would wish you to move in with us, comfortable quarters will be provided for your bodyguards here in the mansion, they will not be required to wear livery as they are your private staff. We are aware that a property purchase is underway and are happy for it to continue. Any assets you hold or gain will remain your property and if you wish, from time to time we may offer advice on sensible low risk investments. Buying the bungalow is a very good investment for the future so we support the idea of keeping it”.

He continues: “With regard to club activities here in the mansion. We would not wish our Mistress to serve in the way you were employed to do. However, you may attend the monthly meetings with us, but you will be fully dressed and not available for anyone’s pleasure, but it may very well inspire what happens after the event, we hope to keep you satisfied on that score! If you wish for a little distraction you may entertain your bodyguard at your bungalow providing the timing is agreeable, however a monthly medical check would be required for them as well as yourselves. Finally, if anything arises that hasn’t been sufficiently covered here today, please bring it forward for discussion at any time. We all want our proposal to succeed in the long term. I believe I have now finished Chairman and hope our ladies will find it in themselves to accept our offer”.

The ladies consider what the Secretary has said. Looks, smiles and nods confirm their agreement. Again Sansa speaks on their behalf: “This might well become a habit, we would like to thank you for the offer, your careful explanations and we wish to accept it as proposed”. The Chairman invites Emily to join him: “Dearest Emily, I take you as my Mistress to share my love and my life. From here forward for you I’m no longer The Chairman but your Erish”. The Secretary Sarvagya and The Treasurer Anvay make to same invitation to Sansa and Amy. After their declarations each man embraces his Mistress and the matches are sealed with a kiss.

(Dear Reader, for your convenience, the names of the men have been chosen so that the first letter of each name is the same as the first letter of the name of his mistress. In Hindi: Erish means to value both the big & the small things in life. Sarvagya means ‘all knowing’. Anvay means ‘joined or integrated’.)

Erish leads Emily by the hand, held formally just above elbow height, to his apartment suite. He opens the door and carries her over the threshold in the traditional way of welcoming a bride to her new home. Emily feels as if she is in a fairy tale. Nothing bad has happened to her since they met and she feels safe. Apart from the guards and staff that seem to be everywhere, anyone with evil intent would be mad to take on a secret club of the rich and powerful of Delhi. As he puts her down and turns to close the door, Randy appears and heads straight for her. She stoops to say hello, and adds jokingly: “Well darling Randy, let’s see if you are clever enough to undress me!” Erish illegal bahis siteleri laughs and Emily turns to ask: “He isn’t is he?” and they laugh together.

They sit on the couch together and embrace. He says how happy he is that she agreed to be his mistress and she responds that she is so very happy that he asked and that they had two dates together before asking. He takes the pallu end of her sari off her shoulders and kisses her neck softly, his touch makes her skin come alive. He kisses up to her ear then to eyelids, cheeks and ceases wandering, for the time being, on her mouth. The kiss is so soft and yet so full of eastern promise.

He touches her lightly behind her shoulder indicating for her to lean forward and when she does, he kisses down her back, a kiss for each button unfastened, until her choli falls forward and she pulls it off her arms and drops it to the floor. Erish unfastens her bra and teasingly eases the straps off her shoulders, she does the rest which makes her bra join her choli on the floor. He kisses her throat and she sits back extending her neck to give him full access. He kisses her slowly down from her neck and down her cleavage, she just knows that her nipples are responding to his touch and when his kisses climb her breast and he suckles on her, it sends pulses direct to her sex causing her to moan softly.

Taking her hands, he stands and raises her with him. He takes the pallu end of her sari and gently pulls it toward him, the pull causing Emily to spin as he unwraps her as if she were his Christmas present, which he feels she is. She unpins the end and her sari falls slowly, like a snowflake, to the floor. She unfastens the string holding up her petticoat which falls to the floor and she elegantly steps out of it, as if a goddess. Erish kneels before her and kissing her belly, eases her pantie briefs to her ankles, she steps out of them with a hand on his shoulders for support. Rising, he lifts her in his arms and carries her to their bed … mmm their bed.

Erish’s undressing is fast by comparison with his deliciously sensual unwrapping of Emily. He lies on his back and she straddles him, leaning forward to kiss him while gently taking his manhood in her hand and stroking it lovingly. She comes upright and spreads her ready wet lips open with her left hand while guiding him to her entrance. She wiggles her hips teasing him and lowers herself just enough to allow the head to enter her. Erish calls out her name in pleasure and she squeezes her muscles in response. She is so aroused that penetration is easy, but she lowers herself slowly, ensuring that they enjoy every moment of him gradually filling her completely by the time her bottom is sitting on his thighs.

She starts to ride him, slowly at first so they can share every delicious moment. After a little she is about to increase the pace when he asks her to stop his coming orgasm and she feels him swell inside her. She sits back and he enjoys her skill in being able to prevent his ejaculation. She leans forward to kiss him and then resumes riding him, faster and faster until again he swells deep inside her belly. She sits back on him again until his orgasm subsides. This cycle of denied orgasm brings him to the ultimate point of passion and he asks her to go all the way, which she does. It takes very little time until she feels him swell again, but this time her response is to ride him hard and fast, the result is mind blowing for them both. His ejaculation might even be seen by scientists on a seismograph used to predict earthquakes. It feels as if he is spraying her cervix like someone removing graffiti from a wall with a pressure washer. They collapse into a heap in each other’s arms, hearts beating and breathing much much faster than normal.

He tells her how much he loves her and how much he loves the way she makes love. He says he’s never met anyone who can give him such fantastic orgasms by denying them. They chat for a while and then make love again before going to sleep with his arms wrapped round her. In the morning they enjoy each other before getting up and showering together. When she gets dressed he helps her with her sari and she loves that he does, but a tiny part of her regrets not remaining naked. She knows in her heart and soul that her kidnapping turned her into a whore forever. They join the others for breakfast in the dining room. After which the ladies depart for the hotel to supervise the packing of their luggage and removal into the mansion.

When they arrive at the hotel, a receptionist tells Emily that a gentleman solicitor by the name of Mr T. B. Chirinjilal is waiting for her and requests a private meeting. She consents and the receptionist points the gentleman out to her. She approaches him and he rises to ask if she is Ms Emily Berkshire. She says that she is and asks how she may be of service. He bows, presents his card and apologises, it is a sensitive personal matter and humbly requests some proof of her identity. She asks canlı bahis siteleri him to accompany her to her suite where her friends are preparing to move out of the hotel. In the lounge they sit after she has retrieved her legal briefcase. She takes a moment as memories associated with the briecase flood back, then takes out her Indian and her British passports since they show her photograph and asks if they will suffice. He says that they will if she will kindly confirm the full names of her parents, which she does wondering what this is all about.

Mr Chirinjilal informs Emily that her parents have died in an air crash, shortly after take-off for London Gatwick from Jersey airport. Emily is mortified and asks if that is the crash that was reported on the news broadcast last evening. He confirms that it was the very crash reported. Her eyes well up recalling how she was cut off from her parents through no fault of her own. But knows that even being a victim can bring shame on an Indian family. Recovering herself, she asks, because her father always wished to be cremated with his darling wife, if arrangements for a traditional Hindu cremation have been made. He replies that their remains have indeed received such an honourable ceremony. Her tears are flowing freely now and Sansa, seeing her distress, comes over to sit with and give her what support she can.

Nilesh brings refreshments and when Emily has composed herself again, she asks Mr Chirinjilal if there is anything else. He tells her that she is their sole heir. Emily realises that their wills remained unchanged at the time of their deaths, perhaps it was only her Kolkata family that cut her off as the transfer of money from England would have had to be remarkably quick. He asks if she would like to speak privately regarding the bequest and she asks that everyone, apart from Sansa, leave the room for a short while. When they have left and the doors closed behind them, Mr Chirinjilal tells her that she is their sole heir to a huge fortune, consisting of many homes, many businesses including the buildings in which they operate, a 5 star hotel chain covering more than every major city in India. There are also very considerable cash deposits onshore and offshore worth several hundreds of billions in US dollars. Emily is so stunned she is speechless. Mr Chirinjilal suggests if she has a lawyer, he can make the necessary arrangements for transfer of all assets with him. She nods and takes out Mr Chatterjee’s card, he notes down the contact details and asks if there is anything he can do for her. She asks him to contact Mr Chatterjee, then calls for Nilesh. He bows to Emily and Nilesh sees him out. Barely has he left the room before Emily bursts into tears again.

Nilesh comes in cautiously after all sounds of Emily’s distress have ceased. He asks if he may speak with her and she smiles nodding. He reports that the dealer anticipates delivery of all 3 cars in a day or two. She nods, thanking him and is sure Amy will be pleased to receive the news. He says that he will tell her presently, in the meantime, the gentleman that he and Sudesh recommended for the position of Amy’s bodyguard and driver, Ranjit, has arrived at the hotel. Emily says that is excellent and asks him to tell Amy the news about her car and then ask her to join them to interview her potential PSO. The three ladies sit on a large couch with Amy in the middle. There is an armchair facing them and a large coffee table between. “Please ask Sudesh to bring coffee and biscuits and then bring Ranjit up to meet us”.

This is an interview for Amy’s armed bodyguard/chauffeur, so it’s right that she should lead proceedings. Sansa and Emily will ask the occasional question just so the process is seen to include all 3 ladies. They quickly agree that open questions like how, why, what, who, when & where will solicit the most information. There is no need to rush and please to ask for another’s perspective if it helps. Amy nods while Sansa and Emily hope they didn’t offend Amy by saying things she already understood.

Nilesh escorts Ranjit into the room and introduces Amy, Sansa and Emily who extend their hands in turn for him to shake. As he takes each hand, meeting the girl’s first test, greetings are exchanged and he is invited to sit in the armchair. Nilesh asks if he may serve coffee and biscuits, Amy nods with a smile. He puts the tray on the coffee table where its delicious aroma pleases their senses. Amy commences by asking about his travel expenses, which he has paid for himself. Sansa reimburses him generously because he unselfishly travelled and ate at the cheapest cost possible. He seems relaxed and stays that way for the rest of the interview. Prompted by Amy’s excellent questions, he explains why he is applying for the position and why he wants to move to Delhi. All questions seem to be answered honestly and openly, giving no cause for concern. He is told that having a vigilant armed bodyguard is vital but doesn’t elaborate on the reason. As the interview draws to a close, Sansa and then Emily ask a couple of questions each. Amy asks Ranjit to please excuse them while they discuss his candidature and Nilesh accompanies him down to the Reception lounge while the ladies discuss his canditature.

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