Loving You

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You lay in bed… waiting for me to come out of the shower. I take extra care in all those special places… My body comes alive with the feel of the soap on my skin… my mind wanders and I start to imagine your tongue… touching me… on the most sensual places of my body. I almost allow my mind to drift to the place where I lose everything to oblivion, but I stop myself. I want to be ready and eager for your kisses… your caresses. Slowly I dry myself with the towel… humming to myself. I walk into the bedroom and put on cologne… something soft and sweet. I turn to look at you… and your eyes are closed. Hmmmm… I think… I guess I took too long.

Moving over to the bed… I sit on the edge of the bed… and look down at your sleeping face. You look so peaceful… my eyes caress you… like a hand. Reaching up I follow the line of your eyebrow… and I bend and kiss your nose. You stir… I stop. Your breathing goes back to the rhythm it was before I touched you… Very slowly I remove the covers off your sleeping body. My eyes go over the length of you… taking in every curve and muscle. I’m torn between wanting to touch you and wanting you to sleep. .Without even trying… that familiar wave of heat starts to take over my body. I find myself closing my eyes and thinking about the way your mouth feels on my skin. The wetness between my legs becomes very evident. I start to squirm a little… Bending over… I lightly run my tongue across your lips. Tasting the saltiness of your mouth. Your breathing starts to change. You open your lips, just enough for me to push my tongue inside. The heat of your mouth… sends me into a spin. Your tongue starts to move around mine and we play back and forth. Pulling myself away I run my tongue up your cheek… kissing and licking on the way to your ear… Nibbling your ear lobe… whispering to you that I want you.

You moan. Torn between wanting to sleep and wanting to satisfy your needs and satisfy my needs. You’re not ready to give in yet. I pendik escort bayan can tell I have my work cut out for me… after all, when you make up your mind… you’re very strong willed. My lips go down to your eyelids and gently try to kiss them open. I can see a faint flutter… and my heart skips. I watch you. Tracing every line of your face in my memory. When I close my eyes… I can see you. Slowly I open my eyes and you are looking at me. We hold our gaze… for only a brief moment… but it is such a look, that it would take a life time to forget. Bending down… our lips meet again. This time more passionately. Reaching your arms up, you pull me to you. My breasts push into your chest. I can feel my nipples hardening from the stimulation. Gently we caress each others faces… murmur those words… that only lovers exchange.

I move away from your face and continue to make my way down your body. Kissing your neck… nuzzling it. Our breathing … quickens. My tongue slowly licks down your chest. Stopping only to take a nipple into my mouth… A sigh escapes your mouth. My tongue flicks all around and gently with my teeth… I pull on your nipple… flicking it quickly with my tongue. You reach up and grab my breasts… moving your hands around and around in a circular motion over my nipples… I moan… and close my eyes. My head starts to sway from side to side… Before I can compose myself you have thrown me over on the bed and our positions are now reversed. You loom over me… your eyes full of passion. I reach up caress your cheeks… moving my hands to the back of your head… I gently pull you towards my chest. My nipples become erect… thinking of your mouth. Instead you bend and kiss my neck. I moan. You go between kissing and licking… and then nibbling. My whole body is alive now… I can feel your … need for me growing with each flick of your tongue… each kiss… each caress.

My body is so alive now… I can only think of one thing… and that is release. maltepe escort Your mouth comes down hard on my breasts… gently taking my nipple into your mouth. I gasp… and then let out a slow exhale. My hips start to move. The wetness between my legs… spreading. My hands caress your sides and move up to your back… gently at first… and then increasing the pressure. I can feel your hand moving down my belly to my most sensitive area of my body. Gently you push open my legs… I moan. Breathlessly waiting for you to touch me… Slowly you move your finger around my clit… wetting it with my juices. My hips start to move … My hands… digging into your back now.

Your mouth leaves my breasts and follows the same trail as your fingers… I can hear myself say… yes baby… yes. The heat of your tongue touching my most sensitive part… my clit… sends spasms of pleasure throughout my body. Breathlessly I wait for your tongue to do… the magic that it does to me. Slowly it moves up and down my clit… stopping and sucking and then flicking back and forth again… I can feel myself losing my grasp on reality… but I don’t want the feeling to end. Sensing my orgasm… you stop. I moan and look up at you.

Climbing back on top of me… you bend and kiss me. Hard… your cock pressing into my pubic area… you grinding it into me… around and around and around. I hear myself let out a whimper. My hands reach up and grab your nipples and pinch them… You bend and take mine into your mouth… biting just enough to send waves down my body into my pussy. I moan and move my hips around and around and then up to you. I start to plead with you… Oh Please… please… I want you. Fuck me now… please. You reach your hand around and push two fingers inside of me. I grab them and start to ride your hand… I look up and you… my eyes glazed over and ask you so sweetly… please. You smile at me… I reach and touch your cheek… You turn and slowly lower your mouth to my pussy… kartal escort I moan… Your straddle me so your cock is over my face…

…I take you into my hand and flick the tip of your cock with my tongue. It jumps..you bury your face in between my legs..taking my clit into your mouth and flicking it with your tongue. Gasping…I suck you in deeper into my mouth..my hands running up and down your ass… I can feel you pushing your fingers inside me. Your tongue…your fingers..my hips…all in a rhythm that is indescribable. You start to move your hips up and down and push your cock in and out of my mouth. I squeeze my lips hard around you…pulling on you as you move in and out of my mouth.

Before long we are both moving at the same pace. Your mouth and fingers are sending unbelievable waves of pleasure throughout my being…I find myself pushing my hips up and grinding my pussy into your face….you lick faster..ooooooohhhhh.. I can feel myself falling into that place where it goes..where pleasure is so great..you can’t explain. Again..I lift my hips up to you..this time holding and squeezing tightly on your fingers… As if you can sense my orgasm..you lick faster..push deeper and harder.. My hips fall to the bed…you pump faster into my mouth..I pull harder on you.. Again..I rise to meet you…this time unable to hold back..my pussy begins to spasm…hard.

Your tongue goes inside me now and you suck along with each sweet spasm… I grab your ass with my hands and push you deeper inside me..I want you to cum now. I want you to feel the pleasure that I felt. Your hips are moving so fast now..I can feel you growing inside my mouth..and I ready myself for your cum.. Your breathing makes me wild..I know that soon I will be tasting you. You reach around and grab my head..holding me hard to you and let out a cry and your cock starts to spasm in my mouth.. I continue sucking and swallowing ..sucking and swallowing…until you…relax and roll to the side of me. I turn myself around and climb down to the end of the bed where you are laying. drained. I look down and you and you smile..bending I kiss you.

We taste each other…rolling over, I find my place within your arms….tell you how happy you made me and fall asleep with you around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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