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The silvery moonlight poured into the window and over her body, lighting up her skin as it went. His eyes devoured her as he thought back to what they had been doing all night. It was 4 a.m. and he had only known Luna for eight hours.


It all started when the most beautiful girl he had ever seen walked up to him and said “Kiss me”.

She was about 5 foot 6, with a 36C chest and a slim waist. She had caramel colored hair in tight corkscrew curls down the middle of her back. Her heart shaped face, with ice blue eyes and a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose, stared up at him. She had full pink lips that smiled with this request. She was wearing tight blue jeans, torn in all the right places, with a black tank top the showed just enough cleavage.

Jake, never the one to turn down the request of a pretty girl, snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her up flush against his body and brought his lips down to hers and gently caressed them open with his tongue. She responded by rising up on her toes, pushing him against the wall and sucking his tongue into her mouth.

This moment lasted for all of about a minute when she leaned back from him and said “Thanks”, as she turned and walked away.

Jake was stunned. At 6 foot 2 with a slightly muscular build and sandy blonde hair, he wasn’t used to being walked away from. His green eyes flashed as he hissed and walked off after her. He caught up to her just as she was walking out the door of the bar.

“Who are you and what the hell was that?” he asked as he tapped her on the shoulder.

Whirling around she simply smiled and said “My name is Luna and my ex was bothering me. I really appreciate you lending me a hand, so to speak.”

“What a way to get rid of your ex. How about we try it this way? Hi, my name is Jake and I was wondering if you would like to have coffee with me?”

Luna thought about it for pendik escort a second and agreed.

The two of them walked down the street to a 24 hour diner just around the corner. They each ordered a cup of coffee and they split a piece of cherry pie. Over their dessert Jake inquired about Luna’s ex and why she did what she did.

She explained that her ex, Mark, had been trying to get back with her since they had broken up 2 months ago. She figured that he might leave her alone if he could see that she was with someone. Luna had decided to walk up to a random stranger in the hope of fooling Mark. When she realized that Mark wasn’t in the bar, she decided to walk away from that stranger as to not embarrass herself any further. She told him that she was actually glad when he followed her out of the bar and stopped her on the street. They talked a bit longer, getting to know more about each other.

Jake wasn’t one for rushing a girl into bed, but he had a strange feeling in the back of his head telling him to invite this one home with him tonight. Even stranger, he hadn’t even had anything to drink. Before he knew it, the words were out of his mouth, “My car is just around the corner, would you like to come back to my place?”

Luna smiled up at him and put her hand in his, “I thought you’d never ask.”

When they got to his apartment, they had barely made it through the door before they had their hands all over each other. As soon as the door was shut he pressed her up against the wall and kissed her. He kissed a hard line down her jaw and to her neck. She reached down and slipped her hands under the hem of his shirt and yanked it up over his head. He mirrored her movement and soon the two of them were skin to skin.

Pausing to breathe, he guided her across the room to the couch. Reaching down, he unsnapped the button to her jeans and slid them, along with her panties, down her legs. In maltepe escort this position he found himself right in front of her hot wet pussy. He took a deep breath in and put his hands on the backs of her thighs and kissed her nether lips. He ran his tongue along her slit and darted in and out of her opening. He felt her knees start to give, so he pushed her down to sit on the couch. He kneeled in front of her.

It was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. He put one finger inside of her and started thrusting it in and out. He put another one in and then a third. He sucked on her clit and thrust his fingers in and out of her, rapidly building up her climax. Jake could feel her fingers fisting in his hair as he took her higher and higher.

Luna had never felt anything like this before. She felt like she was going to explode. Every nerve in her body was firing in complete ecstasy. She came with a flood of juices soaking Jakes face as he lapped it all up.

When he was finished, he crawled up on the couch and pulled Luna against his chest. She looked up at him as her breathing returned to normal. “Thank you, but you didn’t get your turn yet.”

She slid her hand down his stomach and undid the button of his jeans and lowered the zipper. She reached in and pulled his hard throbbing member out and began to lightly brush her fingertips along his swollen cock. Sliding down to kneel on the floor in front of him, she peeled his jeans and boxers down his legs. Luna got a good look at his 9 inch cock. It was bigger than any she had ever seen before. Without hesitation she took him into her mouth.

Jake though he would lose it right there. Her mouth was like velvet and she definitely knew what she was doing. Her fingers stroked and gently squeezed his balls while her tongue wrapped itself around his shaft. Knowing that he wouldn’t last much longer, he lifted her up and

carried her to the kartal escort bedroom.

He lay her down on the bed and went to the nightstand to grab a condom. As he lay down beside her she took the condom from him and told him the she would handle it. She straddled his body and reached behind her to unhook her bra. Jake reached up to touch the milky white orbs, running the pads of his thumbs over the puckered rosy buds of her nipples.

Luna shifted her body and allowed his swollen cock to enter her body. Jake felt like he was sliding into paradise. She was so tight and wet and she had his hips in a vice grip. He knew he was a goner when she started to ride him. Holding onto her for dear life, he dug his fingers into her waist as she rolled her body faster and faster. Unable to hold off any longer, he filled her with his seed.

Wanting to stay connected to her; Jake rolled Luna over next to him and hugged her to his chest. Turning to face him, she put her hand on his face, “Thank you for saving mankind.”

Confused by what she said, he asked her to repeat herself. All she told him was to close his eyes and she pressed her hand to his forehead.

As she did this, images began to play out in his head like a movie. “Let me tell you a story. I made up all of that stuff about Mark. My name is Luna Andrews and I am from the year 2195. In the future there is only one man for every 400 women; most of the male population has been wiped out by a strange disease. Many years of research has proven that this future could be avoided if I traveled back to the past and conceived a child with you Jake Williams.”

Jake didn’t know how to react to this news. He was stunned.

“I swear to you all of this is true.” Luna proceeded to tell him facts about himself and his family. She told him things that he had never discussed with anyone else ever. Luna’s sincerity gripped him so hard that he had to believe her.

He pulled her up against him again and they made love two more times that night.


Looking at Luna’s body in the moonlight, Jake couldn’t help but wonder why he had to be the one for this mission, but he sure was glad that he was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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