Madhurima Pt. 05

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Madhu and Veena woke up in the morning in each others arms like they were newborns and kissed each other and went to get ready for their respective colleges.

Madhu dressed up in a blue kurta and skin coloured leggings and came to the drawing room when Veena exclaimed “I am in charge of your clothing remember!”

Madhu just nodded, so Veena asked Madhu to remove all her clothes so that she could decide. Madhu was excited at the idea because she knew she just did not have the guts to be so daring.

Veena just returned her kurta and leggings and said “this is enough for you to go to the college leaving her bra and panties on the sofa.”

Madhu put her clothes on and looked at herself, thankfully her kurta was opaque but surely her nipples would look apparent and her boobs would jiggle without the confines of the bra but it could be fun and plus the skin coloured leggings would definitely make everyone do a double take.

Veena dropped off Madhu, today was a half day for both of them.

Madhu was leaving after attending the college and she saw Rahul who was looking at her and she just couldn’t take her eyes off him, he was definitely handsome and well built but not muscular he definitely had some darkness about him.

He called out her name and she smiled and walked and said “Hey Rahul”.

They started chatting and then she saw Veena also getting down from her car and joined them. Rahul asked both of them to come to his place for a drink to which Veena agreed and asked Madhu to come with them.

They drove to his place which was the top floor of a three storey house with a huge balcony overlooking an empty field and also a roof top.

Madhu figured Veena had been here before as she knew quite well the directions around the house which was huge with 3 bedrooms a kitchen and a drawing room. It was just afternoon and it was quite humid so Rahul switched on the air-conditioning, just as the cool breeze hit Madhu, her nipples casino oyna started to harden as if they had their own mind. They relaxed on a sofa and Rahul sat in front of them and he asked what would they want to drink.

Veena asked for a vodka and Madhu for a glass of juice while Rahul also poured a vodka for himself and closed all curtains and dimmed the room lighting to set the mood and put on some EDM. After a couple of drinks both of them got a little tipsy and started talking naughty to each other.

The entire atmosphere was now sexually charged, Rahul then said “I’ve never seen two girls kiss.”

Veena said “we know what you want to see pervert, but in exchange we want something.”

Rahul said “anything you say”.

Veena pulled Madhu close and started kissing her to which she showed no resistance and with their lips locked Veena seemed to have lost control as she started squeezing Madhu’s breasts.

Rahul knew that he could easily get Veena out of her clothes but he was not sure about Madhu and he really wanted her.

Rahul suggested “how about a three way kiss? Where you two continue kissing each other and I join you both.”

All three of them were so aroused now that they literally had their teenage hormones controlling all their actions. They started kissing each other passionately and Rahul climbed over the table to the sofa and got in a position between them and as they continued to kiss each other now randomly with saliva being exchanged in all directions, it was all getting to feel like a dream to Madhu.

She had never imagined that such things could happen in real life, she was kissing Rahul’s neck who was kissing Veena while Veena was squeezing Madhu’s boobs and her other hand was busy with Rahul’s fly.

Rahul turned his attention now totally on Madhu and started kissing her passionately and started squeezing her boobs, she was feeling very aroused and also this was the first time a guy had kissed canlı casino her, Rahul then tried to push his hand from her waist to inside her kurta when he felt felt a surprise that she had nothing on underneath.

Veena got up and got behind Madhu to lift off her kurta to which Madhu feigned resistance but quickly gave it up. As both Veena and Rahul teamed up on her she quickly lost her kurta and she was now topless.

Rahul saw Madhu topless and looked at her in amusement and said “You went without a bra to college! You are one hell of a crazy chick.”

Rahul was now busy kissing Madhu and fondling her breasts with his hands when Rahul’s hand was pushed away by Veena as she started her attack on Madhu’s breasts.

Rahul started kissing her cleavage and Veena pushed his head deeper into her breasts while she started pulling on her nipples roughly. Madhu pushed both of them away and said it was unfair that both of them were wearing all their clothes and she was nearly naked.

She suddenly realised her mistake as in a flash both of them had taken off their clothes and now she had to lose all of hers in reciprocity.

Rahul quickly untied the knot of her leggings and tugged it down despite resistance and Madhu suddenly felt shy as she had never been with a naked guy before.

Just as Rahul started his assault on Madhu, Veena whispered in his ear “she’s a virgin, be gentle and this is what we want from you”.

Rahul looked in amazement at Madhu and Madhu just put her eyes down. Veena started chewing on one nipple and Rahul the other as both of them took turns to rub her pussy.

Madhu was about to reach her orgasm when Veena asked Rahul to penetrate her and he placed his dick the opening of her young pussy and without wasting a moment he thrusted all the way in.

Madhu let out a shriek as she had never felt this sensation, she felt a little pain but for her both pain and arousal was so mixed up that she could not differentiate kaçak casino between the two.

As Rahul was withdrawing from her pussy which was clutching on to his dick as if it’s life depended on it he saw a few drops of blood but Madhu was in no mood to let him pull out or even move, she wanted his entire length inside her, she loved that sensation of fullness.

Veena was amazed that Madhu, a virgin could take all of Rahul’s length into her with no difficulty.

Veena looked at Madhu’s nipples which were now fully erect and they looked longer than ever before as Rahul plunged in and out of her pussy.

Madhu was trying to release herself from Rahul’s grip but he was in no mood to let her go, Veena realised she wanted to squeeze her nipples but Rahul was unknowingly preventing her from doing that as he probably thought she was trying to get away.

Veena immediately bit Madhu’s nipple and in response Madhu immediately orgasmed and squirted a little. Rahul felt a little weird and he thought maybe she peed but now he was so well lubricated that he could not explain what happened.

Veena started biting Madhu’s breasts and nipples leaving marks all over her and she seemed to have gone in a spasm as Rahul continued his assault swishing in and out of her tight pussy and then Madhu orgasmed like never before as she felt her thighs shake involuntarily and she let out a scream and she squirted all over the sofa.

Rahul looked with a puzzled expression towards Veena who just smiled and said “she squirts”, Madhu just slumped and seemed to have lost consciousness.

Veena got up on the table and said “we both are left let’s start and I want to be fucked on the table.”

Rahul was in no position to say no and he plunged in her with all his might and then slapped her breast and said “this is what you want right”.

In response he heard a pleasant “ummm” and immediately this was followed by another smack, her breasts were jiggling from both the smacks and his powerful thrusting into her. Both of them were now nearing their orgasms as their breaths became shorter and then both of them came together as Veena dug her nails into his back.

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