Mai Little Pet

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“No, please stop it! We shouldn’t do this here!” Mai complained as the old man started to finger her through her pink panties. Her skirt was slightly hiked up as Mai’s pussy soak the man’s fingers. The old man licked the side of her face and tasted her sweet skin. Mai could feel herself about to cum. She couldn’t believe how far things had gotten.

Mai and her boy friend Daisuke had decided to take a vacation. They were staying at a very nice hotel; Mai was quite impressed with it. However, Daisuke wasn’t spending any time with Mai; he was too busy going out to casinos and gambling. Mai thought they were going to have a romantic getaway. But this was how things had always been between the two of them. Mai was beginning to get suspicious of Daisuke and that he might be cheating on her. Daisuke was staying out pretty late, and how could Mai be sure he was spending all that time gambling.

Mai was tired of scrabbling those thoughts through her head and decided to go down to the bar. Though, Mai knew that wasn’t going to help her out; most likely just make things worse. For now she just wanted to get out of her hotel room. Mai decided to use the stairs; she had nice long legs that she liked to keep fit. She just hoped no one was coming up; otherwise they’d most likely see up her grey pleated short skirt. She was also wearing a white short sleeved blouse with a navy blue sweater vest. She straightened her oval rimmed glasses to read which level she was on and continued down. She made it to the lobby and asked the man at the front counter where the bar was. Mai took a seat at the bar and ordered a fruity drink. She slurped it down slowly and glanced around the bar.

“What’s an attractive woman like you doing all by herself?” Mai heard from behind her.

Mai spun in her stool to face an older looking man; Mai would say he was probably in his 50’s, “Oh, I’m not here alone. I came here on vacation with my boyfriend.”

“Well, why isn’t he here with you?”

“He’s playing at the casinos right now.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. You know if I was dating a young woman as attractive as you I wouldn’t want to leave your side for a second.”

“Oh, that’s sweet.” Mai turned to the bar; this old man was starting to creep her out.

“What can I get for you?” the bartender çankaya escort asked the two of them.

“A beer,” the old man said, “And other one for her.”

Mai looked down to her glass; she hadn’t noticed at all she’d already gulped it down. “Thank you,” Mai smiled at the old man.

“No problem at all.”

Mai and the old man got to talking more. Mai found herself spilling all her problems out to this random stranger. It was strange but also nice.

“You know I could help you with your frustrations,” the old man smiled.

“Frustrations?” Mai wasn’t quite following him.

“Yes, of course. Your sexual frustrations.”

Mai nearly spit out her drink as she was taking a swig, “What?!”

“I’m sure he hasn’t satisfied you the entire time you’ve been here,” the old man put a hand on her bare leg.

Just then, Daisuke came up behind Mai, “Hey honey!”

Mai jump as soon as she heard him. “Hey sweetheart. I thought you were at the casinos?”

“I lost too much, so I’m gonna head up to the room.”

“Okay, I’ll probably be up soon.”

“Alright, goodnight!” Daisuke ran off.

“Well I should get going,” Mai rose with an awkward laugh.

“Did you see it?” the old man asked and Mai paused, “The hickey on his neck.”

Mai started to spin and feel woozy. She abruptly sat back down in the stool. She stayed there with the old man as he bought her several more drinks. Then at last call he got a bottle of whiskey and carried Mai to the elevator. They were the only two in it so the old man decided to take advantage of the situation. As he held Mai up with one arm he brought the other hand down and inserted it into her panties. He plugged his fat fingers into her pussy and sloshed around slowly. Mai let out light gasps as her head shot back. The elevator doors open and the old man pulled his hand out from under Mai’s skirt. He tugged her forward and dragged her to his room. As the old man slide his card into the door Mai notice the old man’s room was right next to Mai’s.

“No we can’t do this here! What if Daisuke hears us?!” Mai complained.

“Then, I guess you’ll have to be quiet.”

After that things became a little blurry for Mai. She remembered the old man escort çankaya fingering her against the door but blacked out slightly after that. Like in the blink of an eye she found herself on the bed. Her panties had been pulled off and her shirt and vest had been lifted above her breasts. Her grey skirt was still on; though it had been pulled up a little higher. Mai saw the old man was completely nude and had the bottle of whiskey in hand. The old man took a big swig as he crawled onto the bed. He handed the bottle to Mai.

“I don’t like whiskey,” Mai said.

“Then I won’t use this,” the old man grabbed hold of his large hard cock. Mai could tell just from looking that Daisuke’s paled in comparison to this man’s impressive member.

“No, please!” Mai snagged the bottle from the old man. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had sex; she needed this bad. Even if it was with this old man; it’s not like Daisuke was going to help her out. He was too busy taking care of himself. Mai started to drink from the bottle.

“That’s a good girl,” the old man tipped the bottle back further making Mai chug down quite a bit. He let the bottle down and pressed his cock against Mai’s pussy lips.

“Yes,” Mai whispered. She was so ready for this. She didn’t feel any shame; only a burning passion to be fucked. The old man slowly penetrated her and Mai let out a great sigh. Mai stared the old man in the eyes as he started to lightly move his hips. The extensive cock reached all the way inside of Mai’s wet cunt; something Daisuke’s could never do. And the girth of it was amazing; Mai felt full from it. The man hooked his thrusts upwards pounding into Mai’s cervix. Mai wrapped her long legs around the old man’s hips and started to gyrate her own. Mai grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a long drink. Then she poured some of the liquid over her supple and round breasts. The old man desperately slurped on her nipples and licked her breasts. Mai couldn’t tell if the old man was trying to enjoy the whiskey or Mai’s pale body.

The old man started to pump his hips faster and harder. He was really giving her a stiff fucking; something Daisuke never did. He was always gentle and tender with her; made love to her on those rare occasions he actually noticed çankaya escort bayan her. But Mai really wanted to be fucked; to have a meaty cock forced in her till it hurt. Someone to pull her hair, smack her face, slap her ass, anything to make her feel dominated. Just like this man was doing to her. From the very start he was controlling Mai. But she didn’t care anymore; Mai loved the way the old man’s cock ripped in to her.

Her entire face was hot from passion and alcohol; Mai’s face was stoned looking. She was smiling from the monstrous dick stabbing into her cunt. Her tongue was out as she panted like a dog on a summer day. Drool was pouring out from her mouth from the hunger for cock she was feeling. The old man’s giant dick plowing into her raw pussy was coated in a thick layer of Mai’s pussy juices. The old man lifted Mai up and flipped her over. Mai could feel his entire cock scrap against every inch of her insides as the old man fucked her from behind. He poked a finger into Mai’s asshole.

“Oh!” Mai jump and turned her head and smiled at the old man. The old man slowly pumped his finger while ramming his cock into her. He took grab a bundle of Mai’s short black hair and pushed her face into bed. The old man stood up on the bed bringing up Mai’s plump ass. Her body was shaped like an upside down V; with her feet and head planted in bed. Mai sang out like bird as the old man plowed her hard. Mai could feel herself about to climax as the dick smashed into her pussy.

“I’m gonna cum!” the old man started to thrust into Mai’s wet pussy as fast as he could.

“Cum inside me!” Mai screamed, “Please cum deep inside me!”

“As you wish!” the old man grunted as he was about to finish. He kept pumping his hips as Mai felt his hot man liquid pour into her. Mai came as the semen rushed into her womb.

“Man, that was great!” the old man sat back on the bed.

Mai turned over on the bed and looked at him with her best sad puppy dog eyes and asked, “You can go again, right?”

The old man grinned at her and took a swig of whiskey, “Of course!”

The next day Daisuke came back early from gambling. He decided to go up to the room to get a nap. Maybe he’d go out again later, or maybe he’d do something with Mai. He thought she might like that. He made it to the room and slid his card through. As he opened the door he saw Mai completely nude and on her knees. She was sucking some fat old man’s dick greedily like some whore in a porno. Mai turned over and looked at Daisuke with a smile, “Hey sweetheart! So glad you came back!”

The End

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