Making Babies

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My wife had told me that her friend from work, Beth, and Beth’s husband Robert were having trouble starting a family. It seems Robert has a low sperm count and they both desperately want to have a child.

I told my wife that I would be more than happy to help Beth out.

My wife gave me a stare and said, “I bet you would.”

“I am being serious, I would give Beth my sperm if they want a baby so bad.”

My wife finally gave me a serious look.

“If you really mean that, I will tell Beth.”

I told her yes, I meant it. My wife relayed the message and a few weeks went by. Eventually my wife came home from work one day and told me the news. Beth and Robert would accept my offer. This was her fertile time of the month and I was to stop by this upcoming Saturday. Of course I was told it would be very antiseptic lovemaking. Put my cock in, cum, then pull out and leave.

I went to Beth’s house on the following Saturday. I was to go directly upstairs to the bedroom. Robert would not be there, in order to avoid any embarrassment of the various parties. I went inside the house and climbed the stairs. I looked into the bedroom and there was Beth, naked on the bed. The blinds were closed and all the lamps were off. etlik escort It was pitch black, but I could still see her.

Beth was petite, she had short brown hair and small breasts. She did have a very cute face and a shapely ass that I always admired. I removed my clothes and stood there looking at her. I stroked my shaft and was getting a bit hard. Beth had her legs spread wide and was waiting, not saying a word.

I climbed onto the bed and got between her legs. I took my cock in hand and started rubbing the nozzle across Beth’s pussylips. Suddenly, Beth reached out and took my shaft in her hand, inserting the head in place. Beth’s eyes got big in the process. I don’t think she realized how thick my cock might have been.

After she did this, I began to work my hips forward. Pushing back and forth, slowly feeding her my cock shaft. Beth’s breathing was growing a bit deeper now. I started to feed her additional inches of my hardness. Beth had her legs spread initially, she now placed them around my waist.

We started to meet each others thrust now, I had no intention in having sterile sex. I kept pushing inside her until I was buried all the way to the hilt. I held my cock in place for the etlik escort bayan next few minutes. Beth must have wondered what I was doing.

Slowly I withdrew my shaft, holding it there for a moment, then I rammed it in as hard as I could. Beth let out a shriek, and we started to fuck in earnest. I was giving it to her hard now, and Beth met my thrusts with her own. My egg shaped balls were dancing off of her asscheeks.

Beth couldn’t fool me now, her pussy was sopping wet. Juices were oozing out and running down her slit. After some minutes of this fucking, I knew we had crossed a bridge. This was now more than making a baby. We were having hot, passion-filled sex. The spouses had no idea what was happening now.

Beth and I were fucking like two teenagers. My mouth found her nipples and I flicked my tongue over both of those hard pebbles. Beth arched her chest and I started to nibble on them as well.

Beth later told me she came three times as we fucked in the bed. For now, I could feel myself getting close. I thrust into Beth, one more time, then filled her belly with my cream. The heat from my love cum must have hit Beth the right way. She screamed out loud and then tightened her escort etlik legs and pussy around me.

We fucked like that for a long while, it seemed. I eventually became soft and I fell out of Beth’s pussy. We then kissed each other, tongues entwined, until we were exhausted.

Beth soon led me to the bathroom. She turned on the shower head and we both got into the hot water stream. We started to fondle and kiss once more. Beth threw her arms around my neck. I lifted her ass and fed my cock into her pussy again.

I slid in easily now. I turned Beth’s back to the wall and pinned her there. I drove my cock into her pussy and we fucked again. I gave her my entire length, plowing into her tight hole. We continued like this for maybe fifteen more minutes before I gave Beth her next gift of cum. I normally can’t cum this much or that often.

This day I couldn’t stop shooting my hot spray into Beth’s hungry womb. We then got the shower we needed and washed up. After dressing Beth said that she wanted me again, just to make sure she was pregnant.

Beth whispered in my ear,” I want your baby.”

I thought that was the whole point of this, I said to her.

“No,” she corrected me. “I want your babies.”

It looked like I was going to be busy for the forseeable future. I went home and my wife was waiting for me, wanting to hear some news.

“We did it quickly, and all went well,” I told her.

My wife kissed me and then told me what a good husband I was. What little she knew!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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