Marlene and Steve Ch. 02

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I added this part because several readers provided thoughtful feedback suggesting I hadn’t told the full story and had left out details about Steve. I hope this addresses those suggestions. I’m aware that the site is filled with better writers than I.


On all fours on her bed, Steve entered Marlene from behind. He rested his chin on her shoulder and kissed gently from her ear to her cheek and back. His hands roamed and found her breasts, trapping her bullet-hard nipples between his middle and index fingers, squeezing with varying pressure.

She pushed back against him and sighed. Her plans for him were coming to fruition.

While they fucked, a part of Steve’s mind drifted back to when they’d first met.

He’d walked into the office, and noticed a new face sitting in the reception area. “Hi, I’m Steve,” he looked down extending his hand in greeting. “Fuck, she’s gorgeous,” he thought to himself, “Don’t blow this, Steve.” She was wearing light grey wool pants and a tightly form-fitting darker grey sweater that while it covered her, also displayed her body to maximum effect.

“Hi, I’m Marlene. Today’s my first day. I’m the new administrative assistant.” She rose to shake his hand and looked him over with sincere interest. She smiled again, as she looked up at his blue eyes. He had short, neatly trimmed brown hair and an honest, open face. He was about 8 inches taller, give or take, than her 4’11” height, with a slender frame. She suspected he was a runner. As she met his gaze, she noticed his eyes shifted just a little to a point just past her shoulder. “What’s kızılay escort up with that?” she wondered.

“Well, nice to meet you. The coffee’s upstairs.” He took his leave and went up to his desk.

There was something about his blue eyes that stirred her interest, and she made a mental note of being friendly toward him.

As he sat down at his computer and turned it on, Steve’s couldn’t take his mind off the beautiful girl downstairs. At work, looks weren’t necessary, but she was a vast improvement over the two dried up fossils that ran the office. He hoped the shriveled prunes wouldn’t run her off. He shook his head realizing that her soft brown eyes and impish smile had smitten him. He suspected she’d add a lot of life to the office, and that there was more to her than just eye candy.

As the months progressed, they struck up a friendly relationship. Marlene appreciated that Steve treated her better than most of the other co-workers. He’d deliver a cup of coffee at her desk, even though he never drank it. Everyone else expected HER to get coffee for THEM. Most of the guys noticeably undressed her with their eyes whenever she wore anything remotely attractive. It annoyed her because she liked to wear pretty clothes. She didn’t like men treating her as less than a person. She was sure Steve had noticed her delightful body, but he didn’t ogle her in the same way.

Whenever they talked, she’d make a point to reach out and gently rub her hand up and down his arm. He’d stiffened at her touch at first, and she felt as though she were gentling kızılay escort bayan an untamed stallion. But, try as she might, she couldn’t get him to make consistent, sustained eye contact. No matter what she did, his eyes seemed always to focus just off to the side. She made a point of looking directly at him whenever he was around to try to force the issue and also see if she could catch him sneaking glances. She did.

Steve was also enjoying their budding friendship. He found her vivacious personality infectious and also loved that she wasn’t a game player. She was kind to him for no better reason than he was kind to her. She confided in him about many things, including the guy she was dating. Steve always tried to give her good advice while his inner monologue was screaming at him to tell her to dump the loser and to be honest about how he felt. His fear of rejection shouted the inner voice down.

While Marlene noticed he couldn’t seem to make eye contact, she didn’t realize that every time his eyes wandered to the side, Steve was fantasizing about taking her in his arms and kissing her until they were both out of breath.

One day, she was up doing some filing in the back room, and she told him he’d have to come back and keep her company for a bit. He’d walked in, and she was sitting at the table.

He noticed that her blouse was accidentally unbuttoned almost to her navel, revealing her perfect cleavage and more of her perfect breasts than he was comfortable seeing. Steve’s inner dialogue raced, “Goddammit, Marlene is beautiful. Her breasts escort kızlay are perfect. Is this on purpose? Why am I so inept? Tell her how you feel you, idiot. TELL HER.”

He glanced away, and said, “Your buttons have come undone.”

She smiled, thanked him, and buttoned her blouse. “So you are noticing. You’re just too shy to act on it. I can work with this…” she thought.

The next day she came in wearing a very attractive light grey pantsuit. Steve complimented her on how professional she looked. Marlene beamed at the compliment but then took the jacket off, revealing pants that fit her form so snugly they appeared to have been painted on her, and a tight, lacy white top that displayed her breasts to maximum effect.

She smiled sweetly as his jaw dropped, and patted his cheek quickly as she walked to the cloakroom to hang up her jacket.

With an iron will, Steve resisted the urge to follow her in and press her up against the wall and behave in a most ungentlemanly fashion.

Wishing he would do just that as she hung the jacket, Marlene smiled to herself. With a satisfied sigh, she thought “It’s going to take a bit, but he’s going to be mine.”

Feeling his balls were ready to explode, Steve’s mind refocused on the here and now and he realized his hand and Marlene’s were taking turns playing with her clit as he fucked her from behind. They both came simultaneously.

They collapsed next to each other and panted for a few minutes. When Marlene regained her breath, she playfully leaned across him to reach the cigarettes on her nightstand. Her stiff nipples poked his chest as she lit the cigarette and satisfied, exhaled deeply.

She laid on her side next to him smoking, and stroking his chest with her hand.

Steve watched her hand stroke him as she smoked. He realized with a start that he would soon be in the market for a diamond.

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