Max and Melanie Meet

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After months of longing, Max and Melanie were going to meet.

The two had met online, like most couples these days, be it one app or another. Neither had intended to fall for the other but it was apparent soon enough they shared a connection too obvious to ignore.

Max had been at the end of an abusive marriage when they first started talking as friends, as was Melanie. Bonded over a shared pain, friendship evolved into romantic feelings.

Stolen moments were all the two could give each other until their respective divorces played out.

From the first time Melanie sent Max a video of her singing in the shower, her red hair cascading down her shoulders like a waterfall created out of lava, the 30-something recent divorcee was infatuated.

It wasn’t just her incredible body, her DDD breasts heaving up and down as she sang. There was a pure, happy spirit waiting to come out again following too many years of being locked in a change of fear and sadness.

That spirit, combined with Melanie’s green eyes sparkling to seemingly light up every freckle of her porcelain skin, made Max fall harder than he could even imagine.

Melanie also found something she thought lost long ago in Max, a kindness and warmth of a man who only wanted her to be happy. He’d send her emails which melted her heart and jokes which made her laugh for the first time in forever.

He also triggered a primal lust when, as a thank you for her own contributions, Melanie saw an eight-inch cock pop up on her screen. She’d begged to see what he was working with for more than a week and when she did Melanie was far from disappointed.

Fantasies sprung in her mind, her hand wrapped around his growing member, guiding it into her pussy while she moaned in pleasure. Max’s own fantasies revolved around Melanie’s freckled breasts, playing connect the dots as he’d shoot burst after burst of his cum on them before she’d lick herself clean.

Because of the unlikeliness of their union, neither envisioned either would fly halfway across the country to consummate what had up until then been only online encounters.

His divorced finalized, Max left his wedding ring in a drawer at home as he boarded a plane to meet his fantasy in the flesh. Melanie could hardly contain her own excitement, sending both fully and not so fully clothed selfies to her lover to received upon his arrival.

It being winter time on the East Coast, snow was falling on the tarmac when Max landed. His cheeks burned so hot he was sure all the snow would have melted when he saw the surprises which awaited him when he turned his phone off airplane mode.

Melanie had sent a video playing with herself in a bathroom stall of the airport, funfetti dildo and all. The bulge in Max’s trousers grew almost too demetevler escort large to hide so he quickly thought of his favorite baseball team losing the World Series just a few months prior to bring him back down.

After grabbing his suitcase for the weekend jaunt out East, Max turned the corner and saw Melanie waiting with a sign which read ‘Here to sing for you, sir’. His cocked sprung to life again as he saw what she was wearing, an emerald tank top showing a generous amount of cleavage and a tight black skirt.

From the imprints her nipples were making through the top Max strongly doubted she was wearing a bra, or any other underwear for that matter.

The no-bra theory was quickly confirmed when Melanie ran up and gave Max a hug and passionate kiss, her ample bosom bouncing with every stride.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here,” Melanie said, her tongue meeting Max’s.

“Neither can I,” he replied, his hands grabbing a handful of each ass cheek to give a playful squeeze.

Melanie feigned outrage but only grinned as she reached for his trousers.

“Two can play that game,” she giggled.

Their greetings completed, the pair adjourned to a nearby restaurant for lunch. The waitress had no idea as she was serving them their burgers and cokes Max had unzipped his fly to allow Melanie to stroke his cock with her foot, concealed by the tablecloth.

Melanie discreetly played with herself as well in preparation for what was about to come. She secretly texted Max while they ate, telling him all the naughty things she would do with their waitress while Max watched.

She’d take her back to the bathroom, slide her head underneath her skirt and enjoy a nice meal of the blonde hostess while Max played with himself before giving both facials as thank you for the entertainment.

A large tip was left as the couple left the restaurant in case their were any extra messes left behind for the sweet waitress to clean up.

More illicit propositions were exchanged by the duo on the cab ride over to the hotel Max would be staying at. It was a lot nicer than anyplace else he’d ever stayed but for this weekend anything he could do to make Melanie smile was worth it.

The hotel room door had barely clanged shut before Melanie’s top was laying on the floor.

“I believe you’ve told me what you’d love to do to these sir,” Melanie cooed, grabbing her own breasts seductively. “Now’s your chance to make fantasy a reality.”

No further invitation was needed as Max threw Melanie down on the bed, straddled along side her and eagerly began kissing her breasts.

Each soft kiss sent tingles up her spine knowing this was just the appetizer to a very long multi-course meal for them both.

Max’s escort demetevler hands cupped her breasts as they spilled out over his fingers due to their incredible size.

Every inch of flesh was tenderly paid attention to until he took a nipple in his mouth. It was pulled up ever so slightly causing Melanie to gasp with a mix of pleasure and pain.

They’d spent countless hours detailing exactly what was happening this very moment, and knowing what was in store only made Melanie’s lust all the more powerful. She felt her breasts being manhandled yet knew it was all done with a lover’s careful tenderness which is hard to replicate.

Max trailed his kisses up towards her neck, nibbling on her ear before whispering something in her ear which made her arch her back in pure pleasure.

“Are you ready to give yourself fully to me, mind, body and soul,” Max said, his voice dripping with dominance which wasn’t the only thing leaking as Melanie pulled down her skirt feeling the wetness between her legs. “When I’m done you’ll be lucky to walk straight in two weeks time.”

Max sat up, admired the nude form in front of him. All of Melanie’s natural curves excited him, her large breasts, full hips and thick thighs which begged to be tasted.

With a moment to gather his thoughts, the dark haired man slipped off his polo shirt, kicked off his shoes and socks before pulling down pants and boxers.

There wasn’t a stitch of clothing left between them, just bodies glistening with passion.

Caught of guard, Melanie felt herself being pulled towards the edge of the hotel bed and heard Max unzipping his suitcase which she’d soon discover was not just packing a change of clothes and a toothbrush.

“Do you submit to me, completely,” Max asked as Melanie bit her lip and nodded yes.

Her eyes were quickly covered by a silk blindfold and hands cuffed above her head limiting her senses. A ball gag was also put in her mouth meaning she could scream as loud as she wanted without alerting anyone next door just what was happening.

The final sensation though was what caught her off guard the most, as Max inserted a jeweled butt plug into her which was something she’d only dreamed of during their late-night sexts. She groaned in pleasure through the gag as the plug was firmly put in.

Everything was going according to plan for Max, who could barely contain his desire to shove his cock in Melanie but that would ruin weeks of his planning. No, Melanie wouldn’t be getting off that easy and neither would he.

Kneeling at the end of the bed, Max started massaging Melanie’s inner thighs until his hands were right next to her slit. He ran a solitary finger nail up and down each thigh to tease her a little more.

Not demetevler escort bayan wanting to wait anymore, she started scooting herself closer to the end hoping Max would get the hint. Instead, the exact opposite happened.

Melanie was flipped on her stomach and quickly felt the sting of a paddle on her ass.

“You’ll receive pleasure when I deem you worthy ma’am, and not a moment before,” Max barked in a stern voice.

A muffled yelp of pain, which she would admit definitely had pleasure mixed in, escaped her mouth. Each crack of the paddle was followed by a tender caress of her full ass by Max’s loving hands. He knew she enjoyed the pain but his tenderness made it all the more rewarding for her knowing she was cared for.

The butt plug shifted with her ass being reddened adding to the stimulation. Feeling she learned her lesson, Max once again rolled Melanie on her back and spread her legs.

He soon buried his face between them, lapping up her juices like a cat drinking out of a warm milk saucer. Melanie responded by arching her back in ecstasy, the wonderful mix of pain and pleasure being replaced by pure bliss.

Never before could she remember someone so focused on giving her such carnal delight. Max’s tongue darted in and out of her slit rapidly but what came next pushed Melanie over the waterfall of pleasure.

She felt Max suck on her clit, her juices gushing down, Melanie’s hands grabbing the bed sheets above her head as wave after wave overcame her. When she thought it was impossible to keep going another tidal wave would hit.

Pleased with his desired outcome, Max decided Melanie’s ass wasn’t quite done being attended to just yet. He flipped her over for the final time, lifting her ass in the air and upperbody flat on the bed.

Positioning his cock, Max slid inside his lover’s soaked pussy and built up a rhythm. Every thrust inside was met with a hard slap of Melanie’s still tender backside.

Melanie’s mind was about to explode from another round of pain and pleasure fighting for dominance. She felt Max’s balls slapping her in addition to his hand leaving hand print after hand print.

It didn’t take long for Max to sync his motions up with his eager companion’s hips trying to get more cock inside her. Not wanting to be inconsiderate, Max strongly grabbed hold of Melanie’s hips and drove his shaft deep in her willing love canal.

Ever cognizant of Melanie’s body trembling with another series of orgasms forthcoming, Max decided this time they’d both climax in unison this time. He filled Melanie with so many loads it ran down onto the sheets, mixed together as a sign of their mutual ecstasy.

Exhausted himself, Max untied Melanie’s hands, removed her blindfold and the butt plug before carrying her over into the room’s jacuzzi tub. He made sure it was nice and warm, washing her body and letting her soak before taking a shower himself and coming back to dry Melanie off.

The couple spent the weekend in bed, making love repeatedly until it was time for Max to head home, waiting for a chance to come again.

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