Mrs. Howard’s Blackmail

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“Well now what have you two young ladies got there?” Snapped the Head Mistress rounding the corner of the girl’s locker room just in time to catch Becky Adams and Samantha Bates putting a large brown envelope into their locker.

“Err, nothing Miss. Roberts.” Came the reply from both girls in unison.

“Don’t give me that girl’s I saw you put something in your locker. Give it here at once.”

Terrified Becky Adams handed Miss. Roberts the large brown envelope. Miss. Roberts opened it up and took out its contents. As soon as her eyes set on the contents she gasped, her mouth fell open and she stood still and silently as her brain tried to catch up with what she was seeing.

“You two my office now.” Miss. Roberts barked.

And the two girls both aged 17 years walked hurriedly towards the Head Mistresses office scared of what was to come.

“Judith will you hold all my calls for the rest of the morning and inform Mrs. Howard that Becky Adams and Samantha Bates will not be joining her lessons for the rest of the day I have an urgent matter to attend too, I must not be disturbed.” Miss. Roberts instructed her secretary.

Closing the door to her office Miss. Roberts locked the door.

“Please sit down you two we have a very serious matter to discuss now don’t we?”

Samantha and Becky lowered their eyes to the floor.

“My first question girls is how did you two acquire these?”

“It was at the end of school party last term Miss. Roberts.” Said Samantha nervously.

“I see how many more of these do you have and who else has copies?”

“Mark Green has seen them we had brought them in to give them to him Miss. Roberts.” replied Becky.

“And what does master Green want with them?”

“We don’t know Miss. Roberts.” The girl’s replied.

Miss. Roberts picked up the telephone. “Ah Judith will you please have Mark Green sent up to my office this once.” Miss. Roberts commanded.

Ten minutes later Mark was sitting in Miss. Robert’s office looking somewhat bewildered.

“Now then Mark it seems you put in a request with these two misguided young ladies here for a copy of these is that correct?”

Mark turned white when he saw what Miss. Roberts had in her hand.

“Please tell me young man what you planned to do with them?” Growled Miss. Roberts.

“Nothing Miss nothing at all.” Mark said in a panicky voice.

“Nothing, nothing you say young man? I don’t believe you had nothing planned.” Snapped Miss. Roberts.

“What I think Mark is that you and these two despicable girls here planned to use these pictures here to blackmail your teacher Mrs. Howard isn’t that so?”

“No, no we didn’t Miss. Roberts we didn’t.” Mark said in a tone of obvious panic.

I don’t think the police will see it that way. Blackmail is a very serious matter and you could all be spending some time in jail. I’m duty bound to report this incident. Not only will your teacher Mrs. Howard be questioned she will loose her job and probably her marriage. As for the other person in the photo Mr. White the school Janitor he will be sacked on the spot as soon as I have finished with you three.” Miss. Roberts said looking sternly at the three teenagers.

“Please, please Miss. Roberts please don’t do that we’ll do anything you say but please not that.”

All three teenagers had tears in their eyes as they pleaded and begged with Miss. Roberts.

I don’t see how I can stop this now. You have all seen the photos of Mrs. Howard and Mr. White haven’t you? I have not heard the whole truth as to what exactly you wanted from Mrs. Howard?

Was it money did you plan on extortion as well? Unless I hear the truth and I mean the truth I don’t think we can work anything out here.” Said Miss. Roberts in a very serious tone.

“Please Miss. Roberts it wasn’t money I was after I swear.” Said Mark.

“Well come on what was it then Mark do tell me I haven’t got all day?”

“It…It was…err you know.”

“No I don’t know.” Snarled Miss. Roberts.

“Well err it was err…Err well I mean err.”

“Come on boy out with it.” Miss. Roberts snarled.


“Sex” you say.

“Yes Miss. Roberts we wanted to make Mrs. Howard do things for us you see.” Said mark.

“And just what things did you want Mrs. Howard to do for you all.” Chuckled Miss. Roberts for the first time the tone of her voice was one of amusement.

“Well I wanted too see her tits.” Said Mark very seriously.

“Yes what else did you want Mrs. Howard for?” Said Miss. Roberts struggling to keep her composure.

“I wanted to touch them play with her tits and pussy make her tell us what a slut she is.”

Miss. Roberts could not control her amusement any longer, she burst into a fit of hysterical laughter almost pissing her pants as she held the sides of her stomach and wept.

“You… you naughty disgusting boy how could you think like that?” Giggled Miss. Robert’s tears streaming down her cheeks.

It took Miss. Roberts a good 3 or 4 minutes before casino oyna she began to finely settle down and regain some of her composure. Finely she looked at the three of them a moment.

“Well here’s what you are going to do if you don’t want me to call the police. You must all swear to me, that you will never mention this again to anyone.”

“Yes we swear.” The three teenagers said.

“You will agree too attend detention every other Friday and spend at least one hour studying.”

“We agree.”

“As this is your last year of school some of you will finish the next six months and go on to university others will start work. None of you will ever again come into my office on report is that clear?”

“Yes Miss. Roberts we promise.”

“Good now who has the negatives to these photo’s?” Miss. Roberts asked.

Becky put her hand up.

“Right Becky you will bring them to me first thing in the morning if I don’t get them our agreement is off and I will report this matter to the authority’s is that clear?”

“Yes Miss. Roberts you’ll have them first thing.”

“Good now of you all go to your lessons and remember not a word said.”

All three teenagers hurried out of Miss. Robert’s office relieved that it was all over.

Miss. Roberts leaned back in her chair with a smile of satisfaction on her face. Now at the age of 51 she was content with her job, as Head mistress of the Hampton High sixth form school. 900 students 30 full time teaching staff including the Deputy Head Mr. Gordon Barry, 6 part time teachers, 4 cooks, Miss Judith Marble her secretary and Mr. Tomas Wright the school Janitor.

Yes she had sacrificed everything to get too were she was today. Miss Jillian Robert’s had never been married she had never had the time for men her career came first. Her sex life had never amounted to much on account of her dedication to work but these past few years she had had time on her hands to strike up a lesbian relationship with Judith her secretary. Jillian was still an attractive woman for her age even if she had put on a few pounds around her middle. Her hair had gone grey in her mid thirty’s so she was accustomed to using a bottle. Light auburn had been her choice it matched her natural colour.

Mrs. Emma Howard had been teaching part time at the school for the past two years. She was 39 years old with a sexy curvaceous body, shoulder length blond hair. Her breasts were firm and heavy size 38 ” DD. All the students and even her fellow teachers thought she was hot. The wife of the powerful Mr. John Howard on the governing board of education and a business man in his own right owning several commercial businesses and domestic homes that he rented out.

If it ever came out that Emma had had an affair with another man and a black man at that it would cause such a scandal. She would not only loose her part time job as a teacher she would end up divorced humiliated and run out of town. As for Mr. White he would loose his job, his home that he rented from Mr. Howard and would never get a job again.

Jillian Robert’s smiled too herself, picked up the phone and asked Judith to get Mr. Fisher the headmaster of the junior school on the other side of town on the phone and to summon Mr. White to her office. Twenty minutes later a smiling Mr. White was sat in the front of her.

“Now Mr. White we have a very serious problem you and I?” Miss Robert’s said handing him the photos.

As soon as his eyes saw the pictures, Mr. Whites smile left his face; his jaw hit the floor as he realised the seriousness of the pictures.

“I, I err, I.” Mumbled Mr. White.

“I’m afraid Mr. White this could cause the school a very bad scandal something we don’t want now do we?”

“No Miss. Roberts.” Mr. White replied.

“As you know Mr. White this is a sack-able offence but I don’t want to go down that road because to many questions will be asked and if Mr. Howard were to find out about you and his wife I think you would be looking for a new home.” Said Jillian.

Mr. White nodded.

“So hears what I’m going to do to help you. You are going to hand me your resignation and in three weeks time you will be re-employed as the janitor at the junior school on the other side of town.”

“But, but, will I get the job Miss Roberts?” Mr. White asked.

“Yes you will get the job I have already spoken to the headmaster Mr. Fisher who is only to happy too have you. The janitor there is retiring in three weeks.” Answered Miss Roberts.

“Thank you Miss Roberts, I just don’t know how to thank you enough but what will happen to Emma?” a concerned Mr. White enquired.

“As for Mrs. Howard, well I will deal with the problem personally. I should sack her but I wont she will keep her job and I hope her marriage if that’s what she wants. However I will be having a long hard talk with her. I promise you Mr. White that I will do everything in my power to keep all this under raps.”

Mr. White listened as Miss. Roberts went on to say that If he did not agree to her proposal canlı casino then she would have no option other than to sack the both of them.

Seeing that this was his only option Mr. White agreed and thanked Miss. Roberts for all she had done. Jillian also advised him to stay away from Mrs. Emma Howard if he wanted to carry on living in his house.

With nothing else to say Mr. White collected his things and left having been instructed by Jillian not to tell Mrs. Howard anything because she would be speaking with her after school.

By the end of the school day Miss. Roberts told Judith to inform Mrs. Howard that she was to report to her office once the students had all gone home.

Emma arrived at Miss. Robert’s office completely unaware of what had taken place earlier with Mr. White.

“Please sit down Emma I need to discuss a very serious matter with you.” Jillian said, pointing to the chair in front of her desk.

Emma sat on the chair a little bewildered by Miss. Robert’s demeanour.

“Mr. White handed me his resignation earlier on this after noon Mrs. Howard.”

“Oh why? I did not know he wanted to leave.” Replied Emma looking a little shocked and confused.

“He didn’t Mrs. Howard, he didn’t, but when I showed him the contents of this envelope he agreed to resign. I think you will understand why he did so when you see what this envelope contains.” Jillian said handing her the envelope.

Intrigued Emma opened the envelope “Oh my god no.” She gasped! When she saw the pictures of herself and Mr. White. The blood drained from her face as the realisation of what this meant dawned on her.

“My god no please this can’t be where in heavens name did you get these pictures from Miss. Roberts.”

“From three of your students Mrs. Howard.” Jillian replied in a very serious tone.

“Who?” Emma asked.

“It does not matter who at this time Mrs. Howard, it’s a question of what am I going to do with you about this very serious matter.” Barked Miss. Roberts.

Emma shivered in her seat.

“This could well involve the name of the school in a terrible scandal, not to mention your husbands humiliation and reaction to all this.” Jillian said.

“Oh god, please Miss. Roberts I can’t have my husband finding out please, don’t do that. I’ll do anything you want” Said Emma sobbing.

“I don’t know if I can Mrs. Howard I have a duty to the school board of which your husband is on, not too mention our students and their parents.” Jillian replied.

“Please, please Miss. Roberts please I beg you please I love my job and my husband I’m sorry for causing all this trouble.” Wept Emma.

“I can only imagine what your husbands reaction will be if all this comes out Mrs. Howard.” Said Jillian forcing the point.

“No please Miss. Roberts don’t tell him I beg you. It was a one off mistake that took place when I had had a little to much to drink at the school graduation party last term.” Emma nervously explained

Miss. Roberts had Emma just where she wanted her.

“You have behaved like a dirty slut Mrs. Howard doing this on school grounds behind your husbands back and with a black man of all things. I’m disgusted with you I thought you was a respectable happily married woman Mrs. Howard?” Jillian said getting great joy from watching the pretty schoolteacher squirm as she gave her a dressing down.

“Oh god no I, I err I mean.”

“You mean you are a dirty fucking whore and slut don’t you Mrs. Howard?” Jillian said in a tone that was demanding an answer.

Emma was so shocked by the way Jillian spoke to her she cowered in the chair.

“It’s been difficult for me this past year Miss. Roberts my husband has worked away so much that we just haven’t had the time too spend with each other and I guess I was lonely.” Emma began to explain.

“That’s no excuse Emma you have been a dirty slut.” Jillian snapped.

“Yes, I have been a dirty slut Miss. Roberts I have made a terrible mistake. I’m sorry please ill do anything you want.” Emma pleaded.

“Well Mrs. Howard if you want to keep this job and hope to god your husband never finds out about your affair with Mr. White you will do exactly as I say from now on is that clear?”

“Yes, yes.” Replied Emma

“Good now stand up and lock my office door we don’t want any member of staff who may still be here coming in whilst we try and come to some sort of arrangement now do we?”

Emma did as Miss. Roberts requested before nervously heading back to take her seat.

“No slut I want you standing.” Miss. Roberts growled leaning forward to rest her hands on her desk with a posture of authority.

Emma just froze in shock at Jillian’s words too frightened to move or say a word.

Miss. Roberts eyes roamed quickly over Emma in her loose summer dress.

“What… what do you want from me Miss. Roberts?” Emma asks nervously.

” In exchange for my silence Mrs. Howard you will do exactly as I say from now on is that clear?”

“Yes, yes” Emma nervously replied.

“Good kaçak casino I want you to be my personal little play slut” Jillian snapped.

“Excuse me Miss. Roberts.” Emma replied, sure she had misheard what Jillian had said to her.

“I said I want you to be my personal little play slut” repeated Jillian with a hard lusty look in her eyes.

Flushing in embarrassment Emma looked away, avoiding Miss. Robert’s gaze, almost fainting in disbelief at what she had just heard.

Rising from behind her desk Jillian moved in front of her smiling, her left cupped Emma’s chin turning her face so that she was looking into her hard lust filled eye’s. Without warning Miss. Roberts other hand quickly shot up under the hem of Emma’s skirt, fingers trailing up her leg.

“Please, Miss. Roberts…” Emma starts to plead, eyes filled with fear and shame as she feels strong fingers slide up along her stockings, nails scraping and plucking the thin material.

“Please no don’t!” Emma gasps and shudders when fingers touch her flesh above the stockings, arriving at the lace leg of her panties.

“Please don’t…” Emma whimpers.

Jillian tells her to hush as her fingers slide along the soft cotton fabric, running gently over her mound.

I trembled when Miss. Robert’s cupped my crotch in the palm of her hand, gently squeezing my pussy through my panties. Jillian’s forefinger and ring finger moved to outer edges of my cunt, middle finger curving slightly as she ran her fingertip along the cleft of my pussy, pushing the soft cotton between the tight lips of my labia.

“You don’t want to endanger your future do you Mrs. Howard?”

I was stunned and bit my lip, trying to stifle a moan, turning my head away from Miss. Robert’s penetrating gaze. She continued stroking me through the thin fabric of my knickers. Jillian’s other hand falls from holding my chin to rest lightly on the mound of my left breast.

“You enjoy this, don’t you, Mrs. Howard?” Miss. Robert’s asks, fingers slowly unbuttoning my dress.

I made no reply to shocked too move or speak.

“You like having someone take control of you, of your body and using it for their pleasure. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Howard?”

“No, please…” I gasped as Jillian’s fingers moved to the bottom last button, undoing it quickly.

“Please Miss. Robert’s…” I sobbed as she spread my dress open exposing my underwear.

My Eyes feasted hungrily on Emma’s luscious curves my left hand slides up to cover her left breast.

” I’m going to make you my personal toy Mrs. Howard.” I whisper in her ear.

Jillian chuckles at me and I gasp at her words, my face flushing in renewed embarrassment.

Her fingers rub against my left nipple beneath the bra. And my nipple eagerly responds to her touch springing to life despite my fear.

“Please don’t, Miss. Robert’s…” Emma begs as my hand roughly fondles her heaving breast, pulling the cup of the bra aside exposing her nipple to the chill air of my office.

“Oh…. Don’t…” She squeals.

” You’re a slut begging to be fucked aren’t you Mrs. Howard?” I said toying with her hardening nipple.

“No” said Emma shaking her head slightly. “I’m not a slut.” She replied in a whisper almost ashamed to even say the word.

“I don’t believe you, Mrs. Howard.” Says Miss. Robert’s her right hand brushing against the soft mound of her pussy.

“I know you’re a slut, and I’m going to prove it.” Jillian says as she slides her hand across the front of Emma’s panties, feeling the heat radiating out from between her legs.

As Jillian continues to rub Emma’s panty clad crotch her left hand pushes the dress off from the frightened teachers shoulders sliding it down her arms to fall in a pool by her feet on the floor.

“Please Miss. Robert’s don’t do this I beg you.”

“Shut up.” Jillian says with an angry almost brutal look in her eyes. Suddenly slapping me hard across my right cheek.

I screamed in shocked disbelief and staggered backwards from the blow. Jillian had just hit me it was so sudden and unexpected there was a look of confused horror in my eyes.

Quickly she marched towards me, her face a mask of authority, fierce and determined savagely ripping my bra away from my chest.

Miss. Robert’s pinned me against the corner of her office wall her hands mauled at my heavy breasts. She pinched my stiffening nipples with her forefingers and thumbs. Slapping my hands away when I tried to protect them.

Jillian pulled and plucked my expanded nipples rolling and twisting them around. Tremors shot through my body and my face contorted lips parted in a long, low groan; my eyes flickered as she amused herself teasing, tormenting my nipples.

“Oh you do like your nipples played with I see.” Jillian said stretching my nipples out.

With a sigh of indifference she told me to put my hands behind my head. Afraid of what she might do I complied. My breasts lifted towards her and my stomach was actually jerking with my failed attempts to breathe normally.

Closing my eyes I passively stood there as Jillian play with them. I yelp when she pinched them. She chuckled and did it again pulling up on my nips so hard that I screamed and came up on my toes.

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