Music and More… Pt. 01

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So the entire week had been a huge downer for her, and the coming weekend didn’t look any better. Erika had just broken up with her “boyfriend,” if you could call him that, as he rarely seemed to take the role seriously. She was now a junior in college, and worked hard as a music major, her focus being the oboe and teaching.

It was clear, at least to her, that was what she would get into when she graduated and that was what inspired her. She had lots of friends, and had a good time on the weekends with them, but no one really lit her up at the moment.

Erika was sitting in her music rehearsal room, and it was later on a Thursday and she was alone, trying to get in a bit more practice. She knew she was pretty good, but wanted to be great. And she knew the key was more practice and her teachers, a rather older fellow that made her think of Beethoven, with the wild hair and German accent, and a seemingly more severe American woman, named Melissa, although everyone just called her “professor.” Erika had always been a bit fascinated with her, as she had such command of the music and with students.

Lost in thought Erika heard Melissa’s voice, “Something the matter there, Erika?” There behind her was her teacher. Somehow she sensed that Erika was bummed out and feeling down. Likely the music she was playing gave it away.

She was correct. “I play like that when I am floating between being frustrated and angry,” Melissa told her. Erika realized, or started to accept, that her teacher might be human.

“Why don’t we practice more, later?” Melissa continued, “You can come by my house tomorrow, my husband is gone for the week and we can play, and if you feel like talking, or whatever, we can do that. You should not be so stressed, that is not what music is about.”

Erika could only agree, setting a time for 7pm.

Erika was back at her dorm suite the next afternoon, and realizing it was already 6, started to get ready to go to her teacher’s place for practice, maybe conversation. Who knew? Such a possibility had not seemed even a reality before now.

When Erika mentioned it to her music major room-mate, who was a bit of a social know-it-all she got a shocked look. “Really?” Her friend said, “wow, I didn’t know that was a thing. She MUST really like you or something…”

That left Erika to puzzle. But ideas now came to her mind. First, as she took a shower, she appraised herself in the mirror. The fact that her loser boyfriend didn’t want it was his issue, she was certainly attractive, being five seven, with a nice “V” waist, modest but firm breasts and a distinctly full ass that stuck straight out.

Matter of fact it was the ass that often gotten her the attention. That and a great set of athletic legs. But she was on the shy side, and undersold herself and her appearance. Too often she just wore jeans and a shirt.

Dwelling on this for a few minutes Erika decided that she would get her hair canlı bahis together, it was blonde and full, about shoulder length, do her make-up and wear a fun blouse and a skirt that really made her ass stand out. And some modest heels.

Having dressed up, and already feeling better she grabbed her instrument and headed out. As she walked over to her teacher’s place her mind wandered and she felt good, looking forward to having a good time. Little did she realized how good it would be.

Once at the door Erika knocked and heard a faint call, “Come in and relax.”

She did just that, found a solid chair and got out her instrument. A minute or so later out came her music instructor, Melissa. Suddenly a number of things came together for Erika. First, Melissa was not the usually severe woman she didn’t really look at, but was rather softer and actually rather attractive.

Second, and it there was no way not to notice, Melissa was spectacularly well-endowed. She was wearing a light, silky blouse that draped her breasts and they seemed to be pouring out.

Erika was taken by the sight and suddenly had to remember not to stare. Melissa, although forty, was relatively fit, with full hips and ass, great flowing brown hair and those amazing breasts, and she was tall, like 5′ 10″.

“I am so glad you are here this evening, Erika,” Melissa said, with a great smile that caught her off-guard. Erika had immense respect for Melissa, and now she seemed human and rather attractive.

It was a lot to take in and think about. “I see you want to practice right away, that works. How about a glass of wine?”

Erika hadn’t expected this, but thought why not. “Yes that would be great, I would love some. Its ok that I am just 20?”

Melissa replied, “Certainly, it’s my house and I am not sending you out of here if you have too much anyway.” So they set up and played for a time, Erika on her oboe and Melissa on her cello.

Having played for a time Erika came to realize that she sexually aroused, but in a very calm, almost natural way. Melissa, when not looking at her cords was staring at her, and Erika found herself getting warm, but at the same time the thought if it all, and all the rest of the cares of her world made her tense. To put it simply, she was confused.

“Let’s take a break and have more of this Pinot,” insisted Melissa, “we can sit in my back sun room, its private and it’s relaxing.” Erika agreed and the say and chatted a bit. “You are way too tense, it affects your music,”

Melissa stated, almost matter-of-fact. Then she got up and got behind Erika and started to massage her shoulders. “Yikes, are you tense,” she said, “I bet this runs down your back to your butt.” Erika was taken back at the same moment she was suddenly taken over with the power of it all. It was like a bolt from the blue, and she just wanted more.

“Should I stop?” Melissa asked. “Please don’t,” Erika murmured, “this is bahis siteleri awesome.” So Melissa continued to rub her shoulders and neck, letting her hands run down her back.

“You know I have a massage oil that is perfect for this,” Melissa mentioned, “interested?” Erika nodded enthusiastically. “But its oil, you would have to lose the shirt, that might be too far, no?” At that point Erika was hooked. “You get the oil and a towel and I will be ready.”

So when Melissa returned Erika swamped her shirt and bra for a towel that covered her nipple line and the oil flowed. It was a warming oil and Erika felt awesome, it was melting her shoulder tension, and more interesting, turning her on even more. She could feel herself getting wet.

Melissa decided her little friend was ready and made a move. She had wanted to get with Erika for weeks now, but had played it cool. She couldn’t read whether she was interested or not. But now she had to be, and she wanted her. She loved younger women with great asses, and Erika was all that. Hopefully her next move worked.

“Oops!” Said Melissa, she caught the towel around Erika and it fell away. Then oil ran down her chest to her nipples. Erika literally caught her breath at the feeling. Hearing that Melissa struck. She ran both hands down her chest, over her nipples and started to roll them between her fingers.

Erika let out a moan and titled her head back. Melissa tweaked her nipples for a few more seconds, the stopped, came around in front of Erika and reach forward till they were face to face. Erika had a look of surprise but also, as Melissa could clearly see, longing.

The older woman very gently, almost in a manner of brushing against, kissed the younger woman on the lips.

“Mmmmmmm…” Melissa let out, “I have wanted to do that for some time now, truth be told,” she continued, “I have been watching you and have been fantasizing about this moment and your hot ass.”

Erica replied, with a mix of being coy and being taken aback, “my ass? But it’s too big.”

“Wrong,” said the teacher, firmly, “I will inspect it in a moment, and closely.”

Melissa returned to Erika’s mouth and they kissed again, still softly, but with contact. She then ran her tongue around the younger one’s lips, eliciting a little groan.

To make sure of her Melissa went from massaging Erika’s breast to actually giving the nipple a pinch. “Ow,” said Erika, but with that Melissa then planted a long, firm kiss on her mouth, tongues meeting.

Melissa now broke away and stood up, quickly removing her blouse. Erika brimmed with anticipation. “You want to see them, feel them, and suck on them, don’t you?” Melissa half asked, half commanded.

“Please…” Erika responded meekly. With that her bra, which was bursting, fell away, revealing a spectacular set of breasts, which were not only huge, but really firm for a 40 year old. Further, Melissa’s nipples were rather large as bahis şirketleri well, and dark.

Erika moved to them, as if by some biological urge, and suckled the left one. She clung to it, massaging it, while sucking the nipple. She did that for a time, then Melissa moved her to the right.

At the same time she pinched her own left nipple, squeezing it hard. Melissa could feel herself getting really wet and really wanting to have sex with Erika.

“Ok, stand up!” Melissa said, taking command. “Panties off.” Erika willingly obeyed. There naked before her was a very cute, and now sexually energized 20 year old.

But Melissa had an urge to fulfill. She first leaned forward and kissed Erika for a time. Then for a few minutes leaned down and sucked Erika’s nipples as she began to run her finger lightly on her clit. It was really getting wet.

Melissa stood up, and getting Erika by the shoulders led her over to the back of the couch. “Ok my little hottie, lean forward with hands on the couch and back arched, so I can really appreciate that ass.”

Erika did just that, raising her ass, which was firm, almost muscular, but big, each ass cheek more than a handful.

“Oh my!” Said Melissa, “that is so fucking hot!” She got ahold of each ass cheek, just feeling them for a few minutes. “I am in love with your ass.” Feeling the moment, she pushed Erika till she was bent well over the couch, her ass up the in air and her pussy exposed.

Melissa, now on her knees, brought her mouth to Erika’s pussy. Kissing it at first, she then slide her tongue around on it.

Erika moaned, “Oh shit, that is amazing, I didn’t know this was possible.”

The teacher continued to work on the student’s pussy for a time, driving her tongue in, then licking, then using a finger as well. She could hear Erika getting ready to come and stopped. Melissa wanted something more. “Erika,” she said, “I want to do something, and I want you to trust me it will feel good.”

“Ok,” was the reply back, so Melissa went ahead.

Moving up from her pussy, Melissa spread Erika’s ass cheeks with her hands. She then kissed and licked her asshole. Feeling Erika start to clench in reaction to something she likely had never done, Melissa said, “relax babe, I won’t hurt you, and if it’s too much just tell me. But I think you will love it. I do.” So Erika relaxed.

Melissa continued to rim Erika, licking and driving her tongue into her ass when fingering her pussy. Moving back to her pussy with her mouth Melissa carefully slid her pointer finger into Ericka’s ass. Slow, gentle strokes.

After several minutes of this Erika grabbed the cushions and moaning, experiencing the first real orgasm she had had in months.

With that Melissa stopped, having Erika sit with her on the couch. They sat and kissed for some time. Clearly enamored with her teacher’s tits, Erika went back to them, sucking and kissing.

After a time Melissa said, “That was great, I loved hearing you get off. And I love tasting you. But let’s take a little break, have some more wine, and maybe in a few minutes take a shower, then I can show you something else that is great fun.”

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