My Aerobics Instructor Ch. 03

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Recap of Part 2

After nearly three months of sexual bliss with her aerobics instructor-turned lover, Sherry; Diane began to carefully assess their relationship. Finding that even though they professed to be madly in love, Diane was becoming convinced that she and Sherry were really only madly in lust. Diane also became suspicious as to why Sherry never allowed their relationship to come into her own home. Concluding that Sherry’s 18 year old daughter Michelle living at home is what made Sherry reluctant to have sex with her there, Diane decides that that, combined with their relationship being purely physical; has no real future and needs to end before one of them gets hurt. With a prearranged rendezvous scheduled in a dirty motel room to fulfill one of Sherry’s fantasies, Diane first stops at the health and fitness club to workout and to pick up directions to the motel and the room key. But Diane’s sex life once again is launched into a whole new dimension when she comes face to face with Sherry’s beautiful daughter Michelle, and her friend, 18 year old Reagan. Once the health club clears out for the night, the two young vixens lure Diane into Sherry’s office; then proceed to tie her up, blindfold her and sexually ravage her in an incredibly hot and wildly animalistic threesome. Afterward, Diane receives the chilling news that not only did Sherry know the girls were going to do this, but that she approved of it and wished she could have been their to watch. And that Diane was not the first woman that she and her daughter had shared. Horrified, Diane fled the fitness club and drove off aimlessly into the night.


It’s January again; and today marks eight months to the day since I arrived in Seattle, Washington. After living in and around Detroit, Michigan all my life; the Emerald City, as Seattle is known, and the surrounding mountainous terrain, is a welcomed and wonderful change. Even now, eight months later, the majesty of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains still takes my breath away. Today also marks the one year anniversary of my first lesbian sex experience; an anniversary I’d just as soon forget. Not necessarily for the act itself; but rather the individual woman, or more specifically, women, that I got involved with. Not to mention the nightmarish situation that I ultimately found myself thrust into.

I was supposed to have met Sherry at motel down by the Detroit Airport at around nine-thirty that evening last March, for what was supposed to be another night of raw and wild sexual frenzy. My plan, on the other hand, was to put an end to our purely physical relationship before one of us got hurt. However, I never made it to the motel that night, because I found myself caught up in what seemed at the time, to be the most erotic and intense sexual encounter of my life. Sherry’s eighteen year old daughter Michelle, and her eighteen year old friend Reagan, seduced me in Sherry’s office at her health club, and the two of them almost literally tore me apart; sexually ravaging me practically to the point of rape. And I loved every minute of it!! It was unlike any physical pleasure I had ever known and when it was all over, I felt as though I had been loved as never before. And I wanted more!! That’s when I heard the most shocking and horrifying confession of my life; and my world turned upside down yet again. Only this time there was no pleasure, only pain.

I don’t remember much of what happened after I fled the health club that night. I only remember darkness and silence all around me as I drove aimlessly through the night. Being so distraught and frightened, I didn’t even bother to get dressed; I just ran! It wasn’t until I reached the home of my ex-husband Gerald, of all people, and his lover Frank, that I realized that I had nothing on but the soft white towel that I had wrapped around me after I showered. Gerald and Frank now lived in Port Huron, which is about an hour’s drive north of Detroit. As I said, I really don’t remember much other than the fact that I was terrified, sick to my stomach and that I needed to get as far away from the situation as I could. To my surprise, Gerald and Frank were absolutely wonderful and welcomed me in with open arms. Gerald led me upstairs and I took another long hot shower. As I stood under the hot water, I realized that my asshole and pussy were throbbing with pain and that my body was covered with bites, hickeys and deep fingernail scratches. I was in the shower for nearly half an hour. When I got out, I found a sweat suit, bra, underpants and socks lying on the guest room bed that Frank had laid out for me to wear. They belonged to his sister. I dressed quickly and went downstairs. Gerald poured us all some brandy and I proceeded to tell them the whole story from the beginning. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I was especially dreading Gerald’s reaction to my wild encounter this evening with Michelle and Reagan. Gerald of course knew them both well, for they were two of Whitney’s; our youngest daughters’, best friends.

Much to my surprise yet again, they canlı bahis were both very understanding. Gerald even seemed happy for me that I had managed to step over the homosexual threshold, just as he had. I think he felt that it brought us closer together. And while he was not exactly thrilled about my having sex with Michelle and Reagan, he pointed out that they were both over eighteen and that it was entirely consensual. When I finally finished the story, concluding with the phone call with Sherry, Frank immediately frowned. Being a psychologist, he went on to explain that this might be a very dangerous situation and that I did the right thing by running. Sherry and Michelle are obviously very sick and demented individuals and there is no telling what they might do. Now I was really frightened!! So much so that I could hardly hold my brandy and I had to swallow it all in one gulp before it sloshed all over me. Gerald and Frank sat up with me all night and before we knew it, the sun was coming up and it almost six-thirty in the morning. Gerald and Frank showed me upstairs to the guest room; both gave me a big hug and then went on to bed. I slid under the covers and despite the fact that my mind was still racing, I immediately went to sleep.

When I woke up, the digital clock beside the bed said six-forty-five. I tossed and turned until about seven, unable to fall back sleep and then finally concluded that fifteen minutes was the best I could do. I tiptoed downstairs as to not disturb Gerald and Frank, and when I reached the kitchen I was shocked to find both of them standing there.

“What are you two still doing up?” I asked. “I thought you’d gone to bed too.”

Gerald and Frank exchanged a confused look and then looked back at me. I was still so much in my head that I hadn’t realized coming downstairs that it was dark outside. I also didn’t notice initially that they were both dressed differently than they had been. I had assumed that it was six-forty-five in the morning, but as it turned out, it was six-forty-five in the evening. I had been asleep all day. The three of us had a good laugh; one I desperately needed and then I asked if I could use their phone. Gerald showed me to his home office and I phoned my assistant Stephanie on her cell. Stephanie seemed very elusive and disturbed, almost anxious to get off the phone with me. All she would say is that I needed to call Mr. Morgan, the President of the company immediately. My stomach filled with butterflies. I called Mr. Morgan, who was still in his office and he told me that he had received a very disturbing video via courier that day, along with some even more disturbing photos. I suddenly couldn’t breathe.

Ten minutes later, I wandered back into Gerald and Frank’s kitchen, pale as a ghost, shaking like I’d just seen one and sobbing uncontrollably. Gerald held me for a few minutes until I regained some of my composure, then I informed him that I had just been fired. I went on to explain that evidently Sherry’s office is monitored by video cameras and that the entire encounter last night between Michelle, Reagan and I was caught on tape, and that somebody had sent it via courier to my boss that morning. They also sent some very explicit still photos of Sherry and I having sex in my office in the middle of a business day. My career was ruined. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Gerald brought another horrifying possibility to my attention: If Sherry and Michelle had sent a copy of the video and pictures to my employer they could very easily send copies to Gerald, Jr., Monica and Whitney, our three kids. Now I really wanted to die, because I knew that Sherry had contact information for all of them. And sure enough, my worst fears were realized a few days later when I received phone calls from all three of my children. They all were distraught, disgusted and never wanted to see me again; especially Whitney, who flat out told me that she hated me with a mortal passion and would never ever forgive me. Ever! As far as she was concerned, her mother was dead. Then she hung up.

For the next two weeks, I sat on Gerald and Frank’s sofa wanting nothing more than to die. Gerald and Frank contemplated checking me into a mental hospital and having me put on suicide watch. They took turns keeping watch over me and trying to comfort me. In the meantime, they had gone down to Detroit and packed up all my clothes and personal belongings, and to inspect the completed renovation work. I never would have imagined in a million years that Gerald and I could still be so close, such good friends and that he would stand by me and support me like this considering what happened in our marriage. Frank had also warned me from the very first night that for me to go home could be very hazardous because there was no way of knowing just what Sherry and Michelle were truly capable of. And sure enough, Frank’s intuition proved correct, for he and Gerald found a copy of the video playing on my bedroom television set and the pictures of Sherry and I were pinned up on the walls all over my room. I had forgotten that Sherry had bahis siteleri a key to the house. Gerald called a locksmith, pulled down and burned all the pictures and destroyed the tape. He made sure he armed the security system, which Sherry did not have the code to before they left. But as they were getting in their car, they were stopped in the driveway by a group of my neighbors, who all handed them copies of the video and pictures, telling them that they would call the police and have me arrested if they ever saw me again.

Despite all of this, I somehow managed to hold on. I realized that life goes on, and that somehow, this would all eventually pass. I began communicating with my therapist by phone, and she too had received a copy of the tape and pictures. But she, like Gerald and Frank, was sympathetic and understanding. She concurred with Frank that Sherry and Michelle were both mentally disturbed and dangerously unpredictable, and that I should stay as far away from them as possible. She also believed, just as Gerald and Frank did, that my children would one day come around and see their way to forgiving me. But for now, they just needed time. Gerald told me that he and junior had actually been communicating again via email. That gave me real hope for the future; something I desperately needed right now. Another thing that Gerald, Frank and my therapist all agreed on is that it might be in my best interest to pull up stakes and move away to start a new life. Gerald offered to buy the house from me because Frank had absolutely fallen in love with it. I informed him that it would probably be best to sell it outright, for my neighbors would probably never accept him and Frank. After brief reconsideration, he concurred, but said he would handle the sale of the house, plus all the particulars of selling the furniture and any other loose ends. He feared for my safety and felt that the sooner I could get out of town, the better.

I decided to trade in my car and get something far less expensive, seeing as how I was now unemployed. It took me another week or so to tie up any remaining loose ends, including getting a new cell phone and most important of all, deciding where I wanted to go. I finally decided on Seattle, Washington; for the primary reason that it was so far away. Seattle also was where my older sister Pamela, her husband James and their twenty-one year old daughter Tiffany lived. After living all my life in Detroit, Seattle would be a refreshing and dramatic change. I packed my clothes into my new, old car; kissed Frank and Gerald goodbye, thanking them profusely for all of their help, support and unconditional love, and then hit the road early one beautiful May morning.

I took my time driving out, stopping in countless places along the way. The American West is breathtakingly beautiful, not to mention incredibly serene. I took Interstate 94 out of Detroit to Chicago, then caught Interstate 90 out of Chicago and followed it all the way to Seattle, detouring off on to side roads on several occasions to take in the scenery. I arrived in the Emerald City about two and a half weeks after leaving Detroit. I stayed with Pamela and James for a couple of months in Tiffany’s room as she was away at college. In that time, I found a job at the Seattle Public Library during the day and worked as a cocktail waitress at night. I tried to avoid the subject of what happened back home that had inspired me to move out here, but Pamela finally corned me one day and begged me to tell her the truth no matter how much it hurt. I didn’t want to get nearly as specific as I did with Gerald and Frank; but being my older sister, Pamela knew me far too well. Although she is only two years older, she has the wisdom of someone ten years older; so I ended up telling her the complete and painful truth. It was tough! But just like Gerald, Pamela surprised me with how understanding she was. She even confessed that up until Sherry’s twisted confession, she found my experiences very exciting and arousing.

Of course, she wasn’t too comfortable about me having sex with two of Whitney’s friends and completely understood why Whitney was so angry. But then again, she also understood how powerful lustful desires can be; and though I can never be certain, I think it actually got her wet. And she, just like Gerald, Frank and my therapist, believed that one day the kids would see their way to forgiving me. At least Monica and Junior; Whitney might be another story. Pamela went on to ask me what I planned to do about future relationships; would I go back to men or would I continue to explore women. I told her that despite everything that had happened I truly loved having sex with women and that when the time came most likely I would probably want another woman.

By early September, I had found a small one bedroom apartment with a tiny balcony and it had a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline. Once I got settled in, I called Gerald to let him know and he filled me in on some good news: The house had sold and he would be sending me a very large check. He also added bahis şirketleri that nothing else involving Sherry or Michelle had occurred. At least nothing he or anyone I knew or knew me had heard. It had all seemed to have blown over and been forgotten. He then went on to tell the best news of all: Gerald, Jr. and Monica had been asking about me and wanted to know if I was okay. They had been very worried and they both agreed that regardless of anything, I was still their mother and they still loved me. I told Gerald that he was welcome to give them my new address and phone number if they would so like to have it. He was quite sure they would. When I asked about Whitney, the news wasn’t so good; she didn’t even want to hear my name mentioned. But other than that, she was doing fine.

I kept pretty much to myself for the next couple of months, and I even got phone calls from Gerald, Jr. and Monica on Thanksgiving. They were both still incredulous and uncomfortable, but they both ended their calls by telling me that they loved me. I got no call from Whitney. As Christmas approached, I was feeling really good for the first time since March; I loved my job at the library, had been promoted and was making more money. Nothing in the neighborhood of my previous job in Detroit, but I was supporting myself and standing back on my own two feet. Then the day before Christmas Eve, Pamela called and invited me to come with her, James and Tiffany up to their lodge in the mountains to spend Christmas and New Year’s with them. James is a lawyer, Pamela is a doctor and putting two and two together, you get a couple that makes a tremendous living. Needless to say they have many fancy and expensive toys, as well as a couple of beautiful homes. I told her that sounded wonderful, but that I would have to drive up myself on Christmas Day because I had to work at the bar on Christmas Eve. After that, I was free until after the holidays.

I woke up early on Christmas Morning and headed for the lodge. I called Pamela to let her know that I was on my way. Pamela proceeded to tell me that Tiffany had brought a friend home from college; a twenty year old foreign exchange student from India named Nanja. She went on to explain that Nanja was her nickname, and that her real name was almost beyond pronunciation in English. When I arrived at the lodge, Pamela, James and Tiffany greeted me at the door with hugs and kisses and a barrage of “Merry Christmases”; then I turned and laid my eyes on Nanja for the first time. Nanja was very quiet, seemed extremely withdrawn and shy, not to mention very plain; she wore big, thick rimmed glasses, her hair had a somewhat dusty and grimy look to it and was pulled up into a tight knot. Nanja didn’t wear any make-up nor lavish clothing or expensive jewelry. In fact, her clothing was very stale, having the appearance of a feed sack and it showed nothing of her figure and very little of her skin. How she and Tiffany were friends I had no idea, for the differences between them were like those between the Earth and the Moon.

And my suspicions over their so-called friendship continued to be further and further vindicated as it became increasingly clear over the next few days that they were not friends at all. Nanja was extremely reclusive and introverted, seldom coming out of her room. All the while, Tiffany would go off with her friends’ everyday, leaving Nanja behind. I finally corned Pamela a couple of days after Christmas and asked what the deal was. Pamela told me that Tiffany had told her Nanja was her friend, but Pamela now got the notion that this was all some sort of elaborate prank being played by Tiffany and her sorority sisters on this poor girl. Being former sorority girls ourselves, Pamela and I remembered clearly the terrible things sorority sisters did to girls that wanted to be accepted, but never would be. My heart filled with pity and I began to make an effort to reach out to Nanja, for I definitely sensed a deep and secret pain inside her and I knew all about that kind of thing. It took a little coaxing, but I finally got her to open up a little. I even managed to get her outside and we took a walk through the snowy woods. Though her voice was soft, it was also extremely sensual; her command of English was absolutely perfect and accentuated divinely by her native accent. I suddenly found that her voice was stirring something in me that I hadn’t felt in months: Desire! We walked together for more than two hours, and I did most of the talking. I asked questions and got short, straight forward answers. Then just before sunset, Nanja stopped suddenly, stepped directly in front of me and placed her hand through my jacket and on to my chest just above my breasts. I felt a suddenly flash of surprise and then she gently rubbed her hand slowly back and forth across my chest. Her touch was soft, but firm and I suddenly felt very aroused. But then something strange came over me; my chest was burning all over from the inside out. Nanja’s hand wasn’t even directly on my skin, but rubbing on my blouse. Then I was suddenly filled with dread. Though I liked having her hand on me, and the warmth emanating all over the muscles in my chest felt almost divine, images of Sherry, Michelle and Reagan flashed through my mind. Then Nanja said something that I will never forget.

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