My First And Second Time

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“UGH, you stupid freaking jacket!” I yelled as I noticed a grease spot on my favorite leather jacket. My name is Zach, I’m eighteen, about 6’7″, short cropped black hair, I’m pretty muscular I guess, I lift weights a lot. I was getting ready for a date with my girlfriend, Miranda. She’s so beautiful. She’s 5’6″, long shoulder length curly brunette hair, curvy body, maybe 32C, or 34C size chest and a perfect, perky, juicy heart shaped ass. We’ve been dating for about three months, the farthest I’ve gotten with her is second base, and that was only after about ten minutes of first. It only lasted about 5 minutes though, because her mother came into the room and kicked me out.

Well, I’m going to have to go without the jacket then. “Bye mom! I’ll see you later! Don’t wait up!” I grabbed my keys and rushed to my bike, it’s a 1982 Harley. It’s so pretty, I bought it when I was younger and fixed it up. Miranda loves it. Tonight, I’m taking her to the movies and then she said she wanted to go into the woods to ‘fool around’. I didn’t mind, I like ‘fooling around’ with her.

I stopped at Miranda’s house and she came running out with her small purse in her hand. Wow… She was so fucking hot. She was wearing a small white tank top that did not leave too much to the imagination, with a small black leather jacket, and a pair of Daisy Dukes. My little biker chick. Haha. She jumped on the back of the bike and kissed my neck.

“Hey baby. We’re going to the movies right?” Miranda said into my ear.

“Yeah, I figured we’d go see a horror flick, you scared?” I said, teasing her.

“No, silly.” She said, she kissed my neck and laid her head on my back and wrapped her arms around me.

I sped off into the night with Miranda clinging close to me. We got to the movie theater and I paid for the tickets, drinks, popcorn, and Miranda’s Snow Caps. We sat at the top row of the movie theater, holding hands, the place was practically empty, I see why, the movie was horrible; it was just cheap scares and obivous plots. About halfway through the movie, I asked Miranda if she wanted some popcorn, she reached over and someone screamed in the movie and scared her, she hit the popcorn and knocked it to the floor in front of me. She kept saying sorry and stood up and bent over in front of me to pick it up, her Daisy Dukes rode up and I got a better look at her beautiful ass. I felt a twitch in my dick and I started to get hard. After she picked up most of the popcorn, she got on her knees in front of me, and her head almost rested on my lap as her hands reached under the seats to get the popcorn. She looked up with apologetic eyes and suddenly noticed the big bulge in my tight jeans.

“Wow baby, I’ve never noticed how big you are…” She said through a sigh, her hand gripped my ankle suddenly.

“Well… Yeah… You were bending over, and you being right in front of me on your knees kind of did it for me.” I said sort of shyish, she’d never even looked at my dick before.

“Really?” She said raising an eyebrow, she readied herself onto both of her knees evenly, and smiled and put her head right next to the bulge in my pants. “So if I were to get this close, you would get really hard?” My reaction was almost instant, my cock twitched even more and I grew to my fullest extent. “Damn baby, I thought you were big like two minutes ago, you’ve got to be more that nine inches. I wonder what how big it is when it’s not being kept down by those tight jeans.” Her hand rose from my ankle passed my knee and onto the outline of my cock. She grabbed it and rubbed it from the outside of my jeans. After tracing my cock a few times, and making sure I was as hard as possible, she lifted up the bottom of my muscle-t. and started to unzip my pants, she was smiling the entire time. Her hand went swiftly into my underwear and she ran her hand along my shaft and pulled my swollen dick out of my underwear. She sat there holding the bottom of my shaft, and her mouth was slack slightly,”Baby… You’re really big, like eleven inches. Why didn’t you tell me you were so fucking long?” She asked me.

“I don’t know… You never asked. Why… You like it right?” I asked.

“Oh my god yes! I mean, I don’t know if I can take all of your cock at once… but Jesus, I want it so bad. I’ve never told you this, but I’ve never had an orgasm, my ex and I had sex, he was less than four inches, he didn’t tell me. It was pretty pathetic; I don’t even think he popped my cherry.” She said looking sort of ashamed.

“Do you want me to pop your cherry, baby?” I asked, smiling slightly.

“You mean, you’ll still have sex with me even after I just told you I lied to you about having sex?” She asked, sounding surprised.

“Yeah baby, I’ve been waiting for you to even let me go to third.” I said, chuckling a little bit.

“Honey, I want you so much.” Her eyes shifted down to my hard dick. She was getting closer to it, stroking it with her hands. She got to it and started to kiss the shaft. I leaned my head back and gripped casino oyna the sides of the theater seat. Her tongue ran up and down my shaft, and around my head, I moaned slightly, I remembered we were in the theater, I looked around. Everybody who was here ealier had left because of how horrible it was. I leaned back once again, she finally put my dick head into her mouth, her tongue going wild all over.

“Oh my god baby, that feels so good.” I said through a moan. Her reaction was spontanious, she shoved half of my cock down her throat, she started to gag. “Baby, you’re so good at this, but I don’t think you can deep throat me.” She pulled my dick out of her mouth all of the way, and spat on the head, and started to jerk it and kiss the head of it again.

“Watch me.” She said. She started to suck on my cock, she started to shove it deeper and deeper down her throat, she was starting to gag around two thirds of the way in and with one final move, she shove my entire eleven inches into her throat and held it there. I moaned really loud, she pulled me out of her mouth and smiled at me.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” I asked breathing a little quickly.

“Lean your head back again, I’m not done.” She said to me, she spat on my dick again and rubbed me really hard. She shoved the head into her mouth and her tongue danced around it. I moaned again, louder. She kept doing this for about ten minutes before I felt the sensation in my legs start to build.

“Baby, I’m going to cum soon. You better pull me out and finish me with your hand.” She quickly shut me up by deepthroating me all the way again.

“Jesus, that feels so good.” I moaned. She kept sucking and my legs and back tightened up as I shot seven shots of cum into her mouth, she couldn’t hold my cock in there after the third. She pulled me out and closed her eyes. I came four gooey gobs of cum onto her face and hair.

“Mmhhmmm,” she uttered as she swallowed and ran her finger through one of the gobs on her face and sucked on her finger.

“Damn baby, that felt REALLY good. You’ve been holding out.” I commented as I chuckled. “So have I.”

I picked her up with ease and set her in the theater chair, she’s practically weightless to me. I got down on my knees and lifted up her shirt slightly and kissed her stomach as I rubbed the outside of her Daisy Dukes with my fingers. She leaned back and started to get heavier and heavier breaths. I finally lifted up her shirt all the way, she was wearing a black bra, maybe two sizes to small for her. Probably on purpose. I slid my hands up her back and unhooked it, even though they were kept up in a smaller bra than they should be, they fell very little, if at all when the bra came off. Her tits were gorgeous, perfect size, perfect shape, I could fit my hand around one and rub her nipple until it was hard and erect, and lick the other one. Which I did. She leaned back and moaned. I moved the hand on her breast down to her shorts and unbuttoned them, she was wearing a black thong. I slid both her thong and shorts down to her knees and started to rub her pussy; it was so tight, I don’t know if she could take my dick. I started with one finger and used the other to rub her clit, as I used my mouth to lick her tits and kiss her. She loved that. She started to moan and I started to lick down her body and into her pussy, she went nuts, she moved her hand to the top of my head and arched her back and moaned. I licked all around her clit and up and down her pussy, and I put my lips on the top and bottom of her clit and started to suck and dance my tongue all around it. She practically yelled in pleasure, she arched her back and came. Juices from her pussy dripped and got all over my jaw, I tried to lick most of them up and keep kissing her pussy at the same time. She pulled me up by my t-shirt and kissed me hard, I opened my mouth a little and she pushed her tongue in all it would go, I ate it up, she tastes so good everywhere on her body.

“Come on, take me somewhere we can be alone.” She said after she gasped. Then winked at me. Like everybody else, we left the movie early and I sped to my house on my bike, she was clutching me extra hard, kissing my neck, and whispering into my ear how much she wants me inside her, and how good it felt when I made her cum at the theater. This made me go even faster.

We got to my house, luck! Mom wasn’t home! I jumped off the bike, spun around and French kissed Miranda for about five minutes when I realized we could be doing even more inside. I picked her up, not taking my lips from her at all. I sprinted up the stairs with her still in my arms, she pulled away from my lips and told me how wet she was from being so horny, and from there still being some of her cum inside her from her orgasm.

I kicked open my door, and pulled off my muscle shirt, showing my six pack and hardened chest, she practically tore her tank top off and threw her bra back against my dresser. I slid her pants down myself and she pushed me back canlı casino and pulled down my pants, exposing my dick once again. She grabbed it and tugged it a few times to make sure it’s really hard.

“Do you have any condoms baby?” I asked, suddenly worried.

“Don’t worry, sexy, I’m on the pill.” She said with a smile. She leaned up and whispered in my ear, “So you can cum in me as many times as you want.” I grabbed her waist and started to kiss her neck. I set her on the bed where she sat with an innocent smile, I laid down too, hovering above her so that my dick head was rubbing against her opening.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this, baby?” I asked just to make sure.

“Oh my god yes. Just go slow at first, I’m still pretty much a virgin, remember?” She said, smiling at me. I kissed her and grabbed the head of my dick and met it with her pussy. I started to push and she took a deep breath, I pushed the head into her clit, her lips split apart. God damn she’s tight, the head of my dick can barely fit in there. She moaned loudly as my entire head went into her pussy,

“If it hurts too much for you, just tell me and I’ll stop and pull out.” I said to her.

“Don’t you dare!” She gasped and she grabbed my elbows as I went deeper inside, there, I felt her hymen. “Baby, are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh my god, oh my god, you’re so big. Keep going, please, come on baby, pop my cherry.” She moaned and gasped in between breaths. I pushed harder into her, when I felt her hymen tear, she let out a cry of agony and pleasure.”OH MY GOD!! UNNHH!!!” She screamed.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked again, making sure not to hurt her anymore.

“No, how far are you into me baby? How much left?” She asked, not looking down.

“We’re not even a third of the way through baby.” I said.

“Thank god, keep going, I love this.” She said. I kissed her hard, slowly moving myself in, about halfway in, I heard her moan really loudly.”Baby, I know this sounds bad, but I’m getting really close to cumming.” She said.

“That’s not bad at all, that just means more pleasure for you. I’m just now halfway in.”

“Okay, keep going, if I cum while you’re still going in, just keep going, okay?” She said. I pushed deeper into her when she let out a sudden and loud moan, she was cumming when I had about three inches left to go, I just realized her clit got caught in between my dick and her pussy and was being rubbed by each move I made. I finally had it all the way inside her. She was still breathing heavy from her orgasm and she said, “Are you all the way in?”

“Yeah baby, I am.” I said.

“Okay, you can start now, just be sure to go kinda slow at first.” She said.

“Alright baby, I’ll be gentle.” I pulled slightly out of her and thrust forward in, moving her forward too, and I pulled even more out this time, and thrust harder in, her tits bounced and jiggled each time, I pulled out about halfway, and shoved it back in has hard as I could. She moaned really loudly and tightened up into another orgasm. Damn, two orgasms before I had one. I love her. I pulled back out and back in, I continued to fuck her until I was clutching her hips. I just realized I was standing up, she was laying down and I was fucking her on the edge of my bed, I looked down at her beautiful body, rocking back and forth with each thrust, with the occaisional moan or gasp. I grabbed her tit with one hand and fingered her nipple with my thumb and used the other hand to hold onto her hips.

“Baby, I’m getting really close to cumming.” I said.

“Good, me too, cum in me baby, cum in me deep. I want your hot cum all inside me.” She moaned and smiled at me really kinky like. I pulled my hand down from her chest and put both on her hips and gave one last, hard thrust all the way into her. My warm cum sprayed all of eight spurts into her pussy, we both let out huge moans as we both had our climaxes. There was so much cum inside of her, and so little room, my cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the bed, I collapsed onto her body, my head where her perfect tits were.

“You were amazing baby.” I told her after a few minutes of me getting hard again, and licking her tits.

“To be honest Zach, I didn’t think I could take your cock. It’s just so big, I’d hate to ask you this, but do you have enough left in you to go again?” She asked sheepishly.

“Yeah baby, I’m already hard again… Except… Do you think you could be on top this time? My legs are like jello right now.” I said, chuckling.

“I was just about to suggest the same thing.” She said, smiling. I rolled over, she tugged my dick a few times, and came into a squatting position above my eleven inch dick. She sat down hard and fast, and let out a huge moan, I could feel her pussy tightening around my dick, getting ready for another orgasm already. She started to bounce up and down on my dick and once, she sat down on it completely, I could see her body get bigger and smaller as I entered and left kaçak casino her. She sat down on it, my dick totally inside her, and she started to rock back and forth, as soon as she did this, she moaned and collapsed on my chest. Another orgasm.

Her pussy clenched around my dick, making it even tighter, she didn’t stop rocking though, she tried to sit up again, but I kept her down and kissed her,”I thought you were tired.” She said, confused.

“I said my legs were tired. I never said anything about my arms.” I grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and lifted her up part of the way and pulled her back down, hard, she and I both let out a huge moan, after doing that repeatedly for about five minutes, I felt another orgasm building. I came deep inside her, all over, it leaked out onto my pelvis.

“Oh my god, I never knew having sex could feel this good. I would’ve had you in bed the first date.” She said, gasping for air and lying on top of me. “Baby, I know you’re tired and practically empty… But, can we do it again?” She said.

“Yeah, I can go again, but you’ve already had a lot of orgasms… Can you go again?” I asked.

‘Well I was actually hoping you’d try something else for me…” She said, trailing off.

“What is it baby?” I asked, curious about what she had in mind.

“Well… I’ve heard girls talk about getting it from behind… Like BEHIND behind, and how good it felt sometimes.” She said shyly.

“Baby, are you asking me to fuck you in the ass?” I said, smiling down at her.

“Well… Yeah, I really want you to, please?” She said, sitting up on me, her tits in full view now.

“Well, I can’t resist those.” I said, reaching my hands up to her chest and fondling her beautiful tits. “I don’t know if my dick is in any manner to be in your ass though.” She rolled off of me, I looked at it, eleven inches of dick, covered in my cum, her cum, and her hymen blood.

“I can fix that.” She said, she immediately stuck my half erect dick into her mouth, quickly making it fully hard again. She started spitting and rubbing it, swallowing both of our cum and licking my dick to tease it. Eventually there was nothing left but her saliva and my dick. “There, that’s better.” She said, wiping some of my passed cum off of the side her mouth with her finger and then licking it off.

“Baby, it was almost too tight to fit in your pussy. I’m almost positive that you will get little to no pleasure out of me tearing your ass apart, because I’ve got no lube.” I said, frowning slightly.

“Who said I don’t have lube?” She said, she bent over the bed to her purse, showing her perfect, still tight pussy, and her small little ass hole. I can’t believe she’s going to let me fuck that. She came back up and showed me a small bottle of lube; she flipped the cap and squeezed the bottle until there was a small pile in her hand, she stopped for a moment and looked at my dick. She then squeezed the entire tube out into her hand and started to rub it all over my dick, smiling while she did. “God, you’re so big baby, we’re going to have so much fun from now on. I’m going to fuck you at least twice a week. Ooh, this is going to feel so good.” She got and kissed me hard for a few moments and turned around and flaunted her ass on her hands and knees. I grabbed her ass cheeks and moved myself closer.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this baby? We can do it in your pussy again.” I said, just making sure it’s what she really wanted.

“Yes, I even want you to go hard and fast this time, don’t give me time to think. I don’t want you to stop until you cum. But, do me a favor and don’t cum in my ass. That’s kind of gross… Just tell me when you’re about to cum.” She said, looking back at me.

“Alright, brace yourself.” I stuck the head of my dick to her ass hole. She groaned, I shoved my entire dick into her ass as hard and fast, there was no room in between my dick and her ass. My dick was buried to the hilt.

“OH MY GOD!! UNNHH!!! YOU’RE SO FUCKING BIG! UNHH!!! God, fuck me baby, fuck me hard!” She screamed, moving her hand back to grab mine. She was crying and moaning as I plugged her tight ass hole. I continued fucking her, through her continued moans. “Oh my god, baby, this feels really good.” She moaned.

A few short minutes of screwing her super tight ass later, I said, “I’m really really close to cumming baby, maybe like ten more seconds.” I said, grunting as I plunged my dick all the way into her ass hole. She lunged forward and spun around pulling my dick out of her tight ass.

She got in front of me and shoved my dick down her throat. She finished me off with her hand and I came, all eight cum shots onto her face and hair. Her face was completely covered with my hot gooey cum. She smiled and kissed me.

We sat there swapping my cum for a while, after a few minutes she started to wipe herself off with her hand and licked it off.

We sat there in bed for the rest of the night, I recieved one more handjob, a blowjob, which ended with her taking the load of cum straight into her mouth and swallowing it, plus me fingering her and fondling her tits for a few more hours, we finally fell asleep, totally naked under the covers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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