My First Time Pt. 02

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Dawn was holding me tight to her amazing body and I could not take my eyes off of her beautiful wet pussy. She moved my hand off her nipple down to her pussy. I was unsure what to do with her husband Jim watching us. Dawn told me it was ok to explore her body and to enjoy myself. With that my fingers where all over her pussy rubbing and fingering. She was so very patience, as she moved my hands around her body. While she knew I was very hard and so excited she didn’t touch my cock.

She slowly slides back on the sofa till she was laying on her back. With her legs spread so wide I could see her juices running out of her pussy. She asked if I wanted to taste her, I was eager but very unsure what she wanted. For those too young to know or to stoned to remember the internet with all the porn was not invented let and the movies where 8mm and hard for a teen to get. With her encouragement I bent down with my face just inches away form that beautiful pussy. She softly asked me to lick her, first of all I had no real idea how to so I just stuck out my tongue and licked. WOW what a wonderful taste a little sweet and salty but far form as bad as I was afraid it would be. She softly moaned has my lick flicked around not sure of what to do or where to lick. Her moan stopped me as I had no idea what happened had I hurt her. When I stopped to see what happened she smiled and said it felt very good and would I do it more.

With that my tongue attacked her pussy. She opened her legs even wider and her fingers spread her lips showing me her hard-little casino oyna clit I had no idea what she was showing me. She asked me to suck it and I so wanted to please her I started licking and sucking it. She became very vocal saying things Like OH MY GOD, YES YES and Don’t stop. While taken back with this I just kept licking and sucking. Her hips started bucking and she gripped head pulling my tight to her throbbing pussy. Her pussy became so wet I could not suck the juices fast enough she then screamed OHHHHHHH and started shaking. This made me stop and back away I was very afraid I had hurt her. Jim smiled and said that I had done a great job on her and that she had an orgasm. Dawn looked up at me and said thank you that felt so good. With those words I felt very proud of myself. So yes, even a blind squirrel finds a corn.

What felt like hours later she reaches out and pulls me on top of her. I feel her hard nipples press into my chest, my cock can feel the heat of her pussy, her tongue pushes against my lips as she kisses me. Dawn says relax and enjoy what about to happen. She reaches out and grabs my cock pulling it to her pussy as she lifts her hips to slide it into her. I have never felt anything close to the feeling of the heat, and the tightness of her as my cock slide into her. She took me balls deep in the first thrust of her hips. While I had jacked off a few times {OK maybe a million times} I had never felt anything so intense. The pressure in my balls was more than I could take within a minute I was pumping what canlı casino had to be a gallon of cum into her eager pussy. She just pulled me close and kissed me saying there will be so much more for you tonight. I kind of felt bad for coming so fast she could not have cared less about how fast I dumped my cum into her.

While I sat there looking at the most beautiful woman in the world wondering what is next because this was heaven for me. Jim walked over to her bent down kissing her and saying that was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. With that she opened wide so that Jim could lick her clean. I was not very sure about watching Jim lick and suck my cum out of her pussy, however he looked like he was enjoying it. Without a doubt Dawn was loving it because she started screaming and shaking. I got to not only caused an orgasm but got to watch 1 what could be better. After a very minutes Dawn said sit back and watch. With that she pushed forward putting Jim’s cock deep inside her. With his balls slapping her ass they fu*ked for what must have been an hour I could never get enough of the smell, the sound or the sight of them fu*king. It was amazing watch her face and to listen to her telling him what to do next to her. I was jerking my hard cock and thinking Oh my God this cant be real, it must be a wet dream. I could watch as Jim’s balls tighten and then he started thrusting deeper into her she was screaming and matching his thrusts than he stopped and started to pump his cum into her and she started cummings, and I sprayed cum out kaçak casino all over both of them. This embarrassed me so much. Once their glow was over they smiled at me and said they loved my cum spraying onto them. With all of this Jim got up and went out to bring beer back for all of us. We just sit there nude smiling and enjoying the cold beer. Little did I know the best was let to come.

Dawn stood up and reached out for my hand pulling me along as she walked down the hall. As we reached the bathroom she stopped smiled and let go of my hand. She entered the bathroom and sit on the toilet and asked if I had ever seen a woman pee. This shocked me more than anything else that happened that night. This was because my mother caught me watching her pee. Ok that a whole other story but let’s say that my bedroom was across form the bathroom and she never closed the door late at night. With that comment I was sure my mother told Dawn some very deep secrets about me. I am very sure that I became beet red for Dawn’s smile was so big. She said come in and sit on the tub with that she spread her legs to let me see. Her golden pee started spraying out and my cock became rock hard. She smiled at me and said that Jim cums while watching her pee and he begs to have her pee on him. This was move information than I could handle right now. My thought was thanking god my mother did not tell her about that night. I watched as she wiped her amazing pussy and then she asked me to wet the wash cloth on the tub. After I had done as she requested, she said would you please clean me for the next lesson. I was not very fast cleaning her pussy I think she knew I really liked washing her.

Would you guys like the rest of the story. The last thing I want to do is bore you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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