My Secret From Vermont Ch. 07

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Thank God today is Sunday, I mused, as I filled a second cup of coffee and brought it in to Liz who was still lying in bed with a pounding head.

I entered the bedroom, and couldn’t hide my smile at the form of messy hair and tangled arms and legs sprawled across the bed that was Liz. She groaned as I entered. I handed her the cup.

“It’s a good thing I don’t have to work today, because by the looks of you, you need someone to stay home and take care of you.”

Liz sighed. “God I feel like shit,” she said as she took the cup from my hands and greedily began drinking it. “What was in that punch anyway?” She sighed.

I laughed. “Probably about two liters of vodka I’m sure,” I said wryly.

“Well, that’s the last time I’m ever drinking the stuff again. I threw up three times last night.”

“Well, hopefully there won’t need to be a next time.” I said comfortingly, patting the blanket. “And today you can stay here and rest. I have a few things I can do on my laptop for work but otherwise I’m all yours.” I kissed her forehead and hugged her gently.

I retreated back to the living room and opened my laptop with the full intention of getting some work done, when my phone buzzed. It was Cara.

Hey Sadie. I just wanted to check in and make sure you and Liz are okay.

I texted back. Yup. I’m fine. Liz, not so much. She’s pretty hungover but she’ll be alright. I’m plying her with coffee. Best remedy I know.

Lol -Cara texted back.


I also wanted to say that despite all the drama with Margot, I had a really nice time last night.

I felt a surge of excitement as I began replaying the scenes from the night before over in my head. How wonderful her lips tasted, how soft and full her breasts were, her hands pressing into my back holding me to her…God, I was getting decidedly turned on.

Feeling brave I texted back.

God, me too.

I hesitated. I knew I was playing with fire now. There was no going back from this. Last night had already made that close to impossible anyway, but now in the sober light of day, it was even more so. If I had any doubts now was the time. I only needed to blame it on the booze and I could still skate away unscathed. It wasn’t too late. But I didn’t want to do any of that. I had no doubts, only a burning desire and a keen sense of lust. Whatever this was I wanted to go all the way. Before I could lose my nerve I typed back,

I can’t get you out of my head. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last night. Can we meet up again? Alone.

I hit send.

It seemed like hours but in reality was probably only minutes before she responded.

I’ll come and get you. We can go to my place. What time?

I smiled.

Any time you want. I said.


I padded back into the guest room quietly. Liz had evidently gotten up and closed the blinds to block the light before laying back down in the fetal position, a pillow curled up against her chest.

She stirred.

“Hey, Liz I whispered, “are you okay?”

She murmured an incoherent response.

“Cara texted me and she asked if I could come over,” I continued. “Are you alright here if I go out for a couple hours?”

Now seeming more awake, she sat up, propping her head up on her elbow.

“Definitely! I’m totally fine, just really zonked. Honestly I’m probably going to be incredibly boring the entire day.” She laughed. “I’ll probably nap better with you out of the house anyway.”

“Alright,” I said. “Only if you’re sure. I can text Cara back and say I’ll come another time…”

“No way!” Liz exclaimed, “don’t be crazy! Go and see your hot lady friend. I’ll be just fine.”

“Okay, but text if you need anything?”

“I will, but hopefully Cara keeps you so busy you forget all about me and this stupid hangover.”


I shook my head, but I could still hear her muffled laughter as I left the room.


Cara arrived at my flat precisely thirty minutes later, and this time we skipped the niceties. I practically flew down the steps and kissed her hard, savoring the feel of her tongue tangled around mine.

“God, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever,” I said.

She simply smiled and kissed me back, taking my hand and pulling me towards the car.

Once inside we hardly waited for a breath; thankfully my street was a quiet one, more removed from some of the major traffic, and the streets having already grown dark and dusky, the shadows provided a perfect cover to our activities.

I pulled Cara to me, our foreheads touching as I breathed in the gorgeous scent of her shampoo as I slid my hands through her hair.

“God, has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Cara laughed and I could feel my hand vibrate against her chest to where I’d slip it down.

I smiled up at her and kissed her again, this time wrapping my other hand in her hair and giving a firm tug, making her moan with pleasure.

“God you’re so good,” Cara murmured. “I need you right now.”

I casino oyna darted a quick glance over my right shoulder but there was no one in sight.

“You can have me,” I whispered next to her ear naughtily, my tongue sliding along the outermost edge and nipping her lobe.

As my mouth continued to rove hers my hand found the opening of her shirt, and with more skill than I would have ever imagined having, I slid the buttons open until my hand was up under her bra. Her beasts were full, and perfect, and soft, everything I’d imagined them to be and her nipple had grown pleasingly hard in my hand. I rubbed the side of it with the flat of my thumb and she gave a low purr. Encouraged, I rubbed it harder, sliding it up and down, caressing it, tracing my thumb in slow circles around the base and then working my way up, until finally my thumb was pressing against the top of it, as I slid my index up to pinch it.

“Mmmhhh” Cara was moaning harder now, her eyes closed blissfully, as her body shifted under my hands. “God that feels so good! God I want your tongue on me!” She said. I smiled. I was more than happy to oblige, but first I wanted to make her wait for it.

Deftly, I undid the remaining buttons until her entire shirt was lying open before me. I grabbed at it, pulling her to me, maneuvering her over to the passenger seat and pushing her down, straddling her with my legs and brushing my hair out of my face before lowering myself down on top of her. Caressing her face with my hand, I squeezed my thighs into her.

God I hope she is as wet as I am, I wondered, never more grateful in my life for deciding to wear a short black, skirt, and one that was already irreparably sodden. My right hand slid up under the band of her bra once more, and this time I pushed it all the way up, releasing her full, completely bare breasts to my capable hands. God she looked so beautiful, as beautiful as that woman I’d seen in the painting, all sprawled out some like Roman Venus! I kissed her mouth hungrily once more before moving my lips lower and lower…I grazed her nipple once with my tongue and heard her take a sharp intake of breath, but I didn’t stop. Instead I ran my tongue all the way to the underside of her breast, licking it with my tongue, squeezing and sucking on it with my lips. Oh God!” She exclaimed. “Please, Sadie don’t stop!”

Thinking I’d tortured her long enough, I clamped her nipple between my teeth and sucked hard. “Shit! Cara exclaimed loudly, her chest heaving. “God yes, yes please! Oh God Sadie I want you in me so bad! Please!”

I had to admit the idea of her begging was only turning me on more. I kissed her again, savagely, my nails raking down her chest making her shiver.

“Ask me nicely,” I intoned. God she tasted so good!

“Sadie, please! Please, I have to have you right now!”

I let my hand linger down past her navel and felt the swell of her tight stomach against my palm as I slid my hand down the waistband of her jeans. God I could already feel how aroused she was, she was soaked! I pressed my hand in deeper and felt her hips buck against mine as she groaned. I undid the top button of her jeans and eased the zipper down, making more room for my hand. I slid my body back on top of her, and reached down, pushing her underwear aside and slid my fingers between her hot, engorged lips. I found her clit and began to tease it with my thumb, feeling along the shaft and hearing her breath stutter before finally running my thumb over the top of its surface. God, my fingers were drowning in her cum! It was running all down her thighs! I kissed her harder again this time, even harder than before. I could feel her whole body tighten against me in preparation for the climax that was surely building, as she struggled to keep back the moans of pleasure.

“God please!” She said as I broke the kiss for a quick breath. “God I want you to fuck me! I want you in me now!” She exclaimed.

It was easy to do. I slid my fingers up inside her and she came. Really fucking hard. The walls of her vagina contracted against me, her thighs squeezed my waist hard enough to break me, and she let out a cry of pleasure so loud I was sure the neighbors must have heard. Her body throbbed as the waves coursed through her body like a sigh, making her shake from head to foot, as she took a few gasping breaths.

God the after effects were just as hot I realized, feeling like I was in a kind of daze as I watched her come down from such an incredible high. God the sight of her breasts heaving and the wetness all over my fingers made me want to cum! I also had an intense desire to lick my fingers dry. The scent of her was overwhelmingly sexy.

“Wow,” I said, at a loss for words.

Cara gave a shaky laugh and laid her head back and closed her eyes. “God Sadie, I had no idea you had all that in you,” she said.

I blushed. “Honestly, neither did I,” I said.

“Well it was pretty fucking amazing.” Cara said, sitting up. She laughed again deliriously. “Are you certain you haven’t known your way around a woman canlı casino before?

I laughed too. “Yeah, I said, suddenly feeling a bit bashful again. That was honestly my first time.”

“Well you were fucking awesome at it.” She said.

I beamed.

“You know what this means though?” she said,

I grinned. That smile of hers again…

“What?” I said playfully, my heart skipping a beat.

“Well I hate to say this…” Cara said, her tone growing suddenly serious. “But…” She leaned in towards me, her lips a hairsbreadth from mine.

“Well” I said a little breathlessly.

She kissed me once, gently, so gently, as she leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“Sadie, you’re really, really gay.”

I laughed hysterically. And as she pulled away I could see the humor dancing in her eyes.

“Shit, I know!” I said. “I honestly really knew the minute I met you I think.”

“Really?” Cara said. She sounded surprised.

“Really. That day I met you in the park? God you were so beautiful. I honestly wanted to take you right then and there against the garden bench,” I said embarrassedly.

“Really! I had no idea.” Cara said with a laugh. “I really wanted you too. But I never dreamed you’d feel the same way. I thought you were just being friendly and I didn’t want to scare you away. I didn’t even know you were gay. But after you gave me your number, I just had to see you again. I just had to see if maybe I was wrong and maybe you did like me after all.”

She laced her fingers in mine and squeezed.

“Well, I’m really glad you did,” I said, “Because you, Cara, are extraordinary.” I leaned in to kiss her once more. “Let’s do it again!”


The drive to Cara’s flat felt agonizingly long. The only thing that made it halfway bearable was the warm pressure of her palm on my inner thigh. It was the only tangible thing I could cling to, to tell me that this wasn’t all just some perfect dream. At last when I didn’t think I could possibly stand it any longer, we arrived. It was an older building, one of the more historical ones like Margot’s. It was infinitely quieter though. I climbed up the stairs with her holding her hand tightly fast in mine, my fingers perspiring. I smiled clandestinely at her. My heart was again pounding hard in my chest. She pulled out her keys and unlocked the door, revealing a clean, surprisingly modern living space. It led straight into the kitchen, which though snug, was cozy, with butcher-block countertops and warm oak cabinets that gave it a homey feel. She placed her keys in a dish by the door and I noticed a framed photograph on the table beside it. It was of a small girl that I assumed must be Cara, about nine or ten lying on her stomach on the floor petting a fluffy collie. Cuddled up on either side of her were two boys. Her brothers? I wondered. They were only faces to me still. Faces of people I didn’t know. A part of her life that existed apart from me. A part I desperately wanted to know.

She went to the fridge and opened it. Would you like something to drink? She asked. “I only have wine., unfortunately. Do you like red?”

“I do actually,” I said. “I’d love some, thanks,” I wandered into the living area and was surprised to find it had a fireplace. I padded across the thick, Nordic rug and took a seat on the couch. She poured two glasses and came over to me, handing me one.

“Thank you,” I said and took a dainty sip, and then a bigger one. It was a good merlot, and maybe it would help to settle my nerves. I felt like there were a flock of butterflies lodged in my stomach. I glanced over at her. She took a sip of hers as well and met my gaze over the rim. Is she nervous too? I wondered for the first time. It was different though, I thought, being here in her apartment. It felt more intimate, surrounded by pieces of her life. I sensed this was not a place she often brought people.

“I have a bit of a confession,” she said at last, pushing her legs apart on the ground and shuffling her feet nervously. “I have actually never brought a woman back here. Usually, we would ummm, just get a hotel room for the night or something, or we’d end up at her place. This is different for me.” She held my gaze. “You’re different Sadie.”

She slid her hand over mine where it rested on the couch. Her words thrilled me. I felt special, privileged. Of all the women Cara had no doubt been with it was me she wanted to share this part of herself with. Me she wanted to see her home.

I wrapped my fingers around hers more tightly and started to slide my hand over, inching it as I did so closer and closer to my thigh. I looked up at her, and Cara’s hand relaxed, letting me take the lead.

I slid it all the way up my skirt until her fingers were touching the inside of my thigh, letting her feel how flushed my skin had become, how I could already feel the moisture saturating through the fabric and onto her fingers. I was already starting to breathe harder. Seizing the moment, Cara started to expertly rub her thumb over the area back and forth. I moaned kaçak casino and felt my toes curl in my shoes. It didn’t take more than a second for Cara to get on my lap, straddling me with her long legs, kissing me hard, probing my tongue with hers as she sucked me down, pulling at my hair with her free hand as she just rubbed closer and closer towards my vulva. Her fingers expertly slid underneath the crotch of my panties and stretched them away, letting me feel the firm pressure of her thumb against my clit! God this was everything I’d ever wanted, God her hands felt so good! I got up on my knees, pulled her up and continued kissing her. I kissed her as if I would swallow her whole, reveling in how soft they were before dragging them away for a split second to gave her a teasing grin. I put my hands on her waist and I could feel her breath hot against my skin as she moved to suck on my neck. I let out little whimper, “mmhhh Cara…God I want your mouth all over me!”

Her teeth grazed my neck and I gasped in surprise. Her strong arms were wrapped around me, holding me to her chest and I could feel how toned her arms were, the supple muscles in them, feel her nipples straining against her shirt! I felt myself melting, falling into her as she slid her hands down my back, supporting me. One of her hands strayed down my chest and her fingers tugged at it, as if asking for permission. I gave a moan in response. Skillfully, she slipped the shirt over my head, and as she did so her eyes flicked downwards to take in my bra. It was a black, lace, sheer, with floral scalloping along the edges, the subtle curve of the balconette shape setting my breasts to best advantage. For a moment she paused, admiring it; she traced one of her fingers along the delicate edge, slipped it under the dip where the fabric settled around my cleavage. She bit her bottom lip slightly and flicked it with her tongue hungrily. I felt a rush run through my body at the sight.

“God, you’re breathtaking.” She said almost reverently.

Her lips moved in to kiss me, caressing me gently, running her tongue against the topmost part of my breasts. I groaned and thrust my head back, leaning into her mouth, letting her explore every inch of me. I could feel my pulse thrumming in my neck; I was torn between wanting to linger in the sensuousness of her tongue on my skin forever and wanting her hands to rip everything off me. Her tongue strayed down my neck, my clavicle, her hands running through my hair and then down my back, rubbing against the clasp of my bra, slowly undoing it as she pressed me against her chest…I could feel her heart beating steadily as the clasp came undone. She kissed me again with renewed fervor, her hands sliding the straps from my shoulders and kissing each of them as my bra completely fell away. Her skin was so warm! Her lips tasted like pulpy sweet fruit, her hair like fresh peaches around me as her hands slid up my sides and finally cupped my breasts. Her hands felt like warm bath water but more luxurious as she fondled them gently, running her thumbs against the sides of them, making my soft nipples harden. I tangled my hands in her hair and pushed her down encouragingly, moaning with pleasure. Her head slid down further, burying between my breasts and I gave a low sigh as she started to kiss them, her mouth sucking on them. Her tongue slid up and licked between them and I yelped with pleasure, pressing my hands into her hair and holding her down as she sent rivers of pleasure running feverishly through my body.

Desperately, my fingers scrambled to tug at the base of her shirt and seeing my need, she stopped long enough to pull herself up to slide it off of her head with such experience that I was reminded she had probably done this many times before. But far from being jealous, I was highly aroused. She was wearing a form-fitting, thin, black, sports bra and I could see her nipples clearly poking through the fabric. Seeing me looking, she took full advantage of my desire and straddling me with her knees she stretched her arms up over her head, and slid the bra over, putting them on full display. They bounced a bit pleasantly as she tossed the bra aside, and she allowed me a few moments to gaze at them unimpeded. God they were perfect! I thought to myself. They were shapely and round with gorgeous pink nipples. I could touch them forever and never tire of running my hands over them! After I’d had my fill of the view, she leaned back down and pressed herself against me once more, sliding up between my splayed legs. I could feel the fullness of her breasts against me as she murmured softly, “I really want to fuck you, so, so bad.” The ardent desire in her voice was enough to kill me as her hand slipped down my leg, along my thigh and down my calf before sliding all the way under my skirt until it was lost from my view.

“I’d really like to take this off if you don’t mine,” she said. I nodded wordlessly and helping her, together we pushed the waistband of my skirt down my body, over my thighs, past my calves, down my raised knees, until she could slide it off my legs. Now I was wearing nothing but the lace thong that matched the bra I’d been wearing earlier. In all the time I’d never felt so naked before, so exposed. My body was on fire but I trembled as if I were cold.

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