My Son’s Girl Friend

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I’m about 52, my son is 24, home for the summer. His girl friend of about 6 weeks spent the night last night. When I got up to go to work she came walking out of the bathroom with a towel around her and a bra on. And I must say that she did have a set on her. I told them as I walked out the door for work that I had to see the doctor at 11:00 and would be home around 1 pm. That way I would not walk in on them. I left for work.

I pulled in the drive about 12:45, walked in the front door and called out Pat’s name. No answer. Then called out Sue’s name. No answer. They must have left. I walked into the living room and looked out at the pool. It is an above ground pool with a deck around it. On the deck was Pat. Sitting in a chair with Sue kneeling in front of him. I froze, all I could see was her hand moving up and down his cock. She was giving him a hand job, and from the look on his face she was doing a good job. I stood by the window and watched her for a few minutes. Then she took him into her mouth. Fuck…… What a sight. I thought of leaving but then I said. “Shit I might as well watch. They will never know.” I stood and watched for about 10 minutes. Then I thought if I go into my room I could see better. So off I went.

I was standing by my bedroom window. I could see them both. Her head moving up and down as his cock moved in and out. I felt my cock and it was rock hard. I took off my things and just stood watching them and jacking off. I knew that they could not see me as long as I did not move. I was getting close to shooting off when Pat stood up. He held her head in his hands and was now fucking her face. I have done this a few times and know that it felt good. He was fucking her mouth like it was going to be his last time. I could see his balls slapping her chin as he fuck her face. Her mouth was open and I could see his cock go all the way in. She pulled back and told him to cum on her face. He then started to fuck her face harder. My hand was moving up and down as his cock went in and out. I felt I was going to cum. Pat stopped.

“Turn around and bend over the chair. I’m going to fuck you like I have never fuck you before.” Sue stood up and bent over the chair. I could see her tits as she bent over. She had her side to me and gave me a great few of her body.

“Put a condom on and some K Y jelly. Remember the last time you fucked me. I hurt for a week. Please us some K Y.” I watched him put a condom on and then some K Y. I watched as he pulled her shorts and panties to the side. His cock was about to go in. The look on Sue’s face told me that he had started to push his cock in. Her face turned towards the window I was at. I was still jacking-off. Her mouth open and I knew that his cock was in her.

“Oh yes…. Fuck me, Fuck me hard and deep. I can feel your cock in me. Now fuck me hard.” Pat’s hand held he hips. I could see his cock start in and then his hips hit her hips. Her ass made a sound as his hip hit her. A slapping sound. Slap, slap, slap. It sounded like a soft spanking. Sue’s tits moved back and forth. With each push in I could hear Sue moan or groan. casino oyna Her face was pushed into the seat and Pat was now fucking her hard.

“Yes. Yes. Yes do it harder.” This bitch could take a good fucking and ask for more. “When you cum do it on my face.”

My hand was now flying up and down my cock. I was going to cum. I could hear a ringing sound in my ears. Then I heard it. The phone was ringing and they had to stop.

“Yes hello. Yes this is Pat. Yes. Yes I know the place. Oh that, I just got out of the pool and I have not got my breath yet. Yes I can. In about one hour. Okay bye.” Pat put down the phone and told Sue.

I have to go. My boss told me I had to fix a computer out in Parma and it has to be now. But I can still fuck you before I ……..”

“No go, I’ll want for you to come back. Let me take off that condom and kiss it before you leave.” He pulled his cock out and she took off the condom. He let Sue kiss it and then she sucked it into her mouth.

“I’ll be thinking of you cock till you get back. Now go and I’ll sleep.”

I got my things on and about the same time Pat was done I was acting like I was just walking in the front door.

“Hi dad, I have to run out for a few. I’ll be gone for about 3 hours. Have to fix a computer. Sue is in the back by the pool. I hope that she is dressed, you might like to yell before you go out, sorry.”

Pat walked out got in his car and was gone. I knew that it would be a least 3 hours. I was walking out the back to the pool. Sue was still sitting on the same chair that I saw her getting fucked in. Her shorts and blouse back on.

“Hi Sue. Pat told me that you would be by the pool. Hot day today.”

“Did Pat go.”


“Good. Mr. Hill would you care if I took a swim?”

“No go right on and take one. I might jump in with you.” All I could do was look at her. I had just watched her getting fucked and the thought of seeing her in her bathing suit might be nice. She stood up and took off her blouse. Next came her bra. She just looked at me.

“Sue what are you doing?”

“Look Mr. Hill. I saw you standing at your window jacking off as Pat fucked me. You were watching us. And I thought that since you didn’t cum and I didn’t cum. Then we could both cum now.”

What could I say. She was now starting to undress me as she knelt in front of me. I felt her hands on my belt. Then unbuttoning my shirt. She had just stated to pull my pants and shorts down. Her hand grabbed my cock. It was hard.

“Could I suck it Mr. Hill?”

“That would be nice. I was watching you do that to Pat.” I felt her lips kiss the tip. Then I saw her looking up at me. Her eyes blue. She gave me a smile and took me in her mouth. Her eyes still looking at me. They gave a look as if she was pleased with her self. Taking more of me in her mouth she started to jack me off. Her hand going up and down as her head went up and down. She now had her head bent so most of my cock was going in and out. Then it started. Her speed picked up and her mouth closed. Faster and faster she went. I was thinking that canlı casino this cunt could give head. Her mouth came off my cock and she looked me in the eyes.

“Talk to me as I suck you off. I have a thing about that. I love to her a man tell me what he likes. What it feels like. Please…… Mr. Hill.” What could I do.

I could see her mouth take my cock back in. It was so wet and hot in her mouth. As she was bobbing her head I felt my cock hit the back of her mouth.

“That’s it Sue suck it. Suck my cock. I was watching you and Pat fucking. I was jacking-off as I watched. Your mouth feels good on my cock. I might cum in you mouth. NO….. I’ll cum on your face. That’s what you like, right?

I could see tears in her eyes. I was fucking her mouth so hard and deep I was bring tears to her eyes. I could feel her speed up. I knew that I was going to cum soon.

“Sue….. Would you like me to fuck you. Fuck you like a man could only do. Fuck you better then you have ever been fucked. Then I’ll pull out and cum on your face, just the way you like it.”

Her mouth came off my cock. Her eyes open and I could see more tears. “Yes Mr. Hill I would like that. But you must use a condom and K Y jelly. You know safe sex always.”

Sue stood up and I knelt down and started to undo her shorts. Damn did she have legs. I ran my hands up and down . Then I pulled her shorts down. I saw a pear of black lace panties. I could see no pussy hair. Just the way I like it.

“You shave. I like that. No hair to get in my mouth as I suck and lick you. Now for your panties.” I put my hand on her hips and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were so blue. I could just about step into them. As I pulled her panties down I never stopped looking into her eyes. When they were down about 4 inches I bent forward to kiss the exposed skin.

“So soft and smooth. You smell so nice. I’m going to get a kick out of eating you out. I pulled more and she came into view. I was just pulling back from kissing her when I saw it.

I looked up at her and then back down. My mouth just fell open. What the fuck. How could she. Did Pat know.

“You have a cock. But I saw Pat fucking you. Was he in your……..?”

I was looking at a cock not a pussy. She or he had about 5″ of cock. It was hard. And the first one that I have ever been that close to. Her hands came down to try to hide it.

“Mr. Hill I thought you knew. You saw Pat fucking me. I thought you knew he was doing my ass. I thought you knew .I’m so sorry. Please I’ll……”

I was still on my knees. I must say that I have thought of it. But never did it. I could not take my eyes off it. It was so how can I say it. “Pretty.” So smooth looking. Small but other then that it looked like a cock. After looking more it was about 4 and 1/2 inches long. I put my hand on it and it felt soft. Then I put my hand around it. It was small. I could hide it in my hand. It must be about the size of two fingers wide. I bent it down and I could see the tip inside my closed hand. I looked up at her…..he….. what ever. With out thinking my tongue licked my upper kaçak casino lip. I knew that she knew what I was thinking. And I could not do it.

“Way Mr. Hill, are you thinking what I think your thinking. I think you would like to try it. Do it. Take my cock. My she cock. My 4 and 3/8 inch clit into your mouth. That is what Pat calls it. My clit. Do it. And you will never forget it. You’ll have me over ever night when your alone. Suck my clit. Feel my soft smooth cock.” As she was talking she was pushing her hips forward and her hand was holding my head. The tip came to my lips.

I open my mouth and took my first cock in. The feeling was like nothing I ever felt before. It went all the way in. I had a cock in my mouth. And it felt great. I felt Sue’s hips start to move. Back and forth, in and out. It was like some one sucking me but not me. It is hard to put into words. I could see it moving in and out. I could feel it going in and out. Then she started to fuck my mouth like I was fucking her some time ago.

“Yes suck me. Suck my clit cock. Let Sue fuck your mouth. I’ll be so good to you. Let me feel your lips on my she cock…. on my man clit. Now you know why woman love to suck cock. Come on, faster I’m going to cum. Should I do it in your mouth or on your face. Tell baby Sue what you want.”

I pull off fast and said “FACE.” Then went back to sucking her…..him….it….. SUE.

Sue was holding my face. I was now able to look up at her. She was looking down at me. The thought of what I was doing hit me. Just a few minutes ago I was fucking her face and now she was doing the same to me. Her eyes still looking at me. A smile on her face. I knew it was going to happen. I was going to watch a cock shoot. I have never seen that. But then I never sucked a cock before this. Her hips just rocked back and forth. I felt great. I felt her balls hitting my chin from time to time. I could feel her breathing change. The look in her eyes told me that she was getting close. I felt her cock get just a little harder. I knew the time had come. She pull back, her cock sliding out of my mouth.

“No do it in my mouth.” I could not believe I said that. She pushed it back in. Her cock went all the way in. I felt her hands on my cheeks. Holding me. Then I felt the first push. It came out so hard. Then one more. Then more. I could not swallow. I felt like I was drinking from a water hose. I pulled back and she started to cum on my face. Some went down and I could see her shooting on me. I would say that she shot about four times what I do. And then she started to jack off.

“Now…… Now.” And more came out. Hitting my face and chin. She was jacking off onto my face like i have done to many woman. I always loved to watch myself cum on a lady’s face. It felt great to watch it hit them. Now I knew how it felt to be that lady. And I liked it. It felt different. But I did enjoy it.

“I’m sorry Mr. Hill. I should have told you I shoot a lot. Most guys don’t like it. But you…….. I think you did like it. I did. Now that I have cum all over you, would you like it if I suck you till you shoot on my face. Or would you like to fuck me?”

“Sue I would love to fuck you but I have to be back at work in 5 minutes. How about if we do this another day?”

Part two will come later…

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