My Time with Kelli Ch. 01: The Reunion Par

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Looking back, time has flown since I last spoke with Kelli. I left the Marine Corps and moved around until I found my place in life. I can’t recall how it happened, but there was a moment about two years after I left that we did manage to talk. It was briefly. We talked on the phone for hours, and then, she just disappeared for a few months. By the time she returned, I was already in a relationship. Obviously, I have never stopped thinking about her.

I just turned 40 when I accepted an offer from a new company. I was looking to use my years of experience to continue what I do, hopefully allowing that to grow into something bigger. But first, I had to go to company-paid training in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D. C. I didn’t mind; I had friends from the military that were still around there and I was looking to find out how much the place had changed.

I get off the plane feeling out-of-place. The area has changed over the years and nothing looks familiar to me anymore. I find my way to the hotel and check in right away, eager to grab a shower and just relax before the classes start the next morning. I shower, realizing that I’ve gained a little more weight over the years, but recognizing that I’ve worked hard to keep it at bay as I try to bring myself back near the physical peak of my Marine Corps days.

I get out of the shower and towel off. I freely walk from the bathroom with the towel draped over my shoulder. I’m five floors up and care little about anyone being able to see me. I move towards the window, where I can get a view of a portion of the city. I see a mall across the way and decide that I’ll need to get something to eat, and I don’t feel like ordering room-service.

I put on some nice, clean clothes and make my way towards the mall. It’s mid-Autumn and the temperature fluctuates. As I step outside, there’s a gentle breeze in the air, but it’s warm. The traffic is loud and impatient; I nearly get hit trying to cross the road. But, finally, I end out in the mall, walking through the three levels, searching for a place to eat. I was thinking there would be a sports bar attached or something, but, gradually making my way to the top floor, I find the food court.

The sports bar was busy, more so than I felt like dealing with. Then, a slender woman with long, straight blonde hair and a tight, blue dress walks by. The dress comes down to about mid-thigh but looks to have been Saran-wrapped around that body. I has a firm, round ass that twitches as she passes and, immediately, I follow.

I think she is heading for an exit when I stop near a pizza place. That was perfect; I have a craving. But then, she passes before me. I look at her. She has light freckles on her face and her eyebrows tell me that her hair is not naturally blonde. I also see that the dress is practically sleeveless. I check out her triceps because, let’s face it, sometimes that smooth, rounded curve from the shoulder down to the elbow can be one of the hottest parts of a woman’s body.

“Hi,” she says. I’m busted and I know it; she caught me checking her out. She holds up a small paper bag with a rope-like handle. “Can I interest you in some make-up, perhaps for the woman in your life?”

‘Great’, I think. ‘She’s in sales.’

Being that I’m not interested, I politely decline. Then, I thought comes to mind.

“Excuse me,” I say to her. “My company gives me so much money per day to purchase meals; might I buy you dinner?”

With a smile, she accepts. I know it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it’s something. She invites me to sit and talk with her friend. It’s just what I was hoping for. We walk over to one of the tables in the center of the food court.

“Mike, this is Elise,” she says, introducing me to her friend.

“Hi,” I greet, quickly taken in by the beauty of this girl. Of course they are in sales, with looks like these they could sell heaters in Hell. Elise is also slender with wild, frizzy dark hair, and light, mocha skin. She wears a pair of pants that make me do a double-take as it looks like she’s not wearing any at all.

I talk with Jessica and Elise for over half an hour, learning more about them as they gradually figure that I’m from out-of-town.

“Where are you staying?” Jessica asks.

“Oh, basically, across the street,” I say, half-pointing in the direction of the hotel. “The Fifth Floor, Room 525, if either of you are interested.” Now, I’m 40-years-old and these ladies are in their early- to mid-twenties; I’m not thinking I have a chance in the world, but, if I’m going to get into the batter’s box, I’m going to swing for the fence.

“Either?” Jessica questions.

To which, Elise adds, “What if we’re both interested?”

“Then, I’ll get some drinks on the way back to the room and we can have a party there.”

The girls laugh and we continue to talk as we finish our meals.

“Well, Mike, we actually have to get back to work. Still some time left in the day for us,” Jessica trabzon escort says, offering a smile.

I stand and return the smile as I watch the women leave.

“Well, it was worth a shot,” I tell myself.

Alone, I walk back towards the room, stopping along the way at the gas station between the mall and the hotel. I figure that the night’s not going to go my way, but I might as well have some fun.

The room is depressing. It should be nice, but is lacking something . . . oh yes, two beautiful women; Hell, one beautiful woman. As I drink my first beer of the night, I think ‘I’d settle for a porn channel’ as I drop upon the edge of the bed.

Knock, knock, knock.

I don’t say anything, assuming that someone has the wrong room or it’s the hotel staff wanting to tell me that they are upgrading me to a nicer room. I open the door, still holding the beer in my hand.

“Hi, handsome,” Jessica says, stepping between me and the doorframe.

Elise enters without saying a word; she just places a hand on the back of my head, places her full, moist lips against mine, and moves into the room.

I slowly close the door behind them, worrying that I’m about to be mugged. “What’s going on?” I ask.

“Were you not serious about your offer?” Jessica asks, searching the refrigerator for the drinks.

My mind is numb. I look at the bottle wondering how many of them I’ve actually had. “I’ve got some Vodka and cranberry juice in there, if you’re interested.”

Now the night is picking up.

We talk and drink, but I wait for the ladies to make up an excuse to leave. To my surprise, that doesn’t happen. The three of us sit on the edge of the bed, staring out at the city as we drink. Then, Jessica rises from the bed, setting down her empty glass.

“I have to pee,” she says, and takes off to the bathroom.

I look over at Elise with a dopy, half-boozed look on my face. “This is great,” I tell her. “I never really expected you ladies to come by.”

Elise sets her glass on the arm of the chair in front of her before turning to look at me. I’m nervous and have no idea what she is doing. I look into her deep, brown eyes and see my younger self looking back. If this was fifteen, twenty years ago, I would make a move . . . and I do, slowly. I reach forward and touch her hand resting in her lap. Lightly, a drag my fingertips along the edge of her arm, up past her elbow, before stopping at her shoulder. She turns to look at my hand; I turn it over and drag the back of my knuckles down the front of her white shirt, and over the top of her small breasts. I gradually cup her breast; I feel the skin under the thin shirt, my thumb quickly discovering the nipple as it presses against the fabric. I flick at it, roll circles around it with my thumb, making a low moan escape Elise’s throat.

I think I hear the shower start up. I turn my head towards the wall. Elise leans forward. The move is sloppy, but she catches my face into her hands and guides me to her lips. Her kiss is amazing. She basically falls into me, dropping her hands upon my chest. Her lips nearly cover mine, her tongue lightly tapping against my lips, begging to be let in. My lips part and her tongue sweeps into my mouth, tracing along my tongue with skill. My mind instantly wonders how she would do at giving a blowjob . . . and, as if reading my thoughts, she slides off the edge of the bed, landing between my legs.

Her hands move down my chest, over my stomach, to the waist of my jeans. Nimbly, she loosens my belt. I lift up my waist to allow her to slide my jeans down my legs. She pulls the pants completely from my legs, tossing them over by the window. Her hands rubs at my stiff pecker pressing against my boxer-briefs. She offers me one more kiss, then drags her tongue down to my neck, over my chest, and along my stomach. She stops at the top of my underwear, grabbing the fabric with her teeth and offering a light tug. She kisses the bulge in the fabric, her teeth gently nibbling at my covered erection. Elise runs her hands up my legs, takes hold of the waistband, and meticulously removes my underwear.

In seconds, she has my semi-erect shaft in her mouth, her cool hand resting at the base, squeezing lightly as her other hands softly strokes my balls. I watch as Elise bobs upon my cock, her lips pressed tightly to my firm dick. She opens her mouth and her teeth drag over the sensitive flesh. Then, her tongue rubs under my shaft as she moves back up, circles around the tips as she snaps her head in a fast circle, before she plunges back down. Gradually, she take my full shaft into her mouth, her throat tightens to restrict me from entering further. Her tongue delicately flicks at my balls.

My fingers grab her head, gripping the wild mess, guiding her, restraining myself from just plunging into her mouth.

“Oh, yes,” I hiss, tilting my head back. “That’s a good girl. You love having a dick in your mouth, don’t you?”

She pulls trabzon escort bayan my hard cock from her mouth. She slurps the spittle and pre-cum into her mouth before saying, “I love having a dick in my mouth.”

“Well, what’s going on here?” Jessica asks, coming out of the bathroom.

Nervously, I look over my shoulder. The dress is gone. My eyes, like my jaw, drop to the floor. Her feet are bare. One legs is slightly bent at the knee, crossing over the top of her other leg, blocking my eyes from gazing upon her womanly region. Her stomach is flat, but not toned. Her bra remains in place, concealing her small-ish, pert breasts. One hand is near her mouth as she nibbles upon a fingertip.

“I want some,” she says, kneeling on the bed and sliding behind me. She cups my chin, turning my head to the side. Her lips press to mine and I am amazed at the power behind the kiss. Her hands play across my chest before dancing over my stomach. She pulls my t-shirt over my head before caressing my bare chest. Thin, warm fingers crawl lower. She grabs Elise by the cheeks and raises her upward.

Thin strings of pre-cum cling to Elise’s mouth. I watch as the two girls kiss; Jessica happily lapping the pre-cum from her friend’s lips as Elise’s continues to jerk me off. Then, Jessica grabs my shoulders and pulls me backwards. I lay flat on the bed, looking up at a heavenly site. Jessica moves forward, kneeling next to my head as her bald pussy parks right above my nose. I inhale the deep, rich scent. I kiss the inside of her thigh and my senses charge. Her skin is slightly moist, confirming that she did shower. I can taste that she started to warm herself up in the shower and that makes me believe that this was all planned.

I move my lips along the inside of her thigh. My nose brushes against her swollen lips. I kiss them lightly; they are perfectly smooth. This draws me in even further. I kiss her pussy lips deeper and deeper. My chin rubs against her clit. She gasps and bucks upon my face. Her pussy grows wetter; slick juices coat my face. I love feeling her body react to my subtle movements. I delicately insert my tongue, pushing it between her lips as I probe for her clit. She spreads her legs wider, allowing me better access, making a tighter fit upon my face.

Her upper body rolls forward. Jessica lays across my body. I feel her hand on my cock, pointing it towards the ceiling as she takes it into her mouth. Her mouth feels tighter than Elise’s but her tongue isn’t as controlled. My hands latch onto her round ass and pull her against me as I thrust my tongue deep inside her slit. She moans and I feel her tongue vibrate against my shaft. She hums happily as I fuck her face. She bobs faster, stopping only to take me in as deep as I can go. She gags, pulling me from her mouth to catch her breath before allowing me to plunge back in.

My hands cup the base of her ass. I slowly walk my fingers forward, using them to toy with her opening, spreading her lips to allow me deeper access. I bury my tongue deep into her soft, warm, slick pussy.

Then, without warning, she stops and rolls off of me. My face wants to follow but my hips can’t seem to move, as thought my erect cock is too heavy with blood, preventing me from moving. I look at Jessica with questioning eyes; she points over to Elise standing with her back against the window. She is no longer wearing pants and slowly sways against the cool glass, using a finger to beacon me towards her.

I stand and approach her, watching the traffic of the city move outside the window, wondering if anyone can see us. I kiss her, deeply, madly, passionately as my hands trace along the subtle curves of her slim body. I feel her hips beneath my touch and her body nearly stops moving. My fingers wrap around the thin edges of her panties. Her hand grabs my cock and strokes it as Jessica crawls behind me. Her hair brushes against my ass as she lightly sucks on my balls. With the tension building, I react, pulling up the fabric, ripping it clean away from Elise’s waist.

She gasps. I cup a breast and pin her against the window. With my other hand, I grab her leg and pull it towards me. As she lifts her leg with my touch, I hold her knee against my waist. I hear Jessica giggle as she guides my hard shaft forward. I stare into Elise’s beautiful, caring eyes. Jessica plays the head of my cock along her friend’s wet cunt, teasing the both of us. Elise’s leg twitches and we both want the same thing. Finally, Jessica pushes my dick into Elise’s tight, warm, pussy. I feel her slick walls loosen and tighten around me as Jessica touches my ass and pushes me deeper.

“People can probably see your naked ass, you know?” I whisper.

Breathlessly, she responds, “I know. I like it.”

Elise loses her breath and gasps as I push all the way inside of her. For a moment, she looks me in the eye and we hold that gaze. Then, slowly, her hips sway ever so slightly. She is in control, flexing escort trabzon her abdomen and shifting her straightened leg to control my thrusts. Jessica stands off to the side, she kisses Elise and draws a hand down her near leg. She crouches, grabbing Elise by the leg and lifting it for me to hold. Elise wraps her arms around me for support with her ankles entwined around my back.

Her body is warm against mine. Her nipples are hard and gently graze against my chest. My hands move around her backside, cupping her round, firm ass, controlling her bounce as I thrust into her. We kiss, our lips mash together as our tongues dance. I move my lips to her shoulder, kissing her bare, light-mocha flesh as I watch traffic in the street and scan the windows across the courtyard to see if anyone is watching. I imagine being outside, watching his all take place; it’s a method to get me to calm down, to keep me from cumming too fast. She throws her hands over her head and presses them against the glass, slamming her hot, wet pussy against my piston-hard cock.

Her orgasm gushes against my stiff prick. Her legs go weak. She unwraps them from around my waist and attempts to stand. I slowly slip out of her. Jessica stands nearby, looking at both of us with lust in her eyes as she nibbles on her lower lip. I grab her by the upper arm, pushing her chest-first against the window.

“Somebody might . . .” she pleads.

“I know,” I tell her, moving her legs apart with my feet and lining up my target. I rub the tip against her. She slips down the window a bit, arching her back as she thrust her hips towards me. Suddenly, I don’t think she really cares if someone can see us. I watch her ass cheeks ripple as I slam against her. One hand stays on her waist as the other moves up the smooth curve of her back. She runs a hand through her blonde hair, slipping it over one shoulder. I rest my hand upon her shoulder, steadying myself as I slam into her. Our body’s slap against one another. I feel the sweat upon my brow and watch a trickle of sweat bead upon Jessica’s back. Slowly, the drop rolls down her pale flesh, over the bumps of her spine, to the subtle dip at the base of her spine. Then, she rolls with my fucking and the drop slips down the crack of her ass.

Elise sits on the floor, watching the action, one hand pinching her nipples, tugging at her breasts as she rubs her clit feverishly. She pauses to suck on two fingers before jamming them deep inside her pussy. I want to explode but I hold back, eager to not let these two young beauties go until I have had my way with them.

I pull out of Jessica, to her surprise. My cock is trembling and I know that the slightest touch will cause it to erupt.

“Get on the bed,” I tell Jessica. She sits on the edge of the bed and leans back, propping herself up on her elbow to watch the action. She places the heel of her feet on the edge of the bed so that her knees are pointing to the ceiling and her dripping wet snatch is wide open. Her pussy lips are puff and pink. I want to bury my face back into them but can’t move just yet.

“Go to her,” I command Elise, who crawls to the bed on her hands and knees. It’s one of the hottest sites that I’ve ever seen.

Elise stops when she gets to the bed and places her hands on the inside of Jessica’s thighs. She spreads her legs nice and wide until Jessica is pointing her knees to the wall and her feet towards the ceiling. I wait and watch. Elise slaps at Jessica’s pussy, making her body buck upon the bed. Then, Elise buries face deep into that sweet-smelling snatch. I want to join in but am afraid to move; I just watch for several minutes, gentle stroking myself as the tip of my dick dripping strings of pre-cum upon the carpet and Elise devours her friend.

Finally, I slap Elisa on the ass hard. She grunts but continues to tongue the juicy goodness of Jessica’s pussy. I crouch down and rub my throbbing cock between those perfectly shaped ass cheeks. I sink lower and my cock finds its own way side of Elise’s snatch. Her lips pinch against Jessica’s clit as she moans with delight. My cock slides deeper and deeper, until it cannot go any further. Her pussy tightens around me, holding me in.

Elise pause as Jessica orgasms. She looks at me from over her shoulder and with the sweetest, most innocent voice I have ever heard, says, “Are you gonna fuck me?”

Her pussy relaxes. She arches her back and I go to town on her.

“Harder,” she moans. “Faster,” she cries as I obey her command, my balls slapping against her clit with every thrust.

She can’t even focus on eating out Jessica’s twat anymore. She can only rub at the wetness with her fingers as she hums with delight. My hands are on her hips, controlling our thrusts. I go slower, but harder, focusing on plunging in as deep as I can. I am amazed at how good it feels and I can’t concentrate. I moan. Elisa moans. Which makes Jessica moan. The sounds are intoxicating and we get louder and louder.

“Fuck!” I yell. I step away from Elisa and stand at her side, gripping my pulsating cock in one hand. Hot cum erupts from the head, spraying Jessica’s stomach. I turn towards Elise. She opens her mouth and engulfs my member as she takes the rest of my load into her mouth.

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