New Girl in Town Pt. 05

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All characters are at least 18 years old.

Again a special Thank you to my proofreader who is helping make me look less dumb. She rocks! Any errors found are my own.


“He caught it,” Jessica shouts as the entire visitors bleachers are standing up watching the pass.

“Touchdown, they win,” Shelly shouts holding up her arms.

“Yes,” Sarah shouts pumping her arms.

“High five Sarah,” Roxie says putting her hand up. Sarah slaps it then Bobby who also put his up.

“Jake is going to be so…” Jessica begins to say but stops as her eyes drift back to the line of scrimmage. She sees Jake lying on the ground and he doesn’t appear to be moving. She then jumps down the bleachers and runs to the fence. “COACH,” She shouts trying to get his attention. “COACH PENNINGTON!”

He turns to her with a smile on his face and begins to give her a thumbs up but then notices the look on her face. She points emphatically towards the field and his eyes follow her finger.

“Trainer,” He shouts as he runs onto the field.

Jessica turns back to the bleachers and now that everyone has noticed what she had, the cheering has turned to silence. “Mom,” She shouts. “He needs help!”

Dr. Golden nods and hurries to meet her daughter at the fence then the pair run towards the gate at the far end zone.

“Jake, don’t try to move,” Coach Pennington orders as he reaches me.

I’ve already pushed myself up to a seated position with my good arm.

“Get… get me… to the bench,” I manage to tell him.

“Don’t move I said,” He reiterates but I’m already struggling to get to my feet. “Damn it Jake, stay still.”

“Can’t let them… see me… like this,” I argue trying to get my breathing under control.

He sighs and orders the trainer to help me get to the bench. When we get there Jessica and her mom are there waiting for us.

“Jake, where are you hurting,” Dr. Golden asks kneeling in front of me.

“It’s… my shoulder… and… can’t feel my… hand,” I answer.

“He looks dazed,” the trainer reports after shining a light in my eyes. “Jake, do you know where you are?”

“Bench,” I answer.

“He’s still a smartass,” Coach Pennington states. “Jake, what happened?”

“Dunno,” I answer trying to think but it’s just making my head hurt more.

“We’ll get you fixed right up Jake,” Dr. Golden says then proceeds to help get my jersey off. She hands it to Jessica who looks worried but is trying to put on a brave face. “Jake this might hurt, but we need to get these pads out of the way.”

I nod and grit my teeth. She’s right, it does hurt. Thankfully it’s over quickly and she begins checking over my shoulder then she reaches down to check my pulse. Dr. Golden then looks at Coach Pennington and nods to the side.

“Jess, get him some water,” She tells her daughter who quickly complies.

“Did we win,” I manage to ask Jessica after I take a sip of water.

“Yes,” She answers. “You don’t remember throwing the pass it Ray?”

I shake my head and quickly realize that was a bad idea as a wave of nausea rolls over me. “I remember being in the huddle.” I answer after I’m sure I’m not going to throw up.

“It’s going to be okay Jake,” She assures me. “My mom’s going to help you.”

“How bad,” Coach Pennington asks after the two step away.

“The memory loss is worrisome but his shoulder is the immediate concern.” She states. “His pulse is that arm is weak and his hand is cool to the touch.”

“The bone slipped out and is putting pressure on the vein,” He asks catching her by surprise. “I’ve seen too many dislocated shoulders Doc,” He explains.

She nods. “That seems to be the case. I’d need x-rays to make sure there’s not a break but I need to put his shoulder back in its socket now. Otherwise he could have permanent damage.”

“Just tell me what you need me to do Doc,” He answers.

“You said you’ve seen a lot of theses. Have you ever seen one put back in place?” She asks. He shakes his head and she continues. “He could very well pass out from the pain so I’ll need you to catch him if that happens. I can’t risk another blow to his head.”

When they return my parents, joined by our friends are standing at the bench with Jessica and I.

“How bad is it,” my dad asks looking concerned.

“His shoulder is dislocated,” Dr. Golden states. “I have to put it back in… quickly.” She answers.

I can tell it’s going to be bad by her tone and look up at Jessica. “Hey Jess, how about you and my mom take Sarah up the concession stand.” I state, my breathing now under control. “I’ll bet they have some pink cotton candy waiting for her.”

One look at his face and that of her mother’s tells her that she needs to do as he asks. She nods and takes Sarah by the hand. “Let’s go get you some cotton candy Sarah. Mom’s going to help Jake.”

“I want to stay,” Sarah argues.

“How about I come along with you and we can discuss what colors I’m putting in your hair,” Roxie asks grabbing Sarah’s other hand. Reluctantly Sarah agrees to go and soon the foursome canlı bahis is making it’s way around the track.

As soon they out of earshot, Dr. Golden orders her husband to kneel down on my left and my dad to do the same on my right. When my dad asks why, she tells him, “This is going to very painful. He could pass out and I don’t want him to fall.”

My dad nods and gets into position. “We’ve got you Jake,” he assures me.

“Jake, this is going to hurt but I’ve got to do it,” Dr. Golden tells me taking hold of my arm. I nod in understanding.

“Don’t think less of me if I pass out,” I ask her.

“Never sweetie,” She answers then takes a firm grasp on my arm. “I’m going on three. One… two… three,” She calls out then rotates my arm. There’s another pop and my world goes black.


The team, along with some cheerleaders and students are still in the end zone celebrating when Ray notices someone is missing. He turns to Staci, “Have you seen Jake?” He asks.

She shakes her head and looks around. “I don’t see him anywhere.”

“Something’s wrong,” He states.

Staci looks around and spots Jessica, Roxie, Sarah and Jake’s mom walking back towards the bench. “There’s goes Jess. They’ve gotta know where Jake is.” She states and the pair run over towards the group.

“What’s going on,” Ray asks as they reach them.

“Jake’s hurt,” Mrs. Gibson answers.

“What,” Ray asks confused. “What happened?”

“No one’s really sure. We watched you score, turned back and Jake was on the ground.” Roxie explains.

“Is it okay if we come and check on him ma’am,” Ray asks Mrs. Gibson.

“Of course,” She answers.

Staci takes Jessica by the arm and hugs it to her. “He’s going to be fine Jess,” She assures her.

“I’m not so sure Staci,” Jessica answers quietly. “You haven’t seen him.”


They arrive back at the bench just as Dr. Golden is finishing taping Jake’s arm to his chest. “This will keep the pressure off and keep things in place on the ride to the hospital,” She’s explaining as they approach.

“Damn Jake, are you all right,” Ray asks kneeling down.

“Not really,” I answer.

“His shoulder was dislocated,” Mr. Gibson informs Ray and Staci. “Dr. Golden put it back in it’s socket but we need to get him to the hospital and see if anything’s broken.”

“I’m riding with Jake and his parents and dad is taking you girls home.” Dr. Golden tells them.

“Mom, can’t I,” Jessica begins to ask but stops when her mom shakes her head.

“Jessica, even with me there to hurry things along this will still take several hours,” Dr. Golden states then nods at Mr. Gibson.

“We need to get going.” He states. They help me to my feet and we start to walk towards the parking lot.

“Ray, we need to let the team know,” Coach Pennington tells him and Ray nods.

“Jessica do you want me to come home with you,” Staci asks but Jessica shakes her head. “Okay, but I’ll call you later tonight.”

“Okay and thanks Staci,” Jessica answers.

“It’s what friends are for Jess,” Staci says as she hugs her. The rest of the group also promise to call Jessica later as they load me into my parent SUV. I manage a small wave at them before my dad drives away.


It’s close to one in the morning when Dr. Golden arrives home to find her husband waiting up for her. He puts down the book he was reading as she enters the living room.

“How is he,” He asks.

“Nothing was broken but he’s got a few bruised ribs, a mild concussion and he thinks his playing days are done.” She sighs as she slips off her shoes and makes to sit beside him but he stops her.

“You need to check in on your daughter first,” he tells her.

“She’s still up?” Dr. Golden asks.

“She was down here about ten minutes ago looking for you out the windows,” He answers.

Dr. Golden sighs. “All right, I’ll check in with Jess and meet you in bed.”

He nods and puts away his book as she climbs the stairs. She knocks quietly on Jessica’s door then enters.

“Dad said you were still up,” She says finding Jessica propped up in her bed.

“How bad is it,” Jessica asks.

“No broken bones,” She answers as she takes a seat beside her daughter. “He does have a concussion and a few bruised ribs as well.”

Jessica is quiet for a long minute then asks, “Mom, what am I doing?”

“What do you mean honey,” She asks.

“With Jake,” she answers. “I mean, I told you before school started that I wasn’t going to date this year and yet when I saw him lying there on the field it felt like my heart broke. I was so scared for him and I still am but I’m also mad that he sent me away when he was hurting.”

“He sent you with Sarah and I’m so glad that he did.” Dr. Golden tells her.

“Why mom,” Jessica asks.

“Baby, you’ve never seen anyone get their shoulder put back into socket. It’s violent looking and causes a lot of pain. Now while Jake may have sent you away so you didn’t see him pass out I also happen to think that he did it so that my girls didn’t have to see me relocate bahis siteleri his shoulder.”

“He passed out,” She asks.

“For just a moment but it’s not unexpected so don’t think less of him for it.”

“I don’t,” Jessica answers. “I’m just sad about how much pain he was in. He’s not my boyfriend so why does it feel like he is?”

Her mom puts her arm around Jessica and pulls her into a hug. “Jess, when you made that declaration it was easy for you to say that you weren’t going to date. You hadn’t really met anyone at the school yet. I’m not saying that you have to start dating if you still don’t want to but it’s understandable that you’ve developed feelings for your friends.”

“I just… I wish I knew more.” Jessica answers. “He’s holding something back from me and I don’t know what it is or why he won’t tell me.”

“Is there someone else you can ask? Shelly perhaps,” Dr. Golden asks.

Jessica shakes her head. “I doubt I’ll get anything out of Shelly or the group we hang out with though that does leave me one possibility.”

“I think that I can guess who you’re thinking of and I’m not sure that I like it,” Dr. Golden tells her.

“I’m not entirely sure that I like it either but I have to know the truth before I know what my next move should be.” She explains.

Dr. Golden hugs her daughter. “If it helps you make the right decision then you do what you have to do sweetie.”

“Thanks mom,” Jessica states. “And don’t worry about making breakfast in the morning; I owe you so I’m planning to make all of your favorites.”



It’s a little past ten in the morning when the doorbell rings. My mom answers it and I hear her escorting whoever it is back to my room.

“Jake, you’ve got a visitor,” she announces as she opens my door.

Ray steps past her into my room. “Thank you Mrs. Gibson,” he tells her then turns to me. “How are you feeling Jake?”

“Sore,” I answer as my mom closes the door.

He nods. “Staci tried getting an update from Jessica last night but that was just before midnight and her mom hadn’t got home yet,” He explains.

“We weren’t done at the hospital until a little before one,” I answer.

“So what did Jess’s mom say,” he asks.

“Three weeks until I can throw a ball again, five more for my ribs to be able to take a hit and then there’s the fact that I don’t know what happened at the end of the game.” I answer.

“Fuck man, are you serious?” Ray asks.

I nod. “I remember being in the huddle but nothing else until I’m lying on the field trying to breathe.”

“Fuck,” Ray repeats.

“Pretty much,” I answer then to change the subject. “They tell me that you’re the big hero of the game.”

He shakes his head. “It should be you Jake. Shit, you put us in the position to win, I just caught the pass.”

“Yeah but my passes are ugly and no one wants to cheer those,” I joke. “Speaking of cheers, where’s Staci? As a matter of fact, why aren’t the two of you still celebrating the win?”

“Watching one of your best friends get carted off in pain kind of puts a damper on any celebrations.” He answers.

“Hey don’t let this stop you guys,” I tell him nodding towards my sling.

“There’s always tonight,” Ray tells me.

“Treat her right Ray,” I tell him then shake my head. “What am I saying; of course you’ll treat her right.”

“I wish I had your confidence,” he sighs.

“Come on Ray, I know that you know what to do. I’m the virgin here, not you.”

“I may have gotten laid Jake but that doesn’t mean I had any idea what I was doing. Jump, pump and dump as Patrick would put so eloquently at the time. Hell, half the girls I was with saw me as an audition to join Patrick’s inner circle. They went over the top with acting because they knew he was always nearby. I have no idea if anything I did felt good to them or if it was all just an act.”

“You didn’t ask any of them,” I ask.

“I didn’t much care at the time,” He answers. “Damn, I was a piece of work huh?”

“Hey, you care now and that’s important.” I assure him.

“That’s part of the battle I suppose but what about the rest of it? How am I supposed to figure out what to do to make her feel good?”

“You can always ask her.” I tell him and he laughs.

“Yeah, I can see that going over really well. Hey Staci, what do I need to do to make you feel good?” he states.

“I don’t see a problem with you saying exactly that.”

“Jake, girls like guys who know what they’re doing. They don’t want to dictate to us while we’re getting hot and heavy.” He informs me but then looks puzzled. “Do they?”

I shrug with my one good shoulder. “Virgin, remember,” I say while pointing at myself. “That said, when the opportunity comes up, I plan on asking all sorts of questions. Do you like this? How about this? Should I do this faster or slow down?”

Ray thinks for a minute. “You know that doesn’t sound as crazy when you put it like that.”

“Just give it a shot and if it doesn’t work for you guys you can always blame me.” I laugh.

He nods bahis şirketleri and smiles. “That is true. I think I’ll try it out tonight.”

“After the party of course,” I state.

“I nearly forgot about that stupid party,” Ray answers. “Do you think Patrick will still throw it even though he lost?”

“Of course he will, it’s became an annual event and he knows it’s expected. That and any excuse to get drunk.” I answer.

“As much as I’d love to show up and rub his face in his loss, I have an adorable cheerleader to thank for all she’s done for me.”

“Anything she asks you for, remember that.”

“Oh I will and don’t think I won’t throw you under the bus if she finds it weird.”

“I’m injured Ray. How can you say such things to your favorite quarterback?”

“Easily,” He states and we both crack up laughing.


At a little past four in the afternoon the doorbell rings at the Golden house.

“I’ve got it,” Jessica calls out as she hops to her feet. Opening the door she finds Patrick there waiting for her.

“Hey Jessica,” he says.

“Patrick,” Jessica nods.

“To say that I was surprised when you called me earlier would be an understatement.” Patrick tells her.

“I explained that,” She answers.

“Yeah,” he nods with a smirk. “You want to know about Jake and that big secret of his.”

“That’s what I asked you for so go ahead and tell me.”

“It could take awhile,” he responds. “There’s a party tonight. Come with me to it and I’ll tell you the truth about Jake.”

Everything in her is screaming that this isn’t a good idea but her curiosity outweighs her instincts so she nods. “Fine, but you’ll tell me everything on the ride to this party and when I’m ready to go, I go. Got it?”

“Of course Jess,” Patrick answers. “I just want to let you know what kind of a guy you’re friends with.”

“I think that I already have pretty good idea.” She answers.

“Yeah but you know there’s more going on otherwise you wouldn’t have called me.”

Unable to fault his logic Jessica simply shrugs as she follows him out to his car.

“So start talking,” Jessica tells him as soon as he pulls out of her driveway in his brand new, fire engine red Camaro.

“This thing between him and I goes all the way back to kindergarten if you can believe it.” Patrick begins. “One day at recess, Jake grabbed this girl Molly and started to drag her towards the slide. I later found out that he wanted to kiss her but she didn’t want him to. I ran and got the teacher and saved her from him.”

“Okay,” Jessica answers then waits from him to continue.

“He’s had it out for me ever since. In middle school, he tried to sabotage my science fair project but I managed to win anyway. It was when high school started when he earned his nickname “Shadow”. Everywhere I went he’d show up right behind me. He wanted to be me so bad Jessica but I knew he was nothing but trouble.”

“How did you know that?” Jessica asks.

“He was always so friendly with the losers and hanger-on’s. Like he knew that he just wasn’t good enough to hang out with us so he stayed as close as he could. Then last year he took his shot at joining us but I saw right through it.”

“You did huh,” She asks.

“Of course,” he continues. “See Jake got this girl, Jenny, I think her name was. Anyway, she wasn’t bad looking and Jake knew it so he sent her over to flirt with me all the time. I figured out that his plan was to get her in with me and that would bring him along but I was too smart for that.”

“So you didn’t screw her?”

“Oh no, I did I just made sure that everyone knew what their plan was afterwards. That’s why she transferred. I guess I can’t really blame her for doing what Jake asked her to but since it didn’t work out like they thought it would.” He pauses and looks at Jessica before continuing. “That’s why I wanted to tell you what he was like Jess. If he could do something like that to his girlfriend… well I wouldn’t want you to wind up the same way Jenny did.”


“Are you sure that it’s cool for me to be in here with you? I don’t want to get you grounded or anything,” Ray nervously asks as Staci leads him into the living room.

“I won’t be in trouble,” She assures him. “My mom is gone to a conference in Virginia this weekend so we’ve got the place all to ourselves.”

“Oh,” he answers. “So, uh… what do you want to do?”

“Let’s sit down and talk for a bit. You went to see Jake earlier. How’s he feeling?” She asks as the pair sit down on the enormous couch that dominates her living room.

“He told me that he was sore.” Ray answers.

“Hmm, I wonder if we should invite him over so he can soak in the hot tub,” Staci asks.

“It’s not a bad idea but he’s probably got company now,” he answers. “I wish I had brought a suit with me. I could use a soak myself.”

“We can always go skinny dipping,” She answers with giggle.

“Uh… yeah we… uh… could…” Ray stammers for a moment.

“Too much,” Staci asks.

“It’s like I don’t want to see you naked, I do, God do I ever want to, I just don’t want to screw up.”

Staci smiles, gives him a brief kiss, then says, “You won’t screw anything up but we’ll hold off on that for now. Let’s kiss some and see where that leads.”

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