Nurse Francy: Rectal Specialist

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You’re running late for your doctor’s appointment, the one you’ve been dreading. Old Doc Spalding says it’s time for you to have another exam and all you can think about is how badly that went last time. The old guy actually had to have his finger in a splint for weeks, which was more embarrassing than the actual exam – since everyone in town knew he was a proctologist.

It’s not that you’re that uptight, normally … jeez, you’ve even fantasized a little about some unusual activity in that area – you just never imagined a bald, 82 year old geezer on the other of the finger. You’re sweating as you run up the steps and open the door to Doc Spalding’s waiting room. You look around, just another guy around your age sitting there reading an old copy of Newsweek, and shifting in his seat.

“Hemorrhoids,” you think to yourself. That’s ALL I need.

You check in at the desk and the receptionist tells you to sit while she gets your file. You grab a National Geographic and sit down, trying desperately not to think about Doc Spalding’s gnarly finger. As you leaf through pictures of some fairly attractive-looking mummy (okay, it’s been awhile since your last girlfriend) the bells rings and a woman walks in.

You look up as she walks to the reception desk carrying a small briefcase. You can’t help but check her out … a nice-looking woman with short, spiky hair in a tight, black suit and high heels. She presses the little bell and waits patiently at the desk while the receptionist is still off in the back hunting down your file.

The woman stands purposefully, her legs planted firmly on the ground, as she checks her watch. Your eyes travel the length of her body, which is quite evident in the tight black skirt that comes just to the knee, the fitted jacket nipped in at the waist and white silk blouse open at the neck. You wonder what she’s there for and you stare, mesmerized by her butt, round and shapely, straining against the material of her skirt.

She shifts her weight to one hip and taps her high heeled foot, then suddenly she turns and glances directly at you – catching you in the act. You almost drop the magazine when her stare turns into a grin, almost devilish, that sends a charge straight to your cock.

In an effort to act cool, you nod your head and muster a semi-masculine, “Hey,” then wonder what the fuck “Hey” is supposed to mean. Just then the receptionist opens the door and calls your name.

You jump up and walk to the door, as manly as one can when one is about to be probed by an arthritic finger, and attempt to flash the woman a cocky smile.

“Just go to Room 3 and remove your pants.”

Did she have to say that SO loud? You realize that all possibilities of chatting up the woman in the suit have disappeared, what kind of woman would give the time of day to a pantless idiot sitting in a cubicle in his shirt and socks.

Just as the door to the waiting room closes behind you, you turn for one last look and catch the receptionist handing your file to the woman. Huh?

The woman smiles at her and says “Excellent. Room number 3?”

“Yes. But I’d like to go over some patient background with you before.”


She can’t be a doctor, everyone knows Doc Spalding runs a one man shop here. What the hell is going on?

You close the door to Room
and look around. There’s that lovely examination table you remember so fondly from the last visit when you’re butt almost bit off a doctorial digit. A counter with medical stuff on it. A chair. With a folded blue paper gown on it.

You don’t know what to do. Maybe she’s doing a survey? Or … it could be the doc’s insurance adjuster who just wants a few words with him about the “incident.” Maybe you should just wait and see before you start dropping trou.

You realize you still have the National Geographic rolled up tightly in your hand so you sit in the chair and open the magazine. Whatever happened to all those naked tribes-ladies you “learned” so much from when you were a kid? Are they all gone? Wearing Wonderbras and thongs now? You frantically leaf through it, hoping for a diversion from what is about to ==

“Pants off, please.”

You look up, startled, to find the woman in the black suit poking her head in the room.

“Excuse me?” you croak.

She walks in and stands there, smiling, arms folded. “I said you need to remove your pants. Trousers and underwear, please. I’ll be right back.”

And she is gone again. You are fucked. Shit. WHO the fuck is she? And why does she want your pants off? This sucks, man.

You poke your head out into the hall and spy her, bent over going though her briefcase. Her butt looks so hot you almost forget what you wanted to say.

“Um, excuse me … but where is Doctor Spalding?”

She doesn’t stand up, but instead continues to rifle through her case almost as if she knows that your cock is starting to swell as you stare at her.

“Oh, he’s here but he thought it best that I have a look at you before your exam. Just a precaution.”


She tuzla escort stands up and turns, looking you dead in the eye. Her foot starts to tap. “You need to hurry. I have other appointments,” she says, firmly.

You really are fucked. Dejected you walk back into Room
, throw the magazine on the floor and unzip your fly. “Just a precaution.” Hmmm, maybe she will give you a tranquilizer. That’s probably it – they’re gonna put you out for the whole thing. Makes sense.

You drop your jeans to the floor, hesitate for a moment, then slide your shorts off as well. You slip on the useless paper gown, not sure which side to put the opening. (You opt for front, in a moment of wishful thinking.) You bend over to lay the folded jeans and shorts on the chair when you feel a distinct breeze on your butt. You turn around to find the woman standing there, grinning, staring directly at it.

“Good work,” she says. Then she offers her hand, “My name is Nurse Francy and I hear we have a little problem.”

“Well, I just tend to get a little nervous, that’s all. And this isn’t helping, I can tell you that.”

Nurse Francy laughs. “Well, it will – I can tell YOU that. Have a seat for a second.”

You sit down, magazine on your lap to hide your swelling cock.

“Well, basically, I’m here to teach you to relax so that a thorough exam can take place … without injury. To anyone. From going over your records I can see why I was brought in. So … lets get started.”

You are in shock.

“Hop up on this examination table and lay back.”

You do as she says. Let’s just get this over with.

She removes her jacket and pushes up her sleeves as she wheels a small stool over and sits on it.

“Now put your heels in these stirrups, please.”

You don’t recall ever having to do this, before. But you do it … finding it awfully revealing. The stirrups force your legs open and apart and under your gown you feel the cool air on your balls and cock which has shriveled back down due to abject fear.

Nurse Francy wheels herself up to the table, between your legs.

“Now, the procedures I’m about to administer to you have a very distinct purpose – to relax you. While some of them may seem unorthodox to you, I can assure you they are extremely effective. Let’s begin.”

Do I have a choice? I think not.

Nurse Francy pulls on her examining gloves with a snap and lifts your gown to your waist. You are entirely exposed to her and are trying to act cool. The more relaxed you get the faster this is over, right?

She lays her surprisingly warm hands on the insides of your thighs and presses them open even more.

“Ahh,” she says, staring intently at your package. “Very good. Proportional. I’ll need to see that engorged a little later on.”

Did you hear right? Probably not.

She runs her finger along your thigh and around your whole groin area. Huh?

Then takes the same finger down from under your balls and lightly traces you crack. You clench your butt cheeks.

“You, my dear man, are entirely too tense. But don’t you worry,” she leans down and kisses the head of your cock, “I’ll take care of that right now.”

She pushes herself away from the table and opens her briefcase, which, it turns out is a kit, of sorts. She extracts a large tube of something with a long applicator tip, and wheels herself back between your legs.

She tilts the stirrups so that they push your knees more towards your chest, exposing more of your butt than you had hoped at this stage of the game. You close you eyes, and squint.

Very gently and delicately, Nurse Francy parts your buttocks and places the rounded tip of the applicator right at the entrance or your rectum. You gasp.

“Oh, this is fine. You are going to like this, trust me.”

She then squeezes the tube, producing a large dollop of lubrication covering your anal opening. It’s weird. Cool and refreshing, in a way.

Just as you get used to that idea, you realize that she is now sliding it about a ½ inch into your anus. Suddenly you feel a cool rush of gel entering you and it doesn’t stop.

“Normally I apply a small amount, but given your history,” Nurse Francy says, matter–of-factly, “I believe the entire tube is in order, don’t you think?”

Think? You can’t think, the feeling of being filled by this cool goo has your mind in a swirl. You grunt something like, “Yeh.”

She removes the empty tube and throws it away. You can hear her wheeling around and wonder what is in store. The gel inside you has had a somewhat calming effect and you feel a little dreamy as you stare up at the ceiling.

Suddenly you feel it, the tip of her gloved finger at the entrance to your anus. You clench immediately.

“Don’t worry,” says Nurse Francy, “I’m not going to move my finger in until you are more than ready. But, tell me, how does this feel?”

She begins to lightly tap on your anus, which feels amazingly … pleasant. The stickiness of the gel oozing from it creates a clicking noise with each tap and you find it somewhat hypnotic.

“Okay,” tuzla escort bayan you murmur.

Your anus itself begins to slowly unclench and you find that you’ve come to like the short little taps. You’ve come to like them a lot.

“Now I am going to give you a series of instructions that you must follow to the best of your ability. Do you hear me?” asks Nurse Francy, in a very soothing voice.

You nod. And nod again. Whatever Nurse Francy says.

“Alright … I need your to open your anus as wide as you can. And remember, my finger will stay where it is.”

“Open my anus wide?” you think. How does one do that? But you concentrate, and try to do as she asks. You bear down mentally and …

“Very good, very good. But I need you to open it a little more.”

You find yourself feeling oddly proud that you “did good” for Nurse Francy. Not only that, you want to do better. You focus and try to open even more.

“Oh, you are doing very well. Excellent progress.” she says, almost as if talking to a student. “Now … I want you to tighten as much as you can.”

You get excited, you’re good at this one. Real good. You tighten your ass up into a ball.

“Whoa, not the buttocks … just your anus, please,” warns Nurse Francy.

Whoops … you don’t want another broken finger on your record … you try to focus just on your asshole, tightening and tightening.

“Good … and now open.”

“Make up your mind,” you think, “this I harder than it looks.” You concentrate on opening your asshole again, and find it a little easier.

“And … now tighten.”

Oh, I get it. It’s like isometrics. Okay, two can play at that game. You tighten up.


You open your ass.


You tighten your ass. This is fun, in a weird way. You’re starting to get off on following these instructions. Like, somehow, you have to do whatever Nurse Francy says and you have no say in it anymore.


You open.

“Wider now.”

You open wider.

“And wider still.”

You open your asshole so wide you can actually feel a rush of air slip in. It feels so good. Being open like this. Knowing that Nurse Francy is staring intently at your asshole … watching it … approving of it.

“Can you feel my finger?”

“UM, yes?” you say. But really it’s just the tip of her finger still waiting so patiently at the soft tissue of your open anus, but lets not split hairs.

“Good. Well, I want you to try to push my finger out from inside your rectum,” she says, sternly. “Can you do that?”

“I’ll try”. But you don’t want to try all that hard cause you don’t want her finger out … it feels too good. Still you do as she demands. You have to. She’s Nurse Francy.

As you push it out something miraculous happens … her finger seems to move in a little. Just a touch but you can now really feel it with your asshole. It feels comforting in a way. Knowing that it’s there. It feels so good, in fact, that you find you want to feel more of it for some reason. Why doesn’t she just move it forward, maybe, an inch?

You wait. No instructions. And that finger you like so much, is infuriatingly keeping is ground.

It feels so good and you feel so empty … maybe if you just moved a little bit up … you tilt your ass a bit upward and gasp as your asshole envelops the tip of her finger. It feels good, so good you tilt you ass up even more and your gel- filled asshole easily takes in another inch of her finger, past the ring of sphincter muscles and into your rectum. You suck in air, it feels so damn good.

“Verrrry good, verrry good,” purrs Nurse Francy. “I am so proud of you.”

Just the sound of her voice opens your asshole even more and you find yourself pushing up onto her finger and gobbling it into your ass. Ahhhh – what a feeling. Indescribable.

Your cock, which has been laying on your stomach, is beginning to poke you in this position, but you don’t care. You don’t care about anything except your ass and Nurse Francy’s stiff finger. You dig your heels into the stirrups and start to rock your ass up and down on it, sliding up and down, up and down, your asshole grabbing her knuckles as you do.

“Excellent … excellent,” growls Nurse Francy, her voice seeming to turn muskier than before. Is she actually enjoying this? “Now stop and stay open as wide as you can and remain still.”

It takes great discipline to do as she says, but you stop – already mourning this unbelievable feeling.

“Now, you can help me by holding your buttocks open. Can you do that?”

Gladly. Your hands shoot down to your ass and pull those cheeks open wide.

Suddenly , her finger thrusts deep into your asshole and you cry out in pleasure. She pulls it back out entirely and there is silence.

Then thrusts it down even deeper.

Then pulling it all the way out as your asshole quivers – open and waiting.

She thrusts her finger down to the hilt this time and your huge cock thunks against your stomach. You are so fucking hot at this point, you don’t care where you are or escort tuzla what is happening as long as it doesn’t stop.

“Now I am going to do a little pre-examination, if I may.”

“Be my guest”, you croak out. You feel her finger move around in there … probing every inch of your rectum … you open your mouth to say something but no words come out. You are in heaven. Please don’t ever let this stop.

But it does. Then swiftly changes to in and out … her finger dipping in and out of your tilted up ass, over and over, faster and faster. The gushing sounds of the gel inside you fill the room. You are beside yourself … your asshole opening wider and wider with each thrust.

And then it’s over.

You hear Nurse Francy wheel her chair back and you feel frantic. “NO. It can’t be over. I wasn’t done. I want more! No FAIR!” you think.

“Alrighty,” says Nurse Francy as she makes some notations in your file. “I’m gonna ask you to turn around and lay on the examination table, face down, if I may.”

You may, you may. You turn over quickly and lay down on the fake leather table. You wonder how this is going to work, since you’re laying so flat –

–then you hear a mechanical hum as the table moves upward and jackknifes, causing your ass to go up in the air while your legs and head face down. Ahhh, this is more like it.

You hear Nurse Francy going though her kit and the wheeling of her chair as it approaches the examination table behind him.

“Now. Lets have another look.”

She puts both hands up to your ass and spreads your cheeks with her palms while she uses her fingers to examine your asshole. She slips one finger from each hand and circles the rim with them – slowly getting wider and wider.

You could go to sleep while she does this, you feel so relaxed.

“Very nice,” she says. “You’re going to feel something cool and smooth.”

Whatever. Go for it. I’m with ya.

Just then something almost cold glides into your ass. It feels great.

“And now I want you to open like we did before.”

Sure, whatever you say, Sister.

You open your asshole just as you feel the cold thing inside you spread open with you. “Oh my god … she’s opening me up!” You want to clench but you are too relaxed and too turned on to bother. And by now, you’ve learned, open feels the best.

You are so open you can feel the air circulating in and around your rectum. Then you feel a tiny flutter in there. What is that? A feather? Oh my GOD, it feels good … she’s inserted a long thin feather in there … fluttering around, ever so lightly touching your tender tissue.

Then it’s gone. You hear notes being scribbled in your file again.

And just when you’re ready to protest this abandonment … you feel what seems to be tiny kisses on your ass cheeks … soft, cushiony sweet kisses. Are you imagining this? Surely this was not taught in Proctology 101. Or even in Advanced.

There you lay, butt up in the air, asshole wide open and sexy Nurse Francy’s kisses turn to licks … all over your cheeks and traveling down to the skin surrounding your gaping hole.

The licks travel even further down … to your exposed balls. Suddenly you feel one of your balls disappear into her mouth … all warm and wet. Your mind wants to explode … what is going on here?? She flicks her tongue all around it then moves to your other ball, swallowing it into her mouth.

While she laps up your balls, her hands go to your cock and surround your shaft … sliding up and down it. You want to cum but hold back … is it appropriate? What IS appropriate when your nurse has your balls in her mouth, her hands wrapped around your cock and a speculum up your ass?

She slips your cock up under your stomach, wedging it between your groin and the table. You hear some commotion in the room and her chair wheels backwards and she stands up to massage your legs and thighs and butt and back.

“Okay, we’re ready.” she says.

Just as you’re wondering if you’ll have to pay extra for this, you hear her high heels click on the linoleum as she walks around to the front of the table.

She walks up to you and stands there, her groin even with your face. You strain to look up at her face and see her smiling down at you, her eyes half lidded and pupils dilated.

“You have done such an excellent job today I would like to reward you,” she says surprisingly coy. “You’re a little old for a lollipop so I thought this might due.” At that, she hikes her tight straight black skirt up to her hips, revealing her bare, neatly trimmed pussy. She removes her gloves and tosses them aside as she reaches down and pulls her pussy lips apart, revealing her swollen clit.

You strain your head, your tongue out like a man crawling to water … she leans in and finally the two meet. She tastes as musky as her voice gets and you lap up all her pink folds and crevices … while she spreads her lips even wider for you.

Your arms are trapped by your side on the table and you try but can’t quite reach into her pussy with your tongue. She notices this and turns around and offers you her round ass cheeks. She turns her head, grinning at you, then bends over with her hands on her knees. Her cheeks part open revealing her twitching asshole and creamy pussy, dripping with juice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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