On Me Ch. 02

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“Come on, Lucas, you can do it!” Skylar said, slowly walking backward as she made it farther off the trail. “Just a few more steps, and we’re there!”

Lucas released his throbbing knee, wincing. “It hurts.”

“I know, baby, I know,” his girlfriend cooed. “But we’re literally there!” She pointed at the small clearing no more than a hundred feet away. “Look!”

Lucas set his eyes on the clearing. It looked magical from his vantage point, a hidden slice of paradise; just the way he remembered it.

He and his sister had discovered it nearly a decade ago during one of their explorations in the woods. At this time of day, the sun shone bright, yet only wisps of sunshine managed to pierce through the tall canopies. They hit the ground at different angles, bathing it in an almost mythical glow.

“Come on!” Skylar urged, rolling out a picnic blanket for them to laze on.

She unpacked the fruit and cheese they brought along with them and cast her gaze on her limping brother. A naughty thought came to her.

“Lucassss,” she hissed suggestively as she untied her long hair and thrust it backward, “when you get here, I have something for you…”

She sank to her knees and tugged her shirt up. Her pierced belly button came into view, and Lucas could feel the serpent between his legs twitching with life.

His sister harassed the little cross slinging off her navel, toying with it lasciviously. She then proceeded to uncover more of her slender abdomen until the bottom of her shirt was riding her brazier.

Lucas bit back a lewd smile. His knee may have been bothering him, but it was certainly not the only thing bothering him now. Or the most important one, for that matter.

Skylar drew it out, her shirt bunched around her breasts. Finally, she took it off with crossed arms and exposed her bra to him. It was in fuchsia, and her full bosom was snugly encased in it. She locked her sultry brown eyes onto her brother’s, loving the heat in his gaze as he closed the distance between them.

Lucas let go of his trusty cane and dropped to his knees. He laced his fingers in the mane of her hair, and his mouth sealed around hers.

“Mmmm…” Skylar hummed.

He squeezed her bubble butt, and his sister, palming his waist, voiced a moan of approval. She rid him of his shirt and fell onto her back, pulling him on top of her as she did.

Cradled between her legs, he kissed her while his right hand traced the curve of her hip. He was rock-hard, his member nestling along his little sister’s sex. Wearing short shorts, Skylar could easily feel his pole pressing up to her, and a delightful tingle danced along her virgin passage. She rolled them over, her kissing growing hotter, frenzied.

His hands found her pert ass once more, and he squeezed firmly while pulling her down on his hard-on. Skylar answered the call, and her hips began rolling. Lucas moaned into her kiss as the grinding of their genitals swiftly brought his desire to a delicious simmer.

His sister slowed down not long after before finally bringing her shapely hips to a full stop. Her lips sucked his tenderly until they sucked no more, and her head came to rest on his hard, naked chest.

Lucas drew meaningless patterns on her back while they listened to the peaceful sounds of the forest. He was excited to hold her like this, to feel the give of her bosom and the warmth of her cheek on his skin.

“Lucas?” Skylar murmured a few minutes later, her lush body slack atop his.


“When’d you know?”

His brows knitted together. “When did I know what?”

Her fingernail teased a circle around his nipple. “That things were… getting complicated between us.”

This required some thinking from her brother. “Ummm… probably that day I grabbed your ass.”

Skylar broke into husky laughter.

Lucas chuckled along while he kneaded the bloom of her backside. It felt heavenly, just as it had that day. “What about you?”

“Remember when I brought you lemonade when you were doing your workout?”

“Really?” he murmured, a note of surprise in his voice.

“Yeah. There was some serious tension between us.”

Lucas thought of that day. He couldn’t recall it all that well, but he would take her word for it.

Skylar lifted her head and sucked his nipple into her mouth. She flicked her tongue at it and sucked again, her hand tight on his waist. She was hooked on the feeling, of holding onto his tapering waist. Her brother was toned as fuck, and it made her nipples pucker and pussy salivate. She had always been a horny little girl, but never more so with him.

“You’re so fucking hot, bro…” she confessed as she suckled his small bud into hardness.

Lucas bit back a moan, his prick flexing under her curvaceous frame. His body pulsed with heat as his nipple thickened between her pretty lips. He caressed up and down her spine, and his fingers soon gravitated to her bra. He briefly fiddled with the clasp, making his intentions known, before he moved to unlatch it.

Although Skylar güvenilir bahis suspected what her brother was up to, she still gasped when her bra snapped open. She wasn’t alarmed however but excited. Her skin prickled, and her nipples swelled, craving his warm mouth. She sat up, straddling his abdomen, and her bra slid off of her with very little fanfare.

Lucas’s eyes grew wide, and his cock sprang taut. “Oh, wow…”

Skylar swept her long hair back, giggling sweetly.

Her brother licked across his lip, drinking in his bare-breasted sister. “Man, did you grow up while I was gone.”

Skylar felt herself blushing at the remark. She felt herself getting wetter, as well.

She massaged her boobs for him, pushing them together. “Yeah, I guess I was smaller then.”

“Way, way smaller…”

She molded her breasts some more as she studied his rapt expression. “They’re kinda awesome, aren’t they?”

Lucas nibbled his lip, his hungry eyes feasting on the teardrop-shaped mounds. “Fuck yeah, they are!”

Skylar laughed. She was enjoying his reaction immensely.

“Goddamn, Sky…”

His kid sister was a top-tier babe. Lithe, curvy, and as pretty as a Barbie. She was such a slender little package. Her tummy trimmed, her ass a succulent peach, and her rack could make a grown man weep with anticipation. Dear god, she was so top-heavy.

He drew her to his impatient kiss, and Skylar freed a salacious whimper when their lips locked. She felt his hand mounting the pliant swell of her tit, and she scooted forward in pursuit of easier access.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, driving every ounce of her hefty tit into his palm.

Lucas grasped it covetously, and Skylar nipped his lip in encouragement. Like her brother, her nipples were very sensitive, and his manly touch set her on fire. They kissed with wild abandon, mauling at one another, gasping hotly when they came up for air.

Eyelids drooping with sex, the hot brunette guided her breast to her bro’s mouth and fed him the tip. The flesh of her nipple crystallized upon suction, and she could sense her arousal sprawling unchecked.

“Yes, baby, awwwwww,” she moaned, “Oh, I so love your mouth on me…”

Lucas tweaked one nipple while his teeth grazed the length of its twin. Skylar jerked and whimpered at his ministrations, the heat between her legs fanning out. Swirling her hips, she rubbed her aching pussy on him, grinding her clit on his rippling abs. She didn’t want to come though, knowing she would absolutely cream her panties.

Her breasts flattened on his chest when their tongues danced again. Lucas breathed out a primal moan when her meaty nipples pricked his. He rolled them over, positioning his hotty sister on her back while he molded her tit. Skylar undid the button of his denim shorts, then the zipper, and her fingers muscled into his underwear.

“Fuck, you’re so hard,” she hissed through clenched teeth, fisting the dome of his penis. “Why do you gotta be so hard, huh?”

Lucas responded with an eager thrust, sliding his cock in her delicate fist. He moved to suck on her regal neck, planting passionate kisses across her throat. Her teardrop breast remained firmly in his possession as he continued to stimulate her nipple between his knuckles.

“Goddamn you, Lucas…” Skylar whimpered, her eighteen-year-old body shivering with lust. She tugged at the slick head of his cock. “Look what you’re making me do…”

Lucas kissed her, his tongue spiraling into her sweet sisterly mouth. His balls churned with cum when he fished the lube from the backpack resting beside them. He hitched his denim shorts down along with his boxer briefs and mounted her.

Skylar couldn’t help but give her lip a hungry nibble when he straddled her chest. Her mouth watered and her pussy clenched when his dick swung heavily into view.

She studied him, memorizing the curve of his member, the contours of the prune, and the girth of the vein running along the backbone of the shaft. He was breathtaking. She pressed her legs together as the excitement began to slicken her crotch.

Lucas squeezed out a glob and began lubing his kid sister’s perfect bust. Skylar still hadn’t taken her sinful eyes off of his equipment while he kneaded her fatty globes excitedly; she was entranced.

She snapped into focus however when he laid his erection in the valley of her breasts. Dear lord, she was so thickly lubricated for him, like in those sleazy porn videos. Where did he even get the lube from?

“Squeeze your tits around me,” he instructed, his voice brooking no opposition.

Tentative, Skylar reached for the glossy swells and sandwiched him.

Lucas began rocking, rubbing his full length between the suffocating mounds of fat. As heavenly as it felt, it might have even looked better, as the cocoon turned into a glistening butterfly when he pushed all the way.

It wasn’t his first time fucking a girl’s tits, but the pair of tits clamping down onto him now was by far the most arousing. He wouldn’t take long, he knew, having türkçe bahis by now been consumed with the illicit fantasy.

“Damn, Sky, I can’t believe how good your tits feel,” he breathed. “I’ve wanted this for so freaking long.”

Skylar may have heard him, but she wasn’t present, at least not fully. It was the look on her big brother’s face that held her attention now. He didn’t look like himself, and he didn’t sound like himself, like the brother she’d known all of her life. This was a very different side of him, a carnal one.

She’d seen this look before plenty of times on her hormone-crazed boyfriends, but… never on him. And it was both jarring and exciting beyond belief. The way he was using her now, grinding his hard cock against the slick inner curves of her breasts, grasping her sides as he branded her young sternum with his burning need…

“Feels good?” she asked meekly.

“Fuck yeah, it does,” he breathed. “And it’s virtually all I’ve been thinking about ever since you told me about your ex titty-fucking you.”

Skylar bit her bottom lip, hard, and her legs closed shut. He was tapping into her kinks, into her darkest desires, and it was turning her on so badly!

Suddenly, she was kicked into a hyper-sensitive state never experience before where she was so deeply attuned to every part of her body. She could feel her nipples engorging, her netherlips plumping up, and the abundance of juices percolating from her tight little virgin hole. If he were to so much as breathe on her clit, she might just seriously faint.

“Curl your nipples, baby. Go on, do it.”

Securing him between her lubed breasts, she teased the glistening sickles, stroking their length, lightly tweaking them.

“Give them a tug for me.”

She gently plucked them, her timid brown eyes seeking his approval.

“I said, give’ em a fucking tug!”

“Lucasssss!” she pleaded huskily, and a single drop of wetness rolled down her slender thigh.

Why did he have to go all crazy on her?! Couldn’t he see what it was doing to her?!

She pulled again, this time, yanking on the springy flesh.

“Pinch them.”

She pinched them, as hard as she could take it, until they crimsoned and throbbed in protest.

“Oh fuck,” Lucas moaned breathily.

There was no way he wasn’t coming soon, enveloped in the slick mounds of her tits and watching her following his orders to the letter.

He pulled his cock from the clutch of her breasts, and his knees shuffled as he aligned himself with those beautiful succulent lips. He trailed their joining with the billowing head, tainting them in precum as he probed for an entry.

Holding his lustful gaze, Skylar swiped a tongue at the pre-coital fluids seeping from the slit. A tremor lurched up her spine as she was reminded of the taste, of that wonderful creaminess of a man. Damn, it’d been so long since she sucked dick, too long!

“Fuck, it feels so good, Sky,” he breathed when her hot, pink tongue swirled around the underside of his helmet. “Take me into your mouth.”

Skylar propped herself up on her arms, and her lips parted for him. Lucas fed her the prune, and his girlfriend gave a wanton hum as sucked him halfway into her mouth. Her head gracefully undulated, her pouty lips hugging him tightly, as she looked up into his eyes with the most docile look Lucas had ever seen.

“God, you look so fucking perfect with my cock in your mouth…”

“Mhmmmmmmm…” she hummed pathetically, loving the dirty talk.

She felt him pushing deeper into her mouth, and tears pricked her doe eyes when he eventually prodded the bend of her throat. His hands then clasped on the back of her head, and Skylar just knew that he was going to force-feed her. This wasn’t her first rodeo.

“Oh my god, baby,” he whimpered, squeezing every inch he had into that sizzling little mouth. “Oh my g-god…”

“ECCHHH…” his little sister replied as his long hard cock stretched her throat out.

Moments like these made Skylar so relieved that she’d taken the time to eliminate that pesky gagging reflex early on in her teens. She’d practiced for months, deep-throated on bananas, zucchinis, cucumbers, gradually wearing her gagging reflex down. By the time she’d started dating her second boyfriend, it was a non-issue.

“Fuck, sis, your mouth is the best,” Lucas panted drunkenly, relishing the vibrations emanating from her gripping throat. “I need your mouth so fucking bad…”

“Ecchhh-ecchhh …” Skylar sounded while craning her neck.

She looked up at him as saliva furrowed her chin, building thicker around her cock-sucking lips. Her brother was up to the hilt in her mouth for what seemed like forever, and she was finding it hard to breathe. Her face grew hot, and the vein on her forehead bulged. It was then when he pulled out.

Her chest heaved and her big filmy eyes bled mascara, yet her flushed face radiated intense lust. She couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t into skull-fucking, that she wasn’t absolutely loving it when he deep-throated güvenilir bahis siteleri her. It wasn’t as if her brother didn’t already know that she was a perverted little sub.

Lucas was on fire, feeling the luscious brushstrokes of her tongue on his column before her hot kisses found his scrotum. He pulled his wet mast to his stomach and dunk his brimming testicles in that gorgeous teenage mouth. Skylar hummed deliciously as she slurped on one large orb, then the other, before she took the pair.

“Ohhhhhhh… oh my god,” Lucas moaned, basking in the feeling of his testicles gently being sucked on. “Oh my god, Sky…”

Skylar gave it her all as she made love to his balls. She kissed them, sucked them, and massaged them on her pink little tongue. Her worshiping eyes, though, were fixed on her bro’s cock. It looked intimidating, pulled snuggly to his chiseled abs. She was so ready to take it on again.

Lucas released his testicles from her slurping mouth before he swayed, allowing his sister to kiss and lick at his perineum. The tip of her tongue came perilously close to his butthole, which elicited a groan from deep in his throat. The excitement scorched up his length, and a tingly ache flared across his sensitive cock head.

He grabbed his dick and lined it up with the smoking brunette’s mouth. He cleaved her lips, and she sucked him readily, sliding him along her pleasuring tongue. His fingers laced together behind the back of her head, and his member again curved down her throat.


He drew back before he deep-throated her again, gently at first, but then increasingly less so. He wanted to come so badly, and he wasn’t giving a shit anymore. He was going to go balls-deep in that submissive wet hole until he came.

“Ecchhh! Ecchhh! Ecchhh! Ecchhh!…”

“That’s it, Sky, just let me do it.”

“Ecchhh! Ecchhh! Ecchhh! Ecchhh!…”

“I want you to swallow my cum so bad.”

“Ecchhh! Ecchhh! Ecchhh! Ecchhh!…”

Lucas was virtually ramming into her slobbering little mouth, but he was too far gone to care. Her ex hadn’t cared, so why the fuck should he? And he wanted the full experience. He was so needy as he repeatedly plunged into her face.

He pulled out halfway before he again sheathed himself in his kid sister’s squelching throat. Man, she could suck dick, taking every inch of cock flesh he could offer. And she was doing it with an obedient look on her face, blaring out those scrumptious noises when he bottomed out.

His breathing turned ragged as pressure surged within the shaft. “Sky, I’m…”

Mascara streaked her stunning face when she looked up at him pleadingly with a mouth full of cock.

Yeah, that was definitely it for him.


“ECCHHH! ACCHHHH!” Skylar voiced, his ropes lashing the back of her clenching throat.

“Oh, fuck, baby, swallow… just fuckin’ swallow…”

Skylar belted out a gurgling number as he flushed his seed down her gullet. Unable to use her jaw, she gagged, and her bro’s creamy produce frothed across her lips. Apathetic to her struggles, Lucas pulled sharply on the back of her head and bottomed out again.

Her eyes bugged out, her sight blurry, as she was being forced on his full throbbing length. Bare-breasted, face running with mascara, she could but swallow as her big needful brother drained his big hose in her poor clasping throat.

“Oh, f-fuck… oh, god…”

Lucas stroked his wilting cock in her mouth, squeezing out the dregs onto her cummy tongue. Skylar looked up at him so innocently as she slurped on the oozing tip. Her brother heaved a groan of bliss and slipped out of her capable mouth, knowing that all of his swimmers now pooled in her small belly.

* * * * *

“Hey, honey,” Suzan said when her husband returned from work.

Samuel loosened his tie and kissed his wife. They made the briefest of small talks before he disappeared into their bedroom and her attention returned to her Cosmo.

Lucas was sitting alongside his mother, watching TV and utterly unfazed. He and his father were adept at ignoring one another.

It was a Wednesday evening, and he was watching tennis, a Masters 1000 quarterfinal. It was one of the more intriguing matches of the tournament pitting veteran and living legend Novac Djokovic against an up-and-coming talent no older than Lucas himself.

Many pundits believed the young man had what it took to break through the hegemony of the Big Three, a group of players that had been dominating the sport for more than a decade now. Currently, they were tied a set apiece, and Lucas would be very surprised if the mighty Serb lost the match, but he could easily see this 6′ 6 Lithuanian becoming a household name someday.

Lucas was hardly a sports fan, but he had been drawn to tennis since he was a kid. It was a unique sport, where one’s will, stamina, and raw talent are tested to the fullest. Players could be slugging it out for hours at a time, sometimes across two days, and swings in momentum can be quite exhilarating.

His father was also a fan, and when Lucas was younger, they would attend at least one big tournament a year, as a family. It was one of the few things he could bond with his father over, something he was no longer interested in.

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