On the Sofa

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Big Tits

Ella pulled back the shower curtain and stepped out the shower, shivering as the cool air hit her warm, damp body. Grabbing her towel, she wrapped it around her body, and picked up her toothbrush. She began to brush her teeth, wandering into her bedroom to pull out tonight’s outfit from the wardrobe and onto her bed. Ella was meeting a guy tonight, Ben, someone she’d met on Tinder, a dating app. He looked good in his photos, tall, dark hair, broad shoulders… and they’d been texting for a few days and she really felt as though they had a connection. Ella wasn’t looking for a relationship as such, but it would be nice to see someone, and recently she had been feeling lonely during the nights. She missed having someone there to wrap her arms round in her sleep, to intertwine her legs with and press her face against. But most of all she missed having someone to hold her down and fuck her, and she thought Ben might fulfil that role quite well.

Fresh and clean from the shower, Ella pulled on a pair of black lace panties, the kind she reserved for nights like these because they made her bum look peachy and round. She had been feeling horny all day with the anticipation of tonight and its possibilities, and she gently rubbed her pussy through the lace absent-mindedly. She really hoped she fancied him in person, because she needed this. The last thing she wanted to happen was for the evening to be a flop because she wasn’t attracted to him. She didn’t feel concerned that he wouldn’t like her: whilst she knew she probably wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, she was attractive and she knew men liked her. She loved to laugh and had a nice smile, and her eyes were dark and warm, framed by long, thick lashes, and she had pink, full lips. She pulled on the rest of her clothes and hastily applied some make-up to her face, emphasising her features.

Ready to go, Ella grabbed her bag and coat, slipped on her shoes, and made her way to the bar they were meeting at. She felt confident in her looks, but she couldn’t help the butterflies rising in her stomach; dates always made her a little bit nervous. She hoped there wouldn’t be any awkward silences. As she walked, she took deep breathes, trying to calm the squirming in her stomach, and prevent the prickle of sweat she could feel under her arms. Instead, she reaffirmed some positive mantras in her head: you are funny; you look good; why wouldn’t he like you? She checked her phone; she had a message from Ben, letting her know that he had a seat in the bar by the window. She was almost there and had to pause for a moment to compose herself: knowing that he would be able to watch her approach had made her even more nervous.

Reaching the bar, she saw him instantly, sitting in the window. He looked exactly like he did in his photos, which was a relief. He’d already spotted her and he raised his hand to acknowledge her, smiling. She waved back, and opened the glass door, suddenly terrified she was going to trip or stumble in her heeled boots. She walked towards him and he got out of his seat, kissing her on the cheek.

‘Hey,’ he croaked, and then coughed. ‘Sorry. Wow. You look amazing.’

Ella could feel her cheeks warming, and laughed. ‘Thanks, you look nice too. I’m glad I spotted you istanbul escort right away, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to see you and that I’d embarrass myself.’

Ben laughed too. ‘Me too, that’s kinda why I took this seat. So I would have time to spot you… Did you want a drink?’

‘Um, yes please. I actually feel really nervous! I wasn’t expecting to feel like this.’

Ben looked a little taken aback by her honesty, and then laughed. ‘Don’t be nervous. This will be fun, I promise. To be honest, I was a bit nervous too.’

‘Good,’ Ella replied. ‘Well, I’m having fun already.’

‘So what would you like to drink?’ Ben asked.

‘I don’t mind! I’ll just have whatever you’re having.’

‘Well… I just had a beer but I thought I might move onto a G Ben’s eyes were so dark and deep that she felt dizzy. He shifted forwards, pressing more of him against her: now his thigh was alongside hers. He reached down and brushed his fingers over hers: they felt cool against her fingers, which were hot with the sexual excitement that was coursing through her body.

They continued talking for a while, but both of them were becoming increasingly distracted. Eventually, Ben leaned his head closer to hers, and murmured, ‘So what do you want to do?’

Ella could feel her heart beating in her chest, and she felt warm all over. ‘I don’t mind… What do you want to do?’

‘I think you do mind,’ Ben replied quietly, a small smirk on his face. He had clearly grown in confidence throughout the evening.

Ella smiled slowly, both embarrassed and aroused. ‘Do you want to come back to mine?’ she asked.

Ben sat looking at her for a few moments, the smirk still on his face. He looked sexy. He stood up. ‘Yeah, I really do.’

She followed suit, standing and pulling her coat on, picking up her bag from the floor, and they walked out, Ben behind her. Once outside, he stood facing her, and she could really appreciate how tall he was: at least 6″2. He smiled slowly at her, his teeth white in the dark evening, and she thought he looked almost wicked. She could feel the blood pounding in her body; she wanted nothing more than to be completely ravished by this guy.

So, Ella,’ he began. ‘Do you live close by? Or do we need to get a taxi?’

‘It’s about a 20 minute walk so maybe a taxi is better.’ She replied.

As they walked towards the nearest taxi rank, both of them were quiet, heavy with the anticipation of what was to come. They clambered into the back of the first taxi, knees pressed together again, and they turned to each other. She looked up into his eyes and she felt like she was sinking again; the air between them was suddenly hot and heavy and she was struggling to remember to breathe. Ben moved his hand up to her jaw and he leaned his head down to hers, pressing his lips against her lips. She responded instantly with a little moan, muffled against his mouth. He kissed her harder, moving his hand from the side of her face to behind her head, tangling his fingers in her hair. She opened her mouth and she felt his tongue flick against her tongue, and she moaned again. She placed her hand on his thigh, and slowly moved it up his body until she avcılar escort had her hand pressed against his crotch, and she could feel his boner straining against his jeans: he was big. She traced the outline of his cock with her finger, feeling more confident now she knew how much he wanted her. He was gripping her hair harder now, and his free hand was creeping under her top, desperate to feel her bare skin.

The taxi came to a halt and Ben dug some cash out of his wallet. Climbing out, Ella pulled Ben towards her front door and fumbled with her keys, her hands trembling, this time from excitement rather than nerves. As soon as they were inside, Ben pressed Ella against the wall, pulling her coat off her and trailing kisses down her neck and collarbone. Ella pulled his face up and pressed her lips against his, intertwining their tongues, and this time, he was the one to moan. She moved her hand to his shirt, unbuttoning the top buttons desperately, eager to feel his chest against hers. Ben followed suit, lifting her top off her, until her hands were above her head and her top was around her wrists. With one hand, Ben pressed her hands against the wall, whilst his other hand crept under her skirt, slowly inching upwards until he found her lace-clad pussy. Barely touching her, he lightly stroked her pussy lips through the fabric. His mouth found her ear. ‘You’re so wet, I can feel through your panties.’

He hooked his finger under the edge of her panties and Ella trembled with desire, desperate to feel his fingers inside her. But he only teased her, running his finger along the outside of her pussy, making her groan with frustration. He let go of her hands above her head and she took the opportunity to shake the top off from around her wrists, and carry on unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it off him. He removed his hand from her panties, allowing the shirt to drop to the ground. He had a toned body, strong-looking, with only a smattering of light brown hairs across his chest. She ran her hands over his torso, enjoying the sensation of firm muscle under her fingertips, and then moved her hands to the buckle of his belt. He smiled at her, letting her unbuckle it and undo his flies. She slipped her hand into the front of his jeans, now feeling his dick through his boxers, free from the earlier constraints of his jeans. He groaned as she gripped his member, and she relished in the feel of it: thick, hot, hard. It was perfect.

‘Fuck,’ he groaned. ‘I really fucking want you.’ He pulled her hand off him and pushed her through into the next room, the lounge. Pulling her skirt down, and then her panties, he turned her around and pushed her over the arm of the sofa, and he knelt down so he had a good view of her wet pussy and her asshole.

‘Fuck me,’ he groaned again. ‘You look so good.’ Ella could barely believe this was happening, it was far more erotic than she had anticipated. Ben gently stroked her slit with one finger, from her opening to her clit, and she gasped in pleasure. He repeated the motion, making her cry out with desire, desperate for more. Then, he slowly pushed his middle finger into her, sliding it in and out, before adding another finger. Her pussy walls contracted around him, she felt şirinevler escort like she was close to cumming, despite so little physical contact. She was so aroused. He pressed his fingers deep into her and wiggled them, and she groaned, face pushed against the sofa. Gathering some of her moisture on the thumb of his other hand, he circled her asshole, without putting it inside her.

‘Oh my god,’ she gasped out. ‘Don’t stop.’ He continued his actions, his fingers probing deep inside her, other fingered grazing her clit as he moved them back and forth, he thumb pressing against her asshole. She reached climax easily, her pussy spasming around his fingers. He removed his hands and pressed his face against her, lapping at her juices, before lightly licking her clit. She gasped, as her clit was sensitive after her orgasm, but as he continued, she could feel another orgasm building.

‘You taste amazing,’ he murmured, before continuing to lick her pussy. He gripped her hips, pulling her against his face, and he drove his tongue inside her, desperate for more. He moved his hands to her bum cheeks, pulling them apart, and he administered the same attention to her asshole, flicking his tongue across it before probing it with the tip. No one had done this to Ella before, and she groaned at the wantonness of it: it felt so dirty yet so good.

‘I need you to fuck me,’ she gasped into the sofa cushions. She felt him pause behind her. He stood up, and pulled her upright, turning her around so they were face to face. She perched her bottom on the arm of the sofa, and pulled his face down to hers and kissed him, tasting her juices on his mouth. They both moaned as their tongues touched, their kiss becoming sloppier and more intense. She opened her legs and pulled him towards her, until his cock, which was painfully erect, was positioned at her entrance. Slowly, he pushed himself inside her, and she dug her nails into his shoulders at the intensity of the sensation. He was big, and thick, stretching her wide. He bottomed out, and she ground herself against him, her clit throbbing. He hadn’t even began thrusting and it already felt so good.

Ben’s lips found hers again, and they kissed as he drew back and slowly slid in and out of her. She cried out in pleasure, her lips against his. She couldn’t stop moaning now as he thrust harder and faster; all of a sudden he picked her up, still deep inside her, and placed her down so she was lying on her back on the sofa, and he was on top of her. He was fucking her more slowly now, but deep and hard, each stroke lasting a few seconds. He moved one hand to her clit, circling it lightly with his thumb. Her legs began to shake and she was climaxing again, and for a moment he had to pause and compose himself.

He started fucking her again, his abdomen pressing against her clit with every thrust. She grabbed his bum and pulled him harder into her, increasing his tempo, and within moments she was cumming again, crying out his name. He fucked her harder, aware that he was quickly losing all composure. Harder and harder he slammed into her until he groaned, as hot gushes of his jizz spurted out deep inside her. He groaned again and collapsed onto her. They lay there a while, both sweaty and out of breath, in a post-sex fug. Eventually, he rolled off her, keeping his arms wrapped around her.

‘That was amazing,’ she said, finally.

He looked at her and smiled. He lifted a hand and stroked a few stray strands of hair off her face. ‘It was amazing for me too. Give me an hour and I’ll make you feel even better than you do right now.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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