One Last Lesson

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Author’s note: This is not a long story, but it probably has a higher percentage of build up than my other ones. I like the back story, but if you get the idea and want to skip to the naughty part I have added two rows of “$$$$$$$$$$” when that starts.


“Ya ummmmm they are a little bigger then I thought they would be.” Angela said to the drama teacher.

“Well, ya I guess they do look a lot bigger in a classroom.” he replied. “There is only a few weeks left in the year though, with the construction I need to stash them somewhere until August. Can they please stay?”

Angela sighed and looked at the acoustic panels that had just been stacked along that back wall of her room. “Ya I mean, whatever. They have to be gone before the start of next year though.”

“Oh ya, no problem.” He said already heading out of the door before she could change her mind.


“No dude it was awesome. We crushed them in like 15 minutes.”

Angela looked up, who was talking? She glanced around her study hall and everything seemed in order but that voice had sounded like someone was talking right next to her.

“You didn’t win in 15 minutes, that’s impossible.”

There it was again! Angela looked up but everyone was where they were supposed to be. Instead of going back to her grade book she watched the room. There were only about a dozen students in the room so she felt like she should be able to figure this out.

“I’m telling you it was the best we have ever played.”

Angela scanned across the room as she heard it again.

“OK I guess that’s cool.”

Holden and Greg! They were the only two talking so it must be them, but they were in the very back of the room, how was she hearing them so clearly?

It took her about three minutes to realize it was those panels that had been put behind and next to where they sit, they must be projecting the sound forward. She got up and moved towards the white board, and the voices disappeared even though she could see they were still talking.

She sat back down at her desk and they returned. She smiled as they chatted about what she thought was video games and reminded herself to adjust the panels, she shouldn’t be eavesdropping on students.

The next day as students meandered in for study hall Angela realized she hadn’t adjusted anything. She figured she would just stay away from her desk and do it right after class.

It only took about 10 minutes before she realized she could be getting a lot more done if she sat at her desk. Angela figured hearing a little more video game talk wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Dude, it’s not that big of a deal, she does it for everyone.” Greg said.

Angela tried to concentrate on grading her classes final papers.

“I don’t know, seems kinda like a big deal, and she does not do it for everyone.” Holden whispered back.

‘No, dude really, if you just hang out for a while and then ask her if she wants to go for a walk. Like seriously she does it for everyone, I know at least 40 guys just in our senior class.”

Angela was not going to be able to grade any papers now. She assumed they were talking about some kinda sex but had no idea who they were talking about.

“Dude, there is no way Pen has blown 40 guys. No way” Holden said.

Angela realized then she couldn’t let her face show that she was listening in, because she had audible gasped when Holden had said Penelope, the class salutatorian, had given 40 guys blow jobs.

Gregg and Penelope were two of Angela’s favorite students. They both had been in all of her honors classes, they had done a truly above average amount of volunteer work and really seemed genuinely nice to their classmates.

Holden though was different. He too had done all the same resume notes as Gregg and Pen, as everyone called her, but there was something extra special about him. He had an earnestness, and his nose. Angela couldn’t’ tell if his glasses looked so cute in a goofy way because his nose was crooked, or if wearing such ridiculous glasses made his nose seem extra crooked.

Also somehow how all of his shirts fit wrong. His short sleeved shirts all were too short which made his arms look extra scrawny, but his long sleeve shirts were all too long, which also made him seem smaller then he was, but in a different way. It all added up to the most adorable student Angela had worked with in her.

But now he was sitting there talking about blow jobs like every other eighteen year old boy.

“It’s true, she was really good at it too.” Gregg said, referring back to the apparent blow job he got from Penelope.

“How would you even know if someone was good? You’ve had one other girl go down on you.” Holden said.

“Two other girls, and believe me she was really good at it. It was like porn. You really should ask her. I swear she will say yes.”

Holden leaned back and seemed to be casino siteleri thinking very deeply.


Angela listened to these conversations for the final three weeks of the school year. It appeared the first day’s video game talk had been the exception as almost every conversation they had was about sex in some way.

It became obvious pretty early on that Gregg was not very experienced but he was a bonafide porn star compared to Holden. Angela was not confident Holden had even seen a woman’s breasts in person.

Angela also learned so many other details and rumors about the rest of her students.

At graduation Angela watched Lyndsey Monomar smile as her mother took her pitcher, but Angela was picturing her giving James Napolini a rim job. She watched Pam Hurshfield give her mother a kiss on the cheek with the same mouth that she was able to supposedly fit Marcus Singelton and Arie Kight’s cocks in at the same time.

One after the next, walking across the stage, Anglea thinking about how Christan Wood had been caught trying to steal Daniel Norris’ panties from a party, and how Gary Galloway had sent a video of himself cumming onto his own face to Tonya Brown’s older brother instead of her and that is why he had a black eye for prom. It made graduation much more interesting than it normally was.


“I can’t wait to see you guys tonight! It’s been so long!” Angela was trying to act upbeat but she knew this was a pity get together. Angela had found pictures of some slut her boyfriend had found online and now her friends were going to give her a couple hours so they felt like good people.


Angela sat in the back of an Uber at 9:45 already on her way home from her night out. She was so disappointed in her friends for how lame they had been. Dinner was barely over before Meghan had taken off and the other two were quickly behind her. She had stayed at the bar for three more drinks because there was no way she was going home sober. Talk about a disappointing night.

“Hey wait, pull in here and let me out. I’ll grab another ride.” Angela said pointing to a Taco Bell. Angela had been trying to eat healthy and she hadn’t had the fake Mexican food she had always liked in months.

As the first glorious bit hit her taste buds she looked across the room and saw Gregg getting out of a booth with a girl she did not recognize. As they moved out of the way she saw Holden now sitting alone with Penelope. He looked nervous which made Angela think he must not have had much success with the ladies since graduation.

She could tell Holden was talking but couldn’t hear anything, however could see he was touching his face an incredible amount. Who touched their face that much?

Angela felt bad for him, she assumed he was trying to make a move on her but he looked like he was trying to tell someone to steal third base from across the field.

About a minute later Penelope stood up and threw her tray away before waving goodbye to Holden and left.

Holden watched her leave and then put his face back into his hands.

Angela dropped herself into the seat across from him. “Looks like that didn’t go your way.” She opened with, realizing she was a little more drunk then she thought as she suppressed a giggle.

“Oh umm hi Miss……”

Angela cut him off ” You graduated, you can call me Angela. You must be leaving for college soon.”

“Ummm ya actually I leave next Saturday.” Holden said.

“You’re going to do great.” Angela said smiling.

“I hope so.” He replied. “I don’t know, it’s kinda intimidating.” He added.

“Oh don’t feel bad because Penelope didn’t want to go for a walk tonight.” Angela said putting a finger over her lips as she realized she should have kept that to herself.

There was a long pause as they stared at each other. Finally Angela broke the silence when she started laughing. “OK OK, so once those things from the drama department got stacked up behind you I could hear your conversations with Gregg during study hall.”

Angela could see Holden slowly processing this, “Oh my god.” He finally said. “I ummm I’m going to go.” He said standing up.

“Holden, relax, it was funny!” He didn’t stop, so she went after him.

“Holden!” She yelled as she got to the parking lot. He turned around and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to say then. “Ummmmm can I have a ride?”

“Really?” He asked.

Angela had surprised herself with the question. “Ummmmm ya, do you mind?” She said calculating how long it would take for another Uber to get there.

“OK sure.” Holden said.

They rode in silence for a few minutes. “What are you intimidated by?” Angela asked.

Holden glanced over at her. “Umm what?”

Angela was afraid she was slurring her words. She took a breath, “You said it was intimidating, what are you worried about?”

“Oh I mean, canlı casino nothing really, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Holden mumbled.

Angela looked at him from the side of her eye. “You know you will do great in your classes.”

“Shit” Holden said as he missed a turn “I’m sure I’ll be fine in class. I don’t know if I’m gonna get along with my roommate.”

Angela smiled. “You just need confidence, fake it if you need to. Most people are.”

“I don’t even know what to fake.” Holden mumbled missing a second turn. He was now driving completely the opposite direction from Angela’s home. He pulled over on the empty street.

“What is your address?” Holden asked, pulling up the Maps app on his phone.

Angela gave it to him “Thanks for the ride.” She said, patting his thigh. She left her hand there just a moment longer than a friendly thank you lasted. Holden took a breath and sat more upright in his seat. It was impossible for him to hide the erection he had quickly formed in his shorts.

She looked down at it, then back up and Holden. He swallowed dramatically. Angela left her hand on his thigh as she asked “Don’t you live close by?”

Holden nodded.

“Let’s go there.” Angela said, sliding her hand an inch further up his leg.

It only took Holden four minutes to pull up in front of his home, he made good time by running all three stop signs.

“Ummmm my parents are here. I’m sure they are asleep though.” Holden said looking down and pushing his glasses up his nose in the awkwardly cute way he had about him.

“Well you lead the way.” Angela suggested.

They snuck down the driveway and around the back of the house and into the basement door. It was dimly lit and sparsely furnished, but Angela led Holden to the one chair that was in the room. She was glad there was a carpet, even though it looked well aged.



Holden was shivering as he sat down and Angela knelt before him. She slid her hands up his thighs, her nails running up his skin giving him goosebumps. Holden’s eyes grew as her fingertips disappeared under the material and inched closer to his throbbing cock.

Angela looked up at Holden, “Don’t tell anyone that you were my favorite OK?”

Holden nodded as he felt a woman’s hand wrap itself around his cock for the first time. It was so much softer than his was. She held it firmly and the warmth of her skin made him feel like he might cum before she even got started.

Her second hand slid under his balls and slowly massaged them. Angela made sure she went very slowly, she didn’t want to rush him.

There was a creek that sounded like it was above them. The basement door opened a moment later and Angela heard a female voice. “Holden is that you?”

“Ummmm ya mom.”

“Why are you in the basement?” She asked.

“Ummmmm just going to play some Call of Duty, I won’t stay up too late.” Holden said, his cock and balls still being cradled by his former teacher.

“Ok hun, see you in the morning.” and she closed the door.

Angela couldn’t believe she had been holding his cock the whole time. Holden looked back down on her clearly hoping she wouldn’t leave.

Angela looked up at him. “Will getting a little experience make you feel better about college?”

Holden just nodded. Angela smiled and began unzipping his shorts. She was pretty impressed by the size of his cock, it certainly wasn’t the biggest she had ever seen but compared to his frail frame it was meatier than she expected.

“Do you think you can cum twice tonight hon?” Angela asked. She had decided to let him fuck her, but if he could do it twice she would give him a second thrill.

“Oh ya… ummm ya at least twice.” Holden meekly responded.

“OK just take a few breaths and tap my head when you are about to finish ok?” With that Angela took the head of his cock into her mouth.

Holden moaned far louder than Angela had expected. “SHHHHH, your mom might hear.” Angela scolded him before returning her mouth to his organ.

She went painfully slow, she would have never gone that slow with anyone with even the slightest experience with a woman. Just the first inch or so went in and then back out, once twice, three times. She stopped and licked the length of him as she looked up at his shocked face.

She took a bit more into her mouth, his cock now getting towards the back of her mouth. She held him there and moved her tongue around the ridge of the head of his cock for a moment. She was surprised how much this was turning her on. She didn’t usually feel her pussy respond this way to giving head.

She slid it back out and warned him “I’m gonna go faster now, it’s ok if you cum, just give me a little tap ok?” Holden nodded.

She placed her hand on the base of his cock, and the head back into her mouth. She pushed her mouth down to meet her hand, and then both her mouth and kaçak casino fingers slid back up and then plunged back down. She did that again and again, picking up the pace each time. A moment later Angela felt a very rapid tapping on her head, followed very closely by a stream of cum.

His legs stiffened as he sprayed her mouth and throat with cum. Angela kept pumping her hand up and down as she swallowed shot after shot.

Once Holden relaxed Angela wiped her mouth. “Was that good hon?” she asked.

“Oh god yes.” Holden responded.

“Just so you know, not all girls will be able to swallow all that so maybe have a towel ready for the next one.”

Holden nodded and she could tell he was making a mental note.

“OK hon, don’t be the kind of guy who doesn’t return the favor.” Angela said, lifting him from his seat.

Holden looked genuinely confused. Angela began unbuckling her pants and pulled them off along with her panties before taking his place in the seat. “Come on hon, kneel down.”

Holden took his position and stared at her bald pussy. “OK again, not all girls will be completely shaved, but that’s no excuse, ok?” Holden looked back up at her and nodded again.

Angela spread her legs and took his right hand. She pushed his ring and pinky fingers down. “Just the two sweetie.” Angela then guided his fingers to her very ready opening.

They slid in easily and now it was Angela’s turn to give out a moan. She held his hand as she moved it in and out. She loved the fascinated look on Holden’s face.

“OK….. OK” Angela was having more fun than she thought she would when she started. “OK, now bring your mouth here, and lick right here.” Angela adjusted Holden’s face so he was close to her clit.

He was hesitant at first but seemed to gain confidence rather quickly, it was misplaced confidence as he was all over the place with big licks as if he was trying to clean the drips off the top of an ice cream cone.

Angela looked down and could see his fully erect cock pointing at her. “Holden, baby, good job, good job” Angela said standing up.

Holden moved over and let her re-position herself. Angela opened her shirt up and laid down on the floor. Angela put her hands over Holden’s and placed them on her breasts. “Are you ready sweetie?” She asked him.

Holden nodded and positioned himself between her legs. Angela reached down and positioned the rock hard end of his dick at her opening. “OK, now lean over me, and push slowly.” Angela wasn’t worried about her being ready for it to go in, she was worried he would miss and slam his cock into her leg.

Angela was able to watch his sweet face as he felt his cock glide into a woman for the first time. She was so glad she had given him this before he set out on his own.

“Oh my god Miss Hastings, you are so warm and so wet.”

Angela did not correct him, if he wanted to call her Miss. Hastings right now he could.

Holden had pushed himself all the way into her, but hadn’t begun pumping yet. “Oh god, it’s so tight on my dick Miss. Hastings.”

“Thank you, you feel nice inside me as well.” Angela said “OK now just rock your hips back a bit, just a little.”

Holden always followed directions well and he slowly began thrusting his hips inside of her. A little at first but then a slight bit faster.

“Oh god that feels so good. Oh god, I might cum again.”

“OK, slow down, and pull it out.” Angela told him. She wanted him to have the chance to at least try a second position.

He leaned back, cock pointing at her. Angela sat up and put her hands behind his head. “OK, come here and put your mouth on me.” Angela moved his head to her breasts.

She talked him through it, how to kiss around the edges, how to run his tongue along her ribs and how to nibble with just the right amount of force on her nipples.

She hoped he had calmed down a bit. She got on her hands and knees and told him to kneel behind her. She reached back and guided him in her. He naturally placed his hands on her hips and she felt him begin to push himself in and out.

Angela was really beginning to enjoy herself. She liked the way he gently squeezed her ass during his slow but deep strokes. She found herself quietly moaning as his pace began to pick up.

Angela looked back at him and said “You can spank me a little if you want, I like that.”

That was too much for Holden. The idea of taking his hand and smacking it across the bare ass of his former teacher as he fucked her doggy style pushed him over the edge.

He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock as far into her as he could. He felt each spasm emptying his load into her. Holden could hear his teacher moaning, her hips rocking back and forth as she squeezed every last second of enjoyment out if.

They got dressed facing away from each other, semi embarrassed of what had just happened. They snuck back out the basement door, back to the car and back towards Angela’s house.

Angela watched as a smile slowly crept across Holden’s face as he drove. Angela liked that smile. She started to maybe wonder if this lesson was one she should teach every year.

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