Overtime Ch. 02

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This is Part 2 of the Overtime story. Part 1 can be found here: http://www..com/s/overtime-22

This will be my third story submission and many thanks to ScarlettKisses for her help in editing this story; this is a better and less error strewn work for her attentions.

As before, all feedback and comments gratefully received – those from the first two stories really have helped.

Note: This part does contain sex involving pee play. If you are not happy with this, then, alas, this story may not be to your taste. Otherwise, please enjoy.


The story continues where part 1 ended: Erin and Lucy are sharing a taxi to Erin’s flat and now Erin continues the tale…

Lucy is soft and warm as we snuggle together in the back of the cab. I notice the drivers eyes keep glancing back at us in the rear view mirror but I don’t care. I am so happy that Lucy – sweet, friendly, cute, cuddly Lucy – who made my heart beat faster each time I saw her, actually had a crush on me. More than that, she is quite simply the most wantonly sexy and erotic girl I’ve ever met! My mind flashes back to the sight of her walking round the corner in the server room stark naked – and doing so just after the security guard had left the room! My pantie-less pussy oozes at the memory.

Lucy nuzzles into my neck. “Erin?” she whispers.

“Yes, my love?”

“Is… I mean, was that your first time? With a girl I mean?”

I hesitate. I feel I have to be honest but I need her to know how uniquely special she is. “No. I found out I was bisexual when I was at University and had a relationship with a girl there. She, Katie, was a girl on another course but we shared the same management lecture when I was in the second year. We sat next to each other usually and we became friends.

“Then, one night, we got a bit drunk together and well, things sort of just happened. I guess part of me had always been attracted to girls and… as I said, things happened and we both wanted them to keep happening. We were together for about four months but… aah, let’s just say it ended badly – very badly.” I pause. I’d forgotten how painful the break up with Katie had been, but now I felt Lucy’s arms tighten protectively around me. I take a deep breath and continue, “Tonight was the first time I’ve made love to a girl since then,” I slip my fingers under Lucy’s chin and raise it to look her in the eyes, “and it was, without a shadow of a doubt, the most spectacularly wonderful sex I have ever experienced!”

“Thank you!” she says, smiling happily. “You are the loveliest person I’ve ever met – and the sexiest!” She kisses me softly and we spend the rest of the journey just holding each other.

We arrive at my flat after another 15 minutes. As we go up to the top floor in the lift my excited anticipation grows as, I’m sure, does Lucy’s. Arriving at my door, she notices the boxes and black bin bag outside it. “They’re the bastard’s crap that he left behind,” I explain as I struggle with the lock, “There is no way he is ever passing this door again! Sorry, I had the locks changed this morning and they’re stiff to open… at last!”

I lead Lucy in and she gives a little gasp as she looks across the room and out of the large picture window opposite. There is nothing spectacular about the flat except that it is halfway up a hill and, at night, the view across the myriad lights of south London is quite beautiful. She walks across to the window, staring out and entranced as I had been the first time I saw it. I come up behind her and slip my arms around her waist. Going onto my toes I kiss the nape of her neck.

“Erin, what an amazing view!” she exclaims. I keep kissing her neck and my hands slide over the soft, ample roundness of her stomach and hips. She gives a sigh of pleasure and leans back into me, her hand reaching back to slide up and down my thigh. I feel as hot and aroused as I had back at work, as if the intervening cab ride hadn’t happened. However, I want this time, here in my home, to be different. Then it had been risky: neither of us had been sure what the other wanted and when (joy of joys!) she had responded to my nervous advances, it was raw and primal, her wonderful nakedness, my desire to touch and taste, our abandonment to our discovered lust for each other. Now I want to make it slow and sensual. I want us to get to know each other intimately and with the tenderness that I had missed since ending with Katie years ago.

Her hand strays, seeking to slip between my legs: she obviously feels the same arousal I do. I twist slightly so her hand is once again on my thigh. “No, my love,” I whisper between kisses on her neck, “let’s not rush. We are safe and alone now and have all the time we want.”

“O God, Erin! I want to cum! I want you to make me cum!” she pleads.

“Oh, I will my darling.” My hands now trace the undersides of her firm, heavy breasts, and she shivers. “But I want you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Do you trust me?” I feel her nod. My hands slip down casino oyna and I slowly ease her top up, my fingers gently brushing her skin and I raise the hem all round. I remain behind her as we both face out the window and her reflection is visible overlaying the twinkling city escape outside. The hem of her shirt is now up to her gorgeous boobs, caught just below her nipples and lifting them as I continue raising the shirt. Suddenly, the shirt slips past and her tits spring free, bouncing and jiggling. We both giggle at the sight of them dancing in the reflection. “God you’re beautiful,” I murmured huskily.

She raises her arms as I slide the shirt over her head. I fold it and toss it onto the chair by the window. Now wearing just her skin-tight leggings, Lucy is caressing her hard nipples as she looks at her reflection in the glass. There is nobody to see us nearby; no buildings overlook this one, but the feeling of being exposed to the world when standing there was one I knew well. As she had shown in the data centre, my little Lucy has a definite exhibitionist kink – a fact I make a mental note of for future reference!

My hands go back to work, now able to roam freely over her naked torso. I kiss her shoulders as my fingers trace her spine. My hands play over her back: more than caresses but less than a massage, all the time my lips planting soft cool kisses and I savoured the scent of her skin, sweet and fresh like vanilla.

I move lower, towards her hips. The waistband of her leggings press gently into her soft, yielding skin and the little rounded bulge of flesh that this forms above the band is adorable to me. I kiss this swelling as my fingers slide under the waistband, edging it slowly down. The white grove it had formed in her skin flushes pink and slowly fades. I uncover the top of her arse cleft and kiss it gently before running my tongue into it. She tenses her glutes and arches her back at the touch, revealing the dimples at the base of the spine. Why is everything about this girl so impossibly sexy to me? I have to steel myself to continue the slow seduction but I know I have to hurry up: my vajay is a sopping mess, juices running down my inner thighs as I kneel.

I pull her leggings down and see that she is in a similar state: the crotch of the leggings is dark and glistening and the smell of her sex hits me with a jolt of lust. “Lucy, your vajay is so beautiful!”

She laughs. “My vajay? I like that – a much nicer name than ‘pussy’. And my vajay is all yours, my love.”

Lucy seems to notice the increased urgency as I help her feet out of the leggings and she is naked once again.

I stand behind her, my hand on her hips, and briefly look at her reflection one last time before gently turning her around. “Undress me, Lucy, my love,” I instruct her, “but nothing else; just remove my blouse and skirt.”

She does as I bid, though her hand still rubs my nipple as she opens the blouse and her fingertips brush my wet pubic hair when lowering my skirt.

Now both naked I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom where she lays on the bed. I go to the bedside cabinet and open the cupboard. Lucy watches fascinated, as I remove a large jewellery box and place it on the bed. I open the box andI lift out the tray that holds earrings, bracelets and the few other sparkly things I own. I pause and bend to kiss her. Our mouths meet hungrily and what I’d meant to be a reassuring little kiss becomes a deep and hungry melding of our mouths. We separate reluctantly. “Trust me Lucy: I want to make this wonderful. But if there’s anything you don’t like or don’t want to try, just say so.”

“I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t like to try doing with you, Erin!” she beams a wicked smile.

I reach into the hidden compartment in the base of the box as Lucy cranes to see. She gives a little gasp when she sees: a long, double-ended dildo made of clear, stiff but flexible jelly. The sides are ribbed and one end a little thinner than the other, both ends terminating in a smooth bulbous knob. I hold it up for her and look at her through the U shape the two ends of the dildo make. She touches it and gives it a little squeeze to feel its firm, smooth texture. She bites her lip and looks at me awkwardly. “Erin, I’ve… I’ve never had anything like that inside me; just my fingers. Will it – hurt?”

“Lay back, darling, I will be very gentle. It will be tight, but just relax and enjoy it: feeling filled up by this is wonderful!” I tell her and she immediately obeys, spreading her legs wide in nervous anticipation. I place the box on the floor and climb onto the bed to straddle her left leg. Immediately she raises her leg, grinding it into my sopping vajay, my juices smearing her skin. I gasp, “No, darling, not yet!” and resist the urge to push back; it wouldn’t take much to make me cum but I want to focus on her.

I take the dildo and run it along her swollen and gaping labia: she is so wet that it glides effortlessly. I slide it back and forth, making Lucy moan and tremble. I then canlı casino use the wet end to trace around her belly button and nipples, anointing her with her love juices. She keeps giving little gasps and moans at each new touch.

I move back to kneel between her legs. Once again I begin sliding the dildo along her vajay lips, using the thinner end pressing a little more and going a little deeper each time.

“Oh God, Erin, fuck me, please!” She gasps and half sits up, grabbing my hand to pull the dildo into herself. I don’t resist but follow her need. It doesn’t penetrate far before, with a sharp gasp, she stops pulling. Slowly I move the shaft back then forward once more, slightly deeper. I twist the dildo round slowly to massage the walls of her vajay. Lucy moans loudly and I keep the rhythm moving the shaft in and out, gently rotating, and slipping deeper and deeper till almost half the length is buried inside her.

I let go for a moment and sit back a little. I cannot resist licking my fingers and hand clean of Lucy’s love juices that have coated them. She squirms her hips at the feeling of it inside her and lifts herself up on her elbows to look at the clear dildo jutting out of her sex. She reaches down to touch it: the way her labia bulge up and around it, embracing and holding it tight fascinates her. Being transparent we can see the dark pink of her inner walls through the shaft. “That looks so porno obscene!” she exclaims, “But it feels wonderful.”

I take hold of the dildo again and begin to gently fuck her with it, long slow strokes as first, gradually building in tempo. My other hand caresses her, touching everywhere I can reach. Lucy’s breathing comes now in short gasps and moans. She begins massaging her boobs, squeezing and rubbing the nipples hard. I bend forward and place my mouth over the top of her slit, the dildo brushing against my cheek as I continue to pump it in and out. My tongue burrows in, hungrily seeking her clit, the tip rubbing the hard nubbin, my mouth full of the taste of her.

Suddenly Lucy bucks her hips forward, arching her back, every muscle locked in spasm. Her slick, hairless pubis presses into my mouth while her sudden thrust drives the dildo deeper than she’s taken it so far.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-aaagh!” she screams as she flops back, her hips continuing to writhe. I keep on lapping at her clit, determined to sustain her orgasm and drink her cum juice. Further moans and little screams continue until she pushes my head away.

“No – more!” she gasps as another orgasmic wave hits her and she again goes rigid. I crawl up beside her and put my arms around her. I can feel her relaxing again but she still shivers and gasps a few times as she comes back to earth. Finally she gives a deep and contented sigh; turning her head she kisses me deeply.

“God Erin, that was…” she laughs, “un-fucking-believable!”

I feel happy and not a little proud of my work. “It was good then?”

“Good? How is what just happened to me even possible?” She sits up and sees the dildo still buried in her sex. A wicked gleam enters her eye. “Erin, I want to make love to you – like this.” She kneels up, supporting the dildo so it sticks out like a guy’s cock. “With this in me – and in you too!”

I’m stunned. Here is this ingénue, this cute, innocent girl that I thought I was seducing into lesbianism and she just takes an idea and goes for it. First stripping in the server room and now this! I am nervous, though; this must be her first time doing anything like this and I remember how clumsy and inept my early boyfriends had been. But she trusted me and now it’s my turn to trust her, so I lay back. “I’m all yours my darling.” I tell her.

“I’ll be gentle,” she promises as she bends forward to gently kiss my mound and downwards to my vajay. She isn’t rushing this but almost immediately my body is back on the boil and I feel a warm trickle run down between my arse cheeks. “Wow!” exclaims Lucy, “You’re so wet!” before attacking my dripping vajay with little quick cat licks, making appreciative “Mmm yum” noises.

She doesn’t continue for long, however, and moves between my legs where she begins caressing my labia with the end of the dildo as I had done to her. She edges closer to me allowing her to slip the dildo deeper into me. I give a little moan of pleasure. “Do you like that, Erin? Do you want my cock inside your sweet, wet cunny?”

“Oh, shit, YES! Fuck me Lucy!” I am wild with desire for her.

She climbs over me, placing her hands either side of my shoulders. Her ‘cock’ keeps slipping back and forth inside me as she moves. She is now over me and she begins to rock back and forth gently as she starts to fuck me. At the same time the nipples of her large, round boobs brush my nipples, making them tingle. I raise my legs and hook my feet behind her arse and pull her closer, wanting her deep inside.

She smiles and asks “All the way?” I nod and she pulls back before sliding irresistibly into me in a long, steady thrust. The thickness of the shaft feels wonderful kaçak casino as it stretches the walls of my vajay, the ribbing playing my g-spot. Then we’re together, our sex lips pressed together around the shaft that joins us. I look up, enraptured by the sight of my lesbian lover as she fills me. My orgasm is close now – a huge wave building inside me.

Lucy slips her hand between us to hold the dildo inside herself as she pulls back for another thrust. This causes her knuckle to rub my clit at the bottom of each stroke and after just a few more strokes my mind and body goes supernova and I am engulfed in the overwhelming power of my climax. I lose track of reality – the sensations running through me are everything.

I open my eyes eventually. Lucy is back kneeling between my legs, a huge, satisfied grin on her face. Then I notice that she is wet; not just damp but literally dripping. “What,” I gasp, “just happened?”

“Well, you know when you climaxed back at work you, er, gushed a bit? Which I loved, I really did!” I nod. “Well this time you sort of exploded. I mean your pussy went off like a, a fire hose! And with the dildo inside you – inside us! – it came straight up at me!” She began rubbing the droplets and runs of my cum juice over her boobs and tummy, making her soft skin glisten.

I hold my arms open and she comes and lays next to me. “Lucy, you stink of my cum!” I tell her.

“No, not stink. I am perfumed with your love!” she replies and we both laugh and snuggle closer, drifting to sleep.

I wake some time later. As I move, Lucy wakes. “Sorry, love, I need to pee,” I apologise.

“Me too – I’ll come with you and you can show me where the bathroom is.”

I walk to the bathroom, Lucy following. I enter and she simply follows me and sits down on the toilet. “Oi, you cheeky girl: cutting in like that!” I chide her.

“Sorry!” she says, but clearly isn’t. She reaches out both hands and I take them, thinking I would pull her up so I can sit. Instead she pulls me to her and, after some token resistance on my part, I end up sitting on her lap facing her.

We kiss and cuddle until, after a few minutes I have to tell her, “Lucy, I REALLY need to go!”

“Go?” she asks in mock ignorance.

“Lucy! I need to pee!” I hiss back.

“Well, you’re on the loo and I’m not stopping you,” she replies mischievously.

I can’t believe what she wants me to do, but the kinkiness of it excites me. “But my pee will… you’ll get it on your…”

Her grin becomes positively wicked. “Mmm, it will, won’t it?” Then, more earnestly, “Please, Lucy, will you?”

Her cheeks are flushed and her nipples are hard points with her excitement; glancing down, her vajay lips are puffy and gaping. She is so aroused by the idea of my peeing on her mound and I realize that I am too!

I snuggle a little closer till my vajay lips brush the top of her pubis. I close my eyes and relax. Moments later I feel the warm trickle begin and quickly build, spraying over her and splashing me. I hear a sharp squeal from Lucy and she shivers; I am sure my pee has just given her a brief orgasm! This is so dirty but feels so hot.

I slide back so I can see her sex and change my position to direct my pee onto her gaping vajay. Lucy cries out, “Oh God, YES!” and grips my arms almost painfully as she cums. What follows is a possession: I am possessed by some perverted spirit of lust and cannot help myself as I slip off her lap and kneel before her. Pushing her knees apart my lustful spirit also leans me forward: closer, closer till my lips touch her labia.

They are wet of course, literally dripping. I try to convince myself that it is the taste of her juices that is driving me but I know that, delicious as her cum is, there is more to it. Hesitantly my tongue reaches out and tastes her. Her flavour is now overlaid by a subtle, sharp saltiness: my pee. It is different but not unpleasant and the thought of what I’m doing almost makes me go all wet and gooey. As I continues licking and sucking the taste changes to pure Lucy.

“God, Erin, I can’t believe you did that for me!” she says.

“My pleasure, my love,” I reply. She looks unsure, as if I am just being kind and saying what she wants to hear. “No, really Lucy: it felt so, so kinky and dirty but, God, I’m so turned on right now!”

Lucy beams with happiness, and then mischievous Lucy is back. “I, um, need to pee too, remember?”

“I suppose you expect me to lay down on the tiles here so you can pee all over my boobs and crotch.” I ask teasingly. Bingo! The look on her face tells me that that’s exactly what she wants so I lie down next to the shower. She rises and steps forward then turns, straddling my body. She squats, arse towards my face, her vajay over my boobs. I cannot resist raising my head to kiss the little pucker of her cute anal bud and taste my pee again. I feel the first hot splash of Lucy’s pee hit my boobs and sighed with the thrill of it. I cup my boobs, rubbing them, slick with pee. She moves and now my tummy is being wetted, now my hips, o my God, now my crotch, my vayjay, my CUNT! My hands slide all over my body, caressing and pinching, as I writhe on the floor feeling as horny as all hell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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