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FriendlyCare pharmacy wasn’t necessarily a bad place to work, but sometimes the hours were a little too much to handle. When one came home thoroughly exhausted from filling orders for a nursing home until ten o’clock at night, it was hard to maintain much of a social life. Bernie sighed, this was the exact thought passing through his mind as he continued his mind-numbing task of dropping pills into little vials. The place was kind of like a warehouse, he didn’t actually have to deal with people face to face. They sent their orders out through drivers, a comfortable buffer zone which also canceled out the possibility of meeting too many new people. There were a few coworkers that Bernie fraternized with, but they were merely acquaintances at best. The place was packed with attractive women, but Bernie was the shy type, and most of them were married or had kids. He was usually able to swallow his passions and work casually with the women he pined for, all except one. Camilla. The very sound of her name sent a flutter through his chest and a twinge in his crotch. She was his purest idea of perfection in absolute beauty. Immaculately styled dark hair framed a face of creamy pale skin, with inquisitive arched eyebrows and a perfectly crafted nose. She always dressed very stylishly, perfectly accentuating her incredible curves. Camilla worked the night shift, and every day at four o’clock, Bernie’s torture would begin.

He couldn’t even talk to her, it was almost pathetic the way he completely lost his cool every time she focused her attention toward him. He would make his approach nervously, after spending ten minutes coming up with something clever to say, and would usually get through his first line before she turned her coy smile his way and he completely fell to pieces, stuttering and yammering his way back to his station. Daily he yearned for her, a fire that consumed him completely, he wished he could be with her for just one night. Although honestly, given his performance with her so far, he wasn’t sure his heart could handle it if it ever happened.

On a rainy Thursday that seemed to drag on forever, Bernie was just wrapping up to what he hoped would be his first early evening in a while. He stepped out of his station, headed toward the time clock, when he saw her approaching with a smile. Immediately halting his step, Bernie’s mind raced to come up with something witty while he tried to calm his breathing to a normal level. She slinked up to his station and stopped before him, laying an arm on the metal cart before him while he immediately forgot what he was going to say.

“Hey Bern,” she breathed. “Two people called out sick tonight, leaving me all alone to fill new orders. How would you feel about some overtime?”

Bernie gulped hard, the thought of spending the whole evening alone with her, under the watchful eye of a pharmacist of course, in the tiny new order room sent his mind reeling. A moment passed while he summoned the energy to get his mouth working again.

“S-sure!” he managed, “I’ll give you a hand tonight.”

“Beautiful. The two of us can knock out those orders before the shift is over, then maybe I can thank you properly…”

He knew she was kidding, at least he thought she was. This was istanbul escort part of the reason he lost all control when confronted with his own private goddess Camilla, she was quite full of innuendo. Common sense told him that she wasn’t serious, but that little voice in his head (or perhaps below his belt) kept trying to convince him that paradise was there for him to grasp, if only he’d try.

The next few hours passed in a blur for Bernie, most of the staff filing out with goodnight wishes until it was only he, Camilla, and a night pharmacist who seemed too concerned about his pregnant wife at home to pay much attention to the work at hand. Bernie and Camilla retreated to the new order room, where light conversation fluttered about as much as he could manage. Hours passed, and Bernie cursed himself for his shameful attempt at being cool and aloof. The conversation had soured into tedium, and they lapsed into an uncomfortable silence as they worked. Just when he was about to give up on himself completely and vow to a lifetime of chastity to save him from future embarrassment like this, the pharmacist rushed in the room looking extremely harried.

“Guys, I just got a call from my wife, and she’s going into labor. I can’t get in touch with anyone to cover for me! I know it’s against the rules, but would it be all right if I left you guys alone for a few hours while I get her to the hospital?”

Dumbfounded, Bernie turned toward Camilla in time to see a slow smile spread across her luscious lips. “Don’t worry about us!” she chirped, “Go take care of your wife man! We’ll be fine.”

Needing no further provocation, he thanked them quickly and fled for the door, slamming it behind him with a decisive thud. They were alone, completely alone.

Camilla turned toward Bernie, still smiling seductively. “Looks like it’s just you and me.”

Bernie grinned and looked at his feet. “Yeah, uh, we sure are.”

“What do you say we play a game?”

His chest tightened as he fixed his gaze once more into her eyes. “A game? What kind of game?”

She skipped to the counter where the sizable pile of new orders waited. Deftly, she separated the large stack into two equal stacks. “This pile is mine, and this pile is yours. Anytime an order calls for a drug that’s not in this room,” she motioned toward the rows of boxes containing the most commonly used drugs that filled the small space, “the price is an article of clothing, to be lost before returning is permitted.”

Mouth agape, Bernie pondered this while studying the boxes around the room. Orders for unusual drugs were not all that common, especially at night. Most of what they would need was in this room. However, there were the occasional orders that required a trip to the bulk section, where all the drugs were kept. With at least a couple of hours to work, who knew what would come up? It took all of his courage, but with a goofy grin, he agreed.

The two technicians parted to separate counters, and began work on their own pile. Not five minutes had passed before Camilla held up an order with a little giggle. “Uh oh, first strike. Looks like I’ve got a little trip to make. Be right back.”

Bernie avcılar escort followed her with his ears as she made her way to the bulk area and hurried back, without her shoes. She padded barefoot into the room, sending waves of excitement washing over his whole body. “Looks like you’re in the lead,” she laughed. “Let’s see if your luck holds up.”

A slightly larger period of time passed, each of them working feverishly in silence, until Camilla halted her pace with a gasp. “Another one! This might not be my lucky night.”

Again she hurried from the room, and Bernie had to steady himself on the counter when she returned in only a sheer black bra that barely contained her ample bosom. “That’s two, but don’t get too cocky. I have a feeling that you’re due for one soon.”

Bernie continued working, giddy from his apparent streak of luck. First, the chance to be alone all night with the most beautiful woman in the pharmacy, and now she was nearly half undressed and standing two feet away. His sudden rush bottomed out quickly though, as he studied his next order. Zyrtec? Damn! He would have to leave the room. “What the hell, he thought, it’s only my shoes.” With her amused gaze burning his back, he left the room quietly and returned in his socks.

“Now we finally have a contest,” she laughed.

On they worked, until the next unlucky order presented itself. It was Camilla’s. In an instant, she was out of the door and back, minus her black slacks. Bernie’s eyes followed her swaying hips into the room, covered only by a matching pair of sheer black panties that showed just the slightest outline of the dark bush between her legs. His own pants were suddenly very uncomfortable, as his excitement rose to a level through which he could barely concentrate on his work. With just one more trip, the comely flesh that he had craved for so long would be exposed, stripped of it’s cover for the sole benefit of his hungry eyes.

He turned to his pile eagerly, anticipating the sweet moment that was rapidly approaching. In his haste, he tipped the pile over, revealing his next three orders. Glee turned to horror as he took in what he saw. Not a single one of the three were in this room! Unfortunately, Camilla had seen his accident and peered over his shoulder at the orders. “Wow, bad luck there. That’s three separate trips for you.” She looked him over with her eyes. “Hope you’re wearing underwear, ’cause that’s all you’ll have left!”

Slowly, as if in a dream, Bernie retrieved the drugs one by one, each time stripping off another layer until a pair of boxer shorts was the only thing dressing his skinny frame. With a deep breath, he stepped back in to the room, standing before Camilla’s roaming eyes. The idea of being almost nude in front of her had withered his excitement somewhat, much to his relief. If it hadn’t, he would have a hard time keeping himself from poking out of the open fly of his boxers.

“Well,” Camilla said, “We’re on the home stretch now. Next loser has to show something, huh?”

A sudden intensity burned in Bernie, taking him almost completely by surprise. He was going to win this. His confidence renewed, he strode powerfully to his counter. “Let’s get şirinevler escort to work.”

Each worked with ferocious intensity, the stakes were now at their highest. An agonizing fifteen minutes passed, until a sigh from Camilla incited leaps of joy in Bernie’s chest. She stomped off haughtily, returning moments later with her glorious breasts bouncing in full view. Bernie longed to stroke the soft pink nipples that stood erect in the cold room, to run his tongue over every inch of her wonderful chest, but there was a contest to be won. They were tied, the next outside order would decide it, delivering it’s recipient naked before the eyes of the victor.

Minutes passed, five, ten, fifteen, as Bernie and Camilla worked hurriedly. Still more time passed, and at forty minutes, desperation began to build in Bernie’s mind. “It can’t end like this!” he thought. “The piles are almost gone!”

The orders dwindled down, the piles becoming shorter, until they both reached their own last one at the same time. Neither tech moved, a silence descended on the room like a blanket as all activity ceased. Slowly, they turned to face each other, each holding their own losing ticket. Camilla raised an eyebrow. “You?”

Bernie nodded.

“Me too.”

They stood still for a moment longer, until she crossed the room with a smile and took his hand. “Shall we?”

Together, they strolled across the pharmacy hand in hand, breaking apart to retrieve the drugs that had done them both in. Meeting again at the door, they stopped face to face. “Who’s first?” Bernie croaked.

Camilla took a step back and raised her arms. “You do the honors.”

Hands shaking, Bernie kneeled own and took each side of her silky panties in his hands, pulling them down slowly over her hips. With a sigh of lust, she stepped out of them and stood before him, completely nude. “My turn.”

He closed his eyes as she grabbed the seat of his shorts and yanked them down swiftly, jerking her head back to avoid being hit by his growing cock, ecstatically freed from it’s cotton prison. She straightened up again and they faced each other once more, sexual desire almost a tangible force streaming between their naked bodies like an electric current. Camilla broke the stillness, stepping forward and taking his fully erect penis in her warm hand. Without a word, she pulled him gently back into the room, stopping when her back was against the far counter. He leaned in slowly and their lips met, completing the current, igniting their passions to an unbearable level. He lifted her up until she sat on the counter, moaning softly as he began to kiss his way down her tingling body. Her moans ceased in a sharp gasp as she felt his tongue inside her, striking her clitoris like a dart to a bullseye. She ran her fingers through his soft hair as he pleasured her expertly, sending waves of dizziness through her heaving body. Finally, when she couldn’t take any more teasing, she pulled him up to her, planted a long wet kiss on his lips, and guided his stiff member inside of her. They moved together in ecstatic rhythm for countless minutes, moans and whispers filling the air of the tiny room. He came first, bursting into orgasm with an extended groan, she not far behind. They embraced warmly, riding out throbs of glorious pleasure. Finally, panting and giggling they parted slowly, off in search of the clothes they had left scattered about the pharmacy. A tiny security camera blinked from it’s hiding space in the vent on the ceiling, saving the scene it had alone witnessed for whatever interested onlooker happened upon the tape.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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