Paula’s Discovery Pt. 07

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The Club prepares for “Slut Night” and Tom explores on his own. Part 7 in the “Paula’s Discovery” series.

“I think I’ll call it a day” Hunter said apologetically to Tom.

“That sandwich from lunch at the convention center isn’t sitting right with me” he explained.

The rest of the group had dinner plans with a college buddy and his wife, so Tom and Hunter walked to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner. They planned to watch the baseball in the hotel bar but Hunter’s choice at lunch was proving to be problematic.

“No problem buddy” Tom responded. “I’ve been there before with event food vendors.”

“I think I’ll grab a beer and catch a little of the Royals game.”

Hunter turned toward the elevator and Tom walked across the lobby toward the bar.

The bar was less than half full as he entered and he took a seat at a high-top with a clear view of the big-screen TV. The young waitress saw him come in and almost before he sat down she was there with peanuts and quickly took his order. He watched her tight butt as she walked back to the bar. Tom saw the game was just beginning, glad that the Royals were playing the White Sox so the game was on the main TV.

The beer was cold and Tom got lost in the game. “They may actually have a team this year” Tom thought to himself as a single to the gap in right-center scored two runs.

After his second beer arrived he noticed that the bar was beginning to fill up. As the game went to a commercial break he noticed a text from Paula.



Tom smiled and considered calling her but remembered they had theatre tickets.

As the game resumed Tom saw three women enter the bar and look around for a table. They were well dressed as you might expect from three ladies out on the town. Tom remembered reading that Angie Dickinson once said she “dressed for women and undressed for men.”

There was a nursing conference in the hotel and there were lots of middle-aged women with the usual conference name tag lanyards and matching shoulder bags. Tom wondered if these ladies were part of that group.

Seeing several places open at the bar, Tom motioned to the ladies and began to get up. They turned toward him inquisitively and when he motioned to the table with empty stools they smiled and walked toward him.

“Please take this table” Tom insisted. “I can see the game just as well from the bar.”

The tall slender brunette stepped ahead, smiled and thanked Tom. Her companions, two steps behind, followed. Tom turned and found an open stool at a nearby table and with the consent of the group at that table, moved it to “his” table.

The ladies all thanked him profusely and Tom turned to the open area at the bar and rejoined the top of the 5th inning.

A few minutes later, the bartender slid a fresh cold beer in front of him and smiled, “Compliments of your new friends.”

Tom turned to his left and saw all three ladies smiling and he raised his glass to them and mouthed his “thank you.”

Tom could see the ladies were enjoying their evening and he was glad he could help them out. The tall brunette seemed to be the dominant personality. Tom guessed she was in her mid-fifties, trim and with a short professional “low maintenance” hair style; confirming in Tom’s mind the connection to the nursing conference. He could see her standing at a nurse’s station, in charge and striking fear in the hearts of young nurses on her shift. They might be surprised to see her tonight, with an attractive fitted dress, spike-heeled boots and more make-up than usual.

Her two companions were a contrast. The woman to her right was perhaps five or ten years younger, and a little curvier, at least to the extent Tom could see with her jacket and slacks outfit. Her high heels and makeup equaled her older friend and Tom wondered if the ladies were enjoying a rare chance to dress up.

Their third companion was younger, perhaps about 35, a little more reserved but bright-eyed and attractive. She wore a well-tailored suit and somehow Tom got the impression, her outfit was more typical to her routine. She had sharp features, light complexion and jet-black hair.

The two older ladies were having an animated discussion; intense support of their opinion with intermittent periods of laughter. The younger companion was enjoying the discussion and the company of the others but did not seem to have a position on the topic being discussed.

As the game moved on, Tom stole glances to his new friends and was enjoying the mental game of making up the backstory for the three characters as if watching a play:

Tall brunette is the dedicated, career professional; staying up on the latest medical literature and master of her domain at a busy metropolitan hospital. Brunette number two was well-known to brunette number one. Definitely a co-worker of long-standing association. Tom decided she was an equal or perhaps a slightly different specialty from brunette istanbul escort number one.

Brunette number three was more of a mystery. There was something different about her and Tom decided she was related in some way but not a direct co-worker.

At the 7th inning stretch, Tom decided it was time to head up to his room. He liked what he saw and decided the Royals were going to have a solid season. He motioned to the bartender, paid his tab and stood to leave.

Tom waved to his “friends” as he turned away from the bar and laughed to himself as he saw that whatever topic they were discussing, the issue was still very much disputed. Brunette number one, immediately waved to Tom and motioned for him to come over.

Tom made the small detour from the direct course to the lobby and walked the short distance to their table.

“Thank you for helping us with the table” she said.

Tom smiled, nodded and said, “I didn’t need a table and when I arrived the place was almost vacant.”

Brunette number one continued, “I’m Shirley, and this is Pat” she said motioning to brunette number two. “We’re here for the state nursing conference.”

“I’m Tom, pleased to meet you” Tom said as he extended his hand. “I’m here for the auto show.”

Shirley continued, “This is Ashley, our pharma rep” turning toward brunette number three.

As Tom shook the hand of brunette number three he smiled at his astute people-watching skills. “Pharmaceutical sales rep” he thought…of course.

“We’re corrupting her this week” Shirley explained and nodded toward Ashley, who smiled a bit awkwardly.

Tom laughed. “I could see you had a serious discussion going on, so I will leave you ladies to your discussing and corrupting.”

As Tom began to turn, Pat said “Wait, you can help us settle the argument.”

Tom looked at Pat, wondering if her statement was fueled by the topic at hand or by the empty cocktail glasses on the table.

Tom smiled and said, “I’m not an authority on medicine and frankly scared of needles so I probably won’t offer much.”

Shirley took over and said. “This isn’t a medical question, it’s, it’s……”

Pat cut her off and declared to Tom, “You’re a man.”

Tom said, “Thank you for the confirmation.” “I always thought I was but hearing that from a medical professional makes me feel much better.”

Pat continued, with just a slight slur in her speech. “We’ve been discussing oral sex.”

Tom was a little taken aback but tried not to show it. He was enjoying the banter.

“Well perhaps I can offer something on the topic,” he said in mock seriousness. “I consider myself somewhat of an expert….in an amateur status of course.”

Shirley, with a hint of a smile said, “Important topics like this have not received the serious study they deserve.”

Tom noticed Ashley blushing profusely but enjoying the exchange.

Pat looked at Shirley with a scolding expression and said, “If I may continue..”

Shirley motioned in surrender and said, “By all means.”

Pat said, “As I was saying, we were discussing whether men or women were better at oral sex.” “Specifically, who is better at eating pussy, guys or gals.”

Tom tried to adopt his best engineer face, enjoying the unexpected exchange and said, “I may not be able to settle this debate because my data collection has been from one perspective only.” “Logic would dictate though that a woman might have knowledge of specific techniques innate only to women.”

Tom continued, “However, in defense of my gender, motivation and dedicated observation to the subject’s response to stimulus might negate a gender-specific advantage.”

Shirley and Pat pretended to carefully consider the new data while Ashley looked on in disbelief.

Shirley turned to Pat and said professionally, “If I may…”

Pat respectfully nodded, yielding the floor to Shirley.

“The gender-specific bias is the central point of difficulty in this area of study,” she said.

Gesturing to Tom, “With all due respect to your gender, my experience has been that very few men approach this with the attention and dedication you refer to…present company excluded I am sure.”

Tom acknowledged, “No offense taken, I can only speak for myself.” “However, in the broader sense of oral sex I can say, from a male perspective, that the same can be said of female participants.”

Pat considered his statement and said, “The other difficulty is that most researchers have limited their research to only one gender so valid scientific conclusions cannot be made.”

Both Pat and Shirley looked at Ashley who blushed again.

After a moment Ashley said hesitantly, “Well there was one time at a sorority party in college.”

Pat and Shirley laughed and Pat said, “Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

Ashley looked down and blushed and the others smiled.

Tom wanted to rescue Ashley and said “Well it looks like it might not be possible avcılar escort to make valid conclusions right now.”

“I support your dedication to the pursuit of knowledge on this important topic though” Tom said scientifically.

“Let me know if I can be of further assistance and on behalf of my gender, I offer my apology if some our researchers have not approached the subject with the serious study it deserves,” Tom said.

As Tom turned to leave, he said unconsciously, “I offer my humble services if needed, in room 1204.”

With that he walked to the lobby.

As Tom stepped into the elevator he thought to himself, “I can’t believe I said that, what a jerk.” He smiled and thought, “Oh well they started it.”

Tom entered his room, turned the TV on for noise and began to get ready for bed. He was meeting the others for breakfast at 9 to attend a restoration forum at the car show at 11.

After brushing his teeth, he turned off the bathroom light and stepped back into the bedroom. As he picked up the TV remote, the phone rang on the bedside stand.

Tom answered and heard, “Hi Tom, It’s Shirley.”

Surprised, Tom said, “Hey look I’m sorry if I came across like some jerk with a lousy pick-up line, I hope you can forgive me.” “I was enjoying our discussion…maybe too much.”

There was a moment of silence on the phone and then Shirley said, “Please don’t apologize, it was fun and we started it.”

Shirley paused again and said, “Look Tom, I’m too old for games and I don’t get away much.” “At this stage in life I don’t get many offers and even if I did I wouldn’t do anything in my hometown, I hope you understand.”

Shirley continued, “So if your offer was serious….” “If not, no worries, we’re all adults.”

Tom paused. This was not a scenario he envisioned but what Shirley said made sense. He thought of Paula and the girls. His thoughts swirled, aided perhaps by the beers and before he could lose his nerve he said, “The offer stands.”

Shirley paused and Tom, in an attempt to move past the awkward point said, “The honor of the male gender is at stake here.”

He heard Shirley laugh and say, “Well in that case, I’m in 1425, give me 30 minutes for a quick shower.”

As Tom dried himself off, he couldn’t believe he was doing this but at the same time couldn’t stop and decided not to think.

He really wanted to eat some pussy too.

Tom pulled on a pair of jeans, his running shoes with no socks and a fresh polo shirt. He stuffed his key card into his pocket and headed for the door. He felt his heart racing as he waited for the elevator.

Tom knocked softly and in a few moments, the door opened to the soft light of just one light in the corner of the room and Tom stepped in. Shirley, dressed in a pair of dark blue scrubs, closed and locked the door.

She walked past Tom to the center of the room and said, “Let’s not overthink this.”

She continued, “You said you were somewhat of an expert…”

Tom stepped toward her and looked her up and down. The scrubs were just tight enough to give a hint of a toned figure underneath but little else. He could see the outline of her nipples against the thin fabric as her medium-sized breasts resisted the fall of the fabric of her top.

Tom’s gaze rose now to her eyes and he said, “Turn around slowly.”

Shirley complied and as she turned he could see some definition of her hips.

When she was again facing him, he nodded approvingly and met her eyes and after a moment said, “Take off your clothes.”

There was a moment of hesitation and then Shirley crossed her arms and raised the hem of her top up and over her head. She tossed the garment to the open suitcase on the folding stand and then looked at Tom. Tom saw that Shirley’s breasts were small but well-defined and her large nipples were extended. Tom nodded approvingly and for her to continue and she slid the elastic waistband over her hips and bending at the waist let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them.

Shirley now faced Tom completely naked and looked him directly in the eyes.

Tom said, “Sit on the edge of the bed.”

After she was seated Shirley looked up and saw Tom smile and sink to his knees in front of her. His hands reached out to the tops of her thighs and he caressed them gently. He watched intently as Shirley began to relax. Tom’s hands covered her knees and eased her legs apart. Shirley willingly spread her legs and Tom smiled. He leaned forward and kissed the inside of her thigh and his tongue and lips explored upward teasingly as he alternated from one leg to the other and moved progressively higher.

Shirley exhaled and extended her arms behind her on the bed and leaned back.

Tom’s fingers explored ahead of his lips and when his touch finally found the lightly trimmed hair between her legs, his fingers explored in small circles. Shirley began to moan softly.

As Tom sensed her passion build he slid his hands up to cup her şirinevler escort breasts and gently squeeze her nipples between his fingers.

She began to tremor against her arms and Tom looked up and said, “Lie back and relax.”

Shirley sank back against the mattress and the change of her body position exposed her damp pussy to his touch. Tom teasingly only touched the sensitive skin at the top of her thighs and he could feel her begin to flex her hips. Tom pushed harder against the tops of her thighs to exert control and she allowed her body to settle onto the bed.

Tom guessed correctly that relinquishing control was not easy for her but he knew it would add to the eroticism.

With his thumbs now massaging the tops of her inner thighs, he decided the moment was right for his lips to contact hers and she tensed as his tongue began to explore she reached forward and grabbed his head, pulling him toward her.

Tom stopped and moved her hands free and back to the bed beside her thighs.

Tom said softly, “Don’t make me have to tie you up.”

He felt Shirley tense at the remark but she relaxed and he continued his efforts.

As his tongue explored her offered pussy his hands slid upward and began to again squeeze her nipples. Tom was looking for the combination of stimulus that brought the maximum response. He enjoyed the challenge of discovering a new pussy.

As the minutes passed he found that with one hand exploring her nipples and the other spreading her lips apart at the top of her sex, the tension on her clit allowed his tongue to circle the engorged bud and he began to lock his lips around it alternately with the tip of his tongue. He could tell Shirley was close.

Tom now knew he only had to continue the combination a little longer and soon he felt her abdomen muscles tense and as her hips bucked against him she gasped and cried out softly. Her hips bucked again and he felt her orgasm sweep over her. Her hands grasping him and now easing him away as the stimulus became too intense.

Tom stopped and allowed her to relax.

Once her breathing steadied, she pulled herself back to a sitting position and pulled his head up to her and kissed him; her scent and wetness on his lips. Tom joined her tongue and felt her passion.

As they calmed, he said, “Does that compare favorably with a lady’s approach?”

Looking up at Shirley he expected her to smile and offer a witty comeback.

Instead, she said seriously, “In the past few years I have decided it is okay to experience new things.” “My husband doesn’t seem to care any more about the physical side of our relationship, although I know he still loves me.” “Pat must have sensed something from our years of working together and she approached me about playing with her and her husband.”

“We’ve had a few threesomes and it seems okay even though I feared it would challenge our friendship,” she explained.

Then she smiled and said, “I have to say I thought a woman was more intuitive when it came to oral sex, but now I’m not so sure.”

Tom smiled and said, “I’ll take that as a strong compliment.”

“You’ll have to compare notes with her I suppose,” Tom added playfully.

“I don’t like to speak for other people,” she responded.

Shirley looked down at Tom, who was still on his knees. She said, “Can you handle some more….in the interests of scientific research of course?”

Tom was caught in surprise but nodded thoughtfully and said, “I can’t deny the march of science.”

Then to Tom’s surprise, Shirley stood and walked naked to the door connecting her room with the next and knocked softly. In a moment, the door opened and there was Pat, wrapped in a terrycloth bathrobe. She entered the room and looked at Tom. Tom stood and stretched his cramped muscles.

Shirley moved in front of Pat and reached in front of her to the tie on her robe and untied the loose knot. As the robe parted Tom could see the curve of her soft belly and the hint of large, heavy breasts.

Pat looked at Shirley and then back at Tom and she spread the robe open and let it fall to the floor.

Shirley looked at Tom and said, “Shouldn’t you be naked?”

Tom smiled and nodded and began to pull the polo shirt up and over his head. The girls moved to him and he felt his jeans being opened deftly and as he tossed the shirt aside he felt his jeans fall to the ground. His cock swelled.

Tom said, “My legs are a little stiff….also.”

As he put his knee on the bed and moved to the center, he took Pat’s hand, pulled her along and said, “Do you mind if I lay down for a while.”

Pat smiled, climbed onto the bed and as Tom looked up, she swung her leg over his head. Tom’s hands grabbed her thighs and pulled her hungrily to his lips. Pat was wet and ready and she leaned back. As Tom went to his work, he reached up to cup her big tits and relished their weight and size.

He felt the bed move and in a few moments he felt a pair of warm wet lips surround his cock.

At breakfast the next morning the guys talked about the day’s activities. Tom was glad to hear that Hunter was feeling much better and if the second trip to the breakfast bar was any indication he seemed to have settled his stomach.

When Tom woke this morning, sore but relaxed he saw a text from Paula.

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