Peeing with Suzy Ch. 04

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I made my quietly up the stairs. Suzy’s bedroom door was the second on the left. I paused outside with my hand raised ready to give a knock to wake my friend. It was at that moment I heard the soft moaning sounds coming through the woodwork. With a big smile on my face I leaned one ear closer to the door. Surely enough I could now make out the sounds of Suzy’s pleasure coming from the direction of where her bed was located. I stood for a moment, one hand slid inside my panties and my fingers running along the groove of my pussy. It was a wonderful feeling. Suzy’s moans of sexual pleasure continued unabated. If anything they were rising in pitch. Removing my hand from stimulating my private parts I took a deep breath. I had never really thought about having sex with another female until that moment in time. The simply ideas of Suzy masturbating in her bed was a fantastic turn-on and I now desperately wanted to witness her in action.

I knocked quickly on the door and immediately pushed the handle down and entered. The curtains were shut but there was still enough light to clearly discern the room and its contents. “Good morning Suzy….” I started to say as if I expected nothing more than to find my friend slumbering in her bed. Instead I was rewarded by a frantic scurrying motion inside the bed sheets. Suzy shot upright grabbing the duvet in the same motion to cover her obvious nudity. This was only partially successful as her left breast escaped the sheet and sat proudly on display with a deliciously hardened nipple pointing towards me. Suzy’s blond cropped hair was a mess, her lusciously creamy skin covered in a light sheen of sweat. As I stared entranced by Suzy’s exposed bare beauty I could feel my hormones shifting into overload.

She stared at me, wild eyed with her beautiful blue orbs locked on me in shock. I was just about to act out an apology when the moment was interrupted by a loud, dull thud as something large and long fell to the floor from the folds of Suzy’s bed. This was immediately followed by a continuing low buzzing noise emitting from the object now lying on the carpet. “Is that what I think it is?” I asked coyly, all pretence at shock forgotten now. “Shit!” was Suzy’s reply as she made a dive out of her bed sheets towards her wayward vibrator. This motion only served to reveal her second wonderfully shaped breast and a quick flash of her pussy as the bed sheets parted. She made to grab at her sex toy but I had already gotten there first.

“Leslie!” she gasped in horror as I grabbed the long black device and held it up into the air to get a better look. The thing was still buzzing and throbbing in my hands. It was made from black plastic, shaped like a long and fat cock; the bell-end complete casino oyna with a moulded ridged foreskin. It was far superior to my simple device which I kept well hidden in my own bedroom. “Leslie. Give it back, right now,” Suzy demanded. “Why?” I teased, rotating the vibrator around in the air in front of the bed. “What do you need this for?” “Leslie, you bitch! Give it to me.” Suzy strained forward in her duvet, an act that once again only served to reveal her beautiful tits. “You mean this?” I giggled, waving the throbbing cock around in the air. Suddenly the horniest of ideas flashed into my brain. Just thinking about what I was about to do was making me wet between the legs. How could I resist.

“Maybe, I don’t know what one of these is.” I giggled like a little school girl. “Is it a lollypop?” With that I moved the end of the throbbing plastic cock up to my mouth. Slowly and very deliberately I stuck my tongue out and gave the fake bell-end a long exploratory lick. Immediately I could taste Suzy’s sex upon the manmade material. It tasted incredible. My friend stared at me, a look of utter shock on her face. “I don’t believe you just did that,” she whispered. In response I found the on/off switch and silenced the device I was holding up to my mouth. I gave Suzy a toying smile and then returned to licking the fake penis that only moments ago had been buried in the depth of her warm wetness. “Leslie!” Suzy whispered. “That’s just been in my pussy.” I was partly surprised by the shock still present in her voice. After our shared piss session the other day, I had presumed as a matter of course that she had some sexual interest in me. Regardless of what may or may not be the case I decided to press on. If nothing else I was now incredible wet myself and desperate for a fuck. All I could think of was the memory of Suzy’s incredible pussy from the other day and the sight of her golden shooting stream of hot piss leaving her flaps.

I gave the vibrator another loving lick, sampling once again the taste of Suzy’s sex upon the exterior. At the end of my tongue caress I rotated the end of the plastic cock up to my lips which I slowly parted to accept the device. All the time I was carrying on this little show my eyes were locked on Suzy’s perfect blue orbs. Now came the moment I was waiting for when the shock and wonder held inside them changed to something else. It was at that precise moment when Suzy’s hormones took control again and her sexual needs regained the forefront in her thoughts. Slowly and very deliberately, she pulled back the duvet from around her completely naked body. Every millisecond revealed more and more delicious flesh exposed to my view, whilst all the time I continued to suck and play with her black vibrator. canlı casino Finally, her utterly desirable pussy came into view, her mass of wiry blond pubic hairs matted with sweat and her love juices. My eyes traced up and down her body taking in every detail of her gorgeous body. At that moment in time I decided that I had never seen anything so beautiful.

Suzy pushed back against the folds of her bed sheets, making room on the mattress for me. With one last longing lick on the fake black cock in my hands, I lowered the device and passed it to her. She took it from me as if accepting the Holy Grail. Our eyes were locked now as my hands reached to undo my blouse. There was a burning look of hungered desire in her orbs as my cleavage became exposed before her vision. That look only intensified as my bra slipped away from my skin and my tits became exposed. The silence of the room was broken again by the soft buzz coming from the vibrator as Suzy triggered the activation switch. Whilst I shed my skirt and made the move to discard my white panties, she slowly returned the device to the base of her pussy lips. Even as I exposed my own muff to her sight, she deliberately pushed home the device into the wet tunnel of her love hole.

I was so incredibly horny now. I desperately wanted to fuck Suzy even if I had little idea how to proceed. With my underwear now on a pile with my other clothes, I went to join my new found lover on the bed. The bedding sheet was cold against my flesh as I lay down beside Suzy, a sensation that immediately replaced by the flushed warmness of her arm as she reached over to pull me closer. Her hands were free of the Vibrator which was still lodged in her moist pussy. She drew me closer our mouths closing until at last her lips touched mine. I had never felt such passion until that moment when we first kissed. Her lips were incredibly soft and tender and so loving in their application onto mine. Our embrace lengthened, her tongue poking out slightly as to experimentally test my reaction. I met her half way, our tongues meeting before playfully flicking over the other as we French kissed. My hands had subconsciously moved to her tits, desperate to sample their shape and delightful form. Her nipples were exquisitely hard as were my own. Suzy’s hands were returning these fondles of affection and were now likewise sampling the round firmness of my breasts.

We kissed and played with each others tits for what seemed like an eternity of pleasure. Finally Suzy took charge, her hands moving downwards to the still throbbing Vibrator lodged inside her pussy. The device slipped out of her lubricated love hole and I suddenly felt a wave of intense pleasure rush through me as Suzy deftly placed the end of the kaçak casino plastic cock up to my lower lips. With incredible care and dexterity, Suzy slowly slid home the Vibrator into my pussy hole. I gasped with the thrill and sheer incredibleness of the experience. It simply felt so good! I pushed away from Suzy, our lips finally separating and I stared down at the sight of the device lodge inside my wet tunnel of pleasure. The raw feeling of sexual need filled my body with longing. The steady vibration of the large plastic cock in my muff was too incredible to describe. Suzy was manipulating the Vibrator with one hand her eyes locked on my semi-shaven pussy. I took a moment to stare at her tits once again before succumbing to the desperate need I had to place her nipples in my mouth. I sampled first her left tit and then her right; the taste of her buds an aphrodisiac to my raging hormones.

The pleasure radiating upwards from my pussy was causing me to drown in a well of erotic thrills. I wasn’t really in control of my body when Suzy slowly pressed me down to the bed before climbing on top of me. She was still holding the vibrator which was still inside me and controlling its ministrations with a master’s touch. Her mouth once again found mine and I could feel my eyes closing as my world dissolved into an ongoing orgy of stimulations. Her tits were pushed against mine, an incredible feeling in its own right. I could never recall having been wetter than I was now. Suzy’s control of the plastic cock was rapidly bringing on what promised to be the most incredible of orgasms. I could sense it waiting, building by the second with its promise of explosive might. I had two of my fingers inside Suzy’s pussy, the warm tight wetness of her love tunnel sliding around my digits. I could almost taste the pleasure I was giving her in return. Her kisses were blending into one long continual press of lips against one another such was our reluctance now to part, if even for a second. I could feel the sweat on my body, the dampness in the bedding sheet beneath my body. The heat emanating from Suzy’s body was like a furnace, her touch a burning flame.

My promised orgasm arrived! My body racked with ultimate pleasure and utter bliss as I came hard. It was a moment of utter euphoria, a mind destroying rupture of stimulus driving every sense to momentarily oblivion. I gasped for air as my orgasm claimed me. I was lost to every now but the sensations driving up from my pussy and the heavenly wave of relinquished desire transcending my body. My head hit the soft pillow behind me as rapture turned to a wonderful state of well being as my body recovered from the shock of climaxed sex. I was only dimly aware of Suzy enjoying her own climax as I lay beneath her nude body. Moments later and she collapsed on the bed beside me. After several seconds of recovery she was good enough to slide the vibrating plastic cock out of my now sated pussy.

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