Personal Trainer Ch. 02

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So, the first chapter was the 1st time I have ever published anything I have ever written. With the immediate positive responses, I have prepared the second chapter. Please feel free to comment on the story as you like. Thank you.


Talk about being motivated to lose weight, or maybe losing weight was just what was necessary to see what happens next. Regardless, after work was done for the day, I went straight home. At home, I quickly changed into some workout gear, and headed to my garage where I used the weight bench for the first time since buying it two months prior. An hour after I started, I hardly had taken many breaks and was now tired and very sweaty. For dinner, I only ate what I needed to recover, and started making a point to drink lots of water.

The rest of the evening, I read articles on weight loss on tips and tricks for eating healthy. My wife was glad to see I was more engaged in losing weight, and talked with me about things she has heard or knows. Those little things are what usually irritate me, but tonight they were fine. We talked about how drinking water helps hunger feelings, and what type of foods to eat or not.

The next day I awoke, I had a big glass of water, before I even did anything else. I had read that water helps with the starving feelings. After a healthy breakfast, I also packed a healthy lunch and workout gear so I could go to the gym. During the day, I was very careful about what I ate. When I started to get hungry, instead I drank more water. Finally, when lunch did come, I started with my fruits and vegetables. I figured if I made myself feel full on those, then I would not eat as much, especially the junk foods.

Finally, the work day was over and I went to the gym. Because I have some old injuries, I have to be careful about what I do. So, even though I knew running would be good, I didn’t want to hurt myself already, so instead I got on a bike and rode for 30 minutes. Then, I got off and spent 20 minutes rotating between the row machine, pushups and sit-ups. Finally, I went to the basketball court and did a little cool down shooting some hoops. I was beyond exhausted, but was feeling motivated.

When I finally made it home, my wife still at her evening job teaching yoga, I decided to take the dog for a long walk. While walking, I took the opportunity to think about the previous day and my encounter with Mindy. I was completely surprised what had happened, and that I was so ready to jump in and risk everything with my wife. Or maybe I wasn’t thinking about it as a risk, but I had successfully kept some other secrets, why couldn’t I keep this one.

The next two days were much of the same. Saturday morning when I stepped on the scale, I had lost the five pounds. I pulled her card she gave me out of my wallet and sent her a text, “5 pounds lost! What next?”

A few minutes later, I received a reply, “Keep it up. Meet me in our interview room Monday at 9am.”

I quickly replied, “I will be there.”

She sent back another message, “Keep up the good work. Hope to see you have lost more weight by Monday.”

The weekend felt like an eternity to me, but I kept eating well. So well, that it almost frustrated my wife. She wanted something sweet for a snack, but I wouldn’t budge on the idea. I was dead set against it. Finally, the weekend was over, and Monday morning I got up a little earlier ataşehir escort bayan than normal. I spent a little more time freshening up before I went into work.

The morning seemed to drag on, and finally it was a quarter till 9am, and could not wait any longer. I told my office I had an appointment, and then proceeded to wander over to our interview room a little earlier. When I finally did make it over there, I noticed the room light was already on. In the room there was a weight scale, a camera, athletic measuring tape and a few other items on the table, but not Mindy. I frowned as I looked around the table, until I heard the door close behind me and saw her walk past.

I don’t know how else to describe the feeling I had when she did walk past me, except that she took my breath away. The previous day she was dressed in a simple white dress. Today, she wore a very sexy black and silver dress. The first thing I noticed, was when she walked past me I was that the dress was mostly and open back, with a tighter fit over her firm ass than the previous day. The fit made her sexy ass stand out more than normal. She said, “I am very glad to see you so soon.” I hardly heard her as she turned to look at me. The dress had a cowl plunging neckline over her chest, but not very pronounced. I smiled as she obviously was not wearing a bra as I could see the inner sides of her breasts. I scanned her body up and down and noticed that the dress was also shorter than before. I was honestly very surprised that she wore the outfit over to this building, especially with her husband working in the same building, and the fact that she wasn’t here to see him. She smiled and said, “You obviously like what you see. Now, I think we need to get started. The door is already locked.”

I replied, “You look amazing. Do you always dress this way?”

She said, “Thank you. I like to dress up, but as a personal trainer there is not much opportunity. This however, is for you. First though, we need to go over some detail, and then we will take some measurements and weigh in.”

I said, “Sounds good. Where do we start?”

Mindy said, “First, I have an agreement here for you to sign. You can read it over, but I will go over the two main topics. One, the success you have losing weight with me, you will give me the credit when it is time. Second, is that meetings like this and the one we had last Tuesday are secret between just the two of us. My husband knows I met you on Tuesday, but neither he nor I am sure your wife need to know about it. Finally, as part of my rewards, I have a few special things planned. These rewards are also secret, and you must not tell anyone. If you agree to these statements, please initial by each one. Then sign the client box on the bottom right of the form. After you initial and sign, I will do the same.”

I had been reading the document and when she finished speaking, I replied, “So, what kind of rewards do you have in mind?” I then initialed and signed the document.

She smiled and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know. We will get to that soon enough. But, now that you signed the document, we can get on with things. I will make a copy of this and give it to you, this holds both of us accountable and liable. Now, I let’s talk about eating. I am giving you four daily eating goals. First, you need to eat more servings of vegetables than fruits each day, with a minimum of escort kadıköy 5 servings, but also must have at least one serving of fruits. Second, no junk food, candy or bready items like cakes and donuts. Third, at least 64 ounces of water on days you do not work out, and over 100 ounces when we do work out. You won’t have many days off, so I would target 100 ounces every day. Fourth, 3 servings of lean meats each day. You will document everything you eat, and discuss it with me when we meet up regularly. Questions?”

I said, “Yes. How often will we be meeting up?

She said, “No questions about the food?” I shook my head and she continued, “Ok, well, we will be meeting up often, provided you agree with my next part. I know you go play basketball on Mondays, so I want you to continue to do that. But, Tuesday thru Saturday we will meet up every day to work out. I assume the end of the day works best for you, but I just need you to tell me when. We will be doing all sorts of workouts, like weight lifting, cardio or yoga. Sunday will be your only day off.”

I said, “That sounds like a lot, far more than I have ever done, but I will give it a try.”

She said, “I need that to be more than a try. I need you to dedicate yourself to it.”

I took a deep breath and with a tone of resolution I said, “I will.”

She smiled with a look of satisfaction and said, “Awesome. Now that that is taken care of, let’s take some measurements. Take your blouse top off and undershirt.” I took off the items and she proceeded to measure my arms, chest and tummy. She said, “Big tummy, but I know we can improve this and make you looking sexy. Now, boots and pants off.” I frowned but did as she asked. Soon I was just standing there in my boxer underwear. Today, I was thankful that I was wearing underwear versus boxers to help keep my dick from sticking out. She took her tape measure in hand and proceeded to kneel down in front of me and measure my thighs. Doing so, her hands had to touch my bare skin on my thighs, and her touch was nearly too much for me. My dick started get stiffer and push against my underwear. After she got the measurement, she said, “I am glad to see you are enjoying this. How about we weigh in?”

I stepped back onto the scale and waited for the number to flash up. She still sat knelt there on the ground, just one small step in front of me. I tried to focus on the scale, versus her cleavage. I tried not to be so obvious, but the best I was able to muster was to look back and forth between the scale and her. When the number came up, she said, “203. That means you lost 7 from the 210 you originally told me. Now, how about your reward?”

I replied, “I was wondering what that would be.”

She reached back up to my thighs and slid her hands up to my hips, the sides of my body as she stood up in front of me, nearly rubbing her body against mine. I could feel her heat from her body, and it was intoxicating. She grabbed each of my hands and placed each of them on her hips. She smiled up at me and leaned in to kiss me gently on the lips. That was all I needed and I quickly responded with a kiss of my own. Both our lips immediately parted, and our tongues met again. We continued to kiss and I took a little more liberty to take my hands and feel her nice, tight, round ass.

She then started to slither around inside my arms, turning around to put her back up against my chest, bostancı escort and ass against my dick. She pushed her ass back against my crotch, and I took the liberty to place my hands on her waist. I slowly took my right hand and slid it up her front, until I found the beginning of her v neck. Before I could move any further, she turned back around and slowly squatted down in front of me while she pulled my underwear off in one fluid motion.

My rock hard dick jumped out at her and smacked her in the chin as she slid down. To my delight, her tongue quickly lurched out and began licking the tip of my dick. My dick grew even harder now and she smiled up at me and said, “I have been thinking about your reward since you texted me Saturday. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.” As the last words left her sexy lips, her lips wrapped themselves around my dick.

I almost felt like fainting. You see, I have never had another woman’s lips around my dick other than my wife’s. You see, I never really dated when I was in high school, and shortly after I joined the military, I married my wife. I was a virgin when I married her, and the first time I even had sex, was with my wife, another virgin. Even still, it was another year before I was able to talk her into giving me oral sex. And now, she only gives me that favor once in a while. Now, as Mindy is sucking on my dick, I can already tell that she is much better than my wife. I may actually be able to reach my climax with Mindy sucking on me, something I have never been able to do with my wife.

I look back down at Mindy, and she smiles up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. She now takes one of her hands, and begins to lightly touch my balls. I roll my head back, and my breathing now quickens even more. She now has my whole member in her mouth, and I am nearing the point of no return. I feel my dick begin to seep and she pulls of my dick to say, “Ah, the sweet taste of pre-cum”, before she goes back to sucking. This turns me on even more, and I immediately pump a few warm wads of cum into her mouth. She eagerly sucks and swallows all of it, before cleaning my dick up with her tongue.

She then stands up and I say, “Wow. That was the best reward ever. Oral sex has never felt so good.”

She smiled devilishly at me and said, “Glad to hear you enjoyed your reward. To be honest, I have never tasted better cum. Honestly, I can hardly wait for you to lose 3 more pounds and earn your next reward. Enjoy basketball tonight, and be ready for a good workout with me tomorrow. But first, I want another kiss.” I pulled her close to me and locked lips with her again.

After a short kiss, she pulled back and said, “Remember, no one ever knows about this.” She pulled back and began picking up her stuff, and I began to get dressed. After she had gathered her things and packed them in her bag, she threw on her nice overcoat to hide how she had dressed. She smiled at me and I pulled her in for another long, passionate kiss. She let herself be overcome with passion and continued kissing me before she pulled back and said, “I can hardly resist a man in uniform.” She picked up her pack and walked out of the room saying, “I will see you tomorrow, and remember in public you must be professional with me. Remember, I am the lieutenant’s wife, Mrs. Knight.”

The rest of the day was great, and I was even more careful about what I ate. For basketball, I pushed myself even harder than the previous weeks. I wanted to do whatever I could to burn fat and gain lean muscles as fast as possible. I couldn’t imagine things getting any better, but Mindy promised they would. That thought made me hungry to push myself to the limits.

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