Pixie Pt. 02 Ch. 09: Caught!

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I was tired. I was horny. I was also getting impatient. I am not sure which of the three prompted me to push the door open and point my gun at whoever was in the room with Sarah, perhaps all three; but I did just that.

‘Okay, I have had enough.’

Sarah was sitting on the edge of her bed, and opposite her, on what should have been my couch, was a blonde woman with a gun.

‘Okay,’ I said, ‘you can shoot one of us, but I can shoot you, so what say we talk?’

‘Darling,’ said Sarah, ‘I think you may need to listen.’

Come to think of it, Sarah did not seem to be unduly distressed; I noticed that the gun was pointing downwards.

‘Sorry, darling,’ I said, ‘but having disposed of three threats in the last three hours, and downed three Turkish coffees, I am on edge, so will someone tell me what the fuck is going on before I fire this bloody thing!’

The blonde gave a throaty laugh.

‘Yes, I gather from the wires that the Cousins lack two agents. We haven’t had a report on Ivan yet, but I’m guessing he is missing at least one?’ She smiled at me.

‘Okay,’ I said, putting the gun down, not without relief, ‘what is going on, who are you, why are you here?’

‘I was trying to find you, but you seemed to have vanished, so I came in to see Sarah to ask whether she had seen you, she was just telling me that you had not slept in your couch when, lo and behold, in you step, looking like a pocket Jane Bond! I take it that it was you who caused the Cousins to vanish?’

I sat down, feeling quite exhausted.

‘Yes, they seemed to think I was working for the Russian mafia, and to be honest, I did not have the time to tell them otherwise.’

‘Good, we want them to think that. Your best guarantee of safety in Romania is that the Countess thinks that the CIA is after you. That way she won’t know you are working for us. That would put you all in danger. What did Ivan want?’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘I can’t say it felt very safe with two CIA operatives on my case, but I take your point. The Russians were after Alessandra.’

‘Ah yes, your Mossad friend. An interesting woman. Very highly sexed. I take it she is with the £5m woman?’

Laughing, I confirmed it.

‘Well, casino siteleri it is one way to pass a journey, and better than the crossword.’

It was her turn to laugh.

Sarah relaxed.

‘Good, all these bloody guns make me nervous. What have you been up to Pix? You look exhausted.’

‘That would be because I have been up all night, now will someone explain what’s going on?’

‘Sorry,’ the blonde said, ‘I joined the train at Sofia, I am Jay Dempster, and I work for the people you work for. I was asked by the Mossad girls to check you were okay; apparently, you sent a message. I take it they disposed of the heavy luggage?’

‘Yes, thanks, and thanks for coming on board, but as you can see, I appear to be coping.’

‘Yes, so I see, you are a remarkable little thing. Anyone would think you had done this before.’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘they’d be wrong. And if this is my last time, it won’t be too soon.’

‘After what you have just done, I suspect it won’t be your last time. Now, let me brief you on the Countess, or as we call her back at base, the Cuntess.’

‘Oh, very droll,’ I smiled, ruefully.

The necklace she was wearing was stunning, a thin silver chain, with two small garnet stones. My eyes were drawn to them.

It hit me. I moved fast, grabbing her gun and drawing my own simultaneously.

‘What the fuck?’ Dempster exclaimed. ‘We are on the same side.’

‘Sarah, were you awake when she came in?’

‘She was just coming over to wake me as I awoke anyway.’ Sarah replied.

‘How close was she?’

‘She was more or less next to me.’

‘Now,’ expostulated Dempster, ‘what the fuck are you doing, you paranoid bitch?’

‘That necklace, tell me about it.’ I asked, pointing my gun at it.

She blushed.

‘And if you tell me it is a blind to get into the Countess’s inner circle, I will shoot you and throw you to the wolves. No one except those bitten by her or another vampire wears those.’

She looked dumbstruck.

Sarah gasped.

‘You mean?’

‘Yes, she was about to bite you darling, and for that alone, you fuckwit, I should finish you off,’ I told Dempster.’

Suddenly her eyes canlı casino turned red, and her mouth seemed to be filled with fangs, she screeched.

Sarah screamed.

Taking the Taser, I fired one shot at the solar plexus, and the vampire subsided.

‘What the hell, Pix? Who is she?’

‘No idea,’ I responded, ‘my guess would be she’s what she said she was, but with the twist that she’s been turned by the Countess. That necklace represents vampire bites on the neck. It’s amazing what you can learn if you listen to Emm.’

I breathed heavily. If I’d been a few minutes later, it might have been all over. I shivered. I was tired and emotionally drained.

‘Darling, will you get Emm, she needs more rope-work.’

Sarah looked at me, and then it occurred to me that she didn’t know what we had been up to. I told her briefly.

‘Oh, darling, you are such a brave Pix, okay, leave it to me.’

I was happy to do so. I felt like I had strayed into a James Bond novel. I so wanted to escape back into my normal existence. But that was not going to happen any time soon. My brain was starting to feel numb, that frontal lobe numbness that comes with extreme exhaustion. I could not stay awake but had to do so.

Sarah came back with Emm, who had Dempster hogtied in a moment.

‘Pix, you have to let me question her!’

I looked amazed at Emm.



Dempster was waking, and to be honest, I was too tired to argue.

‘Okay, but Sarah, get Alessandra.’

Alessandra had dressed, her vest showing her muscled, fit arms, and the outline of her nipples; her shorts were, well, short. Even in my weariness, I felt horny looking at her.

Emm worked fast, even as Dempster woke.

She had her trousers and panties off and her legs open.

‘Hehe,’ she grinned at Alessandra, ‘bet you never saw an interrogation like this!’

I doubt anyone had.

Emm’s diamond-studded tongue worked its way up Dempster’s slit, and her fingers parted her lips. With a start, she was wide awake.

‘You can torture me all you like, I am trained to resist!’

‘Not this, darling, no one can resist this!’

Emm worked up and down her cunt kaçak casino until she was dripping. As the diamond stud rubbed against her clit, Dempster could not help moaning. And as Emm’s fingers probed her asshole, she was gasping with arousal.

‘Oh fuck, stop, stop, oh my goodness, stop, I can’t, can’t, I need to cum.’

Emm played with her nipples, squeezing them through the fabric of her blouse. Ripping it, she began to smack Dempster’s big tits. She then kissed her, making her taste her own juices. Dempster started to gyrate; we could all see her neediness.

‘Fuck, fuck, no, this is not fair, oh, fuck, you are so good at this, oh, make me cum you blonde bitch.’

‘Hehe,’ giggled Emm, ‘well tell us what we need to hear, and you can cum half a dozen times, I guarantee.’

‘She’s right,’ Sarah giggled, ‘satisfaction guaranteed.’

‘Okay, okay, I promise, but please let me cum at least once!’

‘Hehe,’ Emm giggled, ‘only a small one, but if you tell us what Pix needs to know, I will give you an orgasm which will blow your mind.’

With that, Emm stuffed a finger up Dempster’s asshole, licked her clit, and made her cum.

Say what you wanted about Emm, but as Alessandra put it, ‘that interrogation technique is dynamite.’

Emm, a mistress of her art, had given Dempster a taster but left her gasping.

As she recovered, and Emm stroked her tits; she spilled the beans.

She was, indeed, a double-agent, turned by the Countess, who, distrusting Ekaterina, and wanting her money back, intended to use Emm and kidnap us, holding us for ransom, and if no payment was forthcoming, we’d be sold into the white slave trade, having first been broken.

Emm seemed somewhat taken by the prospect, which was more than Sarah and I were.

She gave us a comprehensive account of what would happen when we got to Bran Castle, which gave us a few hours to prepare ourselves.

Once we were sure we had all the information, which was after her second Emm-induced orgasm, we let Emm loose on her.

By the end, all of us were hot and horny. Jay was a wreck, three orgasms later, she was worn out, exhausted, needing sleep even more than I did. Alessandra dragged Emm off to her compartment, and it took no imagination to know what would ensue.

I snuggled up to Sarah.

“Much though I want to fuck you, darling, I need sleep.’

I rested my head on her bosom and was lost to the world.

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