Pixie Pt. 03 Ch. 03: Pets

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Emm was right, there had been no rush, although it seemed hardly worthwhile pointing that out to her. Anyway, Sarah and I made up for it the following evening, when somehow supper was a non-event and a whole night’s marathon love-making was on the menu, with spicy Pixie as the main course. I was so lucky to have found Sarah, and, fortunately, she seemed to be of the same view regarding me.

Headquarters was interested in Emm’s discovery. They had known that there was a trafficking hub in that part of London, and it rather looked as if, by accident, Emm had uncovered it. After a day’s toing and froing, Ivanka, Ekaterina’s business manager, authorised Emm to negotiate on their behalf with the Night Manager. That gave her an excuse to book in at the hotel where her new lover, Aly, worked.

It was decided that it would be best if I accompanied Emm to the initial meeting, the general feeling being that Emm could provide the glamour and I would provide the brains. In that one comment, the Boss managed to upset us both.

‘But Pix,’ Emm protested, I have a first class degree.’

‘And am I that plain?’ I added.

‘Well, darling,’ Emm teased, ‘you do have tiny titlets, although they are delicious.’

‘I see, well,’ I said to the Boss, ‘I will just have to file a grievance procedure against you for breastism.’

‘Is there such a thing?’ She asked.

‘I’d check with HR,’ Emm riposted, ‘I’m sure that Pix’s tiny tits are a protected minority, and she is a midget too, so you may also be being sizeist too.’

She was still trying to work out whether we were being serious or not as we left.

‘She did have a point,’ Emm said, ‘you would not pass muster as the representative for Ekaterina.’

She was, of course, right, as all her girls were tall with big chests, and I was four foot ten, with at best 30A boobs; there might have been a credibility issue.

Thus it was that we arrived at the hotel in Bayswater late on an early autumn afternoon; the first signs of a cooling of the temperature was palpable. I reflected that the seven months that had passed since Emm had met Ekaterina had seen far more than a change in the climate; our lives had been transformed. Emm gripped my hand:

‘It’s okay, Pix, we’ll be fine.’

One of the many things which people failed to recognise about Emm (possibly because they were concentrating on the more easily recognisable parts of her) was that she was a good friend. She had a degree of social confidence I lacked, and casino siteleri I relied on her to deploy it when needed. She never failed me. I don’t agree with hunting, but if one had to go on a tiger shoot, Emm was the woman to take.

As she talked to Aly at reception I was struck by something new in Emm. She was a shameless flirt, but then that was Emm, but she also seemed to hang on Aly’s every word. Her eyes shone, and she giggled even more than usual. Aly seemed equally wrapped up in Emm, so feeling like the shy one at some orgy, I asked Aly where the Night Manager was.

Even as I spoke a woman hove into view who matched the description we had been given: medium-height, slimish, eyebrows painted on by a blind man with a broad brush and no aesthetic sense. Okay, that last was not in the briefing notes, but I added them later.

‘Alyssa, stop flirting with that blonde, do you not have work to do?’

‘Yes, Miss Nat,’ Aly said, ‘and this is part of it, they wanted to see you.’

‘Oh,’ said the Night Manager.

Some people one dislikes on first sight, which saves one the trouble of having to decide on the issue, and Nat the Night Manager was one of them. Never was the phrase ‘pompous asshole’ more accurately applied. She was clear that she was terribly important, and equally determined that everyone else should know that fact. He phrasing was pedantic and artificial; it was as though someone had programmed a robot to speak like the Queen, but with a dodgy accent.

‘I am Nat, and am the Night Manager of this establishment. I bring to it the skills of one with an upper-second class degree in Management from the University of Bumsonseats. Now what might I do for you both? But first, do introduce yourselves. You have a very sweet daughter, Ma’am, if I might make so bold.’

‘I’m Emm, I work for one of the richest women in Russia, and this is Pix who, appearances notwithstanding, is not a child, but my business manager. I want to see you about a business proposition.’

‘Would that not be, Ma’am, a matter for those even senior to me?’

‘If it did not involve millions of dirty Russian money, I’ve no doubt,’ I said, ‘but as it does, we’ve been told that it is best to deal with someone of a broader grasp of business principles.’

Eyebrows smiled.

‘In which case, Ma’am, you have most certainly arrived at the apt destination, for by instinct I am a businesswoman, to the very heels of my Louboutin shoes.’

She gave what, with her, passed for canlı casino a smile; with anyone else it would have looked like a flash of silver plate on a coffin lid.

‘Oh,’ said Emm, ‘I must show you my collection, I am up to 250 pairs now.’

This attracted her attention, and had the eyebrows been capable of it, they would have risen to the occasion.

We retired to the bar to negotiate.

Ivanka had suggested the lineaments of the deal, which amounted to offering 25% more than the current contract in return for a profit sharing element. It was an offer backed by Ekaterina’s fabulous wealth and lust for power, and it came attached with a sweetener for the Night Manager herself. It was a mark of her pompous obtuseness that it took Nat an hour to agree to what was, in Emm’s words, ‘the bleeding obvious.’

It was a good deal from our point of view, as it put us across the major source of trafficking in this part of London, and if we followed the money from the hotel, we’d find out who was buying the girls, and could shut down the buyers.

Having given Eyebrows her money (a nice wad of £1000), Emm felt free to explore Alyssa, who was finishing her shift, and who had a room at the hotel. I offered to make myself scarce and let them get on with it, a suggestion Emm was happy to accept.

‘No, you’re cute, you stay!’ Aly seemed to be able to assert her point of view and win it, as Emm simply accepted what the young American girl wanted.

Thus it was that I found myself going up to the third floor with them. In the lift Aly gripped Emm to her, kissing her passionately, grabbing her ass and lifting her dress to expose her black thong, which had ridden up her ass, exposing her brand.

‘Soon, PET,’ Aly whispered, looking at me and winking.

Emm pushed her dress down as the lift doors opened, but Aly ordered her to raise it again. Emm complied.

Walking along the corridor, with Emm exposing her ass, while Aly played with it, was an intensely erotic experience, and had me licking my lips in anticipation of events to come once we reached her room.

We were no sooner in the room than Aly stopped, and having closed the door, said to Emm:

‘Strip, PET,’ Aly was in command mode.

Emm slid her black dress off her shoulders, leaving it to fall in a pool at her feet. Her half cup bra pushed her tits out, and the thong had risen up her ass and pussy crack.

‘I said strip!’

Emm hurried to comply. Naked, she was the magnificent sight kaçak casino she always was.

Aly looked at her, then at me.

‘I want to see what you look like under that dress, take it off.’

I found myself complying, pulling it up and off, and standing there in my yellow cotton knickers.

‘Are all you English broads so sub?’ Aly laughed.

‘You sit there and watch, no touching mind. You do have tiny tits, Emm was right,’ she told me.

She took her uniform off. Her tits were about the same size as Emm’s, 36C, which on her smaller frame made them look huge.

‘Clean my cunt, Emm, I forgot to wipe when I went to the toilet a few minutes before you arrived.’

Her big slutty tits swaying, Emm crawled between Aly’s legs and began to eat her out.

Emm’s naked ass was always a sight for sore eyes (and often sore cunts), and as her tongue lapped up Aly’s cunt, I could see that her own was glistening.

The look on Aly’s face showed the extent to which Emm’s ministrations were turning her on. I could feel myself getting damp down there, but did not want to distract them from their game.

As Emm ate her out, Aly took a short whip from under her pillow and began to whip Emm’s ass as she sucked her clit. That just made Emm more agitated.

I could see that Emm’s fingers were in Aly’s cunt, and that she was moving them swiftly in and out. I could also see the effect on Aly, as a flush began in her face spreading to her neck, shoulders and tits. Emm, oblivious, carried on tonguing and fingering until the inevitable; Aly squirted into her face, dripping onto her tits. God I wanted to touch myself!

When Aly had finished her orgasms, she told Emm to kneel up.

‘You,’ she said to me, ‘come and kiss Emm.’

I went over to Emm, and knelt. I kissed her, tasting Aly’s juices on her lips.

Emm’s tongue snaked into my mouth, and her wet, naked tits pressed into mine. There was an electric shock to my nipples as they met hers.

‘Stop, PETS!’

Emm stopped, which left me smeared with her cunt cream and as unsatisfied as Emm.

‘Okay, Pixie, you can dress and leave. PET, get ready.’

As I smiled, found my dress and pulled it over my head, I saw Emm get into six inch heels, which Aly locked into place.

‘Kneel, PET!’ Aly almost purred.

My last sight of them was Aly circling a naked, kneeling Emm, like a predator weighing up its prey.

‘Bye Pix!’ Emm waved.

‘Bye Pixie,’ Aly said.

As I shut the door I could hear moans coming from the room.

I booked an Uber, I wanted back to Sarah fast.

I explained to her later why, on entering, I had thrown myself at her and said:

‘Ravish me, darling!’

She did.

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