Relative Perversions Ch. 08

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Relative Perversions: Ch. 08 — Getting Her Is The End?


As the weekend draws to a close, Les still struggles to juggle the emotional and sexual needs of his mother and sister while preparing for the arrival of a potential harem member the following day.


[Incest/Taboo] (Best friends, Big Tits, Bisexual Female(s), Blowjob, Bubble Butt, Cum Eating, Denial, Dominant Male, Eating Pussy, Facial, Filmed, Harem, Mother, Pictures, Sister, Son, Submissive Female(s), WIfe)


Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Les came to consciousness slowly and pleasantly as he felt a warm, wet sensation on his cock. As he enjoyed the sensation of the blowjob that was obviously being given to him, he reflected on the previous day’s events.

After going out on a kind of “date” with Candi, they had returned home to renew their weekend free-for-all of fucking. The pair had finished breaking in every, single room in the house with the exception of his sisters’ rooms. Aside from those, they had fucked everywhere possible (including the attic). The most interesting was when he took Candi in the ass on the back porch late in the night with the chance of the neighbors being able to see them from their upper story windows.

The mouth on his dick drew a groan from him as the lips settled to rest at the base of his dick while the rest of the girth was lodged firmly in the sucker’s throat. This brought his thoughts back to the blowjob that his sister had given him the previous day.

Les was reasonably sure without looking that the mouth feverishly sucking him belong to his mother and personal slut, Candi, but he still held a slight fear that it wasn’t. To relieve his mind, he cracked open his eyelids to be greeted by the grinning eyes of Candi as she plunged rapidly on his dick. He let out a groan of relief as he stared into her eyes and thanked his luck that it hadn’t been Lucy.

Truth be told, he was really getting off on his little sister begging to become his slut like their mother, but he was still terrified of what would happen when Candi found out. The conflicted teen clenched his fists in the covers as he fought his approaching orgasm. He had learned that denying it for as long as possible made the final experience incredibly intense. Not only that, the longer it took, the filthier Candi became in her antics in the attempt to coax out the spunk she craved so much.

Finally unable to take it anymore, Les bellowed loudly as he let go and began spewing a torrent of jizz directly into his mother’s mouth. Sensing the explosion, the curvy slut had retreated her lips to the ridge behind the crown of his cock as her soft hands stroked the shaft and encouraging more thick scum to pulse into her mouth. The entire time her tongue was coated and drowned in the silvery goo, she cooed and mewled with her lips still firmly clamped on her owner’s dick. When his load slowed to a dribble, Candi lovingly used her tongue to lash the tip and dig in the hole to extract the last pearls of cum. Satisfied that he was spent, the slut mother released the cock she worshiped with her body before lewdly showing Les the pool of pearly batter. Then, she gulped down her potential grandchildren to settle warmly in her belly as she licked her plump lips.

The slutty display was more than enough to keep Les hard. Taking control, he gripped a fistful of her hair and directed her up his body until she was straddling his hips. The dominant teen took a moment to smack the large orb of his mother’s ass before reaching down to direct the flared head of his dick into the sopping wet hole that he had emerged from close to two decades ago. Candi’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as her mouth hung open in a wordless moan.

The filthy mother began rocking her hips lewdly in an attempt to rub her son’s wonderful cock over every, single sensitive spot of her hungry snatch. She held herself upright with her palms on his chest which caused her arms to press her huge fun bags together so that they bulged obscenely and her rock-hard nipples stood so far out that they seemed in danger of popping off of her stacked frame. Slowly, the slut writhed her entire body in a wavelike motion akin to a Bedouin dancer or like a swaying viper. This caused her ass to pop and jiggle seductively with each undulation so that it was like a slow motion twerking.

Having blown one load already and knowing that they had all day to play, Les simply lay back with his arms folded beneath the pillow under his head and just enjoyed the sensuous ride that his personal property was giving him. The more they fucked, the better he got at controlling his own body and his ability to hold back from cumming.

Fucking his own personal slut, regardless of it being his own mother, provided him with pendik escort a wealth of sexual experience unknown to most guys his own age. Sure, some guys might be bedding a line of girls unlike him with his small number of conquests. Where things differed significantly was in the realm of experience. Candi had obviously been fucking with the best of them since the time she had figured out how good her twat could make her feel. As such, she was a patient and thorough teacher who understood that increasing Les’ skill meant better and more frequent pleasure for herself. Other guys would be fucking girls their own age who were unknowledgeable in the carnal delights, much like Lucy.

However, Les was proving to be just as capable of a teacher as their mother, passing on what he knew to his little sister in her quest to be just like Candi.

The bombshell bimbo pounding her cunt on him was apparently running through yet another orgasm for herself as the lounging teen focused his concentration on not blowing his load in her ravenous hole. He almost lost it and only succeeded in riding out her nut without adding to it by using a trick she had taught him recently. When he felt himself going too far, he maneuvered his thumbs to his palms under the rest of his fingers and squeezed hard. The pressure and slight pain short circuited the overwhelming pleasure and allowed him to forestall his own orgasm.

He grinned triumphantly as the fucktoy collapsed onto his chest gasping desperately for air. Seeing his opportunity, Les reached down to give her pendulous booty a double-handed open palmed smack on each cheek eliciting a squeal and convulsion from the slut. Gripping a handful in each palm and clutching hard enough to be just shy of bruising, the dominant teen positioned her at just the right angle and planted his feet on the mattress to give him the proper leverage before proceeding to piston upwards into his property. Candi could only moan and mewl pitifully having not fully recovered from her intense climax as her owner started her ascent to yet another one.

The lewd slapping of flesh impacting together filled the Morrow parents’ bedroom further cementing the defilement of the traditional moors of society. Not only was Candi fucking a man who was not her husband, but she was subserviently giving her body to her own son with Marcus only having half of such knowledge and giving his full approval for the stranger to use his wife like a piece of meat.

These thoughts careened through Lester’s mind as he punished his mother’s fuck hole with his cock which helped him to hold out a little longer. Blowing a big load into or onto his personal slut was amazing, but he relished the very act of plowing all of the slut’s holes and making her do the sickest acts he could think of every bit as much as the explosive finish. Thus, he always sought to make every moment inside the tight, moist openings in her body last as long as humanly possible. Meanwhile, Candi was fighting her own orgasm for a different reason entirely.

Recently, the lovers had begun utilizing orgasm denial as another technique of control for Les to possess Candi’s body and mind. Though she had ridden him to climax several times before, she knew that he had said nothing because she was usually such a good little piece of cunt for him and because it was their first fuck of the day. Now that Les had taken over the act of pounding his babymaker into her possibly fertile cunt, she knew that he was in charge of everything now. Thus, an orgasm right now would mean punishment, and her son had grown creative in his humiliating acts of corrective methods lately.

The previous night, she had nutted without his permission, and he had stopped immediately. As the confused mother lay twitching involuntarily from the release wracking her senses, her owner had growled for her to stay still and not move from the spot where she lay. He left and returned with a bowl of ice cubes. She was allowed to shriek in discomfort as he inserted half the cubes inside her pulsing fuck hole causing it to numb instantly. Once done with that, he reminded her of her safe word before using her favorite lube to slick her backdoor and slowly start plowing her ass. The entire experience was simultaneously uncomfortable to the point she was clawing at the countertop on which she lay and also explosively erotic. She’d never felt anything like this and couldn’t tell if she enjoyed it or not. One thing was certain though, it was one she wouldn’t forget and would link to the action of cumming without permission. Because of this, she fought hard not to disappoint her son and owner again. She accepted the pummeling his dick savaged on her needy pussy and struggled to be a good fuckslut for him.

“Cum!” Les finally hissed up at her. Like magic, Candi exploded instantly at his words as she shrieked through another release. At the same time, she felt his cock swell inside her before bursting and filling her sucking hole with ropes of sticky batter that ran the risk of possibly maltepe escort finding an egg waiting for it in her warm womb. The thought of maybe carrying her own grandchild gave her such a special, taboo thrill that she shuddered at it on top of the delicious surges of her orgasm. There would be so many secrets that they would have to keep, but she was no stranger to keeping such things. However, she knew that sooner rather than later, she would have to reveal certain secrets that she had been keeping from her son. She just hoped that he would understand.

When the pair were done riding the crest of their respective climaxes, mother collapsed gasping atop her son and lover as she weakly reached to her side of the bed. Finding what she sought, she grasped the small dildo that Les had used on her the previous night that was similar to the butt plugs she used, but this one was exclusively for her twat. She groaned as she pulled herself off of the cock she constantly craved and deftly shoved the toy into her hungry cunt to stop the flow of seed from escaping. She wasn’t trying to get pregnant pre se, but she loved going about her daily tasks with the rich cream warming her insides without having to worry about it leaking out at unfortunate instances. Once it was in place, she crawled down to begin licking and nursing at her owner’s tool like a proper submissive. She shivered at the combined taste of their fluids and felt that no substance on earth tasted better.

Meanwhile, Les was content to lay back and enjoy the talents of his lover’s mouth. All too soon, his thoughts returned to Lucy and how he should deal with the growing incestuous relationship with her. Given everything about how Candi had assured him that his father would be fine and accepting of the relationship he had with his mother, he had absolutely no idea how the man would react to finding out his children were fucking around with each other. Though the pair hadn’t really gone farther than oral, it was still sex no matter what cheaters around the world would try to say when splitting hairs. Candi, however, was a different matter entirely.

The interactions between mother and daughter had been fraught with conflict that only got more heated after Lucy had blossomed fully into puberty. Almost every day, it was a verbal catfight that only ended with both mentally sharpening her claws for the next round. It drove the newly dominant teen nuts to see two of the women he cared about most in the world bickering endlessly. If Candi ever found out what her children were up to behind her back, Les held no reservations that explosion would be truly atomic in scale. He inwardly cringed at the image.

It wasn’t that he was losing any of the newly discovered confidence or dominance. No, it was that he loved his mother dearly and would rather die than hurt her. It wasn’t romantic love, but it was more than normal familial love. She was a partner that he shared a deep connection with that was rooted in basic lust and control that both gave and received. There was no romance anywhere in the mix. He never once considered creating a life akin to husband and wife with her, yet he hoped to always have her in his life.

Les, like many other westerners, had once held a narrow, stereotyped view of eastern harems, but the longer he explored things with Candi, the more he began to understand some of what drove such relationships. His slut was adamant that he form a harem of his own with her as a head figure in it. As a heterosexual American guy, his libido thrilled at the thought, however, the mature part of his mind had already begun processing the responsibility of such an undertaking. He was determined to do the right thing, or at least always take the best course available during each situation.

Candi’s mouth coming off of the crown of his cock with a wet pop brought him back to the here and now.

“Hungry, honey?” she purred.


Candi rolled her eyes. “You’re a teenaged boy. When are you ever not hungry? I should’ve known better than to ask.”

Les sat up and gave the huge orb of her ass a hard swat causing her to squeak in surprise which turned into a purr of pleasure. “Watch it, slut.”

“Now is that anyway to talk to your mother, young man?”

“No, it’s the way I talk to the cum-addicted slut that’s still stroking and licking my dick like the bitch in heat she is.”

Candi stopped herself in midlick to realize that she’d been doing so unconsciously and burst into a fit of giggles. “Ok, sir, you have a point, but I need to be your momma for a few hours at least. I have a couple more deliveries to do today, but I wanted to make sure you were fed and taken care of before I go.”

“My dutiful slut and doting momma,” Les quipped as he stroked the richness of her mane of fuck tangled hair.

Candi swiped her tongue over the crown of his cock one last time before bounding out of bed somewhat awkwardly with the toy plugged into her sex. “Don’t ever forget it.”

Les kartal escort waited a few minutes as he heard the shower come on in his parents’ bathroom before climbing up and padding into the room. Thankfully, the toilet was in a private recess hidden from the rest of the bathroom, so he quickly relieved his bladder before joining his slut in the scalding spray. Mother and son were the only ones in the family whom enjoyed the temperature just shy of hot enough to peel flesh off which had caused numerous arguments in the past since they tended to use up all the hot water. Now, though, they shared the heat as they scrubbed the sweat, sex, and cum from their bodies. Once they were clean and stepped from the shower, they took turns drying each other with the huge fluffy towels that Candi adored.

“Momma?” Les ask uncharacteristically nervous. Sensing his anxiety, Candi hugged him tight and gave him a silent look compelling him to continue. “About the whole harem thing…”

“Honey, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I just don’t know where to start on the whole thing. I’m worried I’m gonna fuck it all up.”

Candi cupped her son’s face while wearing a concerned look. “Honey, it’s perfectly natural to worry about any responsibility. The fact that you are worrying about it shows how mature you are and aren’t treating it like some spoiled brat. I’m assuming you’re concerned about everyone’s feelings and happiness.” At Les’ nod, she smiled and continued, “See, that is what a true dom is supposed to do. While they delight in the pleasures that their subs bring them, their main focus is always the contentment and happiness of their subs. That responsibility increases exponentially with each addition to the harem. There are always personalities and needs to consider. Honestly, it’s not that much different from parenthood, except for the fact that you’re fucking the shit out of your charges.”

“Sort of like how you’re fucking me?” Les teased.

“Well, you’re the dom, so I think it’s fair to say you’re fucking the hell out of me,” Candi laughed.

“Seriously, though, I’m worried about hurting someone. I couldn’t handle that.”

“Honey, you’re going to hurt someone. That’s life. You will never go through it all without hurting at least one person, and it will probably be someone you care for. That’s the nature of love, we always hurt worst those that we are closest to.”

“This isn’t helping me feel better.”

“Sorry, baby, but I’m being your momma right now, not your slut. I’m going to give you the truth and not a pretty lie because I want you to do your best. You’ll mess some things up because we are all human, but I have total faith that you will make better decisions than most just because of how good of a person you are and how serious you take your responsibilities.” Candi went up on tiptoes to place a tender kiss on Les’ lips. “I really wish that I could tell you that everything will be alright, but I’d be lying. I do, however, think that you will be the best dom and the finest man that I’ve ever seen.”

Les could only hug his mother in response. Despite his still present worries, she had succeeded in bolstering his strength and resolve to make things work as best as possible. Finally, Candi maintained her hold on him but pulled back enough to look her owner in the eyes.

“So, what brought all of this on? Is it because of Violet coming tomorrow?”

Though he had almost completely forgotten about the arriving potential slut, Les seized upon the opportunity since she was part of his worries and only partially lied, “Yeah, kinda. She’s coming a long way for something that I do want to give her but am worried that I’ll screw up. Things worked out pretty well before, but that was in the heat of the moment. Texts and phone calls are fun, but they don’t compare to physical interaction. And it’s been days since the last time, so there’s been plenty of opportunity for us to build up in our heads how things should be that might not actually happen.”

“You will figure it all out. Just take things slow and feel each out for what you like. The most important thing, though, is to communicate! If you both aren’t honest and upfront with what you want and need, then the both of you will mess it up. I have faith in you. You just need to be smart and be honest.”

“Ok, I think I can manage that.”

“You haven’t had any problems managing honesty so far, at least with me that is.”

Les gripped an asscheek in each hand with a lot of soft flesh still uncontained by his digits and yanked her hard against him. “It’s pretty easy to be that way with you. You’re a good teacher.”

“Teacher, huh? Think I should go back to school to get my degree and start teaching this stuff to all the horny teens in the area?”

“I think the parents might have something to say about that, not to mention pop. Then again, he might get off on you fucking your way through the senior class.”

Candi laughed in delight and pulled away in order to make her way to her expansive closet and select something to wear. She went beet red when her owner commanded her to go sit on the bed and went in to pick out her outfit for the day. True to her worries and hopes, the ensemble bordered on indecent.

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