Remember…That Night In Baltimore

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Anri Okita

It had been a long day. I was in Baltimore for the annual firefighters convention and was getting ready to head home the next morning. Staring at the walls in my hotel room was not making the time pass any quicker, which is how I found myself in that bar in the lobby, alone. Then you walked in.

You were with a small group of executives (I guessed) and you looked incredible. You were wearing a gray business suit which eluded to your professional nature. You had on a white blouse under the coat and your skirt was stylishly short but by no means trashy. Your group sat at a table across from the bar. You sat facing me, not 20 feet away. Immediately you caught me looking, I averted my gaze not wanting to be rude. I tried to get involved in the baseball game on the TV over the bar, but my eyes kept coming back to you. Your smile…the way your hands moved when you talked…the way your eyes sparkled when you laughed… you were beautiful.

After about an hour, your group started thinning out until you were left alone with another woman. You finished your drink and the two of you rose to leave. I felt like I needed to say something, maybe even apologize for stalking you with my eyes for the past 60 minutes, but I didn’t and I watched you walk out of the bar. Frowning I fumbled for my wallet to pay my tab and as I through the money on the bar I rose to leave. As I was walking towards the door you came back in. You walked right up to me and introduced yourself. I had a hard time remembering my name, I don’t know if it was the beer I drank or the fact the you had taken me completely off guard but after a second I managed to blurt out…”hey…its nice to meet you, I’m Bill”. Smiling you sat down at the bar, me on your right. We ordered a couple more drinks and got acquainted.

You told me that you were in town on business, and after a long week in Baltimore, sincan escort you were more than ready to go home. Our conversation ran the gambit…what do you do?…where are you from?…amusing stories about our own personal interests. Time flew and before we know it was getting close to closing time. Now what…we seemed to be hitting it off…but what now? Your soft smile seemed to tell me you were thinking the same thing. I asked if you would like to go for a walk around the inner harbor…making up some cheesy story about how nice it looks at night. You saw right through the line but agreed anyway. It was a warm night and the conversation was outstanding. There was some playful touching back and forth and we seemed to laugh and talk for hours. Finally we ended up back at the hotel. We both went into the elevator. I pushed the 11th floor and you asked for 6.

The door opened at six but you made no effort to leave, instead you looked at me intently. My hand rose to your cheek as I leaned in and softly kissed your lips. Your lips you amazingly soft and inviting. Our mouths parted as my fingers slid into your hair. The kissing becoming more and more passionate, sucking on your tongue softly, your hands on my back pulling me against you. The door had long since closed and the elevator moved to 11 and opened once again…but we didn’t notice. You leaned back against the wall of the elevator, me pressing against you…letting you feel how excited you were making me. I kissed down your cheek to your neck…your head rolling to the side. I licked and playfully nibbled up to your ear. Taking your ear lobe into my mouth and sucking. You let out a sigh and thrust gently against me. Kissing again…hot passionate kisses, like we had wanted to do all night. My hands sliding up your sides your jacket open…my fingers sliding up your side…very lightly over ankara escort your breast…I unbutton the top few buttons of your blouse. Kissing your chin and then down your throat…my tongue tracing a thin line to your cleavage. My hands now sliding up your legs…under your skirt…you part your legs for me as my fingers reach your warm thigh. Lightly I massage you through your silk panties…feeling how wet you have become. Your hips move with my touch and your breathing becomes heavier. Back to your lips..god I want you. You read my mind and break away from me. You open the elevator door and take my hand. I lead you to my room.

The door barely opens and we fall inside groping each other. Shoes coming off you pull your jacket off and push me onto the bed. You straddle me. I manage to sit up with you on top of me…our mouths not separating since we got into the room. I pull at your buttons…one by one they pop open. You struggle out of your shirt with my help leaving you in an incredibly sexy white satin bra. I kiss down to your shoulder and slide the strap off with my teeth.

My hands lightly caressing your breasts. Feeling your nipples harden beneath my touch. There is something about the feeling of a woman’s body in satin…it drives me wild. I unzip the back of your skirt and we manage to get it off. My shirt and pants follow.. and we resume our position… you on top of me…sitting up. You grind against me and I am so hard I feel like I may explode. I undo your bra and toss it. I lick around your swollen nipples teasing them with my tongue. Then I take one in my warm wet mouth…sucking gently. Your hands in my hair.

I roll you over and now am on top of you I lick down your stomach too your hip. Grabbing your panties I slide them off of you. Slowly I lick back up your leg…your knee…your thigh.. coming closer. You feel my breath. etimegut escort Until finally I taste you…just the tip of my tongue. Almost teasingly I lick very lightly. Until I find the spot that you enjoy the most…right up top. Now I make little circles with my tongue…right on the spot. Faster and with more force. You respond with your moans. You move with me…you are amazing. Your breathing becoming labored…give into the pleasure…I need you to cum for me…I hold you higher…my hands beneath you. Suddenly your moans become screams…your hips writhing. I don’t stop…I am relentless I want you to feel so incredible.

As you slow your breathing following your climax, I climb on top of you…licking up your stomach…over your hard nipples and straight to your sweet lips. You kiss me hard and realize that I have taken my boxer-briefs off. You reach down and find my cock. Stroking slowly at first. You gently roll me over onto my back and kiss down my chest. Your touch is amazing. You lick the tip…teasing as I did to you. Watching me. Then you take me…my eyes closed enjoying the moment. I need to be inside you…I need to feel you. You stop and I reach for you…pulling you on top of…kissing wildly I end up on top of you. We stop kissing and you look me in my eyes.

I am rubbing the head of my cock on your wetness. Up and down…then slowly I slide in just the head…your mouth opens into a seductive smile…one I cant resist and leads me to kiss you again. Slowly I slide inside you… until with one final thrust I am buried deep. You moan lightly as we begin to move together. You return my movements. Harder and faster we move…I pin your hands down over your head as Thrust all the way in and then slide almost all the way out…over and over again. All delicacy becomes abandoned as we continue. Almost animalistic. Harder and deeper…kissing and sucking…faster and faster… Until I cant take anymore…you tell me your cumming and I feel you tense…louder and louder our moans become until finally we cum together.

Do you remember that Night?


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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