Revenge, Served Hot

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Divorce means more than breaking apart a household. Property settlements don’t address friendships.

Frank and Peggy were Lorraine’s neighbors and friends long before I married her and I expected their neighborhood ties would stay long after I had moved away.

I was wrong.

A few months after I moved away I got a Christmas card from Peggy, asking that I stay in touch. It was a comfort and a surprise. I lived a moderate distance away – about 50 miles – but responded to their suggestion that we have a holiday drink together. It was convenient for me to visit them the following Friday evening, and they made it clear I’d be welcome.

It was an odd feeling pulling into their driveway and noticing – how could I not? – a strange car in my former wife’s driveway.

After a long “How are you doing?”, “Want another drink?” and general catching up conversation I mentioned the car in Lorraine’s driveway. “That’s not the only one that’s been there,” Frank told me. “She was having all night visitors the week after you left, that doesn’t surprise you, does it?” He and Peggy went on to say they knew Lorraine, who worked in real estate, had several affairs during our five year marriage. I was surprised. “And you didn’t tell me? Wouldn’t either of you have wanted to know, if I found out the other was cheating?”

“Lorraine said you guys had an understanding,” was the excuse offered. “Since you were away so often, she said you agreed, so long as she kept it quiet, she didn’t have to spend her nights alone.”

“No way!”

“Well, that’s what she told us,” Peggy said. “In fact, a couple of times when you were gone she asked me to go out with her at night, that the change of pace and partners would be fun.”

I looked questioningly at Frank: “Do you two have an ‘understanding’ too?”

“No,” Frank said. “But I did tell Peggy she could go if she took plenty of pictures.”

“Did you go, Peggy?”

“No, I didn’t. Too bad, we could have used the pictures.”

“Yeah,” I said, “pictures of your wife screwing around are great, especially in a divorce court.”

“Well,” Frank said, “I thought they’d be fun in the bedroom, not in court. It would have had more of a personal touch than the store-bought stuff we used to watch.”

“You watch porn together?”

“Sure,” Frank said, “doesn’t everyone? It makes bedtime a lot more fun.”

“It does, at least for us,” Peggy agreed. “Didn’t you guys watch it?”

“I suggested it, but Lorraine kept saying we didn’t need anything like that,” I said, getting a little uncomfortable with the conversation. “Are you sorry you didn’t go with Lorraine?” I wanted to know. This was not the Peggy and Frank I thought I knew.

“No, not at the time at least.” She sighed again, and then with a sad smile said “Maybe I am now, though.”


Frank took a deep breath. “Ah, shit. You know about all of the erectile dysfunction stuff you see on TV? That’s me, in the flesh. I had a prostate problem six months ago, way too early – that’s for when you’re a lot older. Anyway, I had a bit of surgery to fix it. The doctors tell me the plumbing is all OK, that it’s all in my head, but damn it, things don’t work very well.”

“Frank, you didn’t have to tell Joe that, and besides, I love you anyway.”

She turned to me. “Frank is a great guy, and about the plumbing not working? It doesn’t matter; he pleases me in lots of other ways. This just isn’t a problem.”

I did a quick calculation, and concluded we each had about 4 cocktails in two and a half hours. I’m a pretty big guy, but Frank and Peggy were not. I guess they had one or two over the amount it takes to turn off social inhibitions. Well, at least they wouldn’t be driving tonight. I smiled a bit. They may not be driving cars, but E.D. or not, I had a strong suspicion there might be some long haul trucking going on in their bedroom soon after I left.

“I think it’s time for me to start back, guys. Peggy, will you turn me from a sleepy drunk into a wide awake one? Can I have a cup of coffee before I go?”

Frank answered for her. “Hey, I know this conversation went places it shouldn’t. We didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. We sure don’t want you driving if you’ve been drinking. Why don’t you stay, have another drink or two and then just stretch out on the sofa? It opens into a bed. We’ll get you a blanket and pillow, you’ll be comfortable and you can drive home sober tomorrow. Besides, won’t it be neat if that ex slut wife of yours saw your car in our driveway in the morning? She always checks when we have company, so I’m sure she knows you’re here now, and she’ll wonder what we’ve been up to. And we’d let her wonder too, wouldn’t we, Peggy?”

Peggy had a smile on her face. “You bet.”

“I don’t like playing games like that,” I told them.

“It’s not a game. You had a couple of drinks, you probably shouldn’t drive. Crash out here. That other stuff is just a bonus.”

It did make sense. ataşehir escort bayan “That sounds good, thanks. Peggy, hold the coffee. Another one of those Bombay martinis would make a great substitute.”

I went to the bar to make another round of drinks. Frank excused himself, going toward the bathroom, and Peggy came by help. She speared olives. “Want more than one?” she asked, holding one towards me. I opened my mouth to take it in, and she, instead of being a good hostess, ate it herself. “Get your own.”

“Tease,” I replied, reaching for a toothpick, when she got in the way.

“That wasn’t teasing,” she said. She stepped closer, wrapped her arms around me, and I tasted olive flavored lips. “That was teasing.” Olive flavored lips were a new treat and I liked it.

Peggy and Frank were always playful around me, so when he returned I said something about coming back too soon. “I guess so,” he said with a grin. “If Peggy is putting the make on you I should get the cam corder, huh?”

It was Peggy who answered, still playfully. “Who knows, you may need it.”

“You’re all talk, woman,” he said, and I agreed: “Yeah, Peggy. I don’t think filming you kissing me is what he had in mind.”

By then I had returned to the sofa and was enjoying quite a nice drink, grateful there wasn’t a long drive waiting for me tonight. Peggy and Frank were by the bar with their drinks and having a quiet conversation. Then she put her glass down and left the room.

“She wants to get the stuff for the sofa for you before we forget,” Frank said as he sat next to the fireplace. “So, you really didn’t know about Lorraine screwing around, Joe?”

“I did not. I guess I trusted her more than I should have.”

“Are you doing OK? Any girl friends, things like that?”

“Frank, I date a little, but it’s way too soon for me to think about serious relationships. The honest answer is, I’m still rebounding. I wouldn’t want to be married to Lorraine, but – well, you know, suddenly discovering things were a lot different than you thought shakes a guy’s confidence.”

“I can understand that,” Frank agreed “She told Peggy that sex and lovemaking are different, but we thought Lorraine was going overboard with what she was doing. Can I ask, did you guys have good sex? Was there a problem? Lorraine told Peggy you were great in bed, but you were away a couple of days every week.”

“I thought we were good together, Frank. That goes to show how much I knew.” I raised my glass: “Water under the bridge.”

Frank raised his glass too: “And to better tomorrows than yesterdays.”

That’s when Peggy came back, wearing a robe – she was wearing slacks and a blouse earlier – and carrying pillows and a blanket. She saw me notice. “Joe, I’ve been drinking too much, I’d rather change while I could instead of just falling into bed clothed. That’s college kid stuff, and I’m way past that in life.”

“A woman who thinks ahead,” I agreed.

“Hey Frank, you caught me kissing Joe – did you like that?” she said, slurring her words just a little.

“I sure did. It made my, uh, erectile dysfunction thingy twitch a little.”

The martinis had gone to my head, too. “Seeing your wife kissing a guy is a hell of a cure for that, Frank.”

“Well, some little thing happened,” he said. “Maybe the pictures I wanted you to take would have helped, Peggy. What do you think?”

“Who knows? You talked about it often enough. Maybe if Joe’s willing, only for the sake of science, of course, we could try another kiss.” She was by now sitting next to me. “Are you willing, Joe?”

“Hey, wait a minute, guys. Getting an olive flavored kiss before was fun, but. . .”

She leaned towards me, and her lips covered mine. They actually covered mine for what seemed like minutes.

“Oh, that’s sexy, Peggy,” Frank said. “Do more. Joe, that’s a sexy woman beside you, are you just going to sit there?”

I was more than a little speechless. That kiss wasn’t neighborly, she was an aggressive, open mouth probing tongue kisser. It took me by surprise, but to be fair, my own cock began to make its presence known, and there was nothing dysfunctional about it.

“Uh, Peggy. . .”

“Come on, Joe, kiss me back. Kiss me while I have the nerve to be kissed.”

“Uh, Peggy. . .”


I looked at Frank wearing a big grin, then Peggy turned around a little so her back was against my legs, and leaned back across my lap until she was supported by my left arm.

“That’s better, Joe” she said, sitting up a little, her arms around my neck, and the next kiss started.

I had never done this before, never exchanged sexy kisses with a woman while her husband watched. Some part of me realized this had lots of layers. Sexy kissing was the most obvious of course, and that was starting to generate a physiological reaction. Sexy kissing while a husband looked on made it not only sexier, but changed it somehow. I was becoming escort kadıköy an alpha male, master of this little tribe. That it was something Frank condoned was still something else. The woman in my arms became one part of what was going on, but not the only part. The little sounds she was making, and little motions she was making, added to the intensity of the moment, and made everything else inconsequential.

She broke the kiss, and looked at her husband. So did I, for that matter, still confused as to where this was going.

Frank had a huge smile on his face. “Go, girl,” he said.

Peggy sat upright again. She pulled at me a little so I was leaning to the side, then I understood what she wanted. She lay on the sofa, against its backrest, and I did too, against her, arms around her, and another kiss started.

You know about kissing. You know when you’re lying on a sofa making full body contact with a woman, kissing her, it’s more than just a kiss. It’s especially more than just a kiss when her upper leg bends, reaching around yours. It’s more than a kiss, it’s a promise.

I knew Dick was behind me, watching, and I didn’t care. You know, that may not be so true. I did care. I liked that he was watching while his wife was so willingly kissing me, being sexy with me.

I had my arms around her, of course, and hers were around me, and she was making little noises during the kiss and pressing against me. She had to know I had an erection, there was no dysfunction happening with me. Premature ejaculation was a real possibility, though.

My upper arm was at the middle of her back, and stoking her back during the kiss was almost reflexive. She felt it, though, and she muttered a “yes” into the kiss. I stroked her again, to her hip, and she rolled a little toward me, her upper leg went a little more over me, making ass available.

My fingers moved from hip across her lower back and that led to more sounds from her. I let my fingers move across her buttocks.

The “Oh, yes” I heard came from Frank, not Peggy!

My hand traced down her leg, and she broke our kiss.

I opened my eyes to find her looking intently at me. “That was some kiss, Frank” she said. “I want to do more.”

Still staring, she moved a little, and rolled her hips away from me, her leg no longer was over my hip. Instead, she raised her knee a little. My hand was still on her upper leg, but her motion opened her legs a little, and pulled my hand a little more to the front. I moved my fingers just a little, testing, and she closed her eyes and her lips met mine again. This wasn’t a game, she wanted to be touched.

Her groin, even through the robe she was wearing, was hot.

I reached down along her upper leg over her robe, felt her lifting that leg higher – I guessed she had that foot almost behind her other knee – then my fingers were on skin, not robe.

“Yes, that,” she moaned, and kissed me harder.

I let my fingers trace along her knee to the inside part of her leg. I never thought of Peggy as this hot sexually. Nice, yes. Cute? Sure. Even a little sexy. But this turned on? Never.

Her skin was on fire, and my fingers found their way to that very soft part of a woman’s leg, well up from her knee. Then the side of my hand felt the brush of pubic hair. There was nothing under this robe but Peggy! One part of me was thinking this whole thing was planned, that it was as spontaneous as a shuttle launch. I was being truly seduced.

There was moist heat against the side of my fingers now, then with a little adjustment, on my finger tips.

I kissed her again, my pelvis pressing into her, biology battling reason. Then her hand moved too, over my hip, to my groin. A woman’s hands cupping me, the first time in months, even if I was fully clothed, tipped the battle. Biology won.

I broke the kiss, stood beside the sofa, and pulled my shirt off. Peggy watched open mouthed as I pulled off shoes and socks, and reached for my belt. I felt fully in control, I was no longer the guest, but the master.

“Stand up,” I commanded, and she did.

“Take off your – no, wait. Frank, I want you to take off her robe for me. Strip her!”

I heard an almost moan from behind me, then Frank went beside his wife. There was a moment of quiet, then Peggy, quiet diminutive Peggy, spoke to her husband. “Do what the man said.”

I stopped to watch as Frank went behind her – she tilted her head and he bent to kiss her neck, and I watched as she stood there, arms at her side, as he, still kissing her, reached around her and untied her belt. Her robe drifted open.

Her eyes were closed, she was biting her lip. Frank pulled a little at the shoulders and the robe opened more, exposing breasts, pelvis.

His lips were still on her neck, and she opened her eyes, stared at me, it was as challenging a look as I could imagine. She moved her arms and her robe slipped down and fell away. There was a pause of what bostancı escort might have been a few real time seconds, but they were emotional hours, then she said “Stop, Frank. I’m going to Joe now. You can see what you always wanted to; you can watch me with another man.”

He put his hands on her waist and pushed her towards me. “Go to him. Joe, take her.”

I extended my arms, she reached for me then this nude wife was in my arms, wanting to be held, to be kissed, to be touched, caressed, fucked.

It didn’t take me long to kick my shoes off, and push away slacks and briefs and socks.

“Peggy, look at me,” I commanded. She was staring into my face.

“Peggy, look at my body. Is that what you want, what Frank wants you to want?”

She was still biting at her lip, but her gaze moved down my body, she was focused on my very erect cock. “That’s want we want,” she agreed.

“Show Frank what you want to do!”

“Yes, show me,” Frank said, almost in a grunt.

She took a step toward me, and we moved together to the sofa again.

I sat, she stood, and Frank moved to where he had a good view.

“Do what we talked about you doing,” he told her. She slowly knelt in front of me, put her hands on my knees and opened then, then bent toward my penis.

“Turn your head a little Peggy, so I can see,” her husband said, and we both watched as her hair brushed the top of my thigh. Then her lips ever so tentatively touched me, touched the side of my penis.

I saw her glance toward her husband, then lift her head up a little, and her lips touched its head. Then her tongue ever so softly touched it.

I was having trouble controlling myself, so was Frank. He groaned “do it” and her mouth opened and she took me in.

Oh God, I had blow jobs before, but never like this, never being watched by a husband. It was exquisite!

I was the one who stopped it: I didn’t want this to end with oral.

I stood, positioned her on the sofa, and moved on her. She put one foot on the floor, the other high on the sofa, spread wide.

I’ve fucked many women in my life, but never did my cock enter as warm and wet a cunt as was Peggy’s. Never was penetration so easy, so welcoming. I was not going to last long.

Then came a payoff of a different sort. Frank moved beside the sofa, he had his pants down around his knees, and whatever had been causing his dysfunction was gone – he had an erection.

Peggy saw him – it and did a truly hot wife thing. Watching her suck him while I was fucking her was more eroticism than I could stand. I exploded in her. She still moved against me, and when I pulled out a moment later Frank moved onto her, and I got to watch them move together, too.

Not too long later Frank, then also spent, said “It ain’t broken any more, is it?” All three of us laughed.

It turns out the sofa expanded into a double bed, and we made short work turning it into one.

A double bed is fine for three people. The den was really dark, but Peggy was easy to find – by both of us, twice that night.

I should tell you a little about what that was like. Imagine waking, then rolling towards a nude woman, and having her roll towards you, lips meeting as though it was a rehearsed move, imagine feeling her husband’s arms also around her, stoking her breasts.

Peggy rolled on top of me, with me in her. Frank moved behind her, and onto her, I could feel his weight too, could feel him stoking, moving.

I had never taken part in a double penetration before, it was incredibly erotic. The thing no one had ever mentioned are the sensations. There’s no real mechanical barrier between cervix and anal cannel, guys, you can feel her move, and you can feel the other cock move, too. Don’t miss that experience, especially if it’s with the other guy’s wife.

I remember thinking during one of the cuddling-after-sex times (there were a few of them that night) that in this family at least it wasn’t the penis anymore that was dysfunctional. Some social workers and family counselors might suggest the family was, though.

I left early. Peggy and Frank came to my car to say goodbye, and Peggy, wrapped in her robe, gave me a goodbye kiss that was a lot more than neighborly. “Maybe we should go back inside,” I told her when it ended.

“That’s not going to happen, Joe,” she said. “Frank and I have a couple of months of sex to make up, and he better be ready to start paying up now.”

“I’m ready, woman,” he said to both of us. I shook his hand, and drove off.

I couldn’t help noticing my former wife’s guest’s car was already gone. That wasn’t an all nighter after all. Good. Maybe she had less fun than I did.

I got home in about an hour, only to find the most delicious and unexpected payoff.

It was my ex wife’s voice on the answering machine.

“You bastard,” she said. “They were my friends. How could you have an affair with her? How long had that been going on? I’m going to talk to my lawyer, I want to reopen our divorce settlement, you can’t be fucking around on me!”

It wasn’t intended as revenge, but whoever said revenge, intended or not, was best served cold didn’t know what he was talking about. This was served hot.

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