Sam the National Star

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While scrolling through tumblr I saw a video of a girl that seemed to strike a nerve in my brain. She had long blonde/grey wavy hair and perky round tits, high cheekbones, pouty lips and she was blowing a guy on his couch. When I snapped out of my thoughts, she already had his whole cock down her throat. I thought about it and I know I must have seen her before. Not in porn but somewhere else…I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I had to admit, she was pretty good. The way she could make such a long and girthy dick disappear completely in her mouth really turned me on. In the back of my mind I was trying to figure out where she was from. Was she a TV star? In a movie I’d seen recently? Maybe an Instagram star? It was on the tip of my tongue but nothing came to me.

The next day I walked through the hallways of school, thinking about who it was last night. I had a spare and as the halls cleared out, when suddenly, I saw her. The one shy girl in the back of the class, she didn’t talk to many people and looked completely different from her other persona. I knew from a while back but I never really took the time to get to know her. I wondered if she knew that I had seen it. She couldn’t have, but on the other hand she put it out on Tumblr so why wouldn’t she expect some people to see it. I looked at her again. She had dirty blonde hair so she must have dyed her hair around the time she made the video. She really did her makeup for the video, but she was still quite pretty, just not as recognizable. Her tits also seemed a lot larger in real life, as if she wore multiple push-up bras and stuffed them too.

I had to approach her, I just had to. I walked up to her and pulled her into the bathroom, she seemed surprised at first but relaxed when she knew I didn’t mean any harm. I pulled out my phone and opened the tumblr app, causing a brief look of fear in her eyes, and I showed her the video. She only had to watch the first second before she understood completely. A moment of panic flashed in her dark brown eyes as they connected with mine.

“Please, don’t make this go viral” she begged, “it was a spur of the moment thing…I might not even continue with it, it was only for a couple bucks” She pleaded.

“Samantha I would never” I reassured her and instantly she relaxed. She smiled and lept into my arms for a hug. For a girl who stuffed, her boobs felt surprisingly full as she leaned into me. The feeling of her soft, warm, breasts, combined with seeing the video once again stirred something inside me and I felt myself getting hard.

After she pulled away she asked curiously “How did you even find that video? I mean escort ataşehir are you actually turned on by that?”

I was obviously a little shy from my porn habits and I didn’t want her to think I was weird but before I could answer she put her hand right on my growing bulge in my pants.

“I’ll take this as a yes” she giggled.

“Have you thought of a name yet? I mean, a porn name? I-If you go into that of course”

“I was thinking Ashley Ashbury.”

“That’s got a pretty sexy ring to it. Though based on what I’ve seen from the time I’ve spent behind you, you might want to change that to Ass-ley!”

“You perv!” She said as she hit me lightly.

“If I was a perv I would have done this sooner” and with that, I grabbed her ass and pulled her body into mine.

After recovering from her momentary surprise, she smiled bashfully and arched her back, pushing her butt further into my hands and began kissing me. As our tongues fought for space in one another’s mouth, I moved my left hand into the gap between her thighs and reached under her skirt, grazing her pussy with my middle finger. As I slid my hands across her ass, Sam moved hers into my shirt, feeling my toned abs from years of going to the gym. Following her lead, I traced my right hand up to her back and unclasped her bra. As I did, I felt something fall out the front of her bra and, not surprisingly, I saw two balls of toilet paper.

“I want my boobs to look bigger when I’m in school okay! Don’t judge me!” She said sheepishly in reply to my arched eyebrow.

“Who said I was judging? I love staring at them in class” I said with a smug smile.

“Why don’t you spend less time staring and more time feeling them?” And with that I grabbed a handful of Sam’s tits.

I had never felt such firm, natural, breasts with skin as soft as hers before in my life. She didn’t even need to stuff her bra, they were better than I could have ever imagined them to be. Taking it one step farther, I rolled her nipple between two of my fingers while still rubbing her clit with my other hand. She let out a quiet moan as her pleasure got the best of her. After a few minutes of our hot makeout session Samantha broke our kiss and started making her way down my body, pecking my neck and chest as she went. When she got to my lower abs she pulled my pants down my legs and put her warm, wet mouth on the tip of my cock through my boxers. When she had teased me for long enough, Sam hooked her fingers into my boxers and pulled down, allowing my dick to spring free, slapping her cheek. Before I let her make my cock disappear, I reached down and pulled her crop kadıköy escort bayan top over her head, allowing her perky tits to fall to her chest. I wanted to bury my face in them and play with her nipples but with my cock just inches away from her expert mouth I decided I could wait.

The pleasure I felt as her wet mouth took in my long, hard shaft was indescribable. I needed a moment to understand what I was experiencing but Sam was already bobbing her head back and forward on my cock. The way she used her tongue on the sensitive head of my penis as she moved back, combined with the overall warmth when she had six of my eight inches in her throat made for a breathtaking pleasure. After only a minute I was starting to wonder how the guy in the video lasted as long as he did before blowing his load on her pretty face. As if she could sense this, Samantha slid my cock out of her mouth, saliva still hanging between us and said,

“How about we trade places? I want a chance to fuck this thing before you cum for me.”

“Good idea, I need a break or else I won’t last…” I replied shyly.

As Samantha stood up, I started kissing her perfect round tits and pulled her skirt up while I teased her breasts. With her skirt out of the way I got down on one knee and rubbed her clit through her panties with one hand and played with her nipples with the other. I began to feel her panties getting damp and decided she was ready to take them off. She tried to complain when I stopped working on her pussy to pull her thong down her wonderful legs but quickly shut back up when my middle finger slid knuckle deep inside her. Knowing one finger wouldn’t be enough for her, I started tonguing her clit, starting with slow, gentle licks before I began sucking on it and slowly pushing my index into her pussy.

“Just put it in me already!” She moaned, “I’m not a stranger to having fingers inside me.”

And with that I started finger fucking her while licking and sucking the juices from her clit. To give myself better access, I used my free hand to pull one of her legs over my shoulder, spreading them for me and allowing me to increase the rate at which I was fingering her tight hole. After a minute or two of fast paced fingering, I stood back up and let her taste herself from my fingers.

“I’m a delicious little slut aren’t I!” Sam said with a devilish grin on her face.

“I thought so while I was eating you out” I said.

“Let’s go back to my dorm” Sam said, “that way we can do more without the worry of people interrupting us.”

I nodded in agreement.

Luckily, we were in the first floor washroom escort bostancı so all be had to do was run to the building next to us without being seen. As soon as we got into her room she pounced on me, tearing the rest of my clothes off as I took all of hers off as well. This left her amazing cleavage in the open, just asking me to put my cock between her tits and fuck them.

I layed down on the bed and she sexily crawled over my legs until her tits met my cock. She pressed them together and started to rub them up against me. It felt unreal, so soft and warm but at the same time feeling so different to being inside her pussy. Deciding to make things sloppy, Sam lubed me up by spitting on my cock, allowing me to slide between her breasts more easily. She was amazing and I could tell she had done this before. Just feeling myself sliding between those beautiful tits was enough to bring me close to the edge. Her ass bounced forwards and backwards as she moved her tits along my hard cock. I couldn’t take it anymore, I picked her up, my hands grabbing her ass and pinned her against the wall. She moaned out

“Yea, give it to me, give me all of it” and I couldn’t resist the urge to tease her with just the tip. Her eyes pleaded me to go further but I teased her more and more. Suddenly I thrusted all of myself into her tight pussy. She moaned out in pleasure, I don’t think she was expecting that much but she seemed to enjoy it as I thrusted in and out, harder and harder. She was already wet from before, but now I could feel her dripping all over my cock. I had never fucked anyone this hard in my life. Something about knowing she had already done porn made me realize she was capable of taking a pounding harder than anyone else I had been with before. Maybe if I played my cards right the rest of the night I might get a chance to star in one of her pornos! But that would be for later, right now she’s pressed up against my wall with my thick cock buried deep inside her, ready to blow at any moment.

Before I came, Sam moaned into my ear, “put me on the bed and fuck me as hard as you can before you fill me up with your cum.” So I put her on the edge of the mattress, pulled her legs over my shoulders and held her waist for support as I fucked her tight, wet pussy as hard and fast as could for as long as I could. Sam must had felt me tensing up because just before I came she held me inside her and said

“Cum inside me I’m on the pill!”

And with that I blew my load deep inside her pussy, filling her up even more as I collapsed on top of her, both of us breathing heavily. As I slowly pulled my cock out from inside of her, I could see my cum already dripping out of her. “God I hope she was telling the truth,” was all I could think, but it was so worth it.

“Thanks for coming over, I love how you treat me like a princess but fuck me like a slut! We should do this again sometime.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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