San Francisco Afternoon Ch. 2

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After a long, lovely lunch at a table overlooking the Bay, we went window shopping in Saucalito. It was fun, walking along hand in hand where nobody knew us. I was just about to burst from wanting to be kissed when John asked if I’d like to head back to the hotel for a ‘nap.’ I told him I couldn’t think of anything I’d like better. Well, there was one thing, and he laughed and said our ‘naps’ always included that.I thought I’d outgrown naps years ago, but I sure have rediscovered them. I think the sleeping part isn’t really important, though. I wish he would hurry up and get us a taxi. I need a kiss!

When we finally got a cab, John told the driver to take us to the Fairmont. I slid over right next to John and whispered that I needed a kiss. He said that kissing in the back seat of cabs was perfectly civilized, although in the daytime it was borderline, and took me into his arms for a short but lovely kiss. We both used lots of tongue, and I could feel my nipples get hard inside my blouse. I think they’re always a little hard when I’m with John, but sometimes they get really big. After we were finished kissing, the driver (an American this time, with a ponytail longer than mine had been before I got my hair cut) asked if we wanted to go down Lombard Street on the way back to the hotel. I tried to act sophisticated and told him not to bother, I’d already been there more than once. As soon as I said it, though, I started giggling and felt like an idiot.

As we were going up Nob Hill, John changed his mind and told the driver to take us to the ‘Mark.’ I realized what that meant when we pulled into the driveway of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. A big man dressed sort of like one of those guards at Buckingham Palace opened the door for us. I guess big guys wearing outlandish clothes are standard for these luxury hotels. I’ll bet he’s glad to take that big hat off at the end of the day. His neck must get tired, holding that thing up.

I asked John why we were there, and he said he thought I might like to see the ‘Top of the Mark.’ I told him I didn’t know what that was, and he just said, ‘You’ll like it.’ Oh, okay.

We took a big, brass, mirrored elevator (also standard for these big hotels, apparently) to the top floor. When the elevator doors opened, we stepped out into a huge room with a bar in the middle, lots of tables, and windows. I’d never seen a room where all the outside walls were glass. Talk about a view! That was the Top of the Mark. John said it was the highest spot in San Francisco. The place was almost empty at that hour, and we got a table right next to the windows. Although it was a bar, they didn’t seem to mind my being there. I ordered a Coke, and John had some of that Stol-something vodka with ice and some lemon peel. I had a tiny little sip of his drink, and it was like liquid fire.Ugh!

It was a fabulous view. We could see both bridges and all of San Francisco, and John pointed out some things about the city. After his second Stol-something arrived, he pulled my little tape recorder out of the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to me. How did he get that? I thought it was still in my purse.He told me to put it on the table and play the tape that was in it, so I switched it to ‘play’ and set it down. I heard some murmuring and rustling and turned the volume up.

Then there was a voice that was definitely John’s, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. After a couple more minutes of rustling, I was about to lose interest when I heard my own voice murmur something, then say very distinctly, ‘Dooo Meeeee.’ I realized what it was, and I could feel myself blush right down to my new two-inch platform heels. Oh, My God. It’s us fu… making love. I turned it off and quickly looked around to make sure the nobody else had heard it. I was more embarrassed than I’d ever been in my life and could hardly wait to hear more of it.

There was no way I was going to do anything else until I’d heard the whole thing. I turned it back on and held it to my ear, but John had me put it on the table so he could hear, too. There was a lot of rustling and some sighs. Then there was a high pitched squeal, a loud ‘Ohhhhh,’ some grunts, and a long, loud moan that finally kind of faded out. All in my voice.That was me having an orgasm when Herman first got into me. My face felt really hot, and I knew it was beet red. John was just sitting there, watching me blush, and grinning. There was a lot more mumbling and rustling, and:

D: ‘Be careful, John! Don’t go too deep.’
J: ‘Am I hurting you, Baby?’
D: ‘No, but it’s scary. If you really ram into me, I think you’ll tear me apart inside.’
J: ‘I’ll be careful, Baby.’

That was when he had me bent double with my knees about up to my ears. My God, this is exciting. My pussy feels like it’s gushing. There was a lot more rustling, me going Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, John goingAhhhhhhhhhhhhh, me goingAhhhhhhhhhhhh, John goingMmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then more rustling and murmurs. John escort ataşehir said, ‘Oh, Baby, your pussy is wonderful.’ I responded by goingAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then I started going Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. Each sound from me was accompanied by a little ‘smack.’ Then the sounds changed to me goingUng, Ung, Ung in time with the smacks. That’s when John lifted my bottom off the bed and started fucking me so hard. The smacks are our bodies coming together every time he plunged into me. This is the most fascinating thing I have ever heard. Then I squealed, ‘Oh, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE. I’m gonna coooooommmmmmmmmme! Ohhhhhhhhhhh’Then I squealed, yelped, moaned, grunted, groaned, and our bodies smacked together faster and harder as I had my orgasm and started to come down. After a couple more minutes of murmurs and rustling, the little tape ran out.

I realized that I had been sitting there for about fifteen minutes with both hands over my mouth, not moving a muscle. I looked at John, looked around the room, and started giggling. I just giggled, giggled, and giggled. I had never giggled like that before, and I couldn’t stop. When I finally got myself under control, I felt exhausted and extremely horny. I whispered to John that my panties were soaking wet, and that I needed to be taken to our room and fu … made love to. Right now.

John apparently felt the same way, because he threw some money on the table, stood up, took my hand, and we walked rapidly to the elevator. Actually, John walked and I ran to keep up. That’s not easy in heels, but I was very motivated. Other people made it impossible for us to kiss on the way down in the elevator, but I held his arm tightly against me. We walked through the lobby, out onto the driveway, and across the street to the Fairmont. John just left the care at the Mark. We didn’t even say hello to Mr. Granger on the way in. On the way up, I got kissed in an elevator for the first time, and we almost ran down the hall to Room 1904.

When we got into the room, I threw myself at John, and we had a very long, deep, passionate kiss. We agreed to meet in bed after tooth brushing and clothing removal. I went to my closet and got my clothes off and hung up as fast as I could, then I put on the hotel’s robe. I didn’t bother to tie the belt, because I didn’t plan to have it on for very long. I quickly brushed my teeth and rushed out into the bedroom to find the bed empty. I took off the robe, tossed it on a chair, and climbed naked into bed to wait impatiently for my lover. I hadn’t noticed it before, but the wall next to the bed was all mirror. I guess I was too busy to pay any attention the first time I was in this bed. A wall of mirror right next to the bed means I can watch us …….. Hmmmmm.

John came out of his bathroom naked and joined me beneath the covers. We were immediately in my favorite kind of full-body embrace with legs and tongues entangled. Herman was big and warm between us, and I rubbed my mound against him. John jokingly asked how much foreplay I needed, and I responded by trying to pull him on top of me. My pussy must have been wide open as well as wet, because Herman found what he wanted without any guidance. In no time, my vagina was full of big, hot, throbbing penis and was being stretched to make room for more. Oh, my God! I can’t imagine that heaven could be any better than this.

I pulled John’s head down for a kiss and wrapped my legs up high around his waist. He must have been trying not to come, because he stroked big, warm Herman in and out of me very slowly and left him buried and throbbing inside me between strokes. I held John’s mouth to mine and luxuriated in the slow, wonderful fucking and kissing I was getting.I’m trying not to go over, but it’s getting almost impossible to hold it back. I can’t hold back. I don’t want to hold back. I’m going to ….. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I had a small, urgent, tight orgasm, moaning into John’s mouth and pulling his hair as I came. It was wonderful and left me wanting more.I’ve never had one quite like that before. It was little and soooo nice.

John asked if I had just come, and I told him I had but wasn’t even close to being finished with him. I said I wanted to get on top so I could watch us in the mirror. He reminded me that I had hurt myself the last time I tried that. I whispered that I would be very careful, and to please let me up and lie down on his back right now so I could get on top of him with Herman in me because I wanted that right now, immediately, and hurry!

I straddled him, and John used his hand to guide the tip of his penis to my entrance. I leaned forward and put my hands on John’s chest, then I turned my head to watch in the mirror as I slowly lowered myself down and back to engulf Herman with my pussy. I just sat down, and Herman disappeared inside me. The combination of what I was watching in the mirror and what I was feeling in my vagina was almost enough to make me go over again, right then and kadıköy escort bayan there. I didn’t want to have a climax yet, so I held still, watching us in the mirror and feeling that warm penis throbbing and jerking inside me.

I slowly moved my body more upright, and this caused Herman to go in deeper. I felt his tip meet my cervix and kept moving my body more upright. I went very slowly, expecting it to start hurting at any moment, but it never did. I finally took my hands off John’s chest, he held my waist, and I watched in the mirror as I got completely upright, my body at ninety degrees to his. As I did this there was the most wonderful feeling of being stretched inside. My vagina is stretching, my uterus is being moved around, that hot penis is reaching places up inside me that have never been reached before, and I’m COOOOMMIIIIIINNNNG!! Ooooohhhhh That wonderful stretching had rushed me headlong into an orgasm. I didn’t move because Herman was so deep I was afraid of hurting myself, but I didn’t need to move. My climax came from being stretched inside. I watched my face and shoulders turn red as I began to go over, but I couldn’t keep from squeezing my eyes shut as I strained towards my peak. I thought I could feel the walls of my vagina squeezing with each wave of my climax. I heard myself squeal from pure pleasure.Wowieee!

I started to fall forward as I came down, but John’s strong hands were there to hold me up. When I was more or less recovered, I leaned forward and down for a kiss. John took one cheek of my bottom in each hand and started moving me back and forth.Oh, he didn’t come. That means I get more. MmmmmmmmmThe way he moved me caused big, warm Herman to move in and out of my pussy in a delightful way. My button was also getting rubbed, and I could have easily have come again. John gently pushed me back upright, and I started carefully experimenting with moving around. I leaned back a little, and John held me to keep me from falling backwards. I found that the more I leaned back, the deeper Herman seemed to go, and I could stretch myself inside as much as I wanted without getting hurt. As long as I was careful.

I was watching all this in the mirror. John pulled me upright, put his hands on my hips, and moved me back and forth a little. This felt really good, because Herman’s base seemed to rub against my clitoris as his tip moved my cervix around. I experimented with moving like this, and it wasn’t long before I was moving myself rapidly back and forth. This caused the tip of John’s penis to do some wonderful stretching and moving of things way up inside me, and my button was getting massaged at the same time.

I watched as I moved myself faster and faster as I got closer to a climax. I watched in the mirror as my orgasm spread over me, and my hips went back and forth as fast as I could move them. I watched as my button was being rubbed, as my insides were being moved around, as my head and shoulders were turning red, as a big vein stood out on the side of my throat, I was making a face like I was in pain, and I clenched handfuls of sheet and blanket. I watched myself as I completely lost control and rushed to my orgasm. And what an orgasm! I watched as my lips drew back to show clenched teeth as I strained to go higher and higher. I watched my mouth open and heard myself squeal as the roaring in my ears started and I reached the peak of my climax. I heard those impossibly loud bells in my head as I watched and heard myself shriek twice, very loudly as my peak went on, and on, and on. I watched my madly gyrating hips as I felt the toes of my left foot curl into a painful cramp. I watched as I gasped for breath and moaned as the peak of my orgasm finally passed and I started, very slowly, to come down.

I moved my hips more slowly, but I kept it up and prolonged my pleasure until I was exhausted and just couldn’t do it any longer. I finally closed my eyes as I slumped forward to lay my head on John’s shoulder and have him hold me. My heart felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest, and I was breathing like I had run five miles. I rolled off John, and I didn’t even care about my foot cramp. I just wanted to be held.

Oh, my God! That was HUGE. Wow! Woweeeeee!! I never really know what’s going to happen when I start coming, but I sure didn’t expect a whopper like that! I thought I only had that kind when we made love at bedtime. That had to be the most incredibly wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced. I seem to think that same thing every time we make love. Poor John, he had to just lie there. I think I just had three orgasms in about fifteen minutes. Mmmmmmmmm

After my breathing and heartbeat got back close to normal, I was surprised that I didn’t feel like going to sleep. That huge orgasm I had last night just about put me into a coma, but now I feel lively. Maybe it has something to do with the time of day. For some reason I felt invigorated.

I moved my hand escort bostancı down on John and, to my surprise, I found a still half erect Herman. John said he hadn’t come when I had. He was too busy watching me in the mirror and enjoying my orgasm. I told him that he was not going to get away with making love to me twice without a climax, and I was going to make sure he came because he was going to do it in my mouth where I could feel it.

John didn’t object at all. I kneeled beside him so I could see the mirror and watch myself suck him. My pussy had been so wet that Herman was covered with my juices and his slippery stuff. John’s pubic hair was all wet, too. John asked if I wouldn’t like to wipe Herman off first, but I told him I liked him just the way he was, nice and juicy. He said I was lewd.

Herman was very slippery and sexy tasting as I slid my mouth down over him. After I bobbed my head to slide his tip from my lips to the back of my throat a few times, he was hard, hot, throbbing, and the slippery stuff was flowing like a river. Herman had been really excited in my pussy, and I guessed that had started him flowing. He was so swollen and hard that the skin was stretched really tight on his head; smooth, silky, and hot.

Since Herman isn’t perfectly round, I had to open my mouth wider to suck him from the side, but being able to watch in the mirror was well worth a little jaw stretching. It was an wonderfully erotic experience for me to watch myself while I sucked my lover’s beautiful, erect penis. I like watching my lips as then slide along the length of Herman. We never have that darned camera handy when I want it. It really looks sexy the way my lips fit him and move on him. I looked over and could see John watching me in the mirror. Our eyes met, and he smiled and we both went back to watching me suck his penis.

I watched as I fondled his testicles with my fingers. Herman was pretty excited, and I think I could have made John come almost immediately, but I took him out of my mouth several times to let him cool off. I also got to rest my jaws. I loved watching in the mirror, and I wanted to prolong John’s pleasure and my watching.

After getting John close to coming and then letting him cool off several times, my jaws were getting really tired from being open so wide. Herman was hugely erect and the slippery stuff had become sticky. John didn’t say anything, but I knew he was going to come, and I probably couldn’t have stopped it if I’d wanted to. I didn’t want to. I held Herman’s head in my mouth, sucked in my cheeks, and slowly slid my mouth down until I had more penis in mouth than I had ever had before. I gently squeezed his testicles at the same time. It was a sexy thing to watch in the mirror, and it must have been the right thing to do, because it sent Herman and John over.

Herman suddenly got even bigger, John groaned, and a huge gusher of semen poured out of Herman into my mouth. This was followed immediately by an even bigger and longer spurt. Then another one. My Gosh, where is this all coming from? There’s never been this much, and such powerful gushes! If this was one of those TV cartoons, semen would be shooting out of my ears!

I bobbed, sucked, licked, andhummmmmmmmmmmedand fondled for all I was worth until I had swallowed four big gulps of semen and Herman was still spurting. Finally, my jaws got so tired that I just had to close my mouth for a moment. I didn’t want to get a faceful of come, so I squeezed Herman’s base hard with my hand to stop the gushering while I closed my mouth for just a second to swallow a mouthful. When I got Herman back in my mouth and let go with my hand I got the gusher of all gushers! I guess I didn’t have my mouth right, because I watched in the mirror as a cascade of semen poured out of one side of my mouth, down my chin, and onto John. It was messy but a very sexy thing to watch.

I managed to get my lips sealed around him again, and I continued to bob, lick, hummmmm,and suck until the spurts became weaker and finally diminished so there was just a little dribble. I kept Herman’s head between my lips and milked him with my hand several times to get last little bit out of him. I took Herman out of my mouth to tell John I loved him, but because of the sticky semen on my lips and in my mouth, all I could produce was a loud ‘smack.’ I giggled and moved up to lay my head on John’s chest, and my chin dripped a trail of come on him. I needed to be held.

John told me I had sucked him wonderfully and that he loved me. I whispered thatsmack I loved him, and that I was sorry about the mess I had made. I told him smack that there had been a lot more semen than ever before and askedsmack why. He said it was probably because we had made love twice without him coming, and it must have built up volume and pressure. I told him I hated to waste my favorite stuff, and I licked up the trail I had dribbled across his stomach and sucked up a puddle I found. He was still pretty cummy, though. I knew there was no way he was going to kiss me with my mouth and chin like that, so I got up, ran to my bathroom for a tooth brushing and face washing. Then I hurried back to bed with a damp washcloth and dry towel to clean John up

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