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Author’s note: I wanted a story that was hot and kinky, but also gentle. This is not domination as much as pure group sex. The intended audience is women, and it is written from the woman’s point of view. I don’t think straight guys get turned on by an extra penis in their fantasies, but I could be wrong! Tell me what you think in the comments. Like all of my stories, it builds slowly, so please be patient and enjoy.


My name is Alexy. When I was 20 years old, I spent a year in New York City on an exchange program between my little university at home and the City University of New York, not a major institution but I didn’t care. I was born and raised in Russia, and had only visited one other country in my life, Sri Lanka, so it was a thrill to have the chance to get out in the world. Especially to America, and New York City! I’m a shy but attractive girl, and more than one guy has fallen in love with me, so I figured I would find some romance and maybe even sexual adventure during that year, to help me come out of my shell. Which I did. But with a twist that I never expected.

I’m about 164 cm tall, or 5’5″ as they say in the USA, and I have a beautiful face, luscious lips, curvy ass and tits to die for, bouncy and full but perky. At least that’s what guys have told me. My light brown hair runs straight down to just cover my boobs if I go topless and comb it all to the front, which is exactly the position I was in when Kevin broke the news to me.

“Alexy, honey. we need to talk.”

My face turned to a confused pout, and I covered myself with my hands. “I thought you wanted to play around tonight.”

I knew Kevin was wild for my body, especially my boobs, and this was his favorite pose of mine. I was too uncomfortable to get naked for him, but I could get him excited by dancing slowly, playing with my hands over my chest in front of him while he sat in his chair, and then I would move around behind him and run my hands around his waist to work him up him to orgasm. It was a compromise I thought was working for both of us since I didn’t want to have sex yet.

“Well, here’s the thing,” he started. Americans always used this expression. There was always a thing. He continued, “I need to focus on my studies. I have plans for my life. I mean, this has been really fun, with you, and I’ve enjoyed spending the time. But you see, I have to work hard. I’m going to be important.”

“You are going to be important?” I said, indignantly. “And I’m not? Is that it?”

“No, you will be too, I’m sure. It’s just that I have spent so much time with you this fall and I’m not doing well in my classes. And I’ve missed the last three Young Leaders meetings.” He looked at the floor, embarrassed to look me in the eye, and I was confused. I hadn’t thought he was so concerned about his classes. Then he said, “And well, it seems like you don’t want to move this along to the next level.”

I looked at him directly and squinted my eyes. Now I understood. This was the truth laid bare. “I won’t have sex with you? Is that what you mean? You are breaking up with me because you are too important and too busy, and I won’t have sex with you?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Well, it sounds like that.” I was mad now. Who did this guy think he was? I crossed my arms in front of my chest and turned to the window. He was definitely not going to get a look at my naked chest now. We were both silent a minute while we reflected. This evening had not gone at all according to my plan. Before he started this speech, I was in-for me-a rare horny mood and had been ready to take another step with him. Another small step.

“I’m sorry,” he said in a meek voice, and my attitude softened. I sighed. I liked him, but I realized that maybe he was right, that we could be ready for a break. We had lasted a couple months, and had done so many activities together in that time. He grew up in upstate New York and had taken me on trips out of the city, and showed me things I never would have seen if I had stayed in the university dorms. I was grateful for his friendship. He made my trip to America exciting. But I guess all he wanted was sex, after all, which was a depressing thought.

I put my shirt back on, carefully, to avoid showing him my naked chest, and we said a reserved and awkward goodbye. The rest of the evening I spent downstairs in the student center because I didn’t want to be alone after the fight with Kevin. Or was it just a discussion? We never yelled at each other, or even raised our voices. Part of me wishes we had fought so I could have let out my emotions fully. I didn’t know if I should be mad, or sad. Mostly I was reflective about the change in my life.

My schoolwork in front of me, as I was pretending to study, but of course all I could do was listen to music and think about the last two months with this man. This college boy. I have this habit to stare and sing along to some of the words of my music, and I did this aimlessly, often, even without realizing it. My friends teased me regularly about it. In escort ataşehir fact, I hadn’t realized one of these friends had approached me.

“Alexy, wake up!” a deep male voice said. “Pop out of your dream world, girl!”

I smiled. It was Dylan. It had to be either Dylan or Aiden, the two guys that would never leave me alone, since the day I started school here a few months prior. I liked them, they were both very attractive in a bad boy way, but since I started dating Kevin more seriously, I had tried to stay clear of them. Dylan looked really sexy with his shirt open at the collar and the rolled-up sleeves. His skin was a dark black and I could see the definition of muscles and veins in his arms. He was a very attractive African American man.

“I hear you’re a free agent now, and back on the market.” He said with a suggestive look at me, and an eyebrow raise.

“What?” I said, and frowned at him. “How do you know about that already?”

“Word travels fast around here. It’s a small university.”

What the hell? I couldn’t believe that Kevin had already gossipped in the dorms about him and me. Where did he get the nerve to do that? He must have really been thinking of only himself after breaking up with me.

Another man popped up on my other side, a big shirtless man.

“Hey, what up, girl?” he said in a smooth voice. He was wearing only blue jeans and nothing else, and the skin all over his smooth torso was golden tan. His hair was a bleached blonde, cut short. He was Aiden, the swimmer and water polo player. He loved to show off his beautiful physique, and I couldn’t resist taking a look up and down his chest and I saw him smile when he caught me doing that.

Then Aiden turned and pointed to Dylan. “This idiot bothering you tonight?”

These two were always at each other, bickering. I honestly couldn’t tell if they were friends or enemies. There was a period of two weeks this semester when they didn’t talk at all, over something to do with a girl. But they appeared together so often, that maybe it was some kind of love-hate relationship, or just a competitive “bro” guy thing.

Dylan jumped in before I could intercede. “No, go away, asshole. I’m comforting Alexy. She got dumped just a few hours ago.”

My mouth opened. Dumped? What the hell kind of story was Kevin telling? My sadness and confusion started to turn to raw anger.

“Dude…” said the water polo player, in surprise and sympathy. “He dumped Alexy? What a fucking loser. Hottest girl in our whole school. Nicest one, too.” He smiled and I could tell he was looking me over carefully. It wasn’t unpleasant to have him look with such raw sexual interest at me. Something stirred deep in me, seeing that he was so interested, without hesitation or embarrassment.

“I have the solution to your problems,” Dylan said to me, ignoring Aiden, and opening his shirt to reveal a full bottle of a clear alcohol smuggled into the school. I peered in to get a closer look.

“Is that vodka?” I said, and chuckled. At first I was annoyed to be bothered in my misery, but a part of me enjoyed the attention of these boys, and their efforts to distract me from thinking about Kevin.

“You bet your ass it’s vodka. And I think you need a drink to forget about that asshole. More than one drink, in fact. A whole lotta drinks. Shouldn’t we be wearing those Russian hats with earflaps, and talking about bears?”

I laughed. “Oh, you don’t know what you are getting into, wanting to drink vodka with a Russian.” I found myself surprised at the flirt in my voice. “Little school boys have no chance to keep up with a professional.”

I saw the shirtless Aiden turn to look Dylan in the eyes and I thought I saw a little flicker of excitement. Aiden was a top athlete and I know he didn’t drink much, but he was a large man with a big body mass. It was going to take some work to back up my drinking boast against them. I knew how to handle my alcohol, though, it runs deep in the family history, so I thought, what the hell, maybe this is what I need tonight.

It was late by then, and there were only only a few students left in the dark corners of the lounge. Adjacent to it was a small kitchen, with a swinging wooden door and a single naked bulb casting a dim light, windows looking out to the sidewalk outside, where light poles cast their own dim light on the path. I folded up my papers and we moved our little party to the kitchen. The two boys cleaned up some spills on the table and fetched glasses from the cabinets while I waited to be served. They eagerly sat down opposite me. Aiden poured drinks for us from his illegal bottle and was silent while he looked at the ceiling, searching for an appropriate toast to get things started. But I wanted to get something out in the open first.

“Guys. Thank you for this. I will drink with you. But I have a request. A requirement, actually.”

They looked at me expectantly. At the time, I didn’t realize the power I held over them, how hot and horny they were for me. These bad boys were entranced kadıköy escort bayan by the beautiful Russian exchange student freshly available just a few hours prior to this.

“You have to stop fighting with each other. It bothers me. So no insults, no swearing at each other. Okay?”

They looked at each other with blank faces. “You want me to be nice to this fucking asshole?” Aiden said in a serious voice, pointing at Dylan. Then a small smile formed and I knew he was pulling my leg. Dylan didn’t look happy at the joke, so I knew it wasn’t all roses between them yet. But that was as good as I was going to get from them, so we drank. One drink. Two. Then three. That loosened us all up, and I even started laughing at their antics. They were working hard to impress me.

Dylan got up and peered out the kitchen door to the student lounge. “Everybody’s gone up,” he announced, pointing to the ceiling where many floors of dorm rooms were stacked above us in the high-rise building. “Alexy, you are now a free woman, I think it’s time you were introduced to a legendary sight at the old City University here. It’s time to see Aiden’s dick.”

I choked on the drink I was nursing at my lips. “What the hell?” I laughed. I was starting to feel just a little buzzed. “Why do you want me to see his, …” I stalled in embarrassment, then the alcohol kicked in. “To see his penis?” I finished.

“Because you need something to distract you. And this dude is hung like you can’t imagine. Like a horse!”

Aiden looked annoyed. But maybe just a little pleased, too. It was hard to read the way these two boys interacted. I knew that he was proud of his body. He walked around without a shirt most of the time in the dorms, showing off his swimming muscles from hours in the pool. Maybe at parties it was normal for him to walk around naked as a jaybird, for all I knew.

“I’ve got to have another drink,” I responded in the only way I could think of at that moment. We drank another shot all together, and then again. I shook my head to myself and thought vaguely about Kevin, who seemed to shrink further in my memory. Just why had I fallen so hard for that jerk, anyway? Here I had two boys with me who were entranced. They wanted me. I knew what they wanted was pure sex, but somehow that didn’t bother me because they were strong, and good looking, and I didn’t expect any more than that from them. Maybe this shy girl did just want sex, too, at that particular moment. What the fuck, I thought.

“Okay, I’ll do it. Show me the penis of a horse,” I said, and smiled. Aiden was surprised at my decision, but stood up and walked right over to me. He swayed a little and held a hand to the table to steady himself. Half a dozen shots were having an effect even on this large man. The vodka was working its magic.

“I’m not going to show you,” he said, and smiled smugly. “You have to dig it out.” He then leaned up right against me where I was sitting, pressing his pants right forward, and put his hands to his head. I caught the smell of his naked chest. A manly smell, of an athlete, mixed with the smell of alcohol coursing through his body and emerging in sweat. I could feel his penis pushing on me through his clothes. What was I doing? A sweet shy girl from another country, just on a visit here. Part of my brain said, enough, I needed to end this before these guys took this too far.

But then I closed my eyes and saw Kevin smirking, bragging how important he was going to be, and how he didn’t have time for me. I got angry again. I’ll show that asshole, I thought, and dug my hand into Aiden’s waistband. My God, I thought, as my hand struck his huge penis. I wrapped my fingers around and flipped it out into the open, while my other hand rolled his pants down and off his smooth ass in back.

Dylan was pouring another round of drinks for us, well on his way to a good drunk. He laughed while he watched from the other side of the table. “See, check out that asshole’s cock. The size of a fucking truck!” Aiden looked over at him, not pleased by the outburst, but as my hands ran over his smooth penis he was becoming erect and he didn’t lash back at his frenemy. He had shaved everything, perhaps it was a habit of competitive swimmers. Dylan cackled even louder, “Smooth as a baby’s butt, that cock is, and check out his balls too! What a fucker!” Aiden frowned this time and was about to explode back.

“Dylan! Dylan!” I said in exasperation. I looked up at the ceiling, while all the time holding Aiden’s penis in my hand and rubbing him gently. Aiden was getting stiff now. His penis was huge. I could barely ring my thumb and fingers around its circumference. I was buzzed enough with the vodka that I didn’t have my normal inhibition and I found myself holding and fondling him with both hands, one hand stroking the underside of his penis. I said to the ceiling while I was holding this cock in my hands, “God, I would do anything for you guys to stop fighting!”

Aiden looked down at me with a pleasant smile on his face. A beautiful escort bostancı Russian woman was caressing his naked dick and balls while he stood there, so I suppose his good mood was to be expected. “Anything?” He said, suggestively. I looked up at him, a little alarmed at the plea I had voiced, and with the idea of where this little party might be heading tonight. I was a virgin, but I wasn’t so naive.

Dylan sobered up at this opportunity given to him on a silver platter. He stood up and came over next to his bro. He reached a hand to my shoulder in a gesture of concern. “Alexy, my dear Alexy. Aiden and I are very good friends. Truly. Don’t let our banter annoy you. What you need is a good fuck tonight. To get over that guy. By the morning you will have forgotten all about him.”

I laughed and shook my head. My mind said no way. But I still hadn’t let go of Aiden’s penis. I was stroking it absentmindedly, and it felt good. It was comforting to be touching such a strong man, who stood near me and pressed his body into mine without hesitation. I didn’t want to let go, and I’m sure Aiden didn’t want me to let go either. His face showed pure pleasure. My brain was losing the battle with my body and the alcohol, and these two sexy guys hovering over me. It was an unfair fight.

“So, … if I wanted to, how do I pick which one of you guys?”

Dylan had a quick answer for this one. If Aiden was the brawn of the outfit, Dylan was the brains. “You don’t have to pick. You want us to be friends? Look, we’ll prove we’re such good friends, you can have us both at the same time.”

Oh my God, I thought. What the hell am I doing? But their manliness, their smell, their raw sexuality, their desire for me, and then of course the vodka in my body and brain, I couldn’t resist. And my anger for Kevin, the asshole who bragged about dumping me just hours later. All he wanted was my sex? I’ll show him what he couldn’t get, I thought. I’ll give it to these hot guys instead. So I couldn’t believe it but I found myself nodding.

“Just close the door and make sure nobody is out there,” I squeaked out.

I closed my eyes for a minute and when I opened them, both men were shirtless with their pants off. Aiden in fact was fully nude since I had already pulled his pants down. Dylan was wearing blue and white striped boxers, and the neat crease between his tight black abs and the light fabric formed a pleasing contrast. I stood up and they both came towards me, a little fast, actually.

“Guys,” I stopped them. “Look, uh, I’ve never been with…” I was about to say that I was a virgin, that I had never been with a guy all the way, but I suddenly got embarrassed and changed it. “I’ve never been with two guys. I’m kinda nervous here. You have be gentle, okay? Really gentle.”

The guys looked at me very carefully. They had the biggest prize in front of them they could imagine, and they were working as hard as humanly possible not to screw this up. They didn’t say anything, and the evening might have taken a very different turn right then, but a part of me didn’t want the magic to end.

“I can start,” I said, and pulled off my shirt, showing my low-cut bra. Their eyes took a keen interest in my beautiful cleavage, where I knew the curve of my breasts and just a hint of nipple showed when I did that. Then I moved all my hair around to the front, the trick I had performed for Kevin earlier that evening. When I pulled my bra off I knew my nakidity was still hidden from these guys. But it made me feel like I was starting to be a part of this adventure, starting to let them have sex with me. I was nervous, and not sure what to do next.

Here’s where Aiden, the swimmer, did the perfect thing. He smiled at me gently, and moved his large hands slowly to my face to hold me steadily. Then he moved his head towards mine, and his lips approached mine inch by inch, and then touched. It was like I was a delicate flower that he held in his hands. Then he started kissing me. It was carefully done, he didn’t rudely thrust his tongue into me. He gave me just the sweetest caresses with his lips and very lightly with his tongue all around the outside of my lips. I closed my eyes. I had gone to heaven.

Then I felt something happening behind me, and while Aiden had me entranced with his gentle kisses, Dylan pulled my pants down. I had on these high side-cut white panties, and I felt his touch on the outside of my thighs. His hands ran around to my front and I felt him start to finger me through my panties. I squirmed but Aiden held my face strongly in his hands and wouldn’t let me move. Oh my God, this was going to be one hell of a fuck. One hell of a way to lose my virginity. My pussy must have been soaking wet and we hadn’t even started yet.

I felt my hair brushed aside and my breasts touched-it must have been Aiden-and then my panties were down-which must have been Dylan, but I wasn’t sure, I was half drunk and swooning. If the two boys weren’t holding me strongly I don’t think I would have been able to stay upright. I felt a strong hand push into my breasts and pinch my nipples. I ran my hands over the smooth round knobs of Aiden’s powerful swimmer shoulders and held on. I leaned in to his hair and took in deep breaths of his smell while he moved down to kiss and suck on my breasts.

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