Sara Meets Travis

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Sara never thought she would move away for college. She loved living at home with her parents and had lots of friends from high school that she didn’t want to move away from. But, in the past few months, she realized that she was ready for some distance from her family, more freedom, and independence.

It was move-in weekend. After just meeting her roommate, she was getting settled into her new room. Her new roommate, Anna, was nice enough, and they were both excited about living in a dorm with lots of other students.

“I can’t believe they have a dress code at this school,” Anna said, looking through her new student paperwork, “We didn’t even have one at my high school.”

“Oh, yeah? What are we not allowed to wear?” Sara asked.

“Well, it looks like there’s a list…leggings, short-shorts…dresses must be fingertip length, no sagging pants.”

“Interesting,” Sara said, looking through her own papers.

A knock on the door disrupted the girls from their dress-code distress.

“Come in!” Both girls chimed.

The door swung open and there stood a stranger.

“Hey, I’m Katie! I’m next door,” she said, glancing at the name tags on their door. “Which one of you is which?”

“I’m Sara,” Sara replied, “and that’s Anna.”

“Are you guys going to the back to school bash?” Katie asked, “I don’t really want to go by myself.”

An hour later, the girls were walking into one big university party on the campus green with a giant sign that read “WELCOME CLASS OF 2010.” They stuck together for the whole evening. After getting snow cones, the girls ran into some of Katie’s high school friends.

“Hey guys! Sara, Anna, this is Travis and Austin,” Katie introduces everyone.

They all shook hands, feeling unsure how informal to be with each other after a weekend full of school orientation. They talked about high school, sports, moving into the dorms, and saying goodbye to their families. Sara felt Travis’s eyes on her the entire conversation.

All of a sudden, the crowd erupted into a big dance mob. Sara hung back, not feeling casino oyna confident enough to jump in. As the crowd moved away, Sara felt Travis next to her.

“Where did you say you’re from, Sara?” he asked.

“Kansas City,” she replied.

He kept asking her questions about home. Who is this guy? She thought. He seemed nice enough.

“I’m not really interested in hanging out at this back to school bash much longer,” she said.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He asked.

She grabbed his arm, nodding her head and moving farther away from the crowd. They walked towards his car and agreed to go into town to get ice cream.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked once they were on the road.

She was excited to be adventuring with a new college boy, but was getting annoyed with his pushiness.

“That’s an awkward question to ask someone you barely know,” she said.

He blushed, and that made her smile.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude…” He trailed off.

They ate their ice cream, making small talk, and came back to campus.

“I’ll see ya later,” he said, driving away from her dorm as she waved at him.

That first year, Katie, Sara, Travis, Austin, and Anna became the closest of friends. They were always together after class and on the weekends. Austin had started dating another girl, Jen, whom they immediately adopted into their friend group. Their second year of school, the four girls decided to live together in an apartment off campus and had the guys come over all the time. They loved having game nights, as they tended to involve alcohol and lots of laughter.

One night, Sara found herself alone with Travis in the living room after everyone had gone to bed. They were sitting on the couch, discussing something about ice cream when Sara remembered that first night.

“Travis, do you remember when we went for ice cream together?”

“Of course, I do! We’ve been friends ever since.”

“It’s funny, but I don’t think we’ve been alone just the two of us, not at all, since that night.”

They canlı casino thought about it for a while.

“I think you’re right,” he laughed.

They were both giggling, still drinking their beers. Travis was feeling bold.

“If I kissed you, would you let me?” He asked.

She blinked. Did he just say that?

“Um, I think so,” she said.

That was all Travis needed. He leaned toward her and kissed her deeply on the lips for several seconds. His hands were in her hair, pulling her body against his. She pulled back.

“Travis, we’re drunk,” she giggled.

“I don’t care,” he said, kissing her again, deeper.

One hand still in her hair, his other hand traveled down her neck, across her collarbone, to her chest, pushing her down into the couch. She leaned back and let him climb on top of her, his hand squeezing the fabric surrounding her breast, his right leg between hers, his tongue invading her mouth. Her hands traveled across his back, pulling his torso down into hers. She could feel his cock getting hot and hard through his sweatpants against her leg.

His world was fuzzy, but he knew that he wanted her. He reached down and separated her thighs, humping into her and kissing her neck.

“Travis,” she whispered, humping back up into him. She was wet and wanted him, too.

“Travis, we can’t do this on the couch,” she said, giggling.

“Why not?” he asked, sucking hard at one place on her neck.

“Someone might come in here!” she practically yelled.

“Shh,” he hushed her, sitting up. “Your room?” He asked quietly.

They stood, his hands never really leaving her body, anxious to touch more of her, as they crept up the stairs, past Katie’s room, and into Sara’s. As she shut the door behind them, he pulled her at her waist into him from behind. She ground her ass back into his hard cock, unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them down her legs. He did the same, and after a moment, they were in their underwear and on her bed.

He was grinding into her again, through his boxers and through her soft panties. His kaçak casino full body weight pushed into hers, pinning her to the bed as her fingernails explored his sides and back.

“Travis, I want you to lick me,” she said.

He immediately slithered down her body, his thumbs grabbing her panties and jerking them down her legs. She spread her knees and his face was immediately buried in her pussy.

“Oh, God!” She yelled.

His tongue licked sloppily up and down her pussy, and she held his head where she wanted him to lick her.

“Oh God, yes. Travis, yes. Oh, yes,” she was moaning.

After a few moments, he needed to be inside of her.

“I’m gonna do it,” he said, sitting up and removing his boxers.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said.

“Me either,” he whispered into her ear.

His cock sprung free, and she was too drunk to pay much attention to it. He was kissing her neck again.

“What the hell?” They heard someone yell.

They jumped apart – Katie was screaming at them in the doorway of Sara’s room.

“Are you serious? I can’t believe this is happening. I can hear you through the damn wall!” She yelled, slamming the door shut.

Sara looked at Travis, and he looked back. They had fucked up.

“You should go,” she said.

He collected his clothes, dressed quickly, and was gone.

Sara rolled over and went to sleep.

In the morning, she pulled on a t-shirt and a sweater, recalling the details of last night and realizing she owed her friends an apology.

“Katie?” Sara asked, quietly knocking on her door.

“What?” Katie said coldly.

“I’m sorry,” she said, pushing the door open. “I was drinking a lot last night, and so was Travis. I don’t think that meant anything.”

“Whatever you say,” Katie said.

“I’m really sorry. I don’t want to do anything to mess up our friendships. I promise it will never happen again,” Sara begged.

“Okay,” Katie sighed. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed…and jealous. I never thought this would happen – I’ve known Travis for years, he’s my best friend.”

“Yes, I’m so sorry. Like I said, I promise. Never again.”

“Okay. Thanks, Sara,” Katie smiled. “But seriously, I could hear everything, just for future reference.”

Sara blushed.

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