School Disco Sex

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** This story follows on from ‘Teachers Have Fun Away From Home’- but can be read as a stand alone story. **

“Are you staying for the disco tomorrow Em?” Jon asked innocently, as a group of staff sat around the table in the staff room at breaktime.

Emma sipped her coffee and nodded, “Yeah, I was thinking about it. You?”

“Yeah, the infants one. I probably won’t stay for the junior one, that gets a bit wild!” he chuckled.

The following evening was the PTA disco. It was split into two sessions, the younger children came for the first hour and then the older ones had the second hour and a half. Parents had to stay with the infants, but the juniors could be dropped off and left. There were usually infants staff at the infant disco, but it was often just the PTA and maybe the headteacher for the junior disco.

That evening, Emma let her mind wander with opportunities. If Jon was staying for the disco tomorrow too, maybe they could snatch ten minutes together? She put a bit more thought into what she was going to wear tomorrow than she normally would.

The morning of the disco, their head teacher put a list of roles for the disco in the staff room. Emma put her name down to collect the entrance fee on the door, then boldly put Jon’s name down with hers. She quickly sent him a text, letting him know that he was working at the main entrance with her that evening. He replied with a smiling face emoji.

The rest of the day passed as normal and before long, it was time to send the children home. There was an hour before the first disco started, so Emma thought she would quickly pop next door and see Jon. She hadn’t thought to check whether Laura was still there, so had to make up an excuse for going to see him.

“Just checking you’re still ok to do the door with me later?” Emma smiled.

“Definitely, I’ll be there! I think there’s a tub in the office with some change in for us. I’ll grab it on my way over.” he replied, wishing Laura wasn’t there. He hadn’t mentioned anything to Emma, but he was hoping to catch her alone at some point this evening. He licked his lips, trying to distract himself from getting a hard on.

Emma smiled and left, going back to her classroom to finish some jobs off and pass the time. Just before 4pm, Jon pushed opened her classroom door, shaking a tub of coins at her and smiling.

“Are you ready for this?” Jon grinned.

Emma laughed, “That time already? Let’s go.”

She followed him round to the table that had been left out for them by the main door. They sat together behind the table, waiting for the children to arrive. They had ten minutes before the disco started. Jon leaned in close to her ear. Emma could feel his warm breath against her neck.

“Are you in a rush to leave after the disco?” he whispered.

Emm blushed, “I don’t think so.”

Jon looked around to check no one was coming and placed his hand on her thigh, trailing it lightly towards her crotch. Emma shuddered with anticipation, just as the first children began to arrive.

Jon and Emma were kept busy for the next twenty minutes, taking money from the kids coming into the disco as well as smiling and greeting everyone.

Once their job was done, Jon put the tub back in the office and went into the disco with Emma. They had fun dancing with the children and joining in with the party games. Jon even managed to dance with Emma briefly to some cheesy pop songs!

As the infants disco started to wind down, Jon and Emma went back to their table at the entrance to collect money from the junior children coming in. Once they were done, Jon returned the tub to the office again before turning to smile nervously at Emma.

“I want to show you bostancı escort bayan something.” he said, nodding towards his classroom. Emma frowned, his room was almost right next to the hall, they were asking to get caught if they stayed there. Instead, he led her straight through his classroom and out of the back door. They walked through the car park, around to the junior corridor on the other side of the school. All the rooms were dark down this end as it was as far away from the hall as they could get and none of the children were allowed down there during a disco. Jon swiped his fob on the entry box to open the door and Emma followed him into the darkness.

“I came down here earlier to drop something off in Kate’s room when I had an idea,” he whispered, even though no one was around, and pushed open the classroom door. As Emma followed him in, he went to the other side of the room to pull all of the blinds closed.

In two strides he had crossed the room back to her, pulling her into his arms and pressing his lips to hers. Emma moaned softly against him, she had been waiting for this opportunity all day and she was desperate for the sexual release.

“So what’s so special about Kate’s room?” she asked quietly. Jon smirked, gesturing to the back corner of the room. Emma went to look.

Behind the large bookcase, that was also serving as a partition, was Kate’s book corner. It was furnished with a soft, thick blue rug and large green floor cushions. It was ideal, it was comfortable and the bookcase offered some protection from people glancing in.

Jon wrapped his arms around her from behind, nuzzling his face into her neck and breathing in her perfume.

“What do you think?”

Emma didn’t reply, she just sat on the rug and pulled him down to the floor with her. He smiled as their lips met again.

Emma felt like a teenager again, making out with him in the dark and trying not to get caught. She felt a familiar heat spread through her and pushed her lips against his firmly, opening her mouth to find his tongue. She enjoyed kissing Jon, he was particularly good at it. Mainly because he seemed to enjoy it, he wasn’t just doing it because he was expected to before sex- as her husband did. Jon always varied the pressure of his lips and it wasn’t too wet- which Emma hated. There was nothing worse than feeling like you were being slobbered on.

They kissed for ages, listening to the music blasting down the corridor from the hall. They were still fully clothed, as if it was their first time making out and they were nervous about getting to second base.

Jon ran his hand over her breasts, slowly making his way down to her waist. Previously, their encounters had been over quite quickly, so he wanted to take advantage of having her to himself for a bit longer.

Emma began unbuttoning his shirt, taking her time between each button. Jon ached to feel her body against his. She pushed his shirt over his shoulders, running her hands firmly over his toned muscles. Jon was struggling to hold it together, tugging her top over her head quickly and pressing his lips to her breasts through her bra. Emma has chosen her underwear carefully that morning, a matching sheer black pants and bra set that felt good against her skin.

Jon sucked on her right nipple through the sleek fabric, sending a tremble through her core. He moved up to kiss her throat, grazing his lips over her skin around her neck. Emma moaned in delight, arching her back to push her pelvis against him. She ran her hands over his bare chest, fingers brushing lightly over his navel as she made her way down to the buttons on his trousers. She gently rubbed her hand over the now obvious ümraniye escort bulge in his trousers, making him ache in the confines of the fabric, silently begging her to free him.

Jon groaned, pre cum seeping into his boxers as he felt her breathing against his cock.

“Suck it…” he pleaded quietly, “please Em.”

She felt him squirm against her as she inched his trousers and boxers down, his hard on springing free in relief.

“What did you say?” Emma breathed against his cock. Jon whimpered, he looked down at Emma’s moist lips poised above the head of his cock, her breasts pushed up against his balls.

Emma licked her lips slowly, waiting for his answer. His cock throbbed.

“I need you to suck my cock.”

Looking him straight in the eyes, Emma slowly enveloped the head of his cock between her lips. Jon dropped his head back into the cushions, gasping at the sensation of her slowly inching his cock in.

Emma took his cock into her mouth until he was pressed against the back of her throat. She groaned with delight, vibrating Jon’s cock and making him gasp. He pushed his pelvis up against her face as she deepthroats him, teasing his shaft with her tongue.

“Shit Emma…” he groaned, “How the fuck?” He was starting to sweat, clutching the rug in his fists as she bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking and licking him, making almost as much noise in enjoyment as he was.

He made a strangled gasp as he suddenly blew his load into the back of her throat, Jon listened to her swallowing his cum as she licked him clean.

“You’d better have that sweet pussy out ready for me. I’m coming to fuck you with my tongue. I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll be begging me to stop.” he panted.

Emma didn’t need asking twice. She sipped off her trousers, leaving her thin damp panties clinging to her skin. She knelt over his face, lowering her crotch to his lips. Jon breathed in deeply, taking in the musky smell of her arousal. He kissed her through her panties, licking the damp patch between her legs. Emma groaned.

“I don’t think we need these,” he said, tugging down her pants. Emma stood up over him, slowly slipping her pants down, giving him a stunning view of her damp pussy as she lowered herself back down to his face.

Jon grabbed the back of her thighs, holding her against his face. His cock twitched in arousal as he eagerly buried his tongue between her lips, tasting how turned on she was from sucking him off. He ran his tongue up and down her slit slowly, making Emma grind against his face for more.

“You promised me a tongue fucking Jon.”

Jon growled against her clit, flicking his tongue against it. Without warning he pushed his tongue inside her, driving it rapidly in and out as she squealed above him. He felt her getting wetter, her moisture running over his lips and down his chin.

He squeezed the back of her thighs tightly as she bucked against his face, noisily crying out with pleasure. “Jon, fuck…” she moaned. Thankfully the music from the disco was loud enough and everyone too far away to hear them.

She pulled away from him as her orgasm made her clit sensitive to his lips. She slid off of him and he sat up next to her on the rug.

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoy eating your pussy.” he whispered into her ear, her nipples hardening in excitement as he ran his hand over her breasts.

Emma kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. She sucked on his bottom lip, biting him lightly and making him growl. Jon’s cock hardened again and he took Emma’s hand, wrapping it around his shaft.

“I want this inside me.” she breathed against his lips, her tongue searching for his.

“Bend over,” escort kartal he growled, “I’m gonna fuck you from behind.” He knew that was Emma’s favourite position. She got onto her hands and knees in front of him, spreading her legs slightly so he could see her dripping opening. Jon knelt behind her, pushing down on her shoulders and forcing her face into the cushions.

“Face down, ass up…” he growled, roughly pulling her hips towards him. He used his hand to grab his shaft, rubbing the head of his cock along her slick opening. Emma ground her ass back against him, desperate to feel him inside her. He teased her a little bit longer with the head of his cock, using his other hand to knead and grab her ass cheeks.

“Fuck me Jon,” Emma groaned into the cushions, “Fuck me hard.”

Jon lined the head of his cock up with her opening, watching as it was slowly swallowed up inside her. He grasped her hips and pulled back out until just his throbbing head was left inside her. He paused before suddenly driving his full length deep inside making her gasp. He knew she liked it rough and was happy to oblige. He felt her push back against him, trying to take all of his cock deep with each thrust.

Emma’s moans of lust tightened his balls and he reached under her to pull on her nipples roughly. She cried out loudly as he pounded against her. Emma reached down to rub her swollen clit, her fingers brushing against the base of his wet shaft.

“Make me cum Jon,” she panted, “You feel so good…”

Jon began to slow his pace down, switching to deeper, harder thrusts as she writhed against him panting heavily.

“I’m cuming…” he groaned, his body slick with sweat, “Fuck Em, I’m…”

Emma felt his cock spasm as his heat filled her, she ground her hand against her clit until she was clenching around him. Jon continued thrusting through his exhaustion until she stilled, her orgasm done. Jon slowly slipped out, still holding her hips so that she couldn’t move. He watched the head of his cock pop out of her, a trail of cum joining them together. She was wide open from their fucking and he watched as his cum started to pool at her opening.

“Shit you look so hot right now..” he mumbled. Jon dropped his head to her pussy, lapping up their mixed juices, his nose close to her ass. Emma squealed in delight as his tongue cleaned her out, he was making the most of her being open wide to get his tongue deeper inside her than he normally could. She spasmed against him as she came suddenly, pulling away from him when she couldn’t take anymore.

Emma turned over, her neck and shoulders stiff from being pushed down into the cushions for so long. She looked at Jon. Sweat coated his neck and chest, his cock was hanging limply between his legs. He was completely spent. Emma knelt up and braced her hands on his thighs as she ran her tongue across his sweat covered chest and up the side of his neck. He groaned, tipping his head back, still panting slightly.

Emma glanced at the clock, the disco would be over in twenty minutes and they needed to be gone before then if they didn’t want anyone to spot them.

“We need to do this again, soon..” she whispered into his ear, before biting it gently.

“Fuck Em, I don’t think I can stand!” Jon chuckled lightly, kissing her on the lips before she stood up to get dressed. Jon stayed on the rug for a moment, watching Emma pulling her clothes on in the darkness. Jon sighed, knowing he had to get dressed too.

They quickly checked they hadn’t left anything behind and tidied Kate’s book area up a little, putting back the books they had knocked off of the shelf.

Jon held the classroom door open for Emma and they walked back across the car park to their classrooms to collect their things. They left through the back door of Jon’s classroom again, straight to their cars. They both knew they would need to get straight into the shower when they got in, if they didn’t want their partners to suspect anything.

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