Secuction Ch. 06

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[Refresher: Zach and Nicki are high school seniors stumbling their way through the wonders of sex with the aid of Nicki’s mother, Mandy. Nicki and fixed up her mother and Zach’s dad, Mike and it has been a huge success. Zach and Nicki are still learning as they go. Chapter 5 ends with Limo sex for Zach and Nicki.]


Nicki rode in silence in the caverness passenger compartment of the Limousine. Her tits were covered in dried cum from the trip to the concert and now her crotch was squishy with Zach’s deposit on the way home. Nicki smiled to herself as she relished the memories. The odor was kind of funky but not offensive; at least not to her. She forced her hand into her jeans and pulled it out covered in cum. She pushed her fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean. It was a good thing it was dark because the soaked crotch of her jeans would be obvious.

She watched the scenery go buy. It was nearly midnight. Apparently Zach’s dad, Mike was spending the night with her mom. She was happy they had found each other and she hoped that things would work out for them. Neither of them had dated in years. She liked Mike, a lot. She reminisced about the great sex she had with him just days ago when she had seduced him. She wished she hadn’t but she was glad she did. She smiled to herself in the dark.

She was pulled out of her reverie when the Limo turned onto her street and then into her driveway. She waited for the driver to come around and open the door. As he opened the door he reached his hand in to assist her exit. She took his hand and pulled herself out. She thanked him and headed for the house. She heard the squeal of tires as the Limo exited the driveway and drove away. The sound of her heels clicking on the cobblestone driveway broke the deafening silence of the night. She kicked off her shoes at the front door before carefully unlocking it. She pushed the door open and walked barefoot into the foyer and set her shoes down on the credenza. She closed the door and locked it.

Nicki listened for any sound in the house, particularly the sounds of sex. She didn’t hear anything. She quietly crept up the stairs and moved to the closed door of her mom’s room and listened again. Nothing. She crept down the hall to her room and slowly shut her door. She pulled her silk top over her head for the third time tonight. She inspected it in the light from her night stand. It was stained from Zach’s cum that she had left on her chest. She dragged her finger nail across one tit and dried cum flaked off. She looked back to her silk top, ‘God, what a mess, I hope it’s not ruined,’ she thought.

She sat down on her bed and started the ordeal of stripping off her jean. She struggled for more than a minute and finally got the jeans down past her hips. The rest was easier. She ran her hands over her tits, down her flat stomach to her pussy. She peeled off her thong. They were wet with her juices and Zach’s cum.

She went to her bathroom and without making a sound ran water into her sink and washed her silk top and her thong and left them on the counter. She grabbed a face cloth, dunked it into the sink and washed her crotch and her chest. She should have taken a shower but she didn’t want to disturb her mother and probably Mike. She would deal with the mess in the morning.


The sun wasn’t even up yet when Mandy came awake. At first she was confused because she wasn’t in bed alone. Then she smiled as she came to full consciousness. Mike lay beside her on his back. He was lightly snoring. The sheet was at his waist and a huge tent was pitched at his crotch. She rolled over on her side facing Mike. She stared at the tent. Mandy reached over and pushed her finger down on the peak of the tent. The pole underneath was big and stiff.

Mandy rolled away from Mike and got to her feet. She went to the bathroom to relieve the pressure on her bladder. Her hair was a mess. She spent a few minutes in the mirror fixing it. She brushed her teeth and went back to bed. Mike had not moved an inch.

Mandy sat on the edge of the bed and thought about how she was going to initiate sex this morning. She could bring him awake sucking on his cock. She could carefully straddle that tent pole and sink herself down on him. She could straddle his face and enjoy his tongue when he came awake. She decided that she would go for the blowjob. He had paid extraordinary attention to her orgasms and she wanted to repay him.

Mandy moved over toward Mike and slowly lifted the covers off his lower body. His dick was pointing straight up toward the ceiling with a slight angle toward his head. She pushed herself up onto her knees and leaned over his body. She wanted to wrap her fingers around his shaft so bad but she didn’t want that to wake him. She bent down and opened her mouth as wide as she could and lowered her mouth down over his cock. She knew that the size of his cock would make this very difficult to pull off because she could barely get her mouth around it.

She casino oyna pushed her mouth very slowly down his shaft. She put no pressure on it with her lips as she pushed about half way down. When her mouth was as far down his cock as she could go without applying pressure, she closed her lips tight and dragged them slowly back to the ridge and then pushed back down.

Mike made his first movement as he moaned something unintelligible. She figured he was waking up so she applied more pressure and pushed her mouth further down the shaft. She was now ready for him to wake up so she began giving him a full on blowjob all the way into her throat.

Mike came wide awake realizing a pressure on his morning woody. He raised his head and looked down to see Mandy’s beautiful face bobbing up and down on his boner. He dropped his head back down to his pillow and gently pushed his hips up toward her face. He groaned and said, “Jesus Christ. What a way to start the day.” She giggled around his cock and picked up the pace. She never touched him with her hands and looked up at him the whole time.

Mike fluffed up his pillow so he could watch her incredible blowjob. She was easily the best cocksucker he had ever experienced. She kept up her pace of full depth throat to lips blowjob for several minutes and she could feel his pending climax building. Muscles throughout his body clenched and tensed. He did not attempt to hold himself back. He wanted to cum. He let out a loud groan and launched his hips up into her face as she was descending to his balls.

Mandy pulled her mouth back to the ridge and locked her lips there. She didn’t have to wait even a second before cum was surging onto the roof of her mouth. Long ropes flooded in. She was trying to swallow as fast as it was arriving but she was struggling with the sticky goo. Thick, white cum pushed out around both corners of her mouth and ran down her chin. She was gulping cum down her throat.

With the last shot of cum, she pushed her tongue into the pee-hole and scooped up whatever was left. She pulled her head back and opened her mouth to show Mike that her mouth was absolutely full of his cum. She pushed it out onto her lips and then sucked it back in. She swirled it around her mouth and with some effort, as evidenced by the distended tendons in her neck, she swallowed all of it. She scooped up the escaped cum on her chin with her finger and ran her tongue around her lips. She pushed her finger into her mouth and cleaned the last bit and swallowed everything down. She then pushed her mouth back down Mike’s softening dick and cleaned it from balls to tip with her tongue. When her mouth pulled off the tip with a ‘pop’ she giggled.

Mandy crawled like a cat up Mike’s body dragging her tits along his chest. She kissed him on the lips and he could taste himself on her lips and tongue. He held her there as they kissed long and hard. After ten minutes she rolled over to her side of the bed and pulled the sheet up over her waist. He pulled the sheet up over him as well. He rolled over to face her and was surprised when she was apparently asleep. He looked over at the clock. It was 5:35 AM. After orgasms he was prone to sleep anyway and he quickly drifted off to dreamland.


Nicki was pulled from her sleep by a scream that came from far away. She realized in her haze that it wasn’t just one scream. As she came to full consciousness she thought the screams must have been in her dream because she couldn’t hear anything now. She looked at the clock on the night stand and it read 7:20 AM. She thought, ‘Thank God it’s Sunday. I can go back to sleep.’ Nicki pulled the sheet up to her neck and rolled onto her side and curled up. She could still feel the caked cum on her chest and pubic area.

Nicki was almost back to sleep when she heard a moan that started out low pitched and finished in a high pitched scream like she had assumed was from a dream. She listened intently. There it was again. It was coming from her mother’s room. She smiled to herself. ‘It sounds like mom is getting her pipes cleaned again,’ she thought. She smiled again. She liked the phrase ‘getting your pipes cleaned”. She had heard it at school and had asked her friend Joanne what it meant. Joanne was always a wealth of information on such things. Her mind flashed to the day, not long ago, when Joanne showed her how to give a blowjob using a carrot as a simulated penis. She smiled at the memory. ‘There had been a lot of water over the dam since that day less than a month ago. She had lost her cherry, given her first real blowjob and many more, first fuck, masturbation, she’d had her pussy eaten, sucked on a testicle…’ She was ticking them off in her mind. She couldn’t help but wonder how many other new things there were for her to experience.

Nicki was not under any illusions that she was in any way an expert on sex now that she had experienced so many aspects of it. She and Zach were newbies and she was still confused about many things. canlı casino Sex was exciting and she couldn’t get enough of it and she loved Zach’s big cock. New things were happening every day it seemed. She knew Zach was leading her through the mist but she also knew he wasn’t all that experienced either. The only thing different between the two of them was that he was a man. She had read an article about how often males thought about sex per day. She knew Zach and his friends talked about sex all the time. He had even shared the details of some of his masturbation challenges. She liked watching him masturbate in front of her and then taking his load in her mouth or tits or whatever. He always shot a lot of cum and with such amazing force.

Another moan from her mother’s room dragged her from her reverie. All this thinking about sex and these sounds of obvious sex coming from down the hall were making Nicki horny. She pushed back the sheet and cupped her tits with her hands and fingered her stiffening nipples. She could feel moisture developing in her pussy. One hand stayed with her tits and the other crept down over her taught stomach, between her hips, over the mound and into her honey-pot. She smiled to herself as she remembered Zach’s use of the term ‘honey-pot’ one time as he was eating her pussy.

Nicki lightly stroked her pussy and clit. She could hear voices coming from her mother’s room but they were just mumbles and she couldn’t make out the words. Whatever they were doing her mother was enjoying it. She couldn’t help wondering what her mother and Mike were doing to elicit such screams of passion. She couldn’t stand it. She had to know.

Nicki slid out of bed and quietly opened her bedroom door and very slowly and quietly padded to the other end of the hall and stood at the door to her mom’s room. The moans and groans were coming from both of them. She could now make out words but they were fractured sentences that only made sense in the throes of passion. She herself had uttered them several times recently. She heard these words coming from the other side of the door in front of her. “Oh fuck…yes…yes…Jesus, God and finally, I’m cuming,” punctuated by “again”.

Nicki’s hand went back down to her pussy as she started fingering herself again. She couldn’t tell what they were doing but Mike was doing it to her. Nicki had to see for herself.

She lightly put her hand on the doorknob and turned it very slowly. She pushed the door open enough so she could see the bed. The angle from the bed to the open door was perfect. She only needed to open it a few inches. They were fucking doggy style. Nicki was fond of this position. Mike and her mom were positioned on the bed so that she could see her mother’s tits hanging from her chest as her arms were out straight. Her head was hanging down looking between her tits at the action below. One thing was different though. Instead of his body being between her legs like she had experienced it; her mother’s knees were together with Mike’s on one knee and the other leg was splayed out with his knee bent and his foot on the bed. His position provided her a clear view of his cock sawing back and forth in her mother’s pussy. His hands were locked onto her hips. His face was contorted with clenched teeth and his cheeks stretched the corner of his lips over his teeth. He was inhaling and exhaling rapidly through his teeth and flared nostrils. He was pumping his big cock into her from behind and she was moaning loudly.

She thought, ‘Here we go again. I can’t tell if he’s fucking her pussy or her ass.’ Nicki was fingering herself again.

As Nicki watched, her mother rolled through a series of orgasm that seemed to build on each other. Nicki fingered herself through more than one and she had to go down to her knees so she wouldn’t fall down. Mike was groaning and pumping his shaft like he was a piston engine. Nicki thought, “Wow. Mike sure lasts a lot longer than Zach.’ She wished Zach could last longer, but she acknowledged that he was getting better.

Suddenly, Mike slowed down and then stopped. Her mom’s head was thrashing from side to side as her hips pulsed up and down. She grabbed her tits with one hand as the other held her up. Mike held her at the hips. Mike then pulled out his cock and lifted it up a few inches and pushed it back toward Mandy. From where Nicki was kneeling on the carpet by the door she couldn’t see what Mike was doing. She stood up again to get a better view. She thought, ‘Was Mike lining up to push his cock into her ass? It sure looks like it.’

Nicki stared unblinking as Mike slowly pushed his cock head into her anus. Mandy groaned loudly but yelled, “OH YES. FUCK ME THERE.” As her sphincter relaxed, he pushed more of himself into her bowels. Mandy was groaning and Nicki was jamming three fingers up deep into her pussy like she had an itch she was desperately trying to reach.

After several minutes of slow advance, Mike started fucking her mother’s ass and she obviously loved kaçak casino every second of it. Mandy had several orgasms and Nicki lost count because of her own. She leaned on the door frame to hold her up because she couldn’t see over the bed when she was on her knees. ‘Oh fuck, I wish Zach was here right now pushing his monster cock into my ass,’ she thought.

With her free hand, she reached around behind and pushed her index finger into her ass and wiggled it around. It felt almost as good as when Zach did that to her last night. She could feel her sphincter relax around her finger. She wanted to push her finger in further but the angle wouldn’t permit it. She thought if she had anything that she could push up there. Nothing came to mind except the carrot. She pushed that thought away, but it didn’t go far.

Nicki was having a series of small self-induced orgasm as she watched Mike piston his cock into her ass. He was apparently getting ready to cum. Nicki watched as his muscles trembled and spasmed. He exhibited many of the same signs of orgasm as she and her mom did. His head snapped back and then forward. His mouth hung open like he was groaning but no sound came out. Her mom was in the throes of an enormous orgasm as she screamed and screamed. Then Mike’s ass plunged forward driving his cock into her. Her head flew up facing the headboard with mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Mike’s ass flexed hard as he fired cum into her mother’s bowels. Mandy was screaming “YESSS. YESSS,” with each blast from his balls. Nicki was fascinated when his balls pulled up tight to his body.

It was like Nicki could feel Mike’s load being fired into her own body and she collapsed to her knees with a huge orgasm. Her mouth was full of fist to squelch her own screams but they were too loud and she was busted.

Both Mike and Mandy were recovering from their orgasms but they would have had to be deaf not to hear the thud as Nicki went to the floor on her knees followed by the muffled screams right at the now open doorway. They both turned their heads to look. Mandy was still on her hands and knees and Mike’s cock was still buried in Mandy’s ass as it slowly began to softened.

When Mike turned to look at the door, his cock pulled from Mandy’s ass. Mandy collapsed onto the bed and Mike sat back on his feet. There, at the slightly opened doorway was Nicki on her knees, naked, with one hand jammed in her mouth and the other in her crotch.

Nicki sheepishly looked up at them and removed her hand from her mouth. She simply said, “Sorry.”

Mandy looked over at Mike and he looked at her. This wasn’t his call so he just stared at Mandy to see what she was going to do. Mike had seen Nicki naked already but Mandy didn’t know that.

Mandy looked back at Nicki and said, “Why don’t you go back to your room and put a robe or something on and then come back here in ten minutes. OK?”

Nicki nodded and pushed herself up to stand and practically ran back to her room. When she had disappeared from the doorway Mandy looked back to Mike with a frown on her face. Mike shrugged his shoulders and said, “Should I leave?”

Mandy thought for a moment and said, “I guess she and I need to have a talk. Can you just wait downstairs for me?” He nodded and went to the bathroom. He took a quick shower alone and then Mandy walked into the shower as he was coming out. She wrapped her arms around his waist as she snuggled up to his warm body. She stretched up to kiss him and said, “Last night and this morning were amazing. Let’s make some plans for somewhere public later today. OK?”

Mike kissed her, smiled and said, “I will be downstairs when you’re ready. I’m literally yours for the day.” He dressed as he watched her washing herself in the shower. He rapped his knuckle on the glass wall and threw her an air-kiss. She did the same back. Mike descended the stairs and opened the front door to get the newspaper. He sat in Mandy’s chair in the Family reading the paper and waited for the Atomic Bomb to go off upstairs. Since Mike worked for Mandy he knew how tough she could be with her employees. She was always fair though. He couldn’t predict how she would be with her own daughter.

Nicki was frantic as she paced back and forth across her room. ‘Holy Shit. I’m in a lot of trouble,’ she thought. She caught a whiff of Zach’s cum wafting up from her body. She went to her bathroom and turned on the shower. She stepped in and scrubbed her body with soap and rinsed off. She scrubbed herself again and rinsed. She turned off the shower and stepped out and dried herself off with a plush terry-cloth towel. She scrunched up her long blonde hair and wrapped the same towel around her head. She pulled on her long, white terry robe and began pacing again.

Mandy was sitting on the edge or her bed. She had pulled the sheet up so the wet spots would not be a distraction. As she waited for Nicki to appear, she reflected back on the fantastic sex she was experiencing with Mike. He was a wonderful lover. He was so considerate of her needs before his own. She was falling for him in spite of her innate need to be cautious with her emotions. She knew she could be impulsive and she didn’t want to make a mistake.

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