Seduction of the Babysitter Ch. 02: Jess

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His life had to be pretty hellish right now, but he was a standup guy who did what he had to do without complaining. He would have worked himself to death for the kids and Anna, who wasn’t even here to appreciate it.

But I was here, and I understood and appreciated the sacrifices he was making. It hit me that the charcoal gray suit Jack wore really set off his dark good looks, its cut emphasizing his broad shoulders and trim waist. He looked pretty damned hot, actually, despite the weariness.

“Here,” I said, moving to take the glass from him.

As I leaned in, I caught a whiff of cologne mixed with Jack’s own scent and whiskey. Little tingles went off in my clit and pussy, and I almost fumbled the glass. I turned away to hide my confusion by topping off his glass. Down girl!

But why not? He was single. Couldn’t get much more single, really. With his schedule, he didn’t have the time or energy to date. I doubted he had been laid once since Anna died a year ago, and the poor guy probably needed to get laid worse than anybody else in the city.

So why not? Wiggle it in front of him, let him know it’s his if he wants it; he seems like escort bostancı the kind of guy who can handle the rest. I slid the refilled glass back into his hand and stepped around the back of his chair. Leaning over the back, I began gently massaging his temples.

He tensed under my fingertips at first, but after a little while he relaxed and sank back into the cushions with a sigh.

“Jess, you are a gem. I don’t deserve you.”

“Nope, you don’t,” I agreed with a smile. “But then who could, right?”

He gave a quiet little laugh and relaxed a bit more.

“Your problem,” I said, working my way around to the top of his neck, “is that you don’t know how to relax. You need to let go, give yourself a chance to recharge those batteries. All work and no play gives Jack bleeding ulcers.”

“Mmm hmm.”

I kneaded the muscles in his neck and he slowly went limp in my hands.

“That’s more like it. Doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Yes,” he breathed, and took another sip of his scotch.

My hands moved down to his broad shoulders. Firm muscles slid under my fingers, and my insides quivered a bit at the feel of ümraniye escort him. Big, strong guy does it for me every time. I wanted to burrow my face in his neck and breathe in the smell of him. But not quite yet.

I kept working on his knotted muscles until each one loosened up, and Jack’s breathing slowed and deepened. He hadn’t said a word in several minutes, content to enjoy my attentions. When I was satisfied, I stepped back around the chair to look at him.

His head was thrown back, eyes closed and his breathing so deep he might have been asleep. I knew he wasn’t, though. Do or die time, Jess.

My t-shirt landed on the arm of the couch and I slipped onto his lap. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

Before he had a chance to do more than open his eyes in surprise, my lips were on his, my arms curled around his neck, and Jack Devlin found himself with a lap full of very warm, cuddly, half-naked girl. I don’t believe in fighting fair.

Apparently Jack didn’t believe in fighting for lost causes. He kissed me back, a little tentatively at first but then more confidently as his passion overpowered his doubts. Strong hands moved over kartal escort bayan me, exploring my curves and caressing the satiny softness of my skin before finding their way to my tits.

Already hard, my nipples crinkled in painful pleasure as his thumbs rubbed tight circles around them. His tongue slid and curled against mine, his mouth clamped over mine as if he never intended to so much as come up for air. One elbow knocked over the glass of scotch that sat forgotten on the arm of the chair.

Neither of us noticed as it drained onto the carpet. He pulled away at last and looked at me, blue eyes burning with curiosity and hunger. I don’t know what he was looking for, but I guess he found it, the next second his hot mouth found my tits. I had never had a guy enjoy my tits like Jack did that night.

His tongue licked and swirled around my aching nipples, and then he sucked on them until I thought my poor clit was going to explode from the singing pressure building up there. When the sensations became so intense that I thought I couldn’t stand them anymore, he bit into my nipples and gently pulled away so his teeth grazed the soft, sensitive skin. I moaned in ecstasy at every touch. My tits were on fire, Jack had me sopping wet and throbbing, and he hadn’t even gone near my pants, yet.

“Oh, Jack, that feels so good.”

He let go of my nipple and grinned. “I can do better.”

“Show me.”

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