Seductive Dreams Ch. 06

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It’s been a while since I was able to tell you stories of my encounters with Sandy and her reluctant ways of needing my cock, but to get you caught up, our office was realigned and many things changed, Sandy was promoted and sent to another division. I was promoted and sent to Phoenix of all places and now here I am ready to tell you of my latest encounter.

Let’s call her Melody or Mel for short. She is a married woman of two children and a husband that is pretty good I would suppose to her and to the kids, unlike Sandy and her hubby. But Mel is a major flirt in a very quiet and subtle way.

All of 5 foot 2, bright blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and a very trim figure. With my large and in charge body I could break her. Small tits and cute ass, but my conquest is to see if she is really a pure blonde woman. I want to see her bush and eat her out. Then fuck the shit out of her.

Mel would do little things usually in response to what I would do. I never would touch her in anyway, but make comments to her that would make her usually blush and some of the comments, she wouldn’t catch immediately or even at all. I was good at using subliminal comments that she would not have the faintest clue. But usually in return I would get the hand on the shoulder in the office or she would lean against my chair. At times she would come into the office and sit on my desk. My favorite is when she wears low cut tops and or her very tight jeans.

One day she came into the office sad and upset. Her dog died and was very unhappy. To beat all of that her hubby was in Michigan at the company headquarters on a two week training session and he couldn’t come back.

She told me about her dog and what she did. I offered to help her and so at lunch time I went to her house and went to the back yard. I grabbed the shovel and wrapped up the carcass and dug the hole. She cried constantly as I dug the hole….carried the dog to the hole and buried to up.

After I was finished, I grabbed my shirt that I took off earlier and started to put it on. Mel invited me in. Offered me some lemonade and we went to sit on the couch. She grabbed a fan and placed it near the couch to blow some air at me and she sat down. We talked for a bit and as I finished my glass, she scooted up and asked if I would like some more. Before I could answer, she reaches across my lap and grabbed the glass. She grabbed the glass and I didn’t let go.

With watery eyes, she asked if I wanted anymore lemonade and as she finished, I locked my lips on hers and kissed her deeply. As we kissed she breathed in deeply and then pulled away quickly and got up and ran to the kitchen. I got up and followed her in.

“I am sorry Mel….I couldn’t help çiğli escort it!”, I said.

“Jim I’m married and I can’t do this, you know” responded Mel.

She came closer and gave me an embrace and we held each other. She looked up at me and we stared in each other eyes and then it happened.

“Oh god.” Mel exclaimed.

I net down and kissed her again and this time she met with my kissing and allowed my tongue to explore her mouth and she did the same to me. The kissing became very passionate and we in the embrace both with arms and lips made our way to the couch again.

Got onto the couch and she sat on my lap and we continued to kiss. My hands wandered around and as they reached up to her breasts and I caressed them, her breathing became more hurried and her kissing was much more intense.

I went down and yanked at her top a bit and as it loosened up and put my hands underneath it and rode up the shirt. Mel pulled away a bit and then pulled over her top for me. He breasts were a beautiful pale white and just a little plump like I imagined.

She pulled away again and said, “We can’t have sex, I can’t sleep with you, but Ill give you a blow job?”

“But it wouldn’t be fair if I let you do that and I can give some oral back at ya!” I said. She giggled and said “We’ll see.”

Mel slide down off my lap and kissed me hard and then got between my legs. I undid my belt and undid my pants and Mel yanked them down.

My cock was at half mast and all 8 inches of cock was begging for her mouth to surround it in her saliva. Mel winked at me and then it was on. She slid her mouth slowly over the head of my cocks and licked it over and over. It wasn’t long before I was fully erect and she had to adjust her head and neck to get my cock. Slowly with each swirl I noticed that he mouth was moving down the shaft of my cock and it was getting warmer and warmer.

I was surprised that she had not issues in getting all 8 inches into her mouth. This was so intense. She yanked my pants down to my ankles and then proceeded to go after my balls and sack. Licking and sucking my balls and going back and forth between that and my cock.

My cock was leaking its precum and Mel lapped it up like a dog in need of water, sucking on the head of the cock and then going all the way down.

Mel was just going nuts on my cock and enjoying. Moaning as much as I was grunting.

“Mel…’s my turn babe” I said. She grunted with my cock in her mouth a muffled no.

I grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her off of my cock. Hearing a pop from the suction of her lips on my cock, a string of precum came off of my cock and hung on her lips.

Mel whimpered foça escort a bit.

“I don’t think we should go on. This is wrong….” Mel cried out….

“Its only fair that I pleasure you all the way and then you can finish me off, then we go back to work and all is good.” I said.

She bantered back and forth we me, and finally I convinced her that all she had to do was go in her bedroom, take off her clothes, put on a pair of shorts and Ill work from there.

Mel went into her room and I heard a lot of drawers opening and closing and then it got quiet. She comes out of the room in a small pink robe.

As she got closer she opened the pink robe and there was no bra and a small pair tight black panties.

“I got these crotch less panties at my bridal shower and never have used them until now!” she said.

“Bring that body over here!” I said.

She walked over and cock still at full attention.

I had her sit on her coffee table and lay back. I got into the right position and spread her legs apart. I could smell the fresh scent of a clean well maintained pussy. Even with two kids her pussy was quite pink and very easy to look at.

I went into between her legs and started to lick her inner thighs as I got closer and she giggled as I kissed them. I went into her crotch and breathed in deep and then started to lick at her lips. As soon as I touched them, a flood gate of pussy juice engulfed my face and lips and I licked up as much as I could.

“I came” she said.

I wasn’t done and held her hips in place. I went at her pussy penetrating it with my touch and my fingers and licked and sucking everything in sight. Mel’s clit was swollen and I easily and slowly licked around the swollen head of that clit and Mel’s back arched and she moaned out. As time passed I was able to slide off her crotch less panties over her legs while she didn’t know it or didn’t care. As I pulled them off and kept molesting her pussy in one of many ways, I noticed it. She was a true blonde. I went up to her pussy and started to lick it and pushed my nose into her bush. It was so blonde, just hairy enough to be enjoyable and so soft.

As time went on, Mel started to buck and then she came again. It was then I noticed that she totally passed out.

I had to take advantage of that. I picked up her limp body and Mel moaned out a bit and fought me a little. I put her over the edge of her couch kneeling up on the side and her ass and legs spread open for me to get into.

I climbed onto the couch and knelt behind her with my cock in my hand and so very hard, I pressed the head of my cock at her opening. With very little pressure my cock slid into Mel with no izmir escort trouble. But it didn’t take Mel long to know what was happening. She started to stir and fight me, but I just held her in place.

“Jim, stop, please don’t do this….I can’t have sex with you….” She cried out.

“Mel….its too late we are already having sex”, I said…

I slid my cock deep into her pussy and slid it in and out so slowly. I reached up and hung onto Mel’s tits and she cried out and moaned over and over each time I slid my cock deep into her pussy.

I reached up and pulled her head to me as I kissed her she accepted my tongue into her mouth. I could feel my cock starting to build up it’s cum and slowly ride up the shaft of my cock. Thrusting into her pussy more and more allowed me rhythm to go faster.

Soon it started and the build up of her giving me head and my cock being buried deep into her pussy made the cum then rush fast up my cock.

I grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed them and the pulsating started to pound and then with one last thrust into Mel’s pussy, she moaned out and I exploded my cum deep into her.

“PULL OUT…….PULL OUT!!!!” She screamed.

“I just continued to hang on and thrusting my cock deep into her pussy as with each pulsation, my cock blew another load of cum into her soft pussy.

When I was done, my cock continued to pulsate inside of Mel. But she struggled away and my cock fell out of her pussy and she scrambled to bathroom.

I heard the shower turn on and the door slam shut.

Still quite hard and ready to go again, went into her room and followed her to the shower. I opened the door and walked into the shower.

Crying, Mel said, “I can’t believe you did this to me. I can’t take the chance of getting pregnant.”

“Mel, it won’t happen. Medically it can’t for me, so don’t worry.” I said

“What?”, she said

“Don’t worry, just get down here and fuck me again!” I said.

I sat down on the floor and pulled her down and spread her legs apart and slipped my semi turgid member into her wet pussy and Mel moaned again and began to ride my cock.

Up and down she rode on my cock. With her wet blonde hair slapping in my face and abound on her body. Water running down our bodies and the slapping sound of her crotch coming down onto my cock, Mel moaned as she came down onto my cock and burying my 8 inches into her pussy at her own abandon.

Mel cried out in passion as she started to cum again. Riding my cock until she couldn’t, no more, I helped her. I continued her work and fucked her swollen pussy as quick as I could. I need to cum again and she felt so good. Then it happened. I started to cum. Once again inside her I came.

We laid there for quite a while and with the running water and then composed ourselves.

I got dressed after a two hour lunch I headed back to the office without Mel.

What a wonderful way to see some bush that proved me right and to get some pussy while I am at it.

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