Sexual Escapades Ch. 01

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I went to bed last night thinking about an old friend. He was really more than just that to me at one time but now he’s a good friend. The odd thing is, while I thought about him, I started reflecting about my sexual escapades from way back when. My interest in men started when I was just 16, then it grew from there. I have over the years experienced a lot in the sexual sense. Some are happy fond memories that make me smile, others, well we’ll not go there. Certain events really do stand out though. My first kiss or my first real boyfriend. My first experience with a woman or even my first experience with a more rough man that enjoyed biting and blood. I’ll be honest, I was married once too. To a man that turned out to be Mr. Wrong in all sorts of ways. I did cheat on him on a number of occasions. Nothing I’m proud of, however I think those times really taught me a lot about my sexual preferences and a lot of other things.

My name is Callie, and I’d like to share some of those more interesting experiences that have left a lasting impression with you.

Ride ’em Cowboy

Let’s begin with my story of Tom. He was a handsome devil. A cowboy through and through. Unfortunately at the time both of us were married. He really did help me open up and express myself sexually and even sensually. I remember a time when I was home from work and my husband was at work. Tom had planned on coming over that morning so we could spend most of the escort kartal day together. I took a lot of time getting ready that day. I showered and shaved all the necessary parts. Slipped into a sexy pair of black stalkings and my sexiest pair of black heels. I put on a little makeup, added some simple but elegant jewelry and I was ready. I bet you’re wondering about clothes, I didn’t bother wearing any. I knew roughly what time Tom was supposed to come over so I left the front door unlocked while I prepared in my room. After I lay on the bed with nothing but a pillow covering my naked body.

I heard the front door but did not move off the bed. Tom had made his way to my bedroom and stood at the door smiling his sexy smile at me. I smiled back and motioned for him to come closer. When he did, I pulled him down and kissed him deeply and passionately on the lips. We parted momentarily while he undressed and crawled into bed with me, gathering me up into his arms. Our lips met again for yet another fiery kiss and our hands began to caress one another softly at first then more urgently. Tom turned to me and said through a heated kiss, “You look absolutely sexy baby”. I smiled and responded by nibbling on his lower lip gently and saying, “I’m glad you like what you see, now shut up and just fuck me”.

He slowly kissed his way down my body. Nibbling and licking between kisses. Taking one nipple into his mouth before turning maltepe escort to pay the same attention to the other. Kissing and licking my belly till he came to rest just between my legs. He looked up and smiled first then began to nibble my inner thighs. Those tender nibbles made me squirm and moan in pure ecstasy. I begged for more and he obliged. I felt his velvet tongue graze over my pussy lips. One soft lick up followed by another harder lick. He pulled my lips open to expose my clit then began to feverishly lick and suck on it. As he continued licking my clit he slid one finger deep into me, then another, followed by a third finger. He finger fucked me and licked my clit until I exploded all over his face. He didn’t stop however. He turned around so we were now in a 69 position and I could suck his cock and make him feel all the amazing things I was feeling. I licked the head of his cock first, slowly taking him into my mouth inch by inch until I had all of him in. One hard suck. I could hear him moan in pleasure as he continued to eat me out. I continued to suck his dick slowly then quickly for a while until I came again.

I don’t think Tom could take any more by then. He quickly turned around, pulled my legs up and back and slid his cock deep into my pussy in one swift motion. He began to thrust in and out slowly then more quickly. Stopping every now and then to lean down for a kiss or to fondle and suck on a pendik escort bayan nipple. He fucked me like that for some time then flipped me over and took me from behind, pulling on my hair nibbling on my back. Harder and harder he thrust, going as deep as he could go. I loved the feel of his balls slapping against my ass. He started to move faster and faster and I could hear his heavy breathing through my own moans and cries of pleasure. I knew he was very close to cumming himself when his heavy breathing turned into low growls and grunts. He quickly turned me over onto my back and stroked off all over my tits. I loved watching him cum; he had this amazing lustful look on his face that just made me want him even more.

I rubbed most of it into my tits and the rest that I didn’t manage to rub in I cleaned up with a towel. We lay there for a while just relaxing and coming back down from our euphoric highs. We kissed and cuddled, talked a little about whatever came to mind. We made love a few more times that day until he had to leave. Once he did, I cleaned up and changed the sheets on the bed before my husband came home.

Tom and I had seen each other often, we actually did fall in love even though we both tried so very hard not to. Seeing as neither of us were willing to leave our spouses however we started seeing less and less of one another until eventually we stopped. Many years later I saw him again, not sexually though. We went out for a drive and a coffee and just talked. His home life wasn’t any better and by then I had already left my husband, but we both decided it was best to not start up again. I don’t know where he is now, but I still have the fond memories of him at least.

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