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I watched, fascinated, as the nine ball rolled slowly across the green felt and settled with a satisfying ‘plop’ into the corner pocket. Another ass-kicking was on its way. I picked up my cue and strode majestically to the end of the table while the balls were being racked. With all the grace of a bull in a China shop, I stroked into the cue ball. It cracked off the one ball and balls flew everywhere…….except in the pocket.

My opponent grinned, stepped to the table and ran all the balls……again. I watched another hundred dollar bill (mine) disappear into a bra (hers).

“Well, chump, would you like to try again?” she laughed.

“Of course I would! I just need another beer to improve my eye,” I sneered.

I received another suds from the chuckling bartender and watched as she broke the rack. Three balls went in on the break. She smiled sweetly at me, polished them off and graciously accepted another piece of my fast dwindling nest egg.

“Had enough yet?” she smiled.

“Hell no! I just need another beer to settle me down,” I muttered.

The bartender was openly laughing at me as I grabbed another brewski and headed to the table. Once again the crack of the rack split the smoky barroom air. Once again, nine balls stayed firmly planted upon the green.

She planted her feet in one spot and gunned the rack down. Giggling, she accepted the last of my expendable funds.

“Thanks, easy,” she remarked as she sat down at the bar to wait for the next idiot.

Did I mention the ass-kicking? Well, it should be obvious by now that I was the kickee, not the kicker. Sweet Sue had once again wiped out my savings. What I really needed was another beer. Adding insult to injury, she bought it for me. I wondered briefly if I could claim her as a dependent on my income tax. After all, like any other woman, she got all my money, every week.

“Say Sue, can I claim you on my taxes?” I weakly mumbled.

“No way! You’re more like a student. You’re not giving me anything. You’re paying for my services as an instructor, although I must say, you are a slow learner.”

As I stumbled to the door she opened it for me, grabbed my elbow and whispered, “You know, you’re not half bad looking. If you could stay sober, we might have some fun together.” I staggered across the parking lot and saddled up my nifty, thrifty Honda fifty. As I wove my way home it suddenly dawned on me that sweet Sue had more or less promised me some goodies if I could get off the sauce. I fumbled with my keys and finally got the door unlocked. I strode majestically into my apartment and collapsed on the couch. The world went away.

Dawns early light leaking through my open front door temporarily blinded me. I stumbled over and shut the door, then ran down the hall as an overwhelming desire to take a piss got to me. At least I managed to hit the toilet a little more than fifty per cent of the time. Shaking it off, I walked with my dick hanging out to my bedroom, stripped my clothes off and crashed onto the mattress.

I was up at the crack of noon and took my shower. I brushed my tongue for fifteen minutes in a vain attempt to get the beer out of it. Half a bottle of mouthwash didn’t do it either. I pulled on a pair of boxers and ate a grapefruit while watching college football. About half way through the game I suddenly remembered that Sue had promised me some pussy. I also remembered that ataşehir escort I was a slow study and would have to take it easy. I wondered if I could stay sober long enough to corner her. I knew it would be worth it. The question was, why would she pay any attention to me? I’m not ugly but I’m no movie star either. I’m strong as an ox, but so are most of the other men around the docks.

Sue was a small girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a really sweet smile and was well liked by everyone who met her. She also made a lot of money off of suckers like me. See, she was a pool shark. She had been on the pro tour for a while but gave it up so she could stay in her home town by the sea. When she wasn’t relieving us chumps of our spare change, she was either practicing or fishing.

If it has occurred to you to ask, ‘”Would we ever learn?” The answer is NO! We just knew we couldn’t continue to be beaten by a girl! It was unheard of. It also happened with distressing regularity.

I pondered Sue’s apparent lust for me all week and came up with no answers. I’m just not very remarkable. I stayed sober all week too. It was kind of strange waking up in the morning and actually remembering what happened the previous night. Friday finally rolled around. I collected my pay and hustled over to the bar. I was freshly bathed, teeth brushed, hair combed and even clean clothes.

Sue noticed immediately. She sidled up to me and said in a low voice, “After I make my payday, I’ll come talk to you. Don’t get drunk or the deal is off.”

I ordered a seven up with a twist of lime. I thought the bartender was going to faint.

“Did you say seven up?” he asked incredulously.

“Yup, I’ve got bigger fish to fry tonight,” I bragged.

I got a real education as I watched Sue fleece the suckers as she had me on so many occasions. She never missed. If she got to the table, get your money ready ’cause you won’t have it long.

She cleaned out four chumps in two hours. Then she said to me, “Meet me outside.”

I gulped the rest of my latest seven up and left the bar, waiting for her on the curb. Ten minutes later she walked out.

“Let’s go for a little walk,” she said.

I was ready to do just about anything she told me to do. We walked down the waterfront and out onto the village pier. When we reached the end, I stopped.

“Okay, why have you chosen me? There must be dozens of guys after you. Why me?”

“Well, you are big and strong, so you can defend me. You never whine when I wax your ass on the pool table. You’re fairly good looking, but not so much that you’ll be any trouble. I saw you taking a leak against the wall one night. You have a major size dick. And last, but not least, you’ve got a nice, big boat.”

“Okay, so I’m not a cry-baby and I’ve got a big dick and a big boat. Why now?”

“I’m ready now. All I had to do was see if I could get you sober. Now you’re sober so now’s the time.”

“The time for what? And what are you ready for?”

“The time had come for me to settle down. I’ve had enough of bars and drunks. I’ve made enough money off the suckers so I can live comfortably. Last but not least, I’ve decided I need a mate. You are the most likely candidate. Let’s go to my place.”

There is just exactly no chance that any male would turn down a proposal like that. As we walked toward her house, I thought about what she kadıköy escort bayan had said. It was true. I had had enough of the bright lights and being drunk and hung over and broke. It was time to shoulder some responsibility. I wrapped my arm around her. She kind of giggled as she understood that I accepted her proposal.

She had a nice little three bedroom cottage just on the outskirts of the village and right on the beach. The place was immaculate. She unlocked the door and we stepped inside. She turned and locked on to my lips. I shook at the unexpected assault and then sought her tongue as I warmed to her.

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

“Let me see what I have done,” she giggled. I took off my sweatshirt and t-shirt. She removed her blouse. I could tell, even with her bra on, that she had a really nice rack. I put my arms around her and deftly unsnapped her bra.

Her tits were just beautiful, full and round with little pink nipples. I could help myself. I sucked on of her nipples into my mouth and rubbed it with my tongue.

“”I knew you would be this way,” she sighed.

She fumbled with my belt and finally got my pants off. My boner was sticking out, making a large lump in my boxers. She groaned, dropped my boxers to the floor and grabbed my dick. I unzipped her skirt and it hit the floor beside my boxers. I stepped into her and hugged her tightly to me.

“I hope you have some experience at this, ’cause I don’t,” she said.

“You’re a virgin?” I asked incredulously.

“No, but I only did it once in high school and it hurt and bled. I didn’t have any fun at all. Now that I’m twenty two, I’m ready to try it again. Besides, this is the only way to get babies. Have you done it before?”

“I’m twenty six. I was in the Navy in the orient. I can’t count the women I’ve been with.”

“Oh good, then you can teach me everything!” she chirped.

I held her as we collapsed onto her bed. She was so soft! I could have been happy just to squeeze her. I felt her hand feeling my cock.

“I want to look at it,” she said.

She laid her head down on my belly, grasped it and brought it close to her. I could feel her hot breath on it. It felt like it was going to burst.

“Is it really true that women suck these things?” she asked.

“Oh yeah! Some women seem to like that as much as fucking.”

“What do I do?”

“Just suck it into your mouth and suck as hard as you can. Run it in and out. No teeth!”

I felt her lovely lips close over my cock head as she started a fantastic suction.

“If we do sixty nine, you can have some real fun too,” I offered.

“Okay, what do we do?”

“Well, get on top of me and put your sweet little pussy right on my mouth. Then I’ll lick you while you suck me.”

She crawled around and dropped her pussy right on my waiting, eager lips. Her aroma was wonderful. I took a deep breath of it and lick the dew off of her pussy lips. She groaned around my cock. I licked the full length of her sex and sucked her clit into my lips. Then I rubbed it with me tongue. I could feel her trying to scream but her mouth was full of cock so all she produced was a buzzing sensation. It drove me totally ballistic! She was humping into my face, trying to get as much of herself as possible into my mouth.

“I gonna cum!” I warned her.

She just kept sucking. My orgasm overwhelmed escort maltepe me and I shot a big load of juice down her throat. Her legs clamped around my head as she shivered and came in my mouth. Her juices tasted so good. I licked up as much of it as I could. My cock popped out of her mouth. She rolled to one side.

“That was the most intense experience of my life!” she exclaimed.

“Your pussy is beyond doubt the best I’ve ever eaten,” I returned.

“Is sex better than this?”

“Oh yeah! You’re gonna love it.”

“You’re cock died. How long do we have to wait?” she anxiously inquired.

“It’ll take a little while. In the meantime, we can play with each other and get acquainted,” I panted. “Did I hear you mention babies?”

“Well, you heard me say I want babies and for that I need a mate. I’ve decided on you. There is no use struggling. You already know that I always get what I want.”

“I have resigned myself to surrendering to you. I’ve thought a lot about you over the past year as you took away all my spending money. Besides, this is the only way to get even.”

She snuggled up close to me. “Do you love me?”

“Yeah, I guess I do. I never felt this way about a woman before. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go on without you. Do you love me?”

“Well, duh! Why else do you think I captured you and dragged you off to my den of iniquity? Of course I love you.”

“Do you want to marry me?”

“Did I just hear you propose to me?”

“Well, I guess you did. Will you? Marry me, I mean?”

“Okay. Now show me how to make babies.”

My cock was rock hard again. She had it I her hands. She slowly massaged my nuts.

“Open your legs,” I told her.

I got on top of her and slowly slid my dick up to her entrance.

“This is it. There can be no turning back now,” I said.

“Press on, put a baby in me.”

I slid myself into the tightest pussy on the planet. I know it must have hurt her a little. She was tighter than any virgin I had ever popped. I slid all the way into her and just held still for a moment.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, it just hurt a little when you started. Is this all there is?”

“Does it still hurt?”

“No, it feels good.”

“I’m gonna make it feel a whole lot better,” I told her as I started to thrust in and out of her.

“Oh damn, that feels better than anything I’ve ever felt. Do me some more! Do it faster, Harder, Deeper, More, More, More.”

As I thrust into her I locked my mouth on hers and sucked her tongue. Her hips bucked as she responded to me attentions. I felt her tighten around me. Her climax was near. I quickened my thrusts.

“Oh god yes!” she screamed. “Aaaaahhhhh!!!”

She was deep in the throes of her orgasm when I started squirting my sperm into her.

“I can feel it! I can feel it!” she cried excitedly, “You’re cumming in me! Do it some more, more more!!”

I shot several long strings of semen inside her. Spent, I collapsed on her like a spawned out salmon. I was sweating. She was sweating. Our love juices mingled with the sweat. It was wonderful. I felt wet and sticky all over. It was at that moment that I realized I really did love her.

“I thought that being a shark in the sucker pool was fun, but this has no equal. I wanna do it more and more, all the time. I wanna carry your baby. Oh God, I’ve fallen in love with you!” she whispered.


So Sue quit being a pool shark and became a mother and a wife. I quit being a sucker and a drunk and became a husband and father. She’s pregnant again! This is number four. If she wants more, I’ll give them to her. Breeding with a shark is so much fun!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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