Sheila Bred

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Sheila lay in complete shock. What had began as an innocent evening of fun for Sheila had turned into a complete destiny.

My experiences with plenty a young woman’s innocence had allowed me to lead Sheila down a path with many escape routes, but my seductive guidance had resulted in her passing by each departing option. She sped by each exit option without seeing the destiny she was headed towards. I had taken advantage of many a fertile young woman’s weaknesses and now I was positioned to pop her cherry and fill her womb. It had started with some wine. We joked and then became serious and kissed. There was more wine and we kissed more. Caressing her body I skillfully released her breasts for the aching attention they desired. My kisses to her aureoles drove her breathing wild and raised her need for passion.

Her mother had warned her many a time of the situation she was in, but it was fruitless and too late to remember to heed the warnings now. She was never to be alone with a man, for he might seek to dishonor her. But she had disobeyed, thinking she was always one in control of her situation.

Her beautiful virgin casino oyna body was ready to be converted. What a beautiful women to be, Sheila’s milky white skin, her long sleek legs, her lovely bosom lay before me. Her innocent questioning eyes pierced my own, asking where I would take her next. She lay on the blanket dizzy, her luscious full breasts exposed. The bottle of wine, empty, lay on its side next to the blanket.

With great pleasure I joyously lifted her dress exposing her dainty painted knickers to my view. But now her knickers were tossed aside, they were lost from her body as I prepared to release the fruits of my loins into her untouched pure womb. She would be my whore.

Her tender lips swelled in ready anticipation for its nature intended use. I warmly stimulated her body past the point of no return planting kisses on her lips and breasts. My hands had risen her body to the boiling point while tracing the folds of her lips as her legs spread wider and wider apart under her dress as I teased her cunt. The stimulation of senses drove her to kiss me deeply as we lay side to side on the blanket. Unconsciously her canlı casino body wanted more. I would give all that I needed.

Rolling her onto her back I rolled with her, moving on top as her legs opened with my loaded gun readied for action. Sheila lay ready to be bred below me. I tore open her dress revealing all of her sweet body to me. I tossed my tunic and dropped my shorts in final preparation.

Sheila was now mine to be had. I nestled my rock hard baby producing weapon in between her cunt lips spreading them apart for my breading pleasure. I was proud of my conquest, the luxury of taking her first.

In shocked surprise Sheila’s senses awoken feeling my swollen weapon push into her cunt making her my whore. I tore through her virginity quickly and soon was pounding in and out into her soft womb breading her hard and raw. I could feel the pressure behind my seed grow. Sheila could feel the pressure within me grow.

Sheila knew I was to impregnate her soon. Her mother had warned her that she may never allow a man to be alone with her unwed; he would certainly try to have his way with her. And having his way would kaçak casino most certainly result in the birth of a bastard son or daughter as virility was a family trait. She needed to be pure until wedlock.

And that she would not be. It was done. I was stealing her reputation.

Sheila’s cunt became raw as my swollen gun continued on its in and out journey. I could feel my seed surge down the barrel and explode into her womb as she screamed in agony to her breading. Sheila whispered and grunted with each plunge mumbling meaningless words as I shot deep into her core.

With the final wave I held her in place as I pushed hard and held tight making certain the proper pressure pinned my whore Sheila as my weapon unloaded all its pellets into her womb. I held Sheila pinned to the blanket not letting her go. No escape for her as the pellets spread their wings and began swimming for their goal.

Sheila lay below me a full half hour afterwards.

I took her home, returning her quietly to her mother but sweet Sheila was already with child.

Robbed of her reputation, Sheila moved to Dublin where she became the whore of choice at Donovan’s. Upstairs she entertained upwards of ten men each day, seven days every week for the next eight years. Sheila birthed nine children, six girls and three boys all from her profession but one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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