Sinful Temptation

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Big Dick

Chapter One

There were only a few things that drove a man to the company of Johnnie Walker on his wedding day. Being left at the altar was one of them. Baffled by how the day took this turn, I took another sip of my drink. I wanted to chug it. An alcohol-induced amnesia was preferable to this gnawing anger and need to hit something but years of disciple refused to allow me the escape. The sound of waves washing the shoreline mixed with the conversations around me and reminded me of the recordings I used to get to sleep sometimes. The relaxing effect was absent today.

A Type A personality, I had my life planned down to the T. I earned that first million by the time I was twenty years and started my first sole ownership business that same year. Soon after, I made the Fortune 500 list. All that was left on the list was getting married and having those four kids I wanted. Two boys and two girls.

I thought the marriage end of the deal was as good as done. From the moment I laid eyes on Amanda Holster I knew she was everything I imagined my future wife to be. Classy, poised and beautiful. Her father and I were business associates. He invited me to a dinner party at his residence about eight months ago. Though hating these shindigs where the primary objectives were to kiss someone’s ass or have your ass kissed, I went anyway. She came down the stairs and every man in that room took notice. Long, pale blonde hair flowed around a slim, tucked waist and each step revealed legs that wouldn’t quit through the slit in her figure-hugging dress. Her blue eyes said she knew the effect she had on the opposite sex and was not afraid to use that power. I wanted her and it was not long before I had her. We had sex on second date. I proposed on the fifth.

Everything was going according to plan.

I footed the bill for the expensive beach side ceremony on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia but I did not mind. Money was no object as long as she was happy and I was spared most of the actual organizing.

I had no delusions about our relationship. We fought often. She was a shopaholic with a propensity to flirt with anything that had a cock swinging between its legs. I was a workaholic with control issues who hated any overly emotional situations. We only got along when we fucked and even that aspect of our interaction had cooled in the last few weeks. She was marrying me for my money and to get out from beneath her father’s thumb. I wanted my first child by the time I was thirty.

I had no idea why I was so adamant about marrying her. I realized she was not the kind of mother I wanted for my children a long time ago but I hated admitting I was wrong, hated any setbacks in my plan. Now, sitting in a lonely, dark corner of the bar, weeks away from my thirtieth birthday and still wearing most of the white suit, bitterness boiled in my gut.

A cleared throat pulled me away from my thoughts. A waitress was standing next to my table, her lips curved into a careful, sad smile. By now everyone at the small hotel heard about my fiasco of a wedding, especially since my former fiancé ran off with one of the staff. “Excuse me, sir. This came from the lady in red at the bar.”

She placed a glassed of the amber colored liquid in front of me. Gravity pulled the top embossed with the hotel logo lower and revealed dog paw tattoos on the top of breasts encased in dark lace. They were very nice breasts. The rest of the package was just as appealing. Rich ebony skin and deep, brown eyes that tilted at the edges.

My cock did not stir.

She noticed my attention and her smile turned seductive. Slowly rising, she said, “If there’s anything else you need, let me know. I’m Annette, by the way.”

“Thank you, Annette. I’ll let you know.”

She turned and left with a sashay of hips covered by tight pants that showed no panty lines. I waited for my cock to take notice.


I mentally sighed.

Picking up the drink, I looked in the direction she indicated earlier. There was a redhead leaning against the wooden surface. Her stare was pointed, without any of the pity I’d been receiving for the better part of the day. She raised her glass and I reciprocated the action. Before I thought better of the action, I mouthed the words, join me. She smiled, placing a sandaled foot on the floor.

My cock rose, imitated a fist pump. Now that’s more like it!

The dress accentuated her curves perfectly, clinging and giving teasing hints of what lay beneath one second, only to let go and swirl around her knees the next. Full breasts pushed at the top of the fabric. The image of burying my face there came out of nowhere. Would they be as soft and pillowy as they looked? Saliva pooled in the bottom of my mouth at the thought of sucking on her nipples. What color were they? Would they be as large or barely there bumps? Precum leaked from my tip and I barely bit back a groan.

Confused by my reaction, I looked around for the waitress. She was only a few feet away, the invitation still in her eyes. She was everything I liked in a woman physically. Tall, slim and full of in-your-face sex appeal. My illegal bahis cock actually lost some of its fullness.

I looked back at the full-figured woman. What was it about her? She was not bombshell gorgeous but she was pretty in that girl next door kind of way. The one that could hang with the fellas, go fishing on the weekends and was not afraid to break a nail. The one that all the guys imaged was a wild cat in bed but were too scared to find out.

Was she? Would she scream and claw as I pounded her pussy from the back, my grip on those breasts pulling her back into each thrust? How would she react of I sucked on them? Nibbled on them? Would she get that bored looked that said move on already or would she arch in my mouth, demanding more?

Shit. I shook my head slightly, shocked by my sudden obsession with that part of a woman’s anatomy. This woman’s anatomy.

She took the seat opposite me and I took a deep breath in an effort to calm myself. I only made it worse. Her scent wove its way into my system. Dark and lovely. Just like her eyes green cat eyes and the red hair that set off the porcelain white skin. I struggled to pull my eyes away from her bosom. She smiled brighter, clearly unaware of the effect she had on me.

“Wow, you’re even better looking up close,” she proclaimed with a voice that rang with a hint of a southern accent. She laughed at my look. “I did not mean that the way it sounded. I’m not hitting on you, I swear. It’s just that, there’s been a lot of talk about an idiot of a woman leaving a blond Adonis with sexiest brown eyes at the altar. I have to say you’re more gorgeous than I expected. And with all this talk of beefcake bod with enough muscles to melt panties away, I was expecting a lot.”

This drew a snort from me. Built like a linebacker, I was all muscle and brawn. My size intimidated most people though I have noticed women seemed intrigued by the prospect that all of me was proportionate. It was.

I leaned closer and got another whiff of her scent. “What else did they say?”

“Oh, there’s been some talk of comforting you. Especially those manly parts of yours. There was some mention of a whip and handcuffs. If you’re into that, you’ll have fun with the two three tables behind me.”

I tried to be subtle with my search. Two blondes sat there in dresses too tiny to contain much. I was not as inconspicuous as I thought. They both waved at me and giggled. I looked back at my companion. She was biting her bottom lip, trying not to laugh. “You’ll protect me, won’t you?”

“Oh, absolutely. A ninja has nothing on me.” She flexed a muscle.


We laughed.

“That’s much better.”

“What is?”

“As sexy as your scowl is, I much prefer you smiling.”

It did feel good to smile. Tension eased from my shoulders and suddenly my failed wedding seemed like just an unfortunate incident to be brushed off. This was just what I needed. “Are you sure you’re not hitting on me?”

“Oh, you caught me. Just a little. I’m Sindale Fryer. My friends call me Sin.”

I took her outstretched hand. It was soft and feminine, swallowed by mine. “Sin,” her name rolled off my tongue. Unusual yet so appropriate. Her body was made for sin and my mind had no problem conjuring up the sinful things we could do together. “Nice to meet you. I’m Cade. But you probably already knew that.”

She shrugged and took a sip of her drink. The liquid glistened off her lips before she licked it away.

“Do you usually send drinks to strange men at bars? Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome and no, I don’t. Don’t take this the wrong way but you looked an absolute mess. Like that that crying ghost from Yo Gabba Gabba.”

“What?” Mesmerized by the way she gestured when she spoke, I thought I missed something.

“It’s a television program my niece watches. I’m ashamed to admit I’m hooked on it too. Anyway, he’s always crying and sniffling.”

“And I reminded you of him?”

“Well, you two both have the whole weepy giant thing going on.”

“Oh, come on. I didn’t look that bad.”

“Okay, you’re right. Would you believe I just wanted to extend a hand to someone I thought could use it?”

I would not have mind hearing she was irresistibly drawn to me as I was to her but I sensed sincerity in her words. “Yes, I would.”

She smiled that sexy beam again. “So what else is there to know about Cade, uh, what’s your last name?”


“Tell me about Cade Nicholson.”

“I’m from Detroit. I’m allergic to cats. I have a duel bachelor’s degree in computer science and software engineering and own a software development company.”

“Oh, a geek. A good thing you’re not wearing glasses, I’d probably join the hoard ready to attack you.”

“Got a thing for geeks?”

“Oh, yeah. There’s absolutely nothing sexier than intelligence.”

Her voice tilted at the word “sexier”. The image of her in a little school girl outfit with glasses perched on her nose and bent over a desk as I spanked her rose quickly. I would kiss the hurt away after and make her ride me while I sucked on her delicious tits, her voice illegal bahis siteleri tilting in that same way as she begged me for more.

My erection became painful. I tried to subtly adjust my position, not sure I liked the strength of this arousal for a woman I knew next to nothing about. She was watching me quizzically and I hurriedly asked, “How about you?”

“There’s not much to tell. I’m a dog person myself. Small town girl from North Carolina. I moved to the Big Apple when I graduated high school. Took a few college courses but never stuck with anything. I’m a waitress. I love sports, Japanese anime and I’ll do absolutely anything for Jelly Beans.”

My eyebrow rose. “Anything?”

“Okay, not anything but close.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. What kind of sports do you like?”

“Anything with sweaty, gorgeous men.” She wiggled her eyebrows impishly.

I chuckled. “I assume you’re on vacation?” She nodded. “Why here?”

“A friend mentioned coming here for her honeymoon. Said it was the most beautiful place on earth. I needed some time away. So here I am.”



“Is there some guy waiting for you back home?”

I thought it unlikely. I certainly would not let her out of my sight, I thought in an uncharacteristic show of possessiveness. Her eyes dulled and the ball of energy surrounding her dimmed. “Not anymore.”

I touched the back of her hand. “Tell me what happened.”

“I caught him cheating. It was not the first time. He said it would be the last but I kicked him to the curb. Fool me once and all that.” Those big green eyes darkened with sadness and the force of my anger at the faceless idiot who caused it was another unexpected emotion. “I wallowed for a bit then I realized I was not really hurt by what happened. I was not in love with him. I hadn’t been for a long time. I was more in love with the idea of being in love.” She looked down for a second before hitting me with the power of that gaze again. “My mother once told me that there is that one person out there we’re all meant to be with. Someone who brightens every day and makes your heart beat faster every time you see him or her. I want to belong to someone like that someday and have that person belong to me.”

“He didn’t deserve you and though this might make me sound like the most selfish bastard on the planet I’ll say it anyway. I’m glad you’re here, no matter the circumstances that led to you coming.”

“I’m glad I came too.” She smiled and the conversation took a happier turn. We talked for a long time, something I would not normally tolerate with most women but I was having a genuinely good time, her sense of humor refreshing. Though my cock reacted every time she smiled or leaned forward, every time she exhaled really, pushing those soft orbs up and out, I was… comfortable.

The bar became increasingly crowded as time passed. “Want to get out of here?” I asked.

She took my outstretched hand. “I’d love to.”

Outside, the main building of the hotel rose into the sky, meshing with the faint outline of mountains behind it. By unvoiced consensus we took the path in the opposite direction and followed the sound of the waves. Her hand felt good in mine and I had no wish to relinquish my claim.

The night was warm and breezy, and the moon was full and high, illuminating the way to the tiny, secluded beach. The moon’s light formed a deep, yellow ‘v ‘over the dark purple surface. Frothy waves pushed back and forth on the white shore.

Sin sighed beside me and her hand tightened in mine as we took in the view. Only meters away from the water for the last few days and this is the first time I ventured near it. Any free time I had, I spent in my suite on my cell or checking my emails. Actually, I could not remember going to the beach since I was a teen. Damn, when did I stop enjoying the little things?

Sin bent and gave me a sideways view of her voluptuous behind. I was tempted to take a step back and leer at the round shape. Instead I controlled the urge with the thought of her less than pleased reaction if I was caught. I followed her example. Shoes in one hand, she placed the other back in mine. “Come on, let’s walk.”

I have no idea how long we walked. It seemed like a long time, yet not. The sand slid between my toes and the water lapped at our feet. The wind made the branches of the sparse palm tree population sway and played with our hair. It picked up Sin’s perfume and gave it a salty undertone that had me taking deeper breaths than necessary. I was not a romantic man but even I had to admit the moment held a certain poetic charm.

The first raindrop hit my cheek. Wiping it away, I looked up to find a few clouds had moved in while we strolled. There were not many and the wind was pushing them quickly along but I still felt obliged to ask, “Want to go back?”

Her curls swung back and forth and she lifted her head, closing her eyes. Though the drizzle was not heavy, large spots appeared on her dress, plastering it to certain areas of her body. I was especially intrigued by a spot on her dress where the lacy pattern of her bra canlı bahis siteleri showed through.

“It really is beautiful here.”

Her voice was low and intimate and seeing the way the moonlight brought out the highlights in her hair and glowed off her skin, I revised my earlier assessment of her. She was absolutely gorgeous. “The company is wonderful, too.”

Her eyes opened slowly and she tilted me further off my axis with her smile. “Yes, it is.”

She did something so totally unexpected then, I thought I was having another erotic fantasy. A pull of the cord at the top her dress loosened the fabric though it still clung hopeless to the globes. Cheer sections went off in my head when she pulled the dress down and wiggled out of it, revealing a pair of simple boy shorts and matching bra. They were a dark color I could not discern.

My nails biting into my palm told me I was not dreaming. Not that I was complaining but, “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

Was that a trick question?

“I’m going in, silly.” She placed her items a short distance away then took off running, setting of jiggles in all the right places. Wading into the water, she called, “Come on in. The water’s great.”

Every part of Normal Cade said this was crazy but I found myself reaching for the buttons of my shirt anyway. Down to my black briefs, I followed her. “Damn, that’s fucking cold.”

She splashed water in my direction. “Don’t be such a baby.”

“Stop that.”

She did it again. “What?”

I leaped for her. She squealed and tried to get away. The water fight was on as we tried to outdo each other. My hands closed around her waist and pulled her back against my front. We both froze when she encountered my erection. I expected her to move away. She did not.

She pressed the curve of her ass into me. My cock found the perfect seat at the top of her cheeks and the bob of the waves created a humping motion. She rested her head on my shoulder, closing her eyes. My hand cruised over the gentle swell of her stomach and settled below her left breast. Her hand over mine, she brought it to her lips, kissing the tip of each before sucking the middle into her mouth. She curled her tongue around it and my cock wept with envy. Giving it one last flicker of her tongue, she placed the tips at her chin and trailed them down until my palm rounded her breast. We both groaned.

I tested their weight. They fit my palm like a piece to a puzzle. Kneading, I left no part untouched. I raked my fingertips back and forth, round and round the stiff center and laid my open mouth over her shoulder. She moved her head to grant me better access and sighed my name. “That feels so good.”

Her breath became heavy with every twist of my hand and she cried out when I rolled her nipple between her fingers. Her hand closed over mine and stopped me. “I’ll cum if you continue that. I have very sensitive nipples.”

“God, Sin,” I groaned. My hips jerked and my hand tightening over her.

She turned into the circle of my arms, her hand coming around my neck. “You have really sexy lips. I’ve been wondering if they taste as juicy as they look from the moment I saw you. Would you think me a terribly loose woman if I kissed you?”

Her breath whispered over my lips as she spoke.

“I’m all yours, sweetheart.”

She did not close her eyes as she closed in. The moment our lips touched was pure fire. She was slow with her exploration, her lips nibbling here and there, tongue only providing teasing licks before retreat back into her mouth.

She moaned and her kiss turned voracious, her tongue slipping into my mouth. My self-control shattered and my hand grabbed her ass, pushing my cock against her core when she wrapped her legs around my waist. My hand on her nape, I controlled the angle of the kiss. I could not breathe but I did not need air when heaven was at my fingertips. She was the one to pull away to shower kisses on my neck and shoulders, tiny teeth scoring gently.

I lifted her even higher until her breasts were level with my mouth. I kissed her through the material before drawing her deep into my mouth. Tonguing the stabbing tip, I slipped a finger beneath her underwear. Briefly toying with her bare lips, I teased her clit. Her breathing hitched when I squeezed the nub between my fingers with a rotating motion.

“Harder.” The word came out as a trembling whisper. “Just a little harder…”

I applied more pressure and bit her nipple.

She went wild in my arms.

Chapter Two

She had the most gorgeous tits I’d ever seen. They were perfection, soft, round and warm with cherry-sized nipples that stood out in the moonlight.

We were back on the shore, her on her back, me on my knees between her spread thighs. My eyes could hardly take in the bounty. Her face, washed free of make-up but still beautiful. The shadowed triangle between her legs. And always back to those breasts… Her hands were above her head as she allowed me to look at my heart’s content. The confidence with which she revealed her curves was such a turn on. She was not a size zero. Her thighs were lush, her hips generous and her tummy was slightly rounded and I could think of nothing I wanted more at the moment than to sink into her softness. I slid my hand up her side and cupped one globe. “You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”

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