Sitting at the Bar

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Sitting there drinking my drink. Friends have all left early some excuse about work in the morning. I glance around for the bartender thinking hey I’ll have 1 more and hit the road. I see you sitting across the bar, talking to some people. You spot me across and smile, I smile back and I get that feeling in my stomach every time I see you. Heartbreak quickens as I see you grab your drink and head towards me. You come around the corner and my breath leaves my body. Like always you’re wearing a plaid skirt, low cut tank top and a zip up hoodie. Tank top tight enough to see the outline and color of the bra you have on. Loose enough to move around and show off a bra strap or an extra nice view of your cleavage. You’re smiling that big smile as you notice me looking at your chest. You put a little extra bounce in your step as you give me a little tease of a show. You give me a big hug, pressing your breasts into me like you always do to tease me. You hold the hug a little longer for my benefit as you release and lean forward giving me another view of your cleavage. Your such a tease. We exchange pleasantries and the whole time I’m wondering if you’re wearing panties or not. You order me another drink and pull me onto the patio where it’s more private.

We haven’t seen each other in awhile so we catch up. Grab another round of drinks. I’m starting to suspect you knew I was here from a Facebook post but I’m not going to ask yet. It would ruin the fun. You keep giving me a view of your cleavage and my mind keeps wandering. Thinking of the last time my hands were on your breasts, squeezing, pinching, licking your nipples, biting them.

You lightly punch my arm and shake me from my daydreaming. You ask me what I was thinking about and I tell you you don’t want to know. Sure you say and ask me if I want another drink. Sure I say and as you leave you lean into me again giving me a view as you whisper in my ear, that your aren’t wearing panties. As you skip away to get another drink you pull up the canlı bahis back of your skirt a little to give me a view of your ass. You look back and give me a devilish look. A few minute later your back and as you’re handing me my drink your other hand slides across my lap, your hand sliding over my cock. Giving my thigh a squeeze.

Fuck. Enough games. I ask you if you want to get out of here and you say yes. You follow me out to my car and once inside I grab you by the back of your neck and pull you into me, our lips meet and our tongues do an ever familiar dance together, as my left hand finds your breast and begin squeezing and rubbing it. Your hand finds my hardening cock and you begin to rub my cock through my shorts. My other hand starts at your knee and slides up under your skirt, you aren’t wearing any panties and you’re soaked. No time for foreplay I quickly slide 2 fingers inside you as you moan and start fumbling with my belt and zipper and I slide my fingers out of your wet pussy and find your clit and begin to rub it in the rhythm I know you used to like. You’re moaning as you finally free my cock from my shorts and you’re running a fingertip along the head, slowly swirling it in the pre-cum I’ve had going for the last hour of teasing. You go to put your lips on my cock as a car pulls into the parking lot, lights momentarily illuminating the car.

I start the car with my free hand, my other hand still teasing your clit and switching off between finger fucking your pussy. I feel your lips on the head of my cock as I slowly back out of the parking spot, as I start to drive away I can feel your tongue on my dick, licking, as I get onto the road I feel your mouth slowly slide down my cock, all the way down as I groan and stop fingering your pussy as I need both hands to drive. You look up at me as I put my fingers in my mouth so I can taste you, the look in your eyes drives me wild, part arousal part desperation and you remember what I taste like and what my mouth does to your pussy. bahis siteleri You moan long and loud as you take my cock fully into your mouth and throat.

You continue to suck my cock as I drive us to our destination, a long wooded driveway no one uses. I tell you to get in the backseat as I come around and open the door, pushing you down on your back on the edge of the seat I flip up your skirt to admire your pussy, wetness glistening in the moonlight and the dim glow of the car lights. Wasting no time I bury my face in between your legs, my tongue flicking hard all over your clit, momentarily stopping to slide my tongue down to taste you and concentrate on your clit. Your hands are grabbing the back of my head. Pulling my hair. Moaning my name. Your breath is ragged and I can tell you’re getting close. I slide 2 fingers into your pussy as a suck your clit and swirl my tongue around it. My beard is tickling your thighs more as I can feel you start to squirm away so I wrap my arm around your thigh holding you close to my face as you start to grind your hips against my face as you cum against my mouth. Your sit up and pull my face to yours so you can taste yourself on my mouth, I groan appreciatively. Always drives me nuts the eager way you want to taste yourself on me.

I take you to the back of the car and pop open the back, put you up on the edge of the truck and hike up your skirt. You wrap your legs around me as I kiss you, hard, your tongue seeking mine your arms wrap around my neck as you pull me closer. Feeling my cock against your pussy as you suck on my tongue. I grab your head and kiss your neck, biting and sucking as you dig your fingernails into my shoulders and back as you try to position your pussy on my cock. I grab your breast hard, squeezing and pinching as I guide myself to your wet hot welcoming pussy. I thrust myself in hard as you throw your head back as I continue to kiss your neck and chest, your legs wrapped behind me urging me into you deeper. You lean back bahis şirketleri and I pull your tank top and bra down exposing your breasts finally as I take a nipple into my mouth as I’m pumping my throbbing hard cock into your soaking wet pussy. I lick my thumb and start rubbing your clit as I can see you clenching your fists and your grinding your hips into me. I know you’re close to cumming. I lean forward and whisper in your ear, cum for me.

I want you to cum all over my cock. As I fuck you hard I can feel you shake as you moan loudly and cum for a second time. I’m fucking you harder and getting close to cumming as I look into your eyes and seeing all the lust, and passion and eagerness, you lock eyes with me and you know I’m getting close. Cum on my face you tell me as you push me off of you and drop to your knees, my cock is covered with your wetness and cum and you eagerly take my whole length into your mouth while your eyes are looking up at me all seductively. I grab your head as you take me all the way into your mouth 3 times and I groan I’m going to cum as you pull my cock out of your mouth and begin stroking me as you keep your eyes locked on mine, omg I’m cumming as I grunt and the first jet of my hot cum hits your cheek and shoulder and hair, the second hits your lower lip and into your mouth as you moan at the taste of my cum on your tongue, you continue to stroke my cock as a third stream hits your chin and onto your neck, the fourth you take back in your mouth as the fifth hits the side of your mouth and other cheek.

I’m still cumming as you let a few streams of cum hit your chest and run onto your breasts as you take me back into your mouth to eagerly suck whatever cum was left. I’m absolutely drained and holding onto the trunk and you take your finger and slide cum up from your chest into your mouth sucking it off your finger. You do the same for as much cum as you can find, even taking me into your mouth the whole length and giving a disappointed whine when you can’t get anymore cum. You stand up, fix your skirt and zip up your hoodie.

We get back into the car and drive back to the bar. Before you get out you give me a big hug and a long kiss. Busy Monday night you ask me.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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