Southern Family Love Ch. 03

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Jackson was on a natural high, he couldn’t believe that he picked his Momma up, set her on the kitchen counter and tongue fucked her sweet pussy. Things didn’t get much better than that, he just graduated from Riverside Military Academy and was home for the summer; college would follow in the fall.

He had big plans for the summer and most of them included his Momma. He grabbed her diary from the drawer and started re-reading the pages he had earmarked. He was still wearing his compression shorts and his cock was rock hard, he didn’t want to cum; he was saving that for his Momma.

As he thumbed through the pages Jackson was making mental notes to himself; “she likes to suck cock and swallow cum,” excellent he thought,” I have an 8″ of hard cock for her and I cum a lot, especially when I am turned on.”

He read on, “she likes her nipples sucked and pussy eaten, loves getting fucked in her pussy and apparently loves it up the ass too,” he laughed to himself. “Never done anal but I am about to.”

Jackson knew he had to keep himself busy all weekend otherwise he would go crazy. His plan was to fuck her Monday morning after his Pops, Mason left for work. He jumped in the shower and quickly dressed.

Mason was in the kitchen finishing breakfast and Momma was nowhere in sight, “Hey Pops can I take one of the cars today?”

“Sure, take the Escalade, where ya’ going?” Mason asked as he sipped his coffee.

“I thought I would go to the Country Club, see if any of the guys are around, maybe shoot 18 holes or play some basketball.”

Jackson made himself scarce all weekend.

Charlotte was busy all weekend as well with a gamut of emotions and feelings running through her head and body. She felt guilty when the thought of Mason, he was a wonderful husband, man, and provider. How could she possible cheat on him, let alone with her own son?

Butterflies would fill her stomach when she thought of Jackson, she felt like a teenager again; she also felt like a woman when Jackson brought her to the most explosive orgasm she has had since Roy.

Charlotte was thrilled to see that Jackson was a take-charge lover much like Roy. She liked a man to be in control and use her for his own needs. Mason was a kind and gentle lover, always asking if she was okay; he was not even close to the kind of lover she needed to satisfy her sexual appetite.

Monday finally arrived and Jackson was like a kid at Christmas but instead of waiting for Santa to arrive, he was waiting for Mason to leave. Jackson got up early and did some stretches, a few sets of push-ups, and lunges. He threw on a pair of boxers and tiptoed out into the hallway, he stood at the top of the back stairs which lead to the kitchen. He could hear his Momma and Mason talking in the kitchen.

Tiptoeing back into his room he glanced at the clock, it was 7:45; he knew Mason would be leaving soon. He pulled up a chair and sat by the window; at 8:06 he saw Mason’s big white Cadillac sedan roll down the driveway. Finally, he and his Momma were alone.

Jackson had checked his Momma’s calendar over the weekend and he saw that she had an 11:00 tennis lesson at the Country Club with his friend Dean. Knowing how long it takes her to get ready, he calculated that she would hop in the shower between 8:30 and 8:45. His bathroom and the master bathroom were back to back so he could easily hear the shower running in the master bath.

He sat naked in his bathroom reading her diary waiting for his cue. Finally, he heard the sound of running water, he waited a few more minutes to ensure that she would be in the shower when he entered her room.

After what he izmir escort bayan felt was a sufficient amount of time he sent Dean a text canceling his Momma’s tennis lesson; then headed down the hallway to his Momma’s room; his stiff cock swaying as he walked. Her bedroom door was closed, he reached for the handle and opened it quietly. As he walked toward the master bath he could hear her humming; the smell of lavender body wash filled the air.

As he entered the bathroom her back was facing him, he quietly opened the shower door and stepped in. She let out a gasp; Jackson quickly grabbed her by the waist, pulling her close to him, placing his lips to her ear, he whispered, “it’s okay Momma, it’s just me.”

She could feel his hard cock pressing against her back, “Jackson, what are you doing?”

Jackson snickered, “you know what I’m doing Momma. I came to finish what we started the other day.”

“This isn’t right,” she said while trying to loosen herself from his grip.

“It is right Momma, you know it and I know it. We both want it… don’t fight it, Momma, it is going to happen.” He reached up and took the pink mesh body sponge from her hand. He let go of her and gently started washing her back. “I want to get to know every part of your body,” he put his arm around her pelvis and pulled her back, “brace yourself against the wall and stick out your ass.”

“Jax…” he cut her off.

“Momma, just do as I tell you. I am going to make you feel so good,” he said in a somewhat commanding tone.

She loved his controlling tone, knowing she was too weak to not obey she did as she was told. He knelt down and caressed her ass; gently kissing each ass cheek and then spreading her ass and kissing her sweet pink rosebud. “You have such a sexy ass,” he washed her ass and continued down her sexy legs, he moved back up to her ass and slid the body sponge between her cheeks, getting it all soapy and slippery. He stood up and placed his hard cock between her ass cheeks and started sliding it up and down. “I can’t wait to fuck your hot ass, would you like that Momma?”

Charlotte was silent but he could feel her breathing increase.

He reached around and pinched her nipples as he pushed his cock harder into the crack of her ass, “you want to feel my hard cock fucking your ass don’t you?…Answer me.”

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes Jax, I want to feel your cock fucking my ass.”

“Now that wasn’t so hard to say was it?” He snickered.

She answered with a breathy, “No,” wishing he would shove his hard cock into her ass or wherever he wanted.

He turned her around to rinse the soap off of her backside; it was the first time she saw his magnificent thick rock hard cock. Her eyes were transfixed on it. Jackson looked at her and smiled. No words were spoken.

He let her stare at it for a moment then he took her hand and wrapped it around his cock. “It is all for you, Momma. You will be begging for it after today.”

He took her delicate hand and wrapped it around his hard cock. She wanted to get down on her knees and suck it but she knew he was in control. She lightly stroked the length of his stiff cock and waited for his next instruction.

Taking the bath sponge he washed her neck, he circled her ample breast and tweaked her nipples with his fingers. She let out a soft moan; slipping his cock out of her hand he got down on his knees and ran the sponge across her flat stomach. His face was level with her pussy, he stuck his tongue out and ran it up the length of her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. “I feel stubble Momma, I want your pussy to always be shaved escort izmir smooth for me.”

“I will shave it,” she replied.

He rinsed the soap off her body, picked her up and sat her on the bench in the shower, “Let me shave it, Momma.” Grabbing her pink razor off the shelf he slathered her pussy with shaving cream, with a delicate hand started to shave her sweet pussy. For Charlotte, this was one of the most sensual things that had ever been done to her.

When Jackson was finished shaving her pussy he took a washcloth and wiped off the remainder of the shaving cream. He admired his handiwork; leaning in, he gave her pussy a gentle kiss. He looked up into her eyes, “now you are going to keep it smooth for me, right Momma?”

He didn’t wait for an answer; standing her up he applied shaving cream to her legs and began to shave them. It was a little awkward for him at first but he soon got the hang of it. When he got up near her thighs he placed his mouth over her pussy and started to hum. He read in her diary that it was something Roy would do it to her, the vibration would bring her to the edge of an orgasm; when Jackson felt her juices flowing he would stop. He enjoyed teasing her.

Now that she was completely smooth, Jackson had her rinse off again. He shut off the water and wrapped her in a big fluffy towel; picking her up with ease he placed a light kiss on her lips and carried her into the bedroom. He set her down on the bed, unwrapped the towel and hovered over her naked body and admired her beauty.

Charlotte glanced at the clock,”I have a tennis lesson at 11:00″

“Relax Momma, I sent Dean a text this morning and told him you had to cancel, now just enjoy.”

He kissed her lightly on the lips, the second kiss was more passionate, their tongues danced together and he slowly ran his hand down her side; sending shivers through her body. “I am going to know every inch of your body by the time I am finished,” he whispered.

He kissed her gently on each eyelid, then a peck on the nose, he gave each ear a sensual lick, he nuzzled her neck and worked his way down to her ample breast; licking, sucking and twisting her nipples. “I bet I loved sucking on these as a baby.”

“You did,” she murmured, “and you didn’t want me to stop breastfeeding you.”

“I can see why .” He said with a snicker.

Running his facial stubble down her belly, he stopped to kiss and lick her bellybutton, he caressed and kissed her sides; her pussy was glistening with her juices.

She felt like electricity was running through her body, his hot breath tickling her pussy. She pushed her pelvis up trying to connect her pussy to his lips, he pushed her back down. Her heart was racing, “I need to cum.

Spreading her legs wider he caressed and kissed her inner thighs, teasing her with his fingers and lips. Then he hovered his mouth over her pussy again, blowing on it lightly. She started thrashing about. Jackson used another line from the diary, “do you feel like a naughty girl?”

His words excited her as her mind flashed back to Roy.

Ignoring her dripping wet pussy, Jackson continued licking his way down her legs. He took her foot in his hand and massaged it, licking her feet and sucking on her well-manicured toes. This excited her, never had any of her loves taunted, teased or had been so focused on her.

She had to cum, her pussy was aching; she reached down to finger her pussy when she felt Jackson’s hand gripped her wrist. “You are not to touch your pussy unless I tell you to.”

Her eyes widened and she placed her hands by her side.

When he finished with her feet and toes he moved izmir escort back up to her dripping cunt, he slid his tongue up the length of her slick slit, gave it a little kiss and said: “I will get back to you soon.”

He flipped Charlotte over and ran his stubbled face from the base of her neck down to her ass, spreading her ass cheeks he dove his tongue into her sexy rosebud. Charlotte shrieked with delight as he tongue fucked her ass.

He grabbed her by the waist, pulled her to the edge of the bed and sat her up, it was time to introduce her to his cock. He stood next to the bed with his stiff cock pointing directly at her face. “Touch it, Momma.”

She reached out and took hold of his hard cock, it felt wonderful in her hands. It had been a long time since she held a cock that large.

“Kiss it, Momma.”

She lightly kissed the head of his cock, a string of pre-cum was hanging from her lip. “Lick up that pre-cum,” he whispered.

Charlotte guided his cock into her sexy mouth; swirling her tongue around his cock head, tasting his sweet cock juice. “Suck it, Momma.”

She quickly devoured his cock, taking it all 8 inches down her hungry throat, she could feel his pubic hair tickling her nose.

Jackson was impressed with her cock sucking skills but he knew he had to get her off of his cock before she blew a load. She really was a Southern Slut.

He put his hands on the sides of her head and pulled her off his cock. She tried to go back for more. “Slow down you naughty girl,” he said. “I want to save the first load for your pussy.”

He laid her on her back, he wanted to see her face as she came, spreading her legs wide he climbed in between. “Are you ready for your boy to fuck you, Momma?”

Again, his words excited her.

“Yes, fuck me. I need to feel you inside of me,” she howled.

Jackson was surprised by her tone. He slipped the head of his hard cock into her tight pussy and held it there. He looked into her eyes, he wanted to remember the first time her put his cock in his Momma’s pussy.

Charlotte started to buck, she wanted more cock in her. Jackson was in a plank position above her, he let her take as much of his cock as she could. It excited him to see the determination in her big blue eyes.

Jackson let her cunt try and grab as much cock as it could, then he plunged his hard cock deep into her tight slick pussy. Charlotte screamed in extasy as he held his cock there. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock tightly. He held it there and looked directly into her eyes, he smiled, “Momma I am all the way in you.”

Her body was on fire, she had never felt so sexually charged. “Fuck me,” she whimpered.

“I’m gonna fuck you but good, Momma.” As he started to slowly fuck her.

He could feel her pussy gripping his cock. He increased is rhythm and soon Charlotte yelled, “I’m cumming” and she let out a guttural groan; her eyes rolled back in her head as her pussy exploded onto his cock.

The wetness of her orgasm made her pussy even slicker, Jackson increased his speed, she could feel his cock head swell in her tight pussy. His breathing became labored as he let out a primal scream, “I’m gonna cum in your pussy, Momma.” His cock erupted shooting a huge load of cum in her pussy, and then another and finally, a third blast filled her.

Jackson collapsed on top of her, their sweat covered bodies plastered together. He kissed her passionately on the lips. He scooped her up in his arms as they lay together in a state of euphoric bliss.

He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and slithered down her body, he wanted to see the mess he made in her pussy. Spreading her legs he could see cum running out of her pussy. Without looking up he said: “I heard that if I eat my cum out of your pussy you won’t get pregnant.”

Charlotte snickered as she felt his tongue dive into her pussy.

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