Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. 07

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All characters are 18 years old. Here it is, number 100, I can’t believe I’ve written that much smut, LOL. I hope you enjoy this one. I have had questions since I finished Iron Rain and spread out to all the other story lines. Is Nick Shaw going to be in every story? Is there one continuous plot? When the hell are you going to finish what you started?!

So to answer your burning questions here we go. Nick was the first real major character I created and I have a fondness for him and his story. The same is true with most of the major and minor players I have spat out over the last thirteen years. He is kind of the spine that supports my multiverse. Since Jon has done a little tampering here and there not all the stories sync up exactly for a very good reason. I look at each story as a kind of ripple from the main events of Iron Rain. Some are close while others are far different.

I am going to go back after I finish Louis’ story and cap off the others like possession and a brief moment. I think ‘spell’ may go as far as ten parts, but no less than nine I think. Once the others are done I am going to move forward with Evil Bitch and tie all the stories together in an epic climax of the entire thing. After that… I have no clue. So here for your reading pleasure is part seven.


Demogorgan: Wizard Class Hacker

Nishi Oku: Japanese Akhkharu [spy/assassin]

Surisa Mee Chang: The Elegant Egotist / Blue Eyed Thai

Wizard Class Hacker: Elite programmer specializing in infiltration, data theft and sabotage

[Note: There are perhaps a handful of freelance WCH left outside prison cells or working for a government agency. With the arrival of A.I., countermeasures and security is at an all-time high.]

Time of the Sword Wind:

I made a deal with a devil. I was willing to do whatever it took to protect my family. The entity I had been warned about had ensnared me and threatened those I loved most. It was an insidious thing and I blamed it for the disappearance of Jon Masters. I knew I was a piece on some grand chess board but the manipulations before this had been preparing me for something. But this, this was just a plain old slap in the face. Do what I demand or your loved ones will perish. It was plain and simple. How could I possibly say no? The dark pharaoh smiled when I nodded and agreed to its demands.

“Good, I knew you’d see things my way,” it purred. “Let’s get things started.”

I had gotten Gabrielle pregnant and that had upset the powers that be. I was supposed to impregnate at least one other woman so that it would even things out. I was prepared to leave the cavern when the demon god shook its head. I was confused but not for long. Nyarlathotep produced something gleaming and glittering from a pocket. He snatched my right wrist and slapped the bracelet on me.

“This will take you where you can spread your seed and balance out what you’ve thrown into chaos.”

“Does Yog-Sothoth know what you are doing,” I asked and the demon nodded and smiled.

“We both serve the sultan. Our duties are different but in the end its will shall become manifest.”

I held up my hand and stared at the device attached to my wrist. The metal gleamed like burnished silver but around the thinnest parts it appeared nearly transparent. It was adorned with sparkling gems of various size, cut and color. My time studying gem cutting I was able to recognize some of the stones but others defied logic and everything I knew of minerology. I heard the dark pharaoh mutter something and the stones blazed to life.

I squeezed my eyes shut against the unrelenting brilliance. When it faded I felt a cool breeze on my face. I opened my eyes and recognized my surroundings instantly. I was standing on the back lawn of the Hyde-White Institute. I had spent almost a year here after my return from the Black Cathedral. I had been having non-stop nightmares and ended up here. It had also been my first encounters with the entity known as Yog-Sothoth. My mind was punishing me for the deaths of my companions and my inability to save them from Yig and his children. The virulence of the nightmares had driven me here. It was a safe place to seek treatment and retain some sense of privacy. It was a kind of celebrity hideaway and I remembered two particular drama queens that had been staying at the same time.

“I wonder whatever happened to Megan and Milena? They both seemed in a pretty bad way when they were here.”

Megan’s film career had taken a serious nose dive and poor Milena had been struggling with her adult modelling business. As I pondered other people’s lives I walked to my favorite part of the institute, the hedge maze. The center of the maze held a secret garden. I walked the shadowed paths of the maze as I remembered the one time my mom had visited me here. I had taken her down these very same paths to show her the garden. The walls were still overgrown but the door remained accessible. I opened the door and peered inside. The checkerboard buca escort bayan stonework held the very same arrangement of flowers, how strange. It was as if time had stood still since I had departed. I stepped in and walked towards the center of the garden.

The white marble of the statue shone bright in the summer sun. I walked around it as I had so many times in the past. It was a variation of the St. George and the Dragon theme. Here stood St. Michael triumphant with long spear in hand pinning Lucifer to the ground. Brothers pitted against each other but few knew the story behind the second war in heaven. It came about because Lucifer had lost faith in his creator. How could god be all knowing and fail to be aware of the presence of the Nameless? It had eaten away at the highest angel until he snapped. That and the fact that some of their own went over to the side of the enemy. It had been the ‘First’ who had been sealed away within a tome of magic that was at the core of Lucifer’s own fall.

I looked at the expression on Lucifer’s face and it struck me how placid and yielding it was. I looked up at Michael and was curious, as I always was, with his look of anguish. A gal in Cambodia had once explained to me the role of Master and slave in a sensual relationship. She had said…

‘There can be no victory without surrender. The true power in a Master-slave relationship is in the hands of the slave. For without their submission there can be no conqueror.’

Those words and the statue complimented each other perfectly. Lucifer had yielded to his brother so that his sibling could retain his power and status among the Watchers. Was my own decision to submit to Nyarlathotep any different? I wanted only to protect and if it meant accepting another’s will, so be it. I heard the creak of the garden’s door behind me. When I turned and saw who it was I wanted to scream.

“Mom, what the hell are you doing here,” I cried out.

“I have no idea,” she said. “I’m not dreaming am I?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said angry now.

“Do you know why I am here? Louis, so many secrets, tell me what the hell is going on!”

“It is a long story,” I said. “I have kept secrets to protect you.”

“I know that, but there is a time when keeping things from me does more harm than good.”

She was right of course. I took her over to the concrete and wooden bench to sit down so I could tell her everything. I hadn’t done this since I had shared with Gabrielle. I stared at my feet just as l had when I was a kid and broken a window or something like that. I took a deep breath and launched into everything that had happened since Lily and I found the extra book in the rare book section. I didn’t stop until I reached what had occurred in Bob’s basement. I held nothing back, especially the dreams I had shared with her, sis and Mara.

“So you’ve been fucking me in my dreams,” she replied.

“That’s your response to all of that,” I asked. “Me fucking you in your dreams…”

“Louis, I am your mother, it is bad enough you’ve been violating your sister but… all three of us?”

“I thought of them as just dreams,” I said. “I guess I was just lying to myself.”

“I should be upset,” Mom told me. “I should be angry at the violation.”

“You keep saying should be,” I said watching her closely.

“Yeah, but damn every time I woke up feeling like I had been hammered to pieces I thought it was your dad at first. But he denied it and he had his bad heart and all. Now I know it really was you. I don’t know where you learned to make love to a woman but goddamn Louis you are a fucking beast!”

“I have played out this conversation in my head a thousand times and it never included you saying anything like that.”

“So why are we here, really?” She asked and I blushed.

“Gabrielle is pregnant,” I said and her face lit up. “Apparently that child will upset the balance of power. I need to father another child to set things straight.”

“So I am here to… oh wow, so you are going to fuck me until I get pregnant is that it?”

“Well… it was either that or death to everyone I loved. I had to agree to it…”

“Let’s get started,” mom said as she stood up and began undressing.

“Just like that,” I asked and she nodded.

She straddled my lap and began tugging my shirt off. Was she just a little too eager for this? Then Gabrielle’s words came back to haunt me. You’ve been using the dark magic on them for how long. Mom pressed her naked breasts against my chest as she kissed me. This would never be confused with a motherly peck on the cheek. Her tongue was invading my mouth just as her hands worked on freeing my cock. I grabbed her ass cheeks as we kissed. It was like throwing gasoline on a fire. She was moaning and I gasped when her hands wrapped around the shaft of my erection.

“Yahtzee,” she cried out as she began stroking me. “You really are that damn big!”

“Yep,” I said as she spat escort buca on the palms of her hands and double stroked me. “Oh damn you are eager!”

“Are you kidding me, I have been dreaming about this moment for years now, thanks to you? Take my panties off, please.” She said as she lifted her ass off of my lap.

“Whatever you want,” I said as I tugged them down her round ass to her knees.

She sat back down and ground her naked sex against my cock even as she continued stroking me off. I lowered my head to her tits and began licking and biting her nipples. There was my sweet little Latin mother cursing like a sailor. Dreams were one thing but the reality was another matter altogether. She muttered something about being unable to wait any longer. Mom lifted up, aimed my cock towards her soaked slit and dropped down. She impaled herself in a single brutal action. Her cry echoed across the garden and beyond. Her pussy was so wet and warm and tight. She began riding me seconds later.

“This is no dream,” she growled. “Cock… so thick and long… it’s all mine!”

I grit my teeth as she slammed her body down against me as hard as she could. The lewd slapping sounds were nearly drowned out by my mother’s cries of pleasure. I looked down and watch my cock disappear inside of her.

“No pulling out this time kiddo,” Mom moaned in my ear. “I want to feel your cock shoot inside of me!”

“NNNNNN… so damn close,” I whimpered.

Mom cried out and ground her cunt against me as she climaxed. I got a breather as she clung to me. All she said was praise about my cock, how thick it was, how deep it hit her and how much pleasure it gave her. After a short stint she was moving again. She started off nice and slow but seeing how close I was she rode me hard and fast. My mom’s grunts were loud in my ears as she thrust her hips in a kind of rocking motion. My fingers dug into her ass cheeks as I got closer and closer. She bit her lower lip as I swelled up even bigger inside of her. She knew how close I was.

“Give it to me,” mom demanded as she fucked me as hard as she could. “Shoot that sweet load into my pussy!”

I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I was heartbeats away from blowing my load. I couldn’t remain quiet any longer. I cried out as I fired my load into my mother’s womb. She sat there and held me close as I gasped for breath. I felt her hands on my head as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“I love you Louis,” she whispered in my ear. “We can do this together. So can you go again?”

“Yeah, I think I can,” I said. “If you can bend over this here bench…”

“Consider it done,” she purred.

I learned things about her that no son should ever learn about a parent’s sexual appetite. Mara had hinted at how sex starved my mother was. It fell far short of the truth. She showed a side of her I never dreamt existed. I would forget she was my mom and see her as a very sensual creature in need of vigorous feedings. It was the setting of the sun and a growing chill in the air that halted our love play. It didn’t feel like hours but it must have been. The jewels on the bracelet flared suddenly to life and I closed my eyes until the brilliance faded to nothing. I opened my eyes and I was on my back staring up at the ceiling of the living room in Wind Sword Manor. I sat up and there I was still on the couch. I looked at my right wrist and the bracelet was gone but in its place a series builder’s runes forming an unbroken ring.

“I’ve been marked,” I said to myself.

“Morning sleepy head,” Carol said as she walked into the room, or was it Colleen?

“Hey, hope Kat didn’t keep you up,” I said as I stood up.

“Oh my,” she said looking down at my morning wood.

“I am so sorry,” I said but she just smiled.

“I’m not,” she giggled. “Kat said you were gifted but we didn’t believe her. I think she was fibbing, you are bigger than she let on.”

“Um… I guess I should get dressed and keep looking for Jon.”

“Yeah, but uh feel free to visit,” she offered. “Once all this nasty business is behind us.”

“How could I possibly say no to that?”

I got dressed as Colleen or was it Carol looked on. She licked her lips and led me to the dining room. The rest of the girls were there and Kat was flanked by the twins.

“Louis’ mom and aunt are twins,” Kat was saying as I entered. “They are identical just like you guys.”

“So he likes twins,” Carol said. “This is good to know.”

“You fibbed,” Colleen growled as she sat down next to Kat.

“I did,” Kat said.

“He is bigger than you described,” she continued. “Are you being greedy or…”

“I uh… well… maybe,” Kat stammered. “I already had to share him with two other girls…”

“We understand,” the twins said in perfect precision.

I sat alone and the girls eyed me suspiciously. I ate with my eyes downcast and tried to ignore them and failed. Every time I glanced up they were smiling and speaking buca escort in whispers. I could hear what they were saying of course and most of it was rather flattering. One of the maids came in and refilled my coffee and then went to the curtains and opened them. The bright morning light struck me and I squinted as a white hot piece of metal sunk into my brain. I placed my arm over my face until my eyes adjusted. My eyes were still watering but at least the migraine like pain had dropped to a bearable level. I wiped the tears from my face and the twins apologized profusely.

“I sometimes get migraines,” I said. “I need to get a pair of sunglasses.”

“No need Louis,” Feng chimed in. “Let me just adjust… ah there, how is that?”

“Oh, that is better,” I sighed. “What did you do?”

“The eye drops Kat gave you allow me to adjust the amount and wavelengths of light entering your eyes.”

“This is just so weird,” I said. “I’ve never had issues with migraines before. Could it be the impact with the wall in Bob’s basement?”

“Um Louis,” Feng said silently through the implant. “It could be the two compounds that Jodi injected into you. Shall I perform a bio scan to see if there are long term effects? Those vials were over a hundred years old. There is no telling how much the contents might have degraded over that time.”

“I completely forgot about that,” I told her. “Do a complete work up and take your time. I don’t want you rushing the results.”

What the hell had she given me? I looked at my hand and turned it over slowly. Professor Griffin had inspired the story of H.G. Well’s the invisible man. In the story it had driven the protagonist insane. They had told me I would have died if she hadn’t injected me with the contents of those hidden vials. What sort of research had he been working on?

“Louis, are you okay,” Kat asked seeing my expression.

“Yeah, just pondering something,” I said and smiled. “I am fine.”

I finished my third cup of coffee and stood up. I told Jon’s family that I would continue looking for him. Feng followed me while Kat stayed behind and played emotional support for Jon’s mother and sisters. I went outside and found a quiet place where I could attempt a few spells to try and trace the epicenter of the temporal explosion. This is fucking nuts, why the hell would Jon be messing around with that kind of force? It could all be an accident. That would explain a lot. He had no idea whatever he was doing would have such a huge impact. This of course was all speculation. I would have to locate the source to prove anything. I tailored a few simple spells to try and triangulate ground zero of the event I had felt just the day before.

I cast the spell and once more felt the tug of temporal energy. It was coming from inside the manor house. I followed the pull until it led to an iron bound door. It was locked. I found one of the maid’s and she balked at unlocking the door. It was Jon’s mother that produced a set of keys and followed me downstairs as the spell directed me onward.

“So you and Kat have an open relationship,” she asked out of nowhere.

“Yeah, she understands,” I replied as we entered the torture chamber. “I have commitment issues.”

“This is Jon’s playroom,” she purred now.

“He has interesting tastes, that is for sure,” I replied as we continued forward.

“Can I ask a personal question,” she asked her lips next to my ear and her breasts pressing against my back.

“I have a feeling you’d ask no matter what I said. But uh sure, ask away.”

“Have you ever had sex with an older woman before,” she asked her arms slipping around my waist from behind.

“We are looking for your missing son,” I reminded her. “Yes I have had older partners. They are both eager and quite gifted lovers. What is down there?”

“Oh that is just Charlie’s lab,” she replied pressing her tits harder against my back.

“Who is Charlie? Has anyone seen him lately?”

“He has a place on the property. He should be there now.”

We walked into the lab and there on the floor was the source for the temporal explosion. The alien runes that belonged to Iyaden’s people were etched on the floor in an intricate circle. They were scorched and burned out from the accident. This was the proof I had been looking for. This was bad and there was no telling if Jon was even alive. The force of the blast could have killed him outright or if he had been displaced as Nyarlathotep had said. He could have been propelled forward or backward to any given millennium. The smell of ozone was strong in the air as well as the tingling of residual tachyons. I had dropped down to one knee to examine the runes.

“What is that,” Jon’s mother asked.

“It could be the reason why and how he disappeared,” I said as I turned my head to look at her. “Um… you are shaved… I mean why are you flashing me your bald pussy?”

“When I get like this I need something to take my mind off how bad things are.”

“If I do something I will regret it. Wouldn’t you prefer it when I won’t hate myself afterward?”

“So you do find me attractive,” she said and I shook my head.

“You are very attractive Mrs. Masters,” I said and she flinched.

“Call me Heather,” she begged.

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