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It must have been sometime around midnight. Having gone to bed early, I was falling into that very deep sleep. I was snuggled down under the covers, on my side, with my head buried deeply in my satin pillows when I sub-conscientiously became aware of him. I felt him slip under the covers behind me, snuggling up to my warmth. It wasn’t that he was cold, but there was a few degree difference between our bodies. I could feel his massive bulk inching closer to me, and closing the distance between our bodies. Being in that state of sleepiness I struggled with consciousness, but never fully awoke. Sleepily, I opened my eyes for a moment, noticing the moonlight cascading through the window and casting shadows about. Closing my eyes again, I relaxed enjoying the warmth that was growing between us.

I could feel his hot breath on my neck, as he breathed deeply, gently kissed me on the neck. With his lips softly nibbling on me and slowly moving towards the back of my ear. Inside me I could feel the quickening of my pulse and the pounding in my heart. His body pressed so closely to mine, his hands softly running down my body then up again, gently squeezing as he went. I fell deeper and deeper into relaxation, as he continued kissing me, and caressing me. His hands became more intense and I could feel his breathing getting deeper.

As his hand moved past my hip, he slid his hand under my arm, grasping at my breast, gently holding and squeezing me. His tongue softly running from the back of my neck, ever bahis firmaları so slowly to the base of my ear and up, then back down again. Opening his lips and taking in a mouthful, sucking so softly at first, then almost too hard. I could feel his teeth slightly digging into my neck, and his hands grabbing my breast, squeezing and pulling at the same time. I could feel his hardness pressing against my back, so soft his skin, yet so hard at the same time. As we lay there, I started to become more aware of my surroundings, more aware of my consciousness, feeling the heat building.

I opened my eyes and reveled in the enjoyment of him. Slightly backing up closer to his body, which was almost impossible, as we were already so close, like two spoons in a drawer. Reaching back to him, I ran my hand down his side, over his hip and down his leg to the crease in the back of his knee. It was almost like grabbing myself, as our bodies were pressed against together like one, with no space between, just one thick body. Softly running my finger up the back of his thigh, feeling the soft hairs and teasing them, finding my way to his hard buttocks, gently squeezing him in reassurance.

Slightly turning, I could see him in the moonlight, his eyes sparkling, yet so dark they looked black. His lips parted slightly, yet slightly pursed, he came closer to me. His breathe hot on my face; I reached up and tasted his lips. So soft they were, soft and warm and sweet like honey, opening just enough to let me in. Reaching kaçak iddaa into his mouth with the tip of my tongue, I tasted him again, slowly running my tongue around his, then grasping it gently with my lips, softly sucking as I went. Letting go we parted and looked at each other. Neither smiling, just staring intently at each other.

He bent down again, and dug his teeth into my shoulder, biting me, at the same time pulling me closer to him and pulling at my nipple. With a hitch in my breath, I shuddered; feeling goose bumps pop up from head to toe. His hand sliding down my side once again, till he reached my knee, where his fingers dropped down to the line between my legs. With his teeth clamped deeply into my skin, I reached back with my arms and grasped his head between my palms, massaging as I ran my fingers down his neck to his shoulders, then back again.

Gently pressing his fingers between the line in my legs, letting me know that he wanted in, I parted my legs. Sliding my leg back over his I could feel the hair on his legs and the muscles like rocks. Running his hand up the inside of my thigh, I felt him touch me. Taking his teeth out of my neck, I heard his sigh, and felt his hot breath against me. Pulling me closer to him, he touched me so gently, reaching inside of me with his finger, softly probing and rubbing. Slipping my arm behind my back, I reached for him. He was so hard, again I heard him gasp, lightly shaking as if a tremor suddenly blew through his body. I inched back closer kaçak bahis to him still, and lightly changed the direction of his hardness, pushing it towards my extremely hot and very moist inner-sanctum.

Not allowing him to enter me, he stayed there on the brink, only barely touching. I reached back grabbing onto him with my muscles, grabbing on and pulling him in. Very slowly and very slightly, I drew him in. Each time grasping a little more and drawing him in, a little bit at a time. I continued to pull him in, inch by inch, until finally there is nothing left. I could feel him buried within me; I could feel the base of his groin, pressed hard against me. I started to feel him move, starting to pull out some, and I grasped him harder, sucking him back in again. Rotating my hips, and grasping on to him, I continued to pull him inside. Maybe physically it was impossible, but he did fall deeper and deeper still.

Continuing to touch me, to bite and suck on my neck, shoulder and ear, he drove me towards frenzy. Slowly drawing out of me, almost torturously, then back inside me again, the same thing over and over, but ever so slowly, finally building up to a final crescendo. I knew the time had come, I could feel his muscles tightening up, so I grasped harder, and pulled harder, he was clinging so tightly to me, that had we not been in the throws of passion, it surely would have hurt. I felt myself, falling through waves, clenching and unclenching, I felt his body stiffen and shake. It seemed as if it went on for a very long time, I begged him to stop touching me, and he cried out almost as if in pain.


Together…so close…like two spoons in a drawer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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